Scandalous Slander

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright © 2023

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SYNOPSIS: In the heat of the moment Miracle Maiden had blurted out something she shouldn’t have, now she will have to deal with the consequences.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – Slander

Diahna tried to shrink out of sight as she walked through the city centre, which was hard for the six-foot-four amazonian princess even in her street clothes, the large video billboard blaring out the latest news for all to see.

Unfortunately, she was the news of the day, and not in a good way.

Instead, her paint-splattered face and black hair on the large display showed her anger all too clearly as the reporter stuck the microphone in her face. It hadn’t been an unusual question at all, she’d answered it many times before, but it was just a combination of things that had just bubbled over in the moment.

“I’m going to track that slut down and put her away forever if it’s the last thing I do!”

She winced at her own words, echoed through the streets, the only saving grace was that virtually no one even looked up or reacted in any way. If she was lucky it would be out of the news cycle in the next day or two… if she was lucky.

Penny Guin didn’t deserve the vitriol in Diahna’s voice and certainly didn’t deserve to be shamed on national TV over and over again. The poor girl was mentally unstable and didn’t really have control over what she was doing, Diahna knew that, even in that moment.

It had just been Penny escaping from Clamour Asylum yet again, this time by seducing one of the guards, that had gotten on Diahna’s nerves. And where had she gotten the paint cannon from anyway?

She sighed and sped up towards her destination, trying hard not to go too fast and draw attention to herself.

She was still finding small splotches of paint in her costume and wondered if she’d ever get it all out!

Diahna raced around the corner into the dark alley, Penny’s maniacal cackle echoing off the walls as she tried to escape capture once more.

Diahna wasn’t having any of it though, Penny had been on the loose for over three weeks since she escaped and it was well past time that she was returned to Clamour Asylum… if a little more battered and bruised than was absolutely necessary.

As she turned the corner she looked ahead and smiled… a dead end, Penny was trapped with nowhere to go!

“Give it up Penny, you can’t outrun me and you have nowhere to go!” Diahna shouted as Penny was approaching the end of the alley.

“Hahahaha, that’s funny Miracle Maiden, but I’m the one suppos’d to be telling the jokes!” Penny shouted back just as she came to a halt in front of the dead-end wall.

To Diahna’s surprise Penny turned around and took a fighting stance, holding her heavy wooden cricket bat out in front of her with both hands. She looked ridiculous doing so, the pink and black outfit that was divided right down the middle each colour on one side, flipped in her hair, and contrasting the heavy white makeup she wore on her face. To put it even more over the top, Diahna dwarfed the petite four-foot-eleven woman even with both of them wearing heels.

Diahna smiled and came to a stop a few yards away, then in one quick, smooth motion, unhooked her lasso from her belt and threw it at the bat, snaring it perfectly. She tugged just a little to tighten it down and too late noticed the gleeful look on Penny’s face.

A quick movement of Penny’s thumb was the last thing Diahna saw before a surge of electricity flowed through her lasso and clenched every muscle in her body. It seemed to last for minutes, but when it finally stopped, Diahna dropped to the ground like a rag doll, slightly smoking as she heard Penny’s gleeful squeals approach her.

Diahna was groggy but still conscious when Penny stood over her and kicked her lasso out of her hand, “Not so cocky now eh?” Penny said as she pushed against Diahna’s shoulder with her bat.

Diahna felt the cold steel of the bat against her skin and realized her mistake, Penny had swapped out her normal wooden bat for a steel one painted like wood to fool her. As soon as her lasso had made a solid connection, Penny had sent an electric shock through it strong enough to knock out an elephant.

Diahna groaned and tried to stand up, “Still got a little bit left in ya eh? Here, let me help you…” Penny said and then placed the end of the bat on Diahna’s midsection and sent an even more powerful jolt of electricity through it.

It was the last thing Diahna felt before losing consciousness.

Chapter 2 – Switching Things Around

Every nerve ending in Diahna’s body was still tingling when she came around, it couldn’t have been long, even a strong electrocution wouldn’t have kept her out for more than a few minutes. As her senses came back to her she recognized that she was in a truck or van of some kind, she could hear the sounds of rolling tires and the bumps of the road as they were driving.

“That was quick! Glad I made sure to tie you up right away.” said the sarcastic voice of Penny from just beside Diahna’s head.

Diahna struggled against her bonds, but as she had already assumed, Penny had used her own unbreakable lasso to secure her in place so there was little point in struggling. She was laid flat on her back on what felt like cold hard steel, her lasso looking around her ankles, waist, wrists and throat. Her mouth was stuffed full with some kind of makeshift gage, so she tried to spit it out but failed to do that as well.

“Awe, don’t worry, we’ll be back to my hideout soon and then the real fun can get started!” Penny said then “bopped” Diahna on the nose before grinning like an idiot.

Diahna continued to struggle of course, and for the next little while things remained pretty much the same, the sound of the road and of her struggles, the only noises she could hear.

Eventually, the sound of the vehicle started to slow down and then she felt it make several slow-speed turns and even stop once, until the exhaust sound changed drastically and they came to a halt in what Diahna had to assume was Penny’s hideout.

“Don’t go anywhere… I’ll be right back.” Penny said and then turned and opened the side sliding, door and hopped out. True to her word, the doors at the end of the vehicle opened to once more reveal Penny, but this time with two big burly men at her sides.

The two men reached in and pulled whatever she was tied down to out and she got the first look at the vehicle, which looked like an old-time ambulance from decades ago. She didn’t have much time to contemplate where they might even get such a thing as she was quickly wheeled away from it.

Diahna looked around what was a typical warehouse, with the windows all blacked out, and high ceilings. To say it was nondescript would have been doing it a favour and nothing she could see told her where she might actually be.

The only thing that really stood out was the large machine that the two men were wheeling her towards. It looked to be at least twelve feet high, a good six feet wide and it was hard to tell exactly how deep it went. On each side of it were two articulated arms, at the end of which were two helmets. Under the arm on the right side was a gurney, which she imagined matched the one she was strapped into other than the fluffy mattress and simple leather bonds. Under the left arm was an empty space in which she was quickly being wheeled towards.

Diahna’s gurney was quickly positioned and then Penny grabbed hold of the helmet and secured it to Diahna’s head.

“So it wasn’t really nice of ya to call me a slut, you know? And it really bugged me for a while, but then I kinda got think’n about it, and well, I guess you kinda right. I mean, I do suck a lot’o cock and all… isn’t that right boys?” Penny asked and the two henchmen grunted in agreement.

“You wouldn’t believe what I had to do to get this baby.” Penny said waving to the machine behind them.

“But, that got me think’n even more. Do I really want to be a slut? Or, is that, like, just what society has made me? So I decided to kill two birds with one stone, ya know?”

Diahna didn’t know, following the deranged mind of Penny was at best a fool’s errand, and at worst a ticket to join her in her insanity.

Penny didn’t wait for an answer but instead bounded over to the other gurney and laid down on it, pulling the matching helmet down onto her own head.

“Ok, boys, time to secure me down.” Penny said and the two henchmen walked over to Penny and expertly used the straps on the gurney to secure her in place.

“Time to through the switch boys!” Penny said with glee and one of the henchmen walked out of Diahna’s sight for a moment before the sound of a heavy high-voltage switch made a loud thunk.

Diahna’s eyes went wide as she felt something push against her mind, and then they rolled back into her head as everything went black once more.

Diahna opened her eyes and smacked her lips, the taste of copper in her mouth gave way to the realization that she was no longer gagged.

“Release me now or by Hera I will break every bone in your bodies!” she shouted and instantly knew something was wrong.

Her voice sounded… wrong. They were her words but the pitch was off. She turned her head to the left to see Penny and instantly knew what was wrong.

Turning her head back to the right she saw her own body laying in the gurney across from her, still tied down with her lasso. Instantly she struggled against the leather straps that held her to the gurney, but had even no success against even the mundane bonds that held her in place.

As she continued to struggle she watched the henchmen walk over to her body and undo the gag, “Hey… uh, don’t ya do that… I’m still over here boys!” she shouted out, trying to mimic Penny’s speech patterns as best she could.

Neither stopped and as soon as the gag was out of her mouth, Penny spoke, “Ha! Little late for that dontcha think? Kinda gave the game away with the whole ‘by Hera’ thing.”

Diahna winced, a little at the truth of it as the henchmen untied Penny from the gurney and then handed her Diahna’s lasso. A moment later Penny was standing up and walking over to Diahna.

“Gosh, I didn’t realize these things were so big!” Penny said, cupping Diahna’s breasts in her hands and giving them a jiggle.

“Stop that!” Diahna shouted to no avail.

“Everything feels… different.” Penny said as she reached down and took hold of the bare metal side of the gurney and easily bent it.

“This is amazing!” Penny shouted out.

“Switch us back immediately Penny! This isn’t funny!”

A smile crossed Diahna’s body’s lips that sent a shiver down her new spine.

“No, no it isn’t. This is as serious as I’ve ever been.” Penny said and then reached down and easily broke the straps that were holding Diahna.

Diahna sprung into action and threw a punch at Penny, landing right on her jaw… with absolutely no effect. Well, except for the pain in her hand and the several bones that she hoped weren’t broken.

“Awe, isn’t that cute! I hardly even felt it!” Penny said and then grabbed Diahna by the waist and quickly threw her over her shoulder like a rag doll.

Diahna kicked and punched, but knew there was little point.

Penny walked across the open floor of the warehouse to a small room that had been built with no windows. She opened the door and walked inside, the sudden silence seemed strange until she looked around and saw the obvious noise-damping material on the walls, floor, and ceiling.

In the middle of the room was a single chair with a small table beside it. Penny walked over to the chair and plunked Diahna down into it, holding her in place as her henchmen secured another set of straps to her ankles, wrists and head.

“Let me go Penny, whatever this is, it won’t work.” Diahna said, trying to sound confident.

“Pft, well it worked on me before so I don’t see any reason it won’t work on you now.” Penny said and Diahna’s eyes widened.

The Jester had used a mix of drugs and brainwashing on Penny when he’d broken her mind the first time, which would have been completely ineffectual on Diahna before, but now…

Diahna struggled hard as one of the henchmen wheeled in an IV stand with several bags on it. When it was just to her left he took the IV needle and held it to her arm.

“I wouldn’t struggle too much while I’m doing this…” he said and she settled down, not wanting him to make a mess of something that was obviously going to happen one way or the other.

The pinch of the needle hurt more than she liked to admit, her old body not feeling much in the way of pain, but her new body being just human, certainly did.

Once the IV was in place, the two henchmen walked out of the room and Penny walked around to the table and pulled out another helmet from beneath it, placing it on Diahna’s head. Diahna tossed her head from side to side to try and get it off, but Penny secured it with a strap under her chin.

“Now…” Penny said as she turned the spigot of the main IV tube, the drugs in the IV bags slowly making their way towards her vein, “I’d suggest you relax and just let it happen. I fought it so hard and god was that a mistake!”

“Get this thing off me Penny! Right now! I mean it!” Diahna shouted but Penny just lowered the visor over Diahna’s eyes and pressed a button on the side of the helmet. Almost instantly the display in the visor came to life, along with the speakers that covered her ears.

Diahna could only just make out Penny’s footsteps over the white noise and flowing colours of the helmet as she left the room and closed the door.

Chapter 3 – The Truth of It

Diahna’s body shivered and trembled as the visor was lifted up from in front of her eyes and she adjusted to the darkness of the room around her.

She blinked several times until the blurry image of Penny standing in front of her finally became clear.

“Penny… how long…” Diahna asked as Penny lifted a glass of water to her lips with a straw and Diahna eagerly drank it down.

“Oh not long… just four hours… or was it twenty-four? Ya know me, never really good with numbers. How ya making out?”

Diahna finished the glass of water, “Fine. You’re not going to break me with this.” she managed to get out at least half convincingly as she glared into her old face.

“Mm, maybe, but more importantly, what do ya think of my hair?” Penny asked.

Diahna blinked once more and only then realized what was different about her old body. Gone were the jet-black locks that she was so proud of, replaced with bright platinum blonde ones.

“What have you done to my hair!” Diahna shouted.

“Pft! Your hair? It’s my hair now and I’ll do whatever I want with it. And I’ll be making some more changes too, I mean, I can’t go traipsing around looking like Miracle Maiden now can I?”

Diahna scrunched her forehead, what Penny had said seemed to make some kind of sense, but she knew that it shouldn’t. It must have been the drugs and brainwashing starting to take hold, but she pushed that thought out of her mind and focused on the problem in front of her.

“Just swap us back and there won’t be any problem Penny. You know The Society will already be looking for me.”

“Ha, those jokers? They couldn’t find a moustache under their own noses!” Penny replied and then broke into a maniacal cackle which was very weird coming from Diahna’s old body.

“Now then. The boys are going to untie you and take you to the bathroom and give you some food. The amount of drugs in your system are going to have you as weak as a kitten for the next few hours, so don’t even bother trying anything! I don’t want to have to come in here are take care of you myself, got it?”

Diahna nodded slowly as Penny leaned in and whispered into Diahna’s ear, “If I do, I’ll add things to that brainwashing program that will make Hades blush, got it?”

The tone of Penny’s voice sent a shiver down Diahna’s spine and she replied in a tiny voice, “Yes, got it.”

Diahna was panting as the visor was lifted from her eyes, Penny’s smiling face right in front of her own. Or was that Diahna’s smiling face?

It was getting confusing now, if Penny was to be believed Diahna had been in the chair for anywhere between a day or two, and several weeks. Penny always seemed to give different answers for how long it had been between intervals, and Diahna was losing track as well.

The other problem was that Penny wasn’t looking much like Diahna’s old body had either. The blonde hair had been only the start, it had been followed by makeup and clothing that made Diahna’s old body look more like a supermodel than a superhero.

Bright red lipstick on a wide smile with a tasteful foundation and highlights, arching eyebrows and bright blue contacts gave her face a bright and cheerful look. Something that Diahna had never been associated with.

The clothing was similarly different, tight fighting outfits that showed off her body’s curves, bras that pushed her breasts together and up, creating cleavage for miles, and skirts that seemed to defy any and all standards of modesty but still covered up everything important.

“Hey there sleepy head! What do ya think?” Penny said and then spun around once, sending the skirt flying upwards and yet still keeping everything private somehow.

Diahna blinked several times and confusion crossed her face, “Hgh?” she said stupidly.

Penny rolled her eyes, “Pft… the shoes silly! The shoes!”

Diahna’s gaze went down to the high heels that adorned Penny’s feet, they were bright candy-red platforms that made her even taller. A little shiver ran through Diahna’s body and came to rest in her pussy as she stared at the shoes.

Penny snapped her fingers in front of Diahna face to bring her attention back, “Awe, that’s so cute! I can’t wait to see the next phase.”

Then Penny turned and left, leaving Diahna with the henchmen once more as they untied the straps holding her down and escorted her to get cleaned up and eat.

Diahna felt Penny’s finger touch her lips and she sucked it into her mouth, pleasure coursing through her as she did.

Diahna knew things were getting bad, it was hard to tell what was “her” and what was Penny’s brainwashing taking over.

For instance, she certainly knew she was Diahna, amazon princess. That she was Miracle Maiden, superhero and defender of the city. That she absolutely loved sucking cock more than anything else.

But there were other things she wasn’t so sure of, like did she really like being called a slut that much? Or like showing off her tits to strangers if they asked? Or like being filmed while having sex?

It seemed like she thought she enjoyed those things, but she couldn’t really remember liking them before Penny had taken her captive.

Penny pulled her finger from between Diahna’s lips and Diahna flicked her tongue out to chase it, “Awe, come on Penny, just another minute!” Diahna whined.

Penny gave a little laugh and then bopped Diahna on the nose, “You know you are such a little slut.” the blonde goddess said.

Diahna smiled and then frowned, a little shiver of pleasure running through her at being called a slut, but then that uncertainty that followed it crept back in to her mind.

Diahna looked up at Penny as she easily straddled the chair and placed her bare pussy right up in front of Diahna’s face.

“But… but… I’m not a… lesbian… can’t I suck… suck your fingers some more?” Diahna stuttered out as the womanly scent of Penny’s pussy filled her nostrils.

“Oh come on now, you’re a slut aren’t you?” Penny asked.

A shiver of pleasure coursed through Diahna as a smile crossed her lips, “Well, yeah, of course!”

“And sluts aren’t really all that particular are they? I mean, what’s so different between sucking a cock and licking a pussy? They’re both oral sex aren’t they?”

“I… I guess so…”

“Then a good little slut like you should be eager to lick my pussy, right?”

Diahna’s lower lips quivered as she couldn’t refute the logic of what Penny was saying. Instead, she parted her lips and extended her tongue just a little. Penny didn’t wait for a reply and instead pushed her pussy into Diahna’s face.

Diahna quickly started licking as wave after wave of pleasure crashed over her.

Diahna smiled as Penny unbuckled the straps that held her to the chair. Things had gotten a lot clearer lately and Diahna was happy that Penny thought that she’d come along far enough to no longer need the restraints.

Diahna was so grateful to Penny for all the help she’d given her to get over all those silly thoughts that had cluttered up her brain.

Diahna could hardly believe that she’d ever thought she’d been a superhero, let alone Miracle Maiden! It was just so silly, how could such a silly little slut like her ever think she was an amazonian princess?

Penny had been so helpful in showing her how she wasn’t Miracle Maiden, but that it didn’t mean she couldn’t dress up like her, cosplay was a perfectly normal way to live out your fantasies.

That had been the real breakthrough, once she was relieved of that silly belief the rest came easily. Especially the part where she was in deep, unconditional love with Penny. The kind of love that couldn’t be broken no matter how Penny might treat her. The kind of love that, honestly, made her Penny slave, willing to do anything she was told to.

Penny took hold of Diahna’s hand and pulled her up from the chair, leading her out into the main warehouse where an RV was parked. She’d been in it many times to use the bathroom and clean up, along with eating meals, but she was never more excited to visit it than today.

They approached the door and Penny opened it, letting Diahna step up into it.

“I left some clothes and makeup for you on the bed. Get cleaned up and changed.” Penny said and Diahna nodded in compliance.

Diahna looked up between Penny’s legs as she eagerly lapped away at her pussy. Diahna’s heavy makeup hadn’t yet started to run, but it was only a matter of time as her face was buried between Penny’s thighs.

They had only just returned a few minutes ago from the salon where Diahna had a complete makeover, dying her naturally blonde hair jet black and styling it, getting a full body wax, and long fake red nails.

She was working hard to bring Penny to orgasm, as she knew a good little slut like her wouldn’t cum until her partner did. But instead of letting her finish, Penny grabbed a hold of her by the hair and pulled her away.

Penny rolled off of the bed in the RV with a wicked smile on her face, “Be a good little slut for me and get that ass up in the air, wontcha?”

Diahna rolled over and pushed her ass up as high as she could, giving it a little wiggle while she waited for Penny. She didn’t have to wait very long until she felt the cool tip of a strap-on push up against her pussy’s outer lips.

“Oh god Penny, fuck me with that big hard strap-on!” Diahna cried out and Penny eagerly pushed in, taking her by the hips and slamming the strap-on home over and over again.

Diahna loved every moment of it and her own voice almost, almost, drowned out the maniacal cackling of Penny.

Chapter 4 – Truth is the Best Defence

Diahna sat beside Penny in the waiting room which had several other people in it. Penny was dressed in one of her usual skimpy outfits, showing lots of skin and yet somehow still looking elegant.

Diahna was wearing even less and looking like a complete slut, which was perfect.

It was only a few more minutes before the nurse called Diahna’s name and Penny stood up and Diahna followed along slightly behind her. They were escorted into the doctor’s office where they both took seats in front of his desk as he smiled over to them.

“Welcome ladies, I’ve just been reading the consultation request you submitted and I have to say that it was very… detailed.”

Diahna smiled and nodded, “Yes, yes it is. Is there any problem with that?” she asked innocently.

“Not at all Miss… Wonder?”

Diahna nodded, “Yes, Diahna Wonder.”

“And this is…” the doctor asked, waving towards Penny.

“This is my friend Penny, she’s here for emotional support. Is that ok?”

“Of course, yes.”

“Great! So can you do what I want?” Diahna asked.

The doctor frowned a little, “Well, yes, I don’t see any issues per se. But that’s getting ahead of things a bit, why don’t we go into an exam room and see.”

Diahna smiled and nodded as the three of them stood up and went to an adjacent exam room.

Diahna smiled with glee as she looked at her reflection in the mirror, it had taken weeks to recover but it had been worth every minute of it!

The doctor had done a great job with everything she, or more accurately Penny, had requested. The large implants on her chest were round and full, sat high on her chest and were at least as large as her head. Her nose was smaller and smoother, the brow lift had opened up her eyes, her cheekbones looked higher and more angular, her lips were full and plump, her waist was smaller and her ass was bigger.

No one would confuse her for anything but the slut she was.

And better yet, dressed in the slutty Miracle Maiden outfit like she was now, she even looked more like her idol than she had before!

A shiver ran through her at the thought just as Penny called from outside, “Ya ready in there?”

Diahna turned on the towering red heels that she was wearing and wiggled her ass over to the RV’s door and opened it. Penny was standing there with her henchmen and another shiver ran through her. She’d sucked and fucked them so many times since Penny had started helping her that just the sight of them made her pussy wet!

Today, they were dressed up in ridiculous-looking costumes of their own, and she was so excited about it.

Diahna looked out into the main open area of the warehouse where there were a bunch of lights and cameras pointed towards a single bed with a fake wall behind it. Penny took her hand and guided her over towards the set, the two men following along behind them.

“Oh god, fuck Miracle Maiden’s tight little pussy!” Diahna cried out as the one man pumped her full of his cock, she had the other man’s cock in her hand just in front of her lips until she was finished saying her line. Then she wrapped her bright red lips around it and sucked on it as she pumped it as well.

She could feel the cameras recording every second of it and that made it all the more hot.

The man she was sucking off reached down and grabbed her tit, giving it a hard squeeze, then letting go and giving it a slap. She almost orgasmed right then and there, but she knew neither of them had cum yet and that was more important than her own.

The tatters of her outfit were scattered across the bed, but she could still feel some of it under her ass and that was nice.

She popped off the cock she was sucking just in time for him to spurt all over her face and she gasped and opened her mouth wide to get every last drop of cum she could into it. After she’d pumped him for what remained in his balls, he stepped back and out of the scene, letting the cameras focus on the remaining man.

He pulled out of her pussy and grabbed her hips, twisting her over onto her stomach, slapped her ass several times and then pushed his cock right up to her sphincter.

“No! NO! By Hera not my ass! Anything but my ass!” she cried out just in time for his to push in and her voice cry out in a scream as the script had demanded.

It wasn’t a scream of pain though, but of pure unadulterated bliss.

A good little slut like her loved a cock in every and any hole she had, so it really didn’t matter to her which one they used, as long as she got the cum she craved.

Penny was standing in the city centre, looking up at the large screen that was shouting out the news of the day. She stood tall and proud, her skimpy outfit bringing stares and gawks from men and women alike.

She didn’t care though, she was focused on the news.

The video that was playing was from the scene that Diahna had recorded a few weeks ago, heavily blurred of course. The text streaming below it read “Henchwoman Penny Guin release porno! Miracle Maiden vindicated!”

Penny gave out a huff and shook her head, she was no henchwoman, or at least hadn’t been for a long time at least.

The screen changed to a large block of text, beneath it scrolled, “Official statement from Miracle Maiden who is still in seclusion from the backlash…”

That brought a smile to Penny’s face, it had taken her quite a while to get Miracle Maiden’s mannerism and voice down well enough to produce the fake video release. Claiming she was going into seclusion due to the media firestorm over her “slanderous” comments and asking for the media to respect her privacy had deflected a lot of attention from her.

It had worked better than even she had expected, even The Society hadn’t questioned it, as several of them had weathered their own storms in recent months.

She scanned over the text on screen, that she had written, “I always believed I would be proven right, and as the truth is always a defence against claims of slander, I am happy to have the truth on my side. At this time I continue to request my desire for privacy to be respected. Thank you. Miracle Maiden.”

She stayed and re-watched the news several times, looking to see if anyone noticed or cared, but none did.

Eventually, she headed back to her hideout, she had a lot of work to do. She’d posted the video on the Internet mostly so the news would pick it up, but it turned out that there was quite a market for superhero porno. There were offers coming in fast and furious to Diahna to do more scenes and Penny had opened a HeroFans site mostly as a lark, but seeing the amount of money coming in… well, it wasn’t a lark anymore.

In fact, if she was honest, between the HeroFans site, and the offers from the adult video companies, Diahna would be making more money than Penny ever had from crime.

Which was good, because Penny was going to “steal” every red cent of it for herself… or at least every last cent that didn’t go back into making Diahna the biggest name in porn in the world.

Penny smiled broadly and then strutted down the street confidently, perhaps she’d pay the Jester a visit and show him how she was so much more than a henchwoman now.