Spare Change

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2021

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SYNOPSIS: Change happens everyday, but what happens when there is some left over?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Spare Change

Dina let out a sigh as she looked over the buildings of the city, she’d had the same route for over a hundred years now and it looked very different than the first day she seen it. But then again, that was to be expected, while she delivered changed each and every day to those that needed it, she, like all of her sisters, never changed at all.

That was the way it was with fairies though and she couldn’t complain, even if her wings were tired from flying all around to help the humans. Most of the time it was a fun job, helping people change for the better and achieve things they never thought possible. Once in a while, well, it wasn’t quite so much fun, but it was at least never boring.

Dina sat on the edge of the building, resting her wings for a few minutes and closed her eyes and just let the sounds of the city wash over her. Then she opened them again and slipped her hand down into the outside pouch of her canvas bag and pulled out the list of assignments for the day.

She smiled as she stroked through the last one with her finger and a line magically appeared through it, Trudy had been one of the best changes she’d delivered in a while. She was sure the poor shy girl was in for a wonderful life now that she had so much more confidence!

She pushed her notepad back into the pouch and then frowned just a little as she felt something else in the bag. Opening the main compartment, the slight pink glow confirmed her suspicions and she let out a moan of defeat as she titled her head back.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” Tina asked as she floated down and landed just behind her.

Tina had, for the last thirty years, the same route of the city just to the east of Dina’s and they were at least work friends. Dina was still pretty new at the whole change fairy thing, but had a good head on her shoulders none the less.

Dina stood up and turned to Tina, spreading her bag wide open and Dina grimaced.

“Aren’t you done? Are you behind schedule?”

“No… I’m done… It’s a spare change orb.”

“Shit, that’s not good.”

“I know, I mean, they don’t make mistakes upstairs, which means we’re going to be blamed for it.” Dina said, shaking her head.

“Did you maybe miss someone on your list? Skip a name?”

Dina shook her head again as the two of them sat in silence for a moment. The last time someone had come back with a “spare” change orb, the entire team had been demoted. As far as she knew they were still working on the pet brigade, with at least another hundred years to go before they’d be allowed to work with humans again.

“Let me look…” Tina said as she slipped her hand into the pouch and pulled out Dina’s list, double-checking it to no avail.

“Shit.” Tina said once more and handed the notepad back to Dina.

“Yeah, shit.”

“Uhm… could you… you know, get rid of it somehow? Before we head back I mean?”

Dina was shocked for just a moment, such a suggestion was heresy against the code they followed, how could she even suggest it?

But then again… the pet brigade.

Dina shook involuntarily and then spoke again, “Ah, how would I even… I mean… we don’t choose who…”

“I know, I know, it’s a crazy suggestion… but I don’t know. Maybe just stand at the edge of the building… and toss it over your shoulder?”

Dina looked over the edge of the building at the street below, filled with people walking around and shrugged her shoulders, “Well, I guess…”

She turned back to Tina and pulled the change orb from her bag, then closed her eyes and tossed the change orb over her shoulder.

“Ok, let’s go, I don’t want to wait around for this…” Dina said and lifted off the rooftop, flying as quickly as she could.

“Agreed!” Tina said and followed along behind her.

Jessica looked at the sign she had painted by hand and smiled, “Women are not objects!” it said on one side and “Sex isn’t work!” on the other.

She grabbed it by the long wooden handle and then headed out of her apartment towards the elevator. When it arrived there was a couple inside, both of them gave her disapproving glances.

She was used to that though, her short black hair, nose and eyebrow piercing, dark makeup, unfashionable military-style clothing and “combat” boots did nothing to interest men and she was perfectly fine with that.

Jessica was on a mission to free women from the tyranny of men, not win beauty contests. She had a destiny before her and the disapproving looks of others wasn’t going to get in her way!

She decided to have some fun with the manand turned to him, holding her sign with the “Sex isn’t work” side towards him.

“Hey, haven’t I seen you going into the strip club I’m protesting at before?” she asked of the man and his face went white as the woman gave him a dirty look.

“What!?! No… I’d…” he started to say but looked over at, what Jessica assumed was, his wife as the woman frowned even more.

Jessica was sure the shouting was about to start as they arrived at the ground floor and she took her leave of them, quickly making her way out of the building and towards the subway.

Jessica arrived at the strip club just as the street was getting busy with people leaving work, the perfect time for her to protest. She quickly raised her sign in the air and started to walk back and forth in front of the building.

It was a modest building in comparison to those around it, obviously it had been there for a long time and never been redeveloped. Too much profit in selling young women to dirty old men, Jessica thought as she almost snarled at the thought.

“Women are not objects to be sold by the hour!” she cried out on one of her passes and a few people looked her way, but did nothing else.

“Sex isn’t work! Sex is for making babies in marriage!” she called out once more, feeling just a twinge of hypocrisy on that one, she’d had sex before marriage, with who she thought was going to be her husband. But, like all men, he’d shown his true colours and cheated on her after just a few months and she’d dumped him as soon as she’d found out.

Since then, she’d be true to herself and not engaged in sex with anyone.

Just as she turned around she recognized one of the strippers coming towards the main entrance of the club, the brunette was beautiful and her hair was styled perfectly. Jessica approached her quickly, “Don’t you have any shame? You’re worth more than just cash!” she said in a raised, but as respectful of voice as she could manage to the woman.

The woman rolled her eyes as she continued on, “Honey, you have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“I know I’m worth more than just what a man will pay to paw at my body!” Jessica retorted as the other woman opened the club’s door and walked inside, the loud music filtering out to the street for just a moment until the door closed again.

Jessica shook her head and walked back to her protest area and started parading back and forth once more.

A few minutes later, as she paced around, waving her sign in the air, she heard a voice call out from across the street, “Hey! Watch out!”

She stopped in her tracks and looked across the street at a man point to the air above her, “Huh? What?” she called back and then tilted her head back to see what he was pointing at just in time for her vision to be filled with a glowing pink orb racing towards her.

Jessi blinked several times as her head spun around and around, until things finally settled down and she looked over at the door to the strip club. She tilted her head to the side slightly and then turned to look across the street, hadn’t someone been shouting at her?

She shrugged her shoulders and smiled as she turned back to the club. Well there wasn’t anyone there now so it must not have been important.

She opened the door and stepped inside, letting it swing closed behind her as the music filled her ears and she looked into the mirrored surface of the hallway to check to make sure her makeup was alright. Noticing a slight smudge on her pink lipstick she cleaned it away with her finger, making sure to get none of it on her long fake nails as she did.

A quick tease of her mass of blonde hair later, she stepped up to the bouncer that was sitting at the end of the hallway, checking IDs of any patrons that came in.

“Hey Destiny. How are you doing tonight?” the bouncer asked, using her stage name in public.

“Ah, you know Mike, same old same old. Some dumb ass outside catcalling me. I mean, the least he could do would be to come into the club and spend a few dollars on me! How are things going tonight here?”

“Still a little slow, but it’s early still. John came in about 15 minutes ago though.” Mike replied with a knowing smile.

Jessi’s face immediately lit up, “He is? Oh god, Mike, can you let him know I’m here… I’ll just be a few minutes changing…”

Mike gave a little chuckle as Jessi quickly headed back to the change rooms, “Sure thing Destiny.”, he called after her as he watched her attempt to run in her high heels.

When Jessi arrived at the change rooms she found her locker and pushed her bag into it after pulling out her costume for the night and then stripped down naked. As she bent over to slip into her small pink skirt she felt a hand lightly slap her ass.

“Damn, Jessi, all that time at the gym is paying off!” Teresa said and Jessi pulled her skirt up over her ass and stood upright, then smiled at her.

Jessi looked at her brunette friend, with her as always, perfectly styled hair, “God, it’s about time! I mean I’ve been spending two hours a day at the gym for a month working on it after all!”

“Well, you didn’t have to you know… I’m sure John would have paid for it to be done just like he did your tits.” Teresa replied, pointing at the two large globes that sat proudly on Jessi’s chest.

Jessi gave out a little chuckle, “Yeah, but I can’t work out at the gym and make my tits bigger… I can work on my ass though.”

“True… true. Is John here already? Is that why you’re rushing?”

Jessi nodded as she pulled a tight white top over her head and then down over her tits.

“Girl, you’ve got a real problem there. Wish I had one like that.” Teresa said, shaking her own head as Jessi rushed to complete her outfit.

Jessi smiled as she walked over to the mirror to finish up and then turned to Teresa, “Well, wish me luck then!”

Jessi wiggled her ass on John’s lap as she leaned back against his chest, his hands were cupping her tits and squeezing them as they continued their dances in the VIP.

She let out a moan from between her lips and John raised one of his fingers up to them and she eagerly sucked on it, her tongue stud rubbing up against it as she slowly moved her head back and forth.

“God Jessi, I love the feel of that tongue stud.” John said and Jessi pushed her tongue harder into his finger as his other hand let go of her other tit and headed south.

John of course knew her real name, and could do anything he wanted in the VIP, he paid too well for her to deny him anything. Well, almost anything at least, there were still a few things she wouldn’t let anyone do no matter how much they paid, like access to her backdoor.

When his fingers reached her pussy, she spread her legs and let him slip them inside of her while letting out another moan. He always had her on the edge of orgasm throughout their VIP sessions, she had to force herself to not actually cum every time.

As he played with her clit, he popped his finger out from between her lips and moved it back down to her waiting tit, grabbing her nipple between his saliva-covered fingers and twisting it hard.

“Oh god John, yes! Just like that!” she softly cried out as she once more held herself back. Then she felt his warm breath beside her ear just before he whispered into it.

“God Jessi, I so want to make you my trophy wife. Put you up on a pedestal, show you off to all my friends, make them all jealous that I can afford such a perfect wife.”

Jessi’s heart rate accelerated even more as John spoke and his fingers continued to bring her closer and closer, “Oh god John… oh god… Oh God! OH GOD! OOOOOHHHHHHH!!!!!!!”

Jessi couldn’t take it anymore, her back arched, her hips thrust, and her orgasm crashed over her as John continued to play with her body and mind.

Jessi wasn’t sure how long she’d laid on top of John for, coming down from the massive orgasm, her body covered in a sheen of sweat. The smell of her own juices running down her leg filled the small VIP area and John was holding her tightly to him.

After a few more minutes she managed to compose herself enough to turn over and face him, without pause she moved in and kissed him passionately, their tongues intertwined just as their bodies still were.

She broke it off after a few moments and then smiled and placed her finger on his lips, “Don’t say a word… let me show you how good a trophy wife’s tongue stud feels on your cock…”

She slid down his body, between his legs, and fished his hard shaft out of his pants before wrapping her lips around it and running her tongue down its length as it pushed all the way into the back of her throat.

“God damn it! One of you have to have it!” the head change fairy shouted at the assembled group as Dina and Tina looked sideways at each other.

There was silence in reply to his demand, “For the love of… In all my time, I’ve never seen upstairs admit a mistake, and now that they have… we’re going to get screwed over because none of you will admit you had it!”

He paced back and forth several more times before continuing, “Fine! Have it your way, get out of here and report back tomorrow as usual… if any of us still have jobs that is!” he shouted and most of the fairies quickly dispersed.

A few hung back and made their way over to the head fairy, asking more questions. Dina and Tina joined them and after a few minutes Dina spoke up.

“Um, so, what’s so special about this missing change? Can’t they just create another one?”

The head fairies shoulders slumped, “If it was just an ordinary change, that would be the case… but this was a destiny orb, not a change orb. The destiny fairies reported it missing immediately knowing how catastrophic it could be. We only deliver minor change, make someone more confident, or swap out a bad boyfriend for a better one, little things that improve most people’s lives. But the destiny fairies… they change everything and anything. A carelessly deployed destiny orb… I mean…”

Both Dina and Tine tried the hardest not to wince at the implications.

“They’re going to have to report it to the big man if we don’t find it… and nobody wants that.”

They both shook their heads in unison and quickly made their exit along with several others. There was no point in confessing now, it couldn’t get any worse and perhaps they’d get lucky, or not.

Either way they were pretty sure that they’d be on the pet brigade for the rest of their existence.

“Damnit Dina, what were you thinking?” the head of the change fairies said as he scowled across his desk at her sitting with her head hung low.

“I… well… I mean…” Dina stuttered.

“You’re just lucky they didn’t have to get the big man involved. But still, why this Jessica woman? Why not just bring it back and report it? No, never mind, that’s a stupid question, no one wants to report a spare change.”

Dina just let out a sigh and her wings slumped along with her shoulders, “So… so what’s going to happen to me? Pet brigade?”

He let out a sigh and shook his head, “No, when I said you were lucky, I mean you were lucky. It turns out that this Jessica woman’s destiny was to stop a corrupt official named John from becoming a Senator by exposing his ties to a strip club. It was so integral to her being that when the destiny change hit her it couldn’t completely overwrite that part and her new destiny grew to include it. So, while she won’t be crusading against corruption, she has none the less steered him away from running for office for… other reasons.”

Dina nodded sheepishly.

“But you do need to do one thing to get back in the good books with the boys upstairs…” he said, reaching into his desk and pulling out a familiar change orb and extending it towards her.

“Jessica needs one small change to properly fulfill her old, and new, destiny fully.”

“What… what is it? Do I even want to know?”

“Don’t care if you want to or not, you need to so you understand the severity of your mistake. This…” he said, turning the orb over in his hand for a moment, “will ensure that she keeps John’s attention firmly fixed on her instead of the Senate. It will remove her aversion to anal sex as well as several other things that John will most certainly be interested in.”

Dina shuttered and gingerly took the orb from his hands, “Alright…” she said defeatedly.

This was the part of her job that she hated the most. Sure, most of the time the changes she delivered were good, but when they weren’t, well they were like this. Having to watch over the people she delivered change to so she could ensure the change had taken effect, in these kinds of cases, was the hardest part of her job.