Speed Queen

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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CODES: mf, md, mc, cb, gr

SYNOPSIS: Speed Queen has been captured by the villainousness Return to Sender, but where is he and why does something seem to be off?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Speed Queen

Speed Queen flattened herself against the wall and moved slowly down the hallway, she hated this kind of thing, but sometimes just running headlong into danger wasn’t the smartest thing to do.

She’d been running at super speed all over the city looking for this place, the secret lair of Return to Sender, but had only found it when she’d literally stumbled across it. At her super speed, she’d gone careening through the air for almost a whole city block before she came to rest. As always she quickly recovered and came running back, if a little bit slower, to where she’d tripped.

It looked like any other manhole in the city, but when she reached out to it, it became fuzzy as the hologram distorted just slightly. For anyone else, the little-used alley would appear like so many others in the city, but for her, the minor discrepancy between the hologram and the edge of what it concealed was something that at super speed was glaringly obvious.

She had vibrated at just the right frequency to “see” between the frames of the hologram and found the control panel to one side. A large section of the alleyway tilted down into a ramp, leading her to where she now found herself.

She finally reached the end of the hallway, shuffling around Return to Senders modified truck and opened the single door that was there. Peaking inside she saw a pretty ordinary looking room that contained a coat rack, several pairs of boots as well as a table with several of his weapons laying on it. At the far side of the room was another door, sticking her head in slightly further she looked for camera’s or other monitoring devices but found none.

Satisfied that there was no obvious danger, she opened the door the rest of the way and stepped inside. She let go of the door and it slowly closed behind her, it was only when she heard the “thunk” of several heavy sounding bars locking in to place that she realized she’d made a mistake.

With a burst of speed she ran to the door and pulled on it to no avail, then she speed to the other side of the room to do the same with the door there. She pulled as hard as she could on the handle but nothing happened.

That was when she heard the hiss of gas coming from the ceiling. She dashed to the door she had come in, lowering her shoulder to give it a good hard hit, but even as she did the gas had already started to take a toll on her. By the time she reached the other side of the room, her speed had dropped and all she accomplished was to hurt her shoulder.

“Damit… I hate gaaaassss…” she managed to mumble out as she used the door to keep herself upright, only to slide down it as the gas finished its work.

Abby Barron, better known as Speed Queen, blinked as the bright light of the room penetrated her eyelids and the effects of the gas began to wear off. She tried to lift her hand to protect her eyes but found it bound to the metal framework of the contraption she was in.

Her first instinct was, of course, to vibrate her way out of it, but she still felt sluggish and found it impossible to focus enough to do so. Instead, she looked around the room, as best she could, to see what kind of predicament she was in.

The first thing she noticed was that she couldn’t move her head very much, there was something under her chin holding it upright and some kind of strap around her forehead. She could also feel her arms pulled back behind her, stretched almost straight out from her shoulders. In addition, her legs were bound and stretched apart so that she was almost doing the splits. Her entire body was tilted forwards so that she was almost laying on top of the contraption.

That was also when she realized she was naked. Even her face was fully exposed, robbing her of the protection of her mask. Strands of her red hair fell over her eyes and she tried to blow them away from her face.

In front of her was a monitor and just at the edge of her vision was a man standing by a door.

“Welcome Speed Queen.” he said as he walked over to her and stood just to the side of the monitor.

“Let me go now and I’ll go easy on you.” she said with confidence.

“Why you’ve only just arrived… I’d hate to see you go so soon… Abby.” he said with a smirk and the knot in her stomach tightened even more.

She didn’t recognize the man, he was dressed in a tailored suit and she guessed was in his forties, but beyond that, he could have been anyone.

“Oh don’t try and place me, we’ve never been formally introduced. I’m a specialist of sorts and don’t get involved in the little games you and your counterparts play. Though I do enjoy the fruits of their labours.” he said with a grin that stood the hairs on the back of her neck to attention.

“What do you mean? I’ll be out of this thing any minute and then you’ll be sorry!”

“Why yes you will be, but I see you haven’t quite come all the way around. What is the last thing you remember?”

She scrunched her forehead thinking back, “I was at Return to Sender’s secret lair… where is he?” she started but something seemed off. For starters, where was he, villains usually wanted to gloat in person.

“Oh, he sent you to me to make sure you didn’t get in his way again…”

Something nagged at the back of her mind, there was something she couldn’t quite remember, but it seemed important. Her eyes opened wide as suddenly it all flooded back into her mind, like a giant damn had broken.

“Ah yes, there it is…” the man said.

“Oh god no… what have you done…” Abby let out in almost a panicked cry under her breath.

It wasn’t the first time she’d been here. It wasn’t just a few hours after Return to Sender had gassed her. Instead, it was exactly one year since the first time she’d been strapped into the contraption.

She thrashed at her bonds as the memories came back.

Much like this time she’d come around, groggily trying to figure out what was going on. Unlike this time though she had still had her costume on. But as soon as she’d opened her eyes the monitor in front of her had come to life.

Strange patterns and colours had played on it with sounds that seemed to penetrate deep into her mind. She’d fought it as hard as she could, for what seemed liked days but had in hindsight only been hours.

Her body had gone limp as the machine funnelled its message directly into her mind. Then the monitor had shut off and she’d stood up from the machine.

At some point, her bonds had been removed as she laid there soaking up the messages the monitor was sending her. She’d stretched out and left the place, running as fast as she could across the city and back to her apartment.

At first, nothing seemed different, but soon little things started to change. Going on patrol became a chore that she would put off doing. Work became something that was to be avoided at all costs. Friends became burdens that she stopped responding too.

The other heroes hadn’t even batted an eye when she had quit. After all the burn out rate for heroes was sky high let alone the injuries that they often sustained.

Within a few months she had quit her job, retired from being a hero and deleted all her social media accounts.

Of course, there were some positive changes as well. A new found interest in makeup and fashion. A new, much easier, workout regiment at the gym. After all her speed didn’t come from her legs but the Quick Force, so she had always done weight training to maintain her muscles, but she now focused on Yoga and other cardio workouts.

And then there were the men. Oh god, the men. She’d always been the quiet one, the wallflower, the geek in the room, but that had all changed. She was flirting more and more and soon it wasn’t just flirting, she was putting out as well. But never with the same man for long, she was always moving on to someone new.

The men she was ‘dating’ weren’t the kind she would have picked before either, she didn’t seem to care about their personalities or beliefs. Instead, it was only their pocketbook that she was interested in.

They paid for everything for her; her apartment, her makeup, her clothing, her food… even her new breasts!

The memory of standing in front of her full-length mirror just two months ago, after her latest procedure, came flooding back in. Her once muscular frame was no more, now her svelte body looked more like a lingerie model than a superhero. But the two large globes that sat high on her chest is what drew everyone’s eye, even her own.

There were other changes too; her lips were puffier, her nose a little smaller, a few scars that she had from various battles had disappeared.

And then the last few hours came back in to focus. She’d spent the last month liquidating everything she owned, closing out all of her accounts until she stood in her apartment in the only outfit she had. Beside her was a large duffle bag stuffed full of money. She picked it up, left her apartment for the last time, dropping the key off to the building manager and then taking several taxis across the city multiple times until she arrived here.

She’d walked into the room, dropped the duffle bag on to the floor by the door, removed her clothing and strapped herself into the machine just in time for her mind to shut itself off.

“What… what have you done…” she mumbled trying to make sense of it all.

“Surprisingly little really. Just inserted a few things into your subconscious, things like how being a superhero wasn’t really what you wanted. How sex was more important than work. How getting paid to look sexy was a turn on for you. After that, you did all the work yourself.”

“Bastard… I’m going to…” she spit out but was cut off.

“Do what? I mean you literally strapped yourself in but you couldn’t tie off your right hand, it’s literally been free this entire time and you haven’t done anything with it…”

His statement hit her like a ton of bricks as she wiggled her right hand and confirmed it was true. But her arm refused to move any farther than if the strap had been holding it down and she let out a little whimper.

“Please… what… what are you going to do with me?”

“Now that’s a better question Abby. In a minute I’m going to turn on the machine once more. Unlike last time, where you fought it tooth and nail leaving me little choice but to work on your subconscious, this time your mind is all prep’d and I can work on your conscious thoughts.

Now, I said before that we’d never been formally introduced, but I’m sure you’d recognize my business… The Pleasure Pit.”

Abby gasped, it was a notorious strip club right downtown. But it wasn’t just any strip club, it featured dancers dressed up as superheroines!

“I see you do, good. As I’m sure you’re piecing together some of my dancers are more authentic than others. I’m sure you’ll see a few old friends that have ‘retired’ over the last few years.”

“H… how?… Why?”

“Well, long ago I was a villain as well. No one you would have heard of but I grew tired of the game and when I’d had enough I came up with The Pleasure Pit. I mean every villain has captured a heroine at some point, but what do you do with them?

Most come up with some kind of crazy death trap that the heroine easily escapes from, but I decided there was something better you could do with them. That’s when I came up with this machine and it’s been clear sailing ever since. So much so that I’ve offered my services out to others on occasion, like to Return to Sender.

I never tell them what will become of you, all they know is that you’ll never be a problem for them again. They seem quite satisfied with that overall.”

Abby tried once more to move her free right hand down and release herself as he monologued, but it still refused to move.

“Now then, any last words?” he asked pulling a remote from his pocket and hovering his thumb over one of the buttons on it.

“You won’t get away with this…” she said but it lacked any kind of force.

“Me? Why it’s you that will be getting away with it. After all, it’s you that have systematically removed yourself from your old life and left it behind. Once you leave here today your willingly going to go to The Pleasure Pit and work there, living in one of the condos above it.

Even if someone from your past turns up and asked questions, you’ll eagerly tell them how happy you are now.”

He let out an evil little chuckle as he pressed the button the monitor came to life in front of her.

She so desperately wanted to fight it, but she knew he was right, that she had no hope and she fell into its power almost immediately.

Abby blinked several times at the darkened monitor before her, it reflected a pale vision of her own face, a broad smile across her lips.

She lifted her right arm out of the contraption and unbuckled her other limbs from it before standing up and stretching out, standing on her tippy toes and turned around once.

She took a few paces over to the table beside the door and reached down to touch the small pile of clothing that was there. She lifted the heels from the top of the pile, picked up the small red skirt and slipped it on before pulling the right red tank top over her tits and making sure it hugged them perfectly.

Then she slipped on the red high heels on to her feet and picked up the small red clutch that contained everything she owned. An ID, $200 in mixed bills and a brand new red smartphone with a yellow lighting bolt on the back of it.

She twirled around once more, pushed her fingers into her long red hair to puff it out and then opened the door, walked down the hallway out of the building to the waiting taxi.

“The Pleasure Pit please.” she said as she wiggled her ass into the seat and adjusted her top once more.

“You got it ma’am.” the driver said and started to drive away.

It wasn’t far and when they arrived she handed him the fare, making sure to give him a good view of her tits as she did so.

She walked in the front doors and her pussy started to pulse in time with the low base of the music she could hear coming from inside.

She smiled at the bouncer as she walked up to him, “There’s a $100 cover ma’am.” he said and pointed over to the cashier.

“Oh! I’m here to apply for a job.” she replied and smiled even more.

“Of course, please come with me.” he said and took her through the club, the darkened room filled with sexy versions of heroine’s she easily recognized.

Some were walking around, others were sitting with men and a few were leading clients into a VIP area.

It all made her so horny that she could barely contain herself.

Finally, just as she thought she was going to have to lose the bouncer and find a man to dance for, they arrived at a door at the back of the club labelled “Manager”.

“Here you go Miss.” the bouncer said and he opened the door for her.

She walked in and almost gasped at the man behind the desk, something about him seemed so familiar but it was the hardening of her nipples and the buzzing in her pussy that dominated her attention.

“Well hello, I’m the club manager Nigel.” he said, standing up and extending his hand as the bouncer left and closed the door behind him.

She shook it and a shiver of pleasure ran up her arm, “Hi, I’m Abby!” she squeaked in excitement.

“Welcome to The Pleasure Pit Abby, so who do you impersonate?” a sly smile forming across his lips.

“Oh, I do an amazing Speed Queen, Nigel.”

“Well we are in need of a Speed Queen.” he said as he stepped out from behind his desk and walked over to the couch that she had completely missed along with the pole in front of it, “Why don’t you show me what you can do.” He said as he flopped down on to the couch and waved at the pole.

Abby quickly moved over to the pole and grabbed hold of it; spinning around it, pulling herself up and sliding down it until the song that she could still hear from the club ended.

When the next song started she pulled her red top up over her head and tossed it on the couch beside Nigel, spending the rest of the song with the pole between her tits as she worked it.

When the third song started she pulled her skirt off and worked her pussy and ass against the pole.

When the fourth song started she dropped down to her knees, no longer able to control her need for a cock, and quickly worked Nigel’s pants off of him. Her lips wrapping around his hardening shaft as she bobbed up and down.

It was several songs later when she crawled up on to his lap, took hold of his hard shaft and guided into her sopping wet pussy.

“Oh god Nigel! Fuck Speed Queen’s pussy!” she cried out as she rocked her hips back and forth.

For his part, Nigel reached up and squeezed her tits together and she let out a moan as his fingers played with her nipples.

“Yes! Yes! Cum for Speed Queen baby!” she cried out but instead, Nigel grabbed her by the waist and lifted her off of his shaft.

“No! No! NO!” she screamed as he pushed her off of his lap and on to her knees as he stood up.

Her mouth dove for his shaft but his hand held her head just inches away from it. Her hands grabbed hold and stroked his shaft vigorously as she looked up at him.

“Oh god… Speed Queen needs your cum… please… please cum on my face baby!” she said as the first streams of cum flowed from Nigel’s dick.

She opened her mouth wide and tried to aim it into her mouth, partially succeeding but cuming hard herself none the less.

“Not bad Abby, you’ve got the job. Now go get cleaned up and go to the costume shop in the change rooms. I think you’ll find something waiting for you there.”

“Oh thank you Nigel! Thank you so much!” she squealed as she picked up her discarded clothing and almost ran from the manager’s office, not bothering to put anything on.

Several men stared at her as she walked through the club to the change room and she could hardly stand it, she couldn’t wait to get into her new costume and get out on to the floor.