The Acts – The Shutdown

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Three friends flee north to escape the acts during the government shutdown, will they find their freedom?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: This story is a continuation of a caption series I did which can be found here:

You don’t need to have read them for this story to make sense but some parts of it might make more sense if you have.

As a quick recap; a narcissistic, misogynistic group of politicians come to power and past laws that quickly reshape the country. Everyone is implanted with a control chip but it is only used once they break a law. Penalties for breaking the law can be years of servitude to the state, often in a “Tax Shelter”, which is just another name for the government brothels. Women must maintain their appearance at all times. If a man it turned on by a woman, it is her responsibility to relieve him. Men pay no taxes, only women do unless they are married to a man. Marriage has been redefined in a more traditional manor of a man owning a woman.

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The Acts – The Shutdown

Kimberly slammed her hand against the steering wheel in frustration, “Damit, not now!” she cried out as the engine sputtered and stalled just as she managed to pull over to the side of the road. Outside the snow storm raged and she could hardly see a few feet in front of the car.

“What’s the matter?” Donna asked from the passenger seat as Judy leaned forward from the backseat and stuck her head between them.

“I don’t know.” Kimberly replied.

“Did we run out of gas?” Judy interjected.

“No, we’ve got gas.” Kimberly said as she turned over the starter once more to no avail.

“What are we going to do?” Donna almost squeaked as the heat from the vents started to fade as the engine cooled off.

“I don’t know, does anyone have any bars?” Kimberly replied and all three checked their phones. All three shook their heads as they all inwardly new that calling for help wasn’t really an option anyway.

After all, they were on their way to jump the border and escape to Canada, there was no way they wanted to call in anyone that might catch on to their plan.

They’d been living together for the last six months, but they were all ‘underwater’ on their taxes and at the end of the year they’d be convicted and sent to a tax shelter… or worse.

Their only way out was to flee, but normally the border was well guarded and crossing it was almost impossible. But then the government shutdown at come, two factions in the ruling party had been at each other’s throats for months trying to pass legislation that would make it even harder for a free woman to make a living.

Of course, the dispute wasn’t over the basics of the bill, but the details. One faction wanted to just outright ban any woman from earning a paycheck, whereas the other just wanted to make it hard enough that only the special few that they targeted would make ends meet.

But while they bickered, the three friends had seen an opportunity. With the “blue flu” taking out many of the guards at the border while they weren’t getting paid, they might be able to sneak across.

They’d left as soon as they could, heading north towards the border, only to wind up in a blizzard. Their car was old but reliable, but it just wasn’t use to this kind of weather and apparently had given up.

“Well, we can’t stay here…” Judy said as the cold started to creep in and all three put on their jackets and zipped them up.

“Then we have a choice to make…” Kimberly said and let it trail off.

“You can’t mean…” Donna said in surprise.

“But that’s a… a…” Judy stuttered.

“A processing center, I know. But we just passed it a little while ago and we haven’t been going that fast so it should still be close. There wasn’t anything for miles before it and as I recall the route there’s nothing in front of us either. We picked this route because it wasn’t travelled very much so that leaves us three choices; sit here and freeze to death, take our chances by going forward and hope I’m wrong, or head back to the processing center and try and bluff our way out of any trouble we find.”

“But it will be shut down too, won’t it?” Donna asked, casting her gaze downwards hoping Kimberly would agree.

“Only if we’re lucky. Even so, there should be a security guard or something that can let us stay in the office for a while until the storm passes and maybe the old girl will start up again.” Kimberly said as she patted the steering wheel.

“I guess we don’t have any choice…” Judy said as she grabbed her winter hat and pulled it on before donning her mitts as well.

Kimberly lead Donna and Judy through the snow, the wind whipping against their faces as they approached the main gate of the processing center. To the side was a small box with a button beside it, Kimberly pressed it and a moment later a voice came over the speaker.

“Hello, please state your name and the nature of your business.” the man’s voice said.

“Hello? I’m Kimberly and we’ve broken down by the side of the road… we need somewhere to wait out the storm… please?” she said as she shook from the bone-chilling wind that whipped around the three of them.

“Hang on…” the voice came back and then a moment later the gate started to open, “Come over to the security entrance, left side of the main building.”

“Thank you!” Kimberly said and the three of them walked through the gate, hurriedly moving to the side of the building to find the promised security entrance.

“What are you three doing out in such a blizzard?” the burly security guard asked as he handed out warm coffee to all three of them.

“We are on our way up to see my grandfather.” Donna replied, giving the cover story they had agreed to before starting out.

“Well, you picked a rotten day for it. The weather report says the storm is going to go on for most of the night. But it’s likely going to be late tomorrow before any of the plows get up this way. You’re lucky we still have a skeleton staff here at the center, even if we aren’t getting paid.” he grumbled

“Yes, thank you. It’s terrible how they’re treating you as a pawn in all of this.”

“You know it. Come on this way, we have a few rooms set up for when staff have to stay overnight that you can use. Oh, but you’ll have to leave your phones and empty your pockets before we go, it’s part of the security policy here.”

“Thanks. That’s ok.” Kimberly said and did as the guard asked, after all it wasn’t like they were in any position to argue with him.

Kimberly laid out on the bed and looked up at the ceiling, it felt strange not to be sharing the one room with the other two girls. But strange in a good way.

The coffee finally made its way through her system and she got up to go to the bathroom. Sitting there reliving herself she ran her fingers through her long red hair and listened to the howling wind outside.

Every inch of her being wanted to run screaming from this place, to run out into the bitter cold and be frozen into a solid block of ice rather than spend even another minute here.

How many women had come to this place, free and independent, only to leave as docile sex toys for men to use?

It was the place of her nightmares but she had to spend one night, alone in this room, and then they would be headed north once more.

Donna sat cross-legged on the bed and stared at the door; waiting, watching for any motion that would indicate they had been found out.

Her cold blue eyes hardly blinked as a stray strand of her long blond hair fell across her face. She knew what was waiting for her if they didn’t make it. The tax shelters.

That was what they were officially called, but in truth, they were just brothels where women were forced to sell themselves in some vain attempt to make up for the unfair tax burden the acts had put on them.

She wasn’t going to be some tax shelter whore, she’d do anything to avoid it.

Judy was curled up in the fetal position on the bed, gently rocking back and forth as fear gripped her mind. She’d only just managed to make it through the encounter with the security guard without running screaming from him.

She didn’t know how Kimberly and Donna had remained so calm and actually talked to him. She was quite sure if he’d asked her a direct question she would have broken down and told him everything about their plan.

All she wanted to do was get across the border, she had family in Canada and they would take her in, she was sure of it.

She chewed on several strands of her long black hair and wondered what her grandmother would be like. She’d moved to Canada from Japan when she was in her teens, it was only years later that Judy’s mother had moved to the states to marry her father against her grandmothers wishes. After that the family had disowned her mother and they hadn’t spoken since.

But it didn’t matter, no matter how bad her grandmother may or may not be, it was better than staying here where she would be surely sent to a tax shelter to work off her debt.

Donna heard the door to her room slam open and she sprung up from the bed, standing in the doorway was the security guard from the previous night holding a tablet computer in his hands.

She lunged towards him, but her body froze in mid-stride as the implant suddenly activated and brought her to a standstill.

They’d been found out! Somehow her worst fears had come true.

A moment later, as the security guard tapped on his tablet, her body straightened up and then started to walk behind him as she fought the implants control with every shred of her being.

She stepped out of the room and saw both Kimberly and Judy following along behind two other men that she didn’t recognize but were clearly technicians at the processing center.

The six of them walked down the hall until they came into a larger room where the guard and two technicians stood on one side of the room and the three friends stood across from them.

A moment late the security guard took a step forward and started reading from the tablet.

“As per The Border Security Act of 2020 and as the ranking security personnel on site, I have executed a search of your personal items. In doing so I have found several entries in your personal internet histories that indicate you are engaged in an attempt to breach our northern border.

In addition, upon reviewing your current tax status as per the Taxation and Incentives Transformation Act of 2022, I have submitted a formal charge against you as of 01:30 hours this morning.

Upon receving your conviction at 06:30 hours of a class one felony this morning, I hereby remand you to the custody of Processing Center 314.

Donna screamed as loud as she could in her own mind, even though her lips did not move or make any sound.

Kimberly walked behind the technician, still reeling from the revelation that they had been convicted as the slept and panic tried to overwhelm her.

But the implant kept her outward appearance calm as she kept pace with the technical leading her deeper and deeper into the bowels of the processing center.

Eventually, he turned in to a room and her body walked over to a table and laid down on its own. The technician then proceeded to pick up a pair of medical scissors and cut every piece of clothing from her body until she lay there naked.

A flash went off, and then another and another. When her eyes cleared she could see a camera hanging from the ceiling above her. She could only imagine where the photos would be sent.

Then a second technician walked into the room and spoke to the first, “I can’t believe they’re making us do this when we’re not even getting paid!” the first technician said.

“I know. It’s bad enough we have to babysit the ones in progress, why do we have to process these three as well?”

“Oh, wait, here’s why… she’s been assigned to some Senator. Bastard.” the first technician huffed and slapped the tablet he was holding.

“Yea, and look at these specs! Wait… wait… I know who this is for… it’s that Senator with the big Roger Rabbit hardon. No wonder he picked this one, she’s halfway there already.”

Kimberly wanted to run screaming, but instead laid their silently as the two men discussed her fate.

Judy was on a table, naked and gripped in fear as two technicians walked into the room, “So what’s happening with this one?” one of them asked.

“Let’s see, oh, she’s been flagged on the ‘Interested Parties’ list, looks like someone has been waiting for her for a while.” the other man said with a chuckle.

“Looks like a John Travers has her flagged.”

Judy was shocked, Uncle John?

He wasn’t really her Uncle, just a close friend of her fathers, but he’d always tried his best to help her out when he could.

Maybe he had put her on the list just in case something like this happened. Yes, that must be why.

Donna was out of her mind as the two men looked down from above her. Everything was going wrong, her mind raced as she tried to think of some way out but all she could think of was the damned tax shelter.

“Well what do you know… this one doesn’t have anything special at all about her.”

“Really? Then why are we processing her during the shutdown? She can wait!”

“Yeah, she could, but she’s just going to a tax shelter so I figured we could have some fun with her.”

“You and your damn fun. Alright, let’s get her started then.”

Kimberly woke up in pain, almost every inch of her body hurt and she wanted to cry out, but the implant kept her voice silent as she laid there in her bed.

It wasn’t the one that she had stayed in the first night at the processing plant, instead it was one of the patients’ beds that she’d feared for so long.

She wasn’t sure how long it had been since that first day, after they’d stripped her naked and left her lying on the table for several hours. They had returned to wheel her into an operating room and that was the last thing she remembered until she just woke up now.

It wasn’t long before someone came into her room and stood over her, she recognized him as one of the technicians that had been there that first day.

“And how are you feeling… Kimberly?” he asked as he checked his tablet for her name.

“It hurts.” she replied, surprised that the implant would let her speak on her own.

“That’s to be expected, don’t worry about it, you’ll be all healed up in a few days.” he replied and checked a few more things on his tablet.

“In the meantime, here…” he said and moved a monitor above her so she could see it. A movie was playing on it, an old one that she seemed to recall seeing at some point. An animated rabbit and a real actor were on screen as Kimberly just wanted it to stop.

Judy felt the dildo slide into her pussy as the implant pushed wave after wave of pleasure over her body as the image of her Uncle John was displayed in front of her.

Her hope that he and only the best of intentions for her had disappeared almost immediately. Instead, the implant had started her training as soon as the technicians had finished with her.

She’d been brought to orgasm so many times in the last few days, each one having the image of her Uncle displayed before her as the implant puppeted her body and voice to the program.

It always ended the same way, with a massive orgasm.

She knew it wouldn’t be long before she stopped fighting it, the implant was too insidious to fight for long. Give it just a little bit and it would reward her with more pleasure.

It had been just a few hours ago that she’d slipped for the first time, the sound of her own voice echoing across the room without the implant having forced it, “Oh god yes! Fuck my pussy!”

As soon as she’d said it the pleasure crashed over her and she knew it had been a mistake. She’d been fighting it ever since but it was getting harder and harder. The pleasure was so easy, all she had to do was say the words and it would be there waiting for her…

“Puh… please…” she tried to stop herself to no avail, “Please fuck me Sir!” she cried out as the pleasure consumed her once more and she orgasmed like never before.

Donna had been unable to fight it, her mind so wracked with fear that when the implant started to puppet her body, she gave no resistance.

Instead her mind simply collapsed as the implant took her through each of the lessons it was teaching her. Her empty mind soaking them up to fill the void that was left behind.

She was a tax shelter whore, her body was meant to be used to give pleasure to others and she knew it.

Now, naked and smiling, she stood in front of the two technicians that had shown her her true purpose in life.

“How may I serve you today?” she asked as she licked her finger and began rubbing one of her nipples.

“Let’s see, it says here I’m going to fuck you doggy style while you give my friend here a blowjob. How does that sound?”

“Oh god, that sound so fucking hot baby!” she replied and strode over to the man that had spoken, unbuckled his belt and dropped his pants to the floor before bending over, turning around, and presenting herself to him.

She then unbuckled the second man’s belt and dropped his pants to the floor as well before wrapping her lips around his cock.

Moments later she was in heaven, the pleasure from the cock in her pussy and the one in between her lips was all she could ask for.

Soon they were both cumming inside of her and her own orgasm crashed over her.

“Please baby, I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way.” Kimberly said as she pumped the dildo in and out of her pussy as she leaned back on the couch. Then, taking it from between her legs she slid it in between her lips and down her throat.

A few minutes later, the dildo still in her throat, her fingers deep in her pussy, she came.

The implant had no work left to do with her, even though it had taken longer than the technicians had thought.

Kimberly stood up and picked up her dress from the couch and slipped it on once more over her large breasts, tiny waist and wide hips.

Even the most skeptical of the technicians had to grudgingly admit that the surgeon’s had outdone themselves this time.

Standing in front of the couch, draped in a red sequined dress was the spitting image of Jessica Rabbit.

And the weeks of training had reshaped her mind just as much as the surgeon’s hands had reshaped her body. She strutted around like sex in heels and spouted off suggestive double entendres whenever possible.

“Alright Kimberly, time to go. Follow me.” the technician said.

“Of course honey, I’ll follow you anywhere.” she replied and swayed her hips from side to side as she walked behind him.

Judy knelt in front of her Uncle John for the first time in his study, her nipples hard and her pussy moist, not from the implant but the desperate need to have him inside of her.

“I am so disappointed in you Judy, trying to run away from your responsibilities.” he said as he reached down and tilted her head upwards with one finger under her chin.

“I… I… I’m sorry Sir!” she whimpered as her lower lip trembled.

“What am I going to do with you Judy?” he asked, half mockingly as he shook his head from side to side.

Judy’s stomach dropped and her heart skipped several beats, “Puh… please Sir, I’ll do anything!”

He smiled down at her and reached under her arms, lifting her up to her feet and kissed her on the lips, his tongue darting into her mouth.

She returned the kiss with her own tongue and moaned as she did so.

He broke the kiss and twirled her around, pushing her forward to the couch against the wall and bending her over its arm. Grabbing her short skirt, he pulled it up and exposed her bare pussy, his fingers probing deep into it.

“Oh yes Sir! Push your fingers into my needy little pussy!” she cried out only for him to pulled them back out and replace them with his hard shaft.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me Sir!” she cried out and started cumming hard and she knew her Uncle John had the best intentions in mind for her after all.

“Yes baby, fuck my tax shelter whore ass harder!” Donna cried out as the first client of the day pounder her from behind.

She had no idea how long she’d been there, nor did it matter, after all, she was right where she belonged!

After those nice technicians at the processing center had spent several weeks fucking her every which way they could think of while the shutdown was on, they’d had sent her here, tax shelter 21385… home, when if finally ended.

Every once in a while she’d think of those nice men as a client fucked her and each time her orgasm would be just a little bit better than if she didn’t.

Each day she hoped that one of them would appear at her tax shelter so that she could show them once more how much she appreciated what they had done for her, but they never did.

The client grabbed a mass of her hair and pulled her back hard on to his cock and she cried out in pleasure as he did so. Her hands now free of supporting her weight, she reached up and slapped her tits, sending more waves of pleasure through her.

Finally the client dropped her back down on to the bed a released into her ass, sending an orgasm crashing over her.

“Thanks baby… come back soon…” she said almost as if half stoned out of her mind as the client cleaned up and left her room.

The did, of course, come back that is, she was one of the most popular whores in the tax shelter and it sent a tingle to her pussy each time she thought of it.

Kimberly knelt down between the Senator’s legs and wrapped her tits around his shaft, stroking up and down as she held her tits together.

“Oh baby, I can hardly stand it!” she said in her husky voice before releasing his dick from between her tits and wiggling her way down farther so she could take his shaft in between her bright red lips.

She managed to get down far enough so that, as she took him all the way in, she could look up into the white rabbit head mask that he was wearing. Her pussy quivered as she wiggled her ass still tightly wrapped in her red sequined dress.

The Senator reach down with both hands and took her head between them, holding her firmly as he guided her up and down, fucking her face with each stroke until his cum sprayed down her throat.

When he finally let go, she popped off of his deflating shaft and smiled up at him, “Oh Roger, I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me!” she said before taking his shaft in to her hand and licking it from the base all the way to the tip, licking off every last drop of cum from it.

“God Jessica, your the best wife a rabbit could ever hope for!” the Senator replied in a high pitched cartoonish voice that he’d obviously spent years practicing.

It sent another shiver of pleasure through her and a small orgasm as well as she stood up, pulled her dress all the way over her massive tits and then wiggled her way out of the room, pausing for just a moment at the door, throwing her head over her shoulder as she rested her hand on her hip, “Well, don’t keep a girl waiting hubby, I’ll be in the bedroom as soon as you’re ready.” she replied and blew a kiss at him.

Unfortunately Kimberly knew he wouldn’t be up for a second round tonight, but maybe if she was lucky he’d let her masturbate in front of him for an hour or two before he drifted off to sleep.