The Gift

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Monica is shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for herself, will she find it?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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The Gift

Monica sat in front of the desk, a strange position for her as it was usually her sitting behind it looking across to clients and underlings. As CEO of a large company she knew well the tricks of the trade. She could tell the chairs on this side of the desk were slightly lower than the one the man across from her occupied. Likewise, the office was littered with hints of strength and power that the man wanted to project.

Of course, her office was pretty much the same, the two of them even dressed similarly. She had come right from the office and so she was still wearing her power suit and flats, her hair and makeup done perfectly to project the ideal image of a powerful woman.

She wasn’t at work though, or even at a client’s office, today she was out shopping. Shopping for the perfect Christmas gift for herself. It wasn’t like she had to shop for anyone else, all of her time was taken up by her career and the few boy toys she saw once in a while really needed little more than a trinket or two to keep them happy.

The man behind the desk stood up and stretched out his hand, “Hello Ms. Landon, I’m Neil, your personal associate for your visit. May I call you Monica?”

She stood herself and shook his hand before sitting back down, “Yes, that would be fine.”

“Great, now are you familiar with our services?”

“Not really. A… friend, suggested I drop by and see what you had to offer.”

“Oh, that’s not a problem.” he said before checking his computer for a moment and then continuing, “That would have been Ms. Tilison?”

“Yes.” Monica replied, Debbie wasn’t what she would really call a friend, more of a rival. But since they were both CEO’s in different industries, there wasn’t a really direct rivalry between them.

“Perfect. Well, we are a specialty organization, catering to only the most exclusive of clientele. Our services are not widely known, but appeal to a certain segment of the population. At a high level, we provide customized relationships for those that do not have the time, or patients, to go a more traditional route.”

Monica raised an eyebrow, “Customized relationships?” she queried, her interest piqued.

“Yes. As a busy career woman you have certainly experienced… issues… with finding someone who wants the same things as you do in a relationship. Perhaps you’ve found someone you’re interested in but they think their own career is more important, or demand attention from you when it’s not convenient? Or perhaps you have certain… proclivities… that they find unappealing. We can customize an existing relationship, or create a new one, that meats your requirements to a ‘T’.”

“Really? I find that hard to believe.”

“Most of our first-time guests do. Come, let me take you on a tour of our facilities.” Neil replied and stood up and stepped out from behind his desk.

Monica quickly closed her gaping mouth as she looked into the room from behind the one-way mirror, “Is that… Is that Donna Gregson?”

Neil nodded, “Yes, her husband is a repeat client. Donna has been here for three days and is about halfway through her customization.”

Monica could hardly believe what she was seeing, let alone what she heard. Donna was strapped down into a chair, naked, sweat glistening off her body. On her head was a VR helmet of some kind and there was a mechanical dildo sliding in and out of her pussy.

“Oh yay baby, fuck my pussy! Fuck my tight little cunt like the whore I am!” Donna cried out as the dildo continued to do its work. Moments later Monica watched Donna’s body tense and shake as an obviously powerful orgasm shook her.

It was the last thing that Monica would ever expect from the staunch feminist lawyer who had taken down a dozen men over the last few years for the #MeToo movement.

“Mr. Gregson was unhappy with their love life. Apparently she had become fridged in the relationship and refused to allow him to find relief elsewhere. As such, she’s being customized to be completely open to whatever her husband would like to do in private. She’ll still be the same crusading lawyer by day, but she’ll be a real wild cat in bed.”

Monica was disgusted and fascinated at the same time. Disgusted that such a powerful woman was going to be little more than a plaything for her husband, but fascinated at the possiblities. If they could do this to Donna, there was little doubt in her mind that they could deliver what she was thinking about.

“Of course Donna is a pretty straight forward request. Some of our clients have more eccentric tastes.” Neil said as they walked into another room down the hallway from the programming room where Donna still was.

Inside there was a treadmill running at a good pace, but what caught Monica’s attention was who… or what… was running on it. It was clearly a person, but they were covered in black latex from head to toe and their arms and legs were bound on to themselves. On their head was a set of ears and a tail stuck out from their ass.

Beside the treadmill a man in a white lab coat was standing holding a leash that ran down to, what Monica now could tell was clearly a woman, running on the mill. What really surprised Monica was how well the woman was doing, striding along effortlessly at what had to be several miles an hour.

“Hello Jason, how is Muffy coming along?” Neil asked of the man, speaking over the sound of the motor and Muffy’s “feet” landing on the tread.

Jason smiled and reached out to the controls of the treadmill, “Here, let me show you.” he said and the treadmill slowed down and then came to a stop. A short tug at the leash brought Muffy off the treadmill and Jason walked her over to where Monica and Neil were standing.

“Sit.” Jason commanded and Muffy did so, lowering her ass on to the floor.


“Arf! Arf!”

“Shake… lay down… roll over… play dead… sit.” Jason said and Muffy promptly did each action as she was commanded.

Jason then reached down and unclasped the leash, taking something from his pock he tossed it to the other side of the room. Muffy’s eyes tracked it but she didn’t move.

“Fetch.” Jason said and Muffy took off immediately, picking up the object between her teeth and bringing it back.

Monica finally saw what it was as Muffy returned with it between her teeth… a rubber dildo.

“Good girl… good girl.” Jason said as Muffy sat once more and he took the dildo from her with one hand and rubbed behind her “ear” with his other.

Muffy wiggled her ass, sending the tail lodged in it from side to side, as she tilted her head and whined, a braod smile on her lips.

“As you can see Monica, Muffy here is almost done her customization. The client has requested a complete suppression of the old personality in favour of the new one. Muffy will never be anything but an obedient little puppy when she leaves here.”

Monica’s lips curled into a wicked smile, yes, this was going to work out well.

“I’m impressed so far Neil, but what about physical modifications?”

“I’m glad you asked, that’s our next stop.”

“This is Cindy. Cindy say hello to Monica.” Neil said to the woman standing in front of them.

“Wike, hewwo Monwica! giggle” Cindy said, the two massively oversized pillows on her face clearly making it hard for Cindy to pronounce, well, just about anything.

“Cindy, can you show Monica your piercings?” Neil asked.

“Wike, wookay!” Cindy replied and then opened her lips and extended out her tongue. Down the middle was a long row of piercings, but what was more impressive was how far out Cindy’s tongue extended. Far father than a normal tongue would have and Monica could still see more shiny metal down its centre that seemed to disappear down Cindy’s throat.

“As you can see, Cindy has been customized to deliver the best blowjobs she can. The client has an obvious oral fixation and now so does Cindy.”

“Quite impressive. I must say I’m very interested in becoming a client. I have the perfect person in mind to customize.”

Monica had been CEO for over a year, but that position hadn’t come without some challenges. Challenges like Rod, currently her VP of Marketing. He’d nearly torpedoed her rise to power with a mix of guile and lies that were nearly a match for her own.

He was though quite a handsome man, still young enough to care about his appearance but old enough to be wise in the ways of the world.

In the end though she’d managed to win the job and relegate him back to the marketing department. To her surprise, he hadn’t quit and so she was still dealing with his continued attempts to undercut her authority with the lies he was spreading. It would be a very pleasant change to have his tongue put to better use.

“I find a tour always seals the deal. Perhaps just one more stop before going back to my office to work out the details?” Neil said.

“Alright, that would be fine.” Monica replied.

Monica stepped into the room ahead of Neil and was a little confused, it was relatively plain, containing a couch, a few chairs, a pole and a large mirror.

“What is this room Neil?” she asked as she turned around and her jaw almost hit the floor as she saw a second sofa with a man sitting on it.

“Hello Monica.” Rod said with a smile as he stretched his arms across the back of the sofa and had his legs crossed as he sat there in an obviously tailored suit.

“What the fuck are you doing here Rod!” she shouted and stormed over to him, not waiting for Neil to reply.

“Why I’m here to pick up my Christmas present of course!” he replied with a chuckle as he stood up just as she arrived in front of him.

“What!?! But… that’s what… no…” Monica replied in confusion as she raised a hand to her head and massaged her forehead.

“Oh, I do love this part.” Rod smiled and took her by the shoulders, turning her around and pushing her forward to the other side of the room where the pole and mirror were.

“Eyes up Monica, take a good hard look.” Rod said and for some reason Monica did so.

At first glance all she saw was herself standing in front of Rod, his hand still on her shoulders. But then, then something wasn’t right. Something about her, something about what she was wearing. With effort she finally managed to focus in on it and let out a gasp, “Oh god no!”

She wasn’t wearing her power suit at all, at least none that she owned. Instead it was some kind of parody of a power suit. She was still wearing a suit jacket, but it hardly covered her tits at all! In fact, it pushed them together and upwards! It only came to just below her tits and left her midriff completely exposed.

And then there was the skirt, it hardly covered anything. She was sure if she bent over her ass and pussy would be completely exposed. Finally looking down at her feet, her normal flats were nowhere to be found, replaced by six-inch stilettos.

She closed her eyes and shook her head as Rod spoke again, “Don’t stop, keep going…”

Her eyes shot open and she continued to stare at the mirror, more and more realizing things were going terribly wrong but unable to do anything about it. Then she tilted her head to the side slightly as she stared at her tits some more…. were they bigger?

Oh god, they were! Gone were her modest b cups, replaced by two giant round balls glued to her chest. They were monstrosities! She reached up and cupped them in her hands, feeling the heft of them as she did.

“Rod… what.. what…”

“Just a little more…” he whispered into her ear and she once more looked at her reflection in the mirror, her hands still cupping her tits.

Finally, she saw it, it was her face and hair. Gone was the soft natural tones of her light brown hair and earthy makeup, replaced by bleach and almost neon colours. Pink lips, blue eye shadow, big hair all made her look like some kind of cheap hooker.

“No… no… no… no!” she repeated over and over again.

“There it is. God this is the best part, why I keep bringing you back every year as a Christmas present to myself. Well, this and your gradual decline over the next few months as I get to break you in yet again.”

Rod reached around and grabbed the sides of her jacket, pulling them and freeing her tits from it. If she’d thought that the jacket was pushing them up and together, she was so wrong. They still stood firm and in place on her chest, the only difference now being that she could see her erect nipples as well.

“It… it can’t be… I’m not… I’m…” she managed to get out before Rod placed one hand on her abdomen and the other on her upper back and bent her over.

Instinctively she reached out and placed her hands on the mirror as she felt her skirt ride up and over her ass.

“No Rod… please… don’t…” she said as she heard Rod’s pants hit the floor.

“Don’t what? Don’t fuck this fine piece of ass that I have completely customized to my specifications??” He replied, landing a slap on her ass with his hand, sending it jiggling and a wave of pleasure through her.

Then she felt him push up against her outer pussy lips and without her consent, a moan escaped her lips.

“There she is… there’s my Mona. Mona Loudly… god I love that name!” He said as he pushed in and Monica let out an even louder moan.

“You know, half the office can hear your moans from behind my office door, well it used to be yours, when I fuck you at lunch! Of course it’s only the half of the office that I loan you out to for blowjobs in the afternoon so they don’t complain.”

Monica watched her face twist into a mask of pleasure as her moans grew louder and louder until she finally felt him release inside of her and she cried out a guttural moan as her orgasm crashed over her.

It was a few minutes later when Monica finally managed to recover, her hands still on the mirror, she managed to stand upright. She pulled her skirt down over her ass, tucked her tits back into her jacket and then checked her makeup and hair in the mirror before turning around and seeing Rod and Neil talking by the door.

“Thanks Neil, as always you guys do great work. I don’t know how you get her reset back every year, but it always makes the holidays a special time of year around the office.”

“My pleasure, we’re always glad to see repeat customers.”

“I’m sure, what is this, the 7th… 8th year now?”

“8th.” Neil replied off the top of his head.

“You know, it might be time for some upgrades next year. I was really impressed with Cindy from the tour your assistant gave me while you were finishing up with Mona.”

“Of course, we can arrange for that or any other customizations you’d like to make to Monica. Might I suggest a new set of breast implants? Those are nearly at their end of life and we have a fantastic new option that can be altered on demand.”

“Oh, altered how?”

“Well they are polymorphic and can be reshaped with a simple remote control. From something more natural-looking to completely spherical. They can be resized, to a degree, and even the viscosity of them can be altered. They have been very popular this holiday season.”

“I’m sure. Why don’t you remind me when we get closer to next holiday season and I’ll make sure to send her in with lots of time to spare.”

“Done.” Neil replied.

“Hey Mona, don’t just stand there. We have a holiday party to get to and the VPs need to get their bonuses from you yet.”

Monica walked over, trying to yell at Rod at the top of her lungs but all that happened was she wiggled her hips as she walked.

Deep down she knew it was pointless, that she hadn’t been CEO for 8 years, that Rod and been using her like some kind of blow-up sex doll and passing her around the office. That “bonuses” meant that she’d been on her knees sucking off the VPs before the night was done.

But even still, she fought it, fought it with all her considerable will. Each step, each wiggle, each smile, she fought them all just like she was sure she had done every other year.

And then, as Rod put his hand on her ass and they walked out of the room, a horrifying thought occurred to her. She was going to fail, just like she had the last 8 years, why was she still fighting it?

Because fighting it wasn’t her idea, fighting it was Rod’s idea and she had been customized to deliver it for him.