The Nineteenth Hole

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2016

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SYNOPSIS: Mikayla is trying to break in to the professional golf tour, will a trip to Japan’s mega-conglomerate OTTII to play on their new tour get her closer to her dream?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes: This is a story that takes place in the OTTII universe as created by TOXIS and expanded by The Mayor of Cherish and James J. Craft.

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Chapter 1 – Teeing Off

Mikayla swung through the ball, her piercing green eyes never leaving the spot it had occupied a fraction of a second ago until it was well in to the air. The club followed her arm around until it finally came to rest well behind her head as she watched the ball sail down the fairway, land with a bounce and roll out even farther.

She smiled as the applause rose around her and her playing competitors watched the perfect shot she had just made off the first tee roll out. It was the final round of the tournament and she had a six shot lead, all she had to do was keep it together for 18 holes and she’d have her tour card guaranteed for next year.

She picked up her tee and walked to the side of the tee box and waited for the others to tee off as well. Both of them confidently struck their balls and the three of them started to walk down the fairway with their caddies.

The butterflies in Mikayla’s stomach were swirling around, this win meant so much as unlike the others in her group, she was only here on a sponsor’s exemption. She didn’t have the experience, or the support teams, or any of the other advantages they did, she only had her iron determination to make it.

She’d been playing around the southern US for the last couple of years, smaller tournaments and the like, trying to make a name for herself but she’d gotten lucky this weekend. One of her sponsors had an extra invite available when their regular player sprained an ankle.

Mikayla had made the most of it and managed to get in to the lead part way through the second round. Since then, she’d extended her lead and kept the pedal to the metal.

As she approached her ball in the fairway, she looked around at the small crowd. Women’s golf wasn’t the big spectators sport that the men’s game was, and with a men’s major being played overseas at the same time the crowd was even smaller than normal. But it didn’t matter, she had to focus on the shot in front of her.

“Give me the 5 iron.” She said to her caddy.

“The 5? The wind is behind you, perhaps…” he started to say but she cut him off.

“The 5.” She confirmed. She’d spent years playing without a caddy and she didn’t need his advice now either.

He handed her the club with a shake of his head and she setup and swung at the ball, making perfect contact.

Mikayla looked at the score board on the 15th hole, she was behind by three shots and it had all started at that first hole.

She’d hit a perfect shot with her 5 iron, but the wind had pushed it over the green and in to trouble, she’d managed to save par, but her closest rival had made birdy.

The third hole, a tricky par 3 had gone the same way, landing short she’d salvaged par, but one of the women chasing her had made a hole in one and another a birdy, cutting her lead down to 4.

The sixth hole had been a two shot swing when she’d been a little off line and had to chip out to the fairway and then ending up in the bunker beside the green, making a bogey.

The eighth hole had brought her in to a tie and since then, while she hadn’t made another bogey, each of her birdy attempts had failed to find the bottom of the cup and now two others had leapfrogged her and held the lead.

On the twelfth hole, her frustration had boiled over on to her caddy. He’d been trying to help her read a putt and she’d let loose on him, she’d managed to calm down quickly enough but she had regretted it almost immediately. Not because she felt bad for berating him, but because she saw the TV camera pointed directly at her.

Mikayla watched the others tee off and then setup herself, swinging through the ball for another great drive, landing just short of the green for a good chance at birdy on the short par 4.

Mikayla stepped up to the tee on the par 3 seventeenth and looked out at the water in front of her, the island green was daunting, but she’d made a birdy yesterday on it and if she did so again today, that would get her tied for the lead again. The long par 5 eighteenth played to her strength and she was sure she could still win.

She teed up a ball, swung through and watched it soar in to the air, it reached its peak and started to descend and Mikayla knew it was wrong. It was too short, too high, too little club. Before it splashed in to the water with a plunk she had already went for another ball.

Her caddy handed her one, no expression on his face and she re-teed the ball without asking for another club.

On her fourth ball she finally switched clubs and managed to land on the green, but it was too late, the damage had been done.

Chapter 2 – The Second Hole

Mikayla walked up to the sign-in desk of the charity tournament and presented her invite to the woman behind the desk.

“Hi Mikayla, welcome to the OTTII charity tournament!” she said, a wide smile on her face.

“Thanks.” Mikayla responded.

The woman handed her a nametag with a cart number on it before speaking again, “Can I just say I’m a fan. I watched loved your second round when you took the lead in that tournament, I was so sure you were going to win!”

Mikayla both smiled and winched at the same time, it had been two years since she had imploded at the tournament and she was still recognized once in a while. She’d had her 15 minutes of fame as the sports channels had put both her berating of her caddy and the three balls in the water on their highlight reels. Fortunately, it passed relatively quickly as the men’s tournament had been a real nail biter with some of the best golf anyone had seen played.

“Thanks.” Mikayla responded, turned at walked towards the change rooms.

Since then she’d gone back to the basics, trying to get back to the big show any way she could. But if it had been hard before, it had become almost impossible afterwards.

Sponsors weren’t lining up to put their name on a looser, especially when one of their claims to fame was a verbal assault their caddy. They knew that clip would be replayed if she ever got back on to TV.

She’d managed to finagle her way in to this tournament to try and cozy up to OTTII, they were a mega conglomerate of some kind from Japan and had started to move in to the golf market by sponsoring some tournaments and running a series of charity events.

Normally she wouldn’t have bothered with a small charity tournament like this, but today’s event was special, Seiji Herakini, the CEO of OTTII was attending and she’d managed to parlay what little fame she had in to an invite to play in his group.

If she could convince him she was worth one of his sponsors exemptions, it would be well worth putting on a fake smile and schmoozing with the stuffed shirts that usually came out to these things.

Mikayla studied the three players in her foursome, Seiji was exactly what she had expected, an older man who took pride in his skill at the game. Another Japanese man, Mr. Tanaka, seemed to be a subordinate to Seiji of some kind, but she couldn’t quite figure out what he actually did. The final member of their group was, well, different.

She’d introduced herself as Rikki, but her English was so poor that it came out like “Licky” and when she’d tried to tee off in the towering high heels she had been wearing she’d almost toppled over. Mikayla assumed the only reason she hadn’t was the obvious counter weight bolted on to her chest.

After that first tee off, Rikki had stayed in the cart except when they reached the green. Then she’d hold the flag, jump up and down as each of them had sunk their ball and then walk to the cup, bend over at the waist and retrieve the balls before placing the flag back in. Mikayla could only image the amount of practice it had taken the girl to master that move without toppling over forward.

None the less, the round went well, Mikayla made her case, both verbally and with her play, to get a sponsor’s exemption and Seiji was polite, listening and watching her intently.

It was after the fourteenth hole that she noticed a subtle shift in Seiji’s mannerisms, the three of them had hit good approach shots, Mr. Tanaka and Seiji coming close to matching her own. Mr. Tanaka was the first to hit on to the green, and was just at the back, a good 30 feet away from the hole which was at the front.

Seiji on the other hand landed a perfect shot just before the green, took a single hop up on to it and came to rest within 3 feet of the hole.

It was the first time she’d seen his expression move from his perpetually neutral smile to one of real enjoyment. He bowed slightly to her and motioned her forward to her own ball that was another 10 yards ahead.

She took dead aim at the pin and hit a towering 9 iron that seemed to hang in the air forever before finally cresting and descending to the green. It hit just a few inches in front of the hole, took a single small hop, hit the flagstick and shot straight down in to the cup.

Mikayla let out a small, excited, “Yes!” before turning to Seiji, extending her hand too high five him and finding his placid neutral smile back on his face. He left her hanging for just a moment before he raised his hand and gave her a light slap.

“Very well done Mikayla, you are a very skilled golfer.”

“Thank you Seiji, you are a great amateur player as well.”

The rest of the holes were uneventful and when they were done Seiji gave a polite wave and drove off with Nikki in his golf cart before Mikayla could ask about the sponsors exemption again.

Mr. Tanaka, who had insisted on driving the cart, pulled in to the club house and quickly checked his phone as she cleaned her clubs and started packing up.

When he was done, he turned to her as said, “Miss, Mr. Herakini was very impressed with your play today and while he does not have any exemptions available this year, he was wondering if you might consider a different offer.”

Mikayla arched an eyebrow and straighten her light brown hair before replacing her hat on her head again.

“What kind of offer?” she asked, curious, a large company like OTTII could have almost anything in the works and hearing it out couldn’t hurt.

“As you know OTTII has been moving in to the golf market around the world, but we have a particular interest in our home region and have been working on a professional tour in Japan that can appeal to a broader cross section of people.”

Mikayla knew that golf in Japan was for the rich, the cost of building courses in a country that was always desperate of space pushed it out of the reach of the common people.

Mr. Tanaka continued as she nodded her head, “A such one of our subsidiaries has developed a new indoor golf simulator and we are going to start a tour based on it in Japan. Mr. Herakini would like to offer you a spot on the tour and a full sponsorship deal to go along with it. Having a famous professional like yourself headlining the tour for it’s inaugural season would be a great boon for OTTII.”

Mikayla thought about it for a moment, she didn’t have any other offers on this side of the pacific and today had been a long shot at best really.

“And of course, next year, when there are more sponsors exemptions available for the tour here, he will ensure you are first in line to receive them.”

Mikayla smiled, “Well Mr. Tanaka, I’d be honoured to accept your offer then.”

Chapter 3 – The Par 3

Mikayla sat in the car that Mr. Tanaka had picked her up in, all of her belongings still somewhere in the miles of conveyer belts and trollies of the airport.

“My apologies Mikayla, usually the airport is very efficient at sorting luggage and seldom loses it. I am sure it will be resolved shortly and I have personally called the general manager of the airport and lodged a complaint. OTTII takes care of those who work for it.” Mr. Tanaka said.

“It’s fine Mr. Tanaka. Not the first time my luggage has been lost after all.” She replied.

It wasn’t like there was much in it other than her normal golfing outfits, a few pairs of jeans and shirts and her clubs.

The clubs hurt the most of course, but they too were replaceable after all if it came to that and she was sure the airport would eventually find them.

Mr. Tanaka pulled away from the curb and drove expertly through the streets of the city. She didn’t even try and figure out where they were going, she could tell it would take years to learn her way around the dense city and Mr. Tanaka was clearly well practiced at it.

Eventually they pulled up in front of a non-descript office building and he exited the car, she did the same thing and walked around to the sidewalk, standing beside Mr. Tanaka.

“This is it?” she asked.

“Yes, this is the development center for the simulator, the actual tour stops will be throughout the country but this will be your home location. As this is a simulated tour, players do not have to be in the same location to play against each other.” He said as he led her in to the building, using a security pass to open the doors.

“You’ll find it has everything you will need. A gym, an entertainment area, a salon and of course the golf simulator to practice on. Along with an apartment for you as well.” He said as he swiped his security pass and the doors to the elevator opened for them.

As the elevator rose to the third floor they waited for the doors to open, stepping out of it he led her down the hallway. Once more using his security pass, he opened one of the doors and motioned her inside.

She stepped in to a modern apartment, a small kitchenette was attached to the main living room, which had a large couch set in front of a humongous TV. To the side was a small hallway that she assumed led back to the bathroom and bedroom.

Just in front of the couch were a set of golf clubs and a suitcase that she didn’t recognize. She turned to Mr. Tanaka and raised an eyebrow questioningly.

“I called ahead and had one of the staff pick up a few things for you until the airport can find your belongings.” He said as he walked towards the kitchenette.

“You’ll find the kitchen stocked with food as well as drink.”

She walked in to it and looked at the machine on the counter, “What’s that?” she asked.

“Ah, yes, that is OTTII’s custom protein shake. You’ll find it re-hydrates and provides better electrolyte replenishment than a normal sports drink.” He said as he opened a cupboard door, retrieved a glass and filled it from the machine.

“Here, try some.” He said, extending the glass to her.

She licked her lips, the flight and drive had been long and she could use something. She took the glass and placed it to her lips, tilting it back as the smooth shake rolled over her tongue and she swallowed it. The strawberry scent rose up from the glass and filled her nose and she took in a deep breath before tilting the glass back and taking another drink of the shake.

She smacked her lips as she finished and Mr. Tanaka took the glass from her hand and refilled it. He leaded her out to the couch and handed the glass back to her, this time with a straw in it.

“You may find it is better when a straw is used.” He said as he turned on the TV to a random channel that had music playing on it.

She wrapped her lips around the straw and started to suck the shake up from the glass and in to her mouth. The sweet taste once more graced her taste buds and the stress of the day washed away along with everything else from her mind.

She didn’t notice Mr. Tanaka leave or the glass fall from her limp hand once she had slurped up every last drop from it as she fell asleep to the sounds of the Yummi Yaguchi video playing on the TV.

Mikayla woke up in the middle of the night to the dark apartment illuminated only by the glow of the TV. She rubbed her eyes and picked up the glass and straw from the floor as she walked in to the kitchen in a daze. Placing them in the sink, she turned and stumbled her way down the hall, finding the bedroom and collapsing on to the bed before passing out again.

The next time she woke up was to the blaring of the alarm beside the bed, she looked over at the display which read 7am and rolled over, then out of bed and headed towards the bathroom. She could still hear the TV quietly blaring in the next room but paid it no attention as she started the shower, stripped down and let the warm water run over her toned body.

She stayed under the spray for what seemed like hours, but eventually washed herself and stepped out to dry off. When she finished she looked down at her dirty clothes and frowned, instead of putting them back on she simply wrapped the towel around her body.

She combed out her hair and brushed her teeth, but for some reason her mouth still felt full of cotton and she smacked her lips several times before heading out to the kitchen. There she found the protein shake dispenser and quickly retrieved a clean glass from the cupboard and a straw, pouring herself a full glass and sucking on the straw as she walked back out to the living room.

She carefully grabbed the suitcase in front of the couch, her head slightly spinning, with her free hand and wheeled it in to the bedroom as she sucked on the sweet drink.

She managed to set the glass down for a moment to get the suitcase on to the bed and open before picking it right back up and continuing to suck on the straw.

She looked at the clothes in the suitcase and a giggle escaped her lips. There were several pink skirts, white tops and pairs of pink running shoes in it, each one with the OTTII logo emblazoned on them. She guessed they did the best they could on short notice and obviously the company store was the closest place to get some temporary clothing for her.

She rummaged through the case until she found what she was looking for, the underwear and bras were the same pink as the skirt but they looked like they would fit.

She heard the gurgle of the shake as she sucked the last bits of it from the glass and another giggle escaped her lips as she held up the panties in front of her.

She set the now empty glass down, let the towel fall to the floor around her feet and stepped in to the panties, secured the bra (not that she really needed one for her small breasts but since it was there…) and slipped in to one of the skirts and tops.

Putting on the shoes was the last thing she did before grabbing the glass and heading back out to the living room.

When she stepped in to it, Mr. Tanaka was standing by the doorway and surprised her.

“Oh… giggle… Mr. Tanaka!” she let out in a surprised voice.

“Good morning Mikayla, I hope you find the clothing OTTII has provided you acceptable.”

“Uh… yes.” She said, something in the back of her mind seemed to want to say something else, but she was feeling so good after the shake she just ignored it.

“Very good, why don’t you get another protein shake and then I can take you to the simulator so you can have some practice time.”

Mikayla didn’t have to be told twice to get another shake and she quickly poured it in to the glass that was still in her hand. Once it was full she started to suck on the straw once more.

She turned back to Mr. Tanaka and found him standing in the living room, the set of clubs over his shoulder. He walked toward the door and with his security card opened it and held it open. She walked out in to the hallway, still sucking on her shake as the headed towards the elevators and something seemed strange about having to open the door from the inside with the security card, but the shake tasted so good she didn’t bother paying any attention to the voice in the back of her head.

Mikayla stood in the simulator and marvelled at it, if she hadn’t known better she should could have sworn she was outside on a course.

“Mr. Tanaka, this is amazing.” She managed as she fought through the fog that seemed to have come over her since yesterday. To make it worse, she’d finished her last shake some time ago as Mr. Tanaka had given her some paperwork to sign for her sponsorship and some standard non-disclosure agreements. Or at least that’s what he’d told her they were and she hadn’t bothered to read them.

She looked down at her feet, the bright pink sneakers were surrounded by blades of green grass that seemed to move in the wind that she could feel on her face.

“The latest 3d technology from OTTII. A fully immersive environment, it uses multiple projectors to simulate any course on the planet. Also, as you can tell, it has been enhanced with wind generators. The ball tracking technology is unparalleled as well, you will find it to be perfect, just like everything OTTII does.”

Mikayla walked over to the golf bag that Mr. Tanaka had set down in the simulator, like her clothes, it was pink and white, not her favorite colours by any means but it would have to do. She unzipped the cover and pulled out a pitching wedge, the club head had a strip of pink paint highlight running along the top of it and the grip was pink as well. Each club had the OTTII logo stamped on the back of the club head.

She placed her bare hands on the grip and an unexpected tingle of pleasure ran up her arms, it had seemed like forever since she’d had a club in her hands and if they played half as well as they felt she knew that the OTTII clubs would be the best set she’d ever played with.

She took a couple of practice swings before heading back to the bag and looking for a glove. She found several in the bag and she put one on her left hand and re-gripped the club. Her hand with the glove on felt even better gripping the club than her bare hand had!

She took a few more swings before deciding to try on one of the right hand gloves she had found in the bag and she wasn’t disappointed as the club sent shivers up her arms.

She placed a ball on a tee and pushed it in to the artificial ground, she positioned herself and swung at the ball. It flew from the tee and in to the projection of the course, she heard it hit the wall and the entire simulator seemed to glitch out for a moment before the 3d projection continued its path down the fairway.

“Of course this is still beta software so you may see some unexpected visuals, the developers are continuing to improve the program.”

Mikayla could understand that, it was an amazing feet of technology even so. She set her club down against the bag and smacked her lips several times as her cotton mouth had come back again.

“Of course OTTII wants to ensure you are performing at your best and so there is a protein shake dispenser just outside of the simulator.” Mr. Tanaka said and Mikayla walked out to find the familiar machine sitting on a table with several sports bottles beside it.

She filled one up and returned to the simulator, picking up another club as she sucked on the shake, not noticing Mr. Tanaka leaving her.

Chapter 4 – Putter-ing Around

Mr. Tanaka had taken Mikayla back to her apartment and she’d zoned out in front of the TV after a long day of practicing in the simulator.

She’d found he had been correct about it, it was very accurate and if she didn’t focus on it, it would punish her mistakes. Of course there seemed to be a lot of mistakes, her head continued to be fuzzy but once she’d found out how to turn on the assistant mode of the simulator it had gone easier.

The assistant was a small animated character that made recommendations and helped her correct small mistakes in her stance and swing.

Mikayla had struggled with it at the beginning, but once she just let it go and followed along with the instructions it provided the day had gone so much easier.

Of course, not everything the assistant said was as helpful as it’s golf tips. It seemed to be designed for consumers and every once in a while, would spew out a marketing slogan for OTTII. These included “OTTII is the best company to work for!”, “OTTII is the most trustworthy company!” and her favorite, “OTTII always knows what is best!”.

The visual glitches had caused her quite the headache to begin with, they seemed to be more frequent whenever she tried to focus on them and they seemed to subside if she just ignored them.

By the end of the day, she’d learned to just let her eyes go wide as possible whenever the visual glitch happened and then she could resume playing the simulator.

She looked up at the TV, she hadn’t change the channel from the night before and so the poppy music videos were still playing. Each one seemed to be happier than the last and the singers seemed to be wearing less and less as they pranced around on stage.

Mikayla didn’t pay much attention to them as she sucked on the protein shake and drifted off to sleep on the couch.

Mikayla woke up the next morning, the straw still hanging from between her lips but the glass had spilled the remaining shake down her front and rolled off of the couch and on to the floor.

A bit of drool hung from her chin as the TV continued to play its happy videos until she managed to bring herself to stand up, wipe her chin and look down at the ruined top she was wearing.

She walked down the hall to the bathroom and stripped down naked and took a shower, cleaning herself thoroughly.

She started to wrap the towel around herself but stopped and instead let it fall to the floor with her dirty clothes and as her stomach growled, walked out to the kitchen naked.

She opened the fridge and found it stocked with rice and chicken and several other items, but her gaze fell back to the protein shake dispenser as she licked her lips, one shake before breakfast would be fine wouldn’t it?

She poured herself a shake, grabbed a straw and let the strawberry nectar run down her throat as she headed back in to her bedroom to get dressed.

She giggled in surprise when she found a new suitcase sitting on her bed, not considering how someone must have been in her apartment the day before while she was using the simulator.

She sauntered over and opened the case, at first not seeing any difference with the day before, but she pulled out a skirt and noticed it was slightly shorter than the one she had worn yesterday. Likewise, the white top didn’t quite meet the skirt, leaving a bit of bare skin between them.

The running shoes were different too, their soles were thicker and they seemed to slant from back to front just a bit.

Still sucking on the shake, she put each item on, the OTTII logo making it clear that it was from the company and as the assistant yesterday had told her so many times, OTTII always knew best.

Mikayla tried the best she could to keep her balance in the new shoes as she swung the club in her gloved hands but it was proving much more difficult today.

Even with her assistant telling her how to stand, how to spread her feet out more, to bend at the waist slightly and lean forward a bit.

“OTTII is the best! Say it with me! OTTII is the best!” her assistant called out, that had been new today, and the first time she’d ignored it but soon realized the simulator wouldn’t continue until she had said the words herself.

“OTTII is the best! giggle” she called out at the same time as her assistant did. She no longer really thought about it, she just followed along for the last couple of hours repeating whatever phrase was required to continue.

She finally finished the eighteenth hole and the simulator show her the stats for the round, they just kind of blurred in to a haze in front of Mikayla as she sucked on her protein shake.

“Great round! But it looks like you could use some work on your putting, would you like to start the putting trainer? If so, just repeat after me… Putt! Putt! Hurray!”

Mikayla repeated right after her assistant like she had been, “Putt! Putt! Hurray!”, and the simulator glitched out for a second before displaying a practice green.

She retrieved her putter and soon was missing nearly every putt she tried, her assistant trying to correct the problem after each stroke.

“Maybe you need a different putter? Why don’t you try the other one in your bag!” her assistant finally said. Mikayla went back to her bag as instructed and looked through it until she found the second putter her assistant had said was there.

She pulled it out of the bag and found it was much shorter than her normal one and the grip was thicker and had a rounded top on it.

“Ok, now take your stance!” her assistant called out, Mikayla tried to setup but the putter was far too short and she ended up bending over quite far to get it to the ground.

“Oh, that’s not quite right, spread your legs more, bend at the waist and bring the putter grip right up to your chin!” the virtual assistant called out.

Mikayla followed along, repositioning herself as best she could until she was bend nearly horizontal at the waist and the rounded tip of the putter grip was on her chin.

“That’s almost got it! Just get your head a little lower!” her avatar called out.

Mikayla tried but the putter was propping her head up and she couldn’t get it any lower. Suddenly the simulator glitched again and a thought popped in to her head.

She moved the putter forward a bit until it was right at her mouth and then wrapped her lips around the grip and let it slide between her teeth until it approached the back of her throat.

“Perfect!” her assistant called out and she stopped, “Now give it a try!”

Mikayla pulled the putter back and found she had to rotate her head to do so and then turn her head the other way as she stroked through the ball. She watched the ball bounce along and miss the hole, but only just.

“Not bad, but try and keep the putter head as close to the ground as you stroke through!” her assistant commanded.

Mikayla tried again, this time as she turned her head to the side for the back swing she let the grip slide forward between her teeth until it was almost out of her mouth. Then as she stroked through, pushed it back in a she made contact with the ball and then pulled it back out as she finished her stroke.

She watched the ball smoothly roll to the hole and drop in, the simulator glitched for just a second and a small orgasm washed over her.

Mikayla spent the rest of the day practicing her putting before Mr. Tanaka arrived and returned her to her apartment.

Chapter 5 – Counting Strokes

Mikayla looked at the new suitcase on the bed and didn’t think anything of it as she opened it to find a new set of clothes for her, all proudly displaying the OTTII logo.

She picked up the skirt and held it in front of her and giggled, it was such a cute shade of pink and showed off so much of her legs, she just loved it and not just because OTTII had picked it out for her.

She slipped it on and next grabbed the white shirt which only barely came to above her belly button, smoothed it out over her toned abs before going back to the suitcase.

She finally pulled out the sneakers and put them on, the slant from back to front was even more pronounced today and she guested there was at least three inches’ difference between them, but OTTII knew best and so she didn’t question them.

It took her a few minutes to get use to walking in them and once she had the hang o fit she head out to the living room where Mr. Tanaka was waiting for her, a protein shake in his hand.

She smiled and bounced over taking the shake and sucking on the straw as he led her to the simulator for the day.

Mikayla listened to her assistant greet her as she entered the simulator, “Hi Midori, how are you this morning?”

Mikayla, scrunched her brow, “My name… is.. Mikayla not Midori.” she managed to get out.

“Of course Midori, your name is Midori. OTTII is always right! Say it with me… OTTII is always right!”

Mikayla spoke the words as her assistant said them the second time and a wave of calmness washed over her.

“Your name is Midori! Say it with me… your name is Midori!”

“My name is… Midori.” Mikayla said, the name seeming wrong between her lips but following along with her assistant none the less.

With that settled, her assistant started up the course of the day and they started to play. Each time her assistant addressed her she used Midori and eventually Mikayla just accepted that OTTII was right and went along with it.

“Great round Midori! Do you want to practice your driving now?” her assistant announced at the end of the eighteenth hole.

She’d never putted nearly as well a she had after her training yesterday and she’d made almost every putt she had tried. Her driving had been a different story though, her balance was way off and she’d found the rough or even out of bounds more often than not.

Though between the shakes and her assistant’s happy encouragement she’d found herself rolling on the floor in a fit of giggles when she’d found herself stuck behind a tree or in the water.

“Ok, Midori wants to practice her driving!” Mikayla said so excitedly that she’d completely ruined what she was trying to say, sounding like someone who didn’t speak English as their first language.

Her assistant didn’t seem to mind though and quickly moved to the driving range simulator for her.

There Midori tried as well as she could to balance herself while swinging the club and her assistant continue to provide pointers, but Midori found she couldn’t stick her bum out any further without falling backwards and she couldn’t bend any further at the waist without the club hitting her in the face.

“Hey, why don’t you try using the balance pole in your bag to help with your posture?” her assistant said and Midori stood up, grabbed her shake and sucked on it again as she walked over to her bag.

She found the balance pole quickly enough but was confused by what she found. It looked to be about three feet long, the one end had a tripod base to it and the other had an angled platform with a rounded grip on it much like her putter.

“Yes, that it!” her assistant called out, “Just place it on the ground behind you and lean back on to it!”

Midori tried to do as instructed but the grip pushed up against her panties and she couldn’t get leaned back on to it.

“Of course, if there’s something in the way, just push it to the side!” her assistant called out and Midori’s fingers slid down to her panties and pushed them to the side so the grip could enter her pussy.

Midori let out a moan as it did so and wiggled her hips to get it firmly in place. With the balance pole in place she settled in to take a swing and found herself back in the middle of the fairway, if not nearly as far as she would have liked.

“That’s great! OTTII makes the best equipment!” Midori repeated the words without being prompted to do so.

“Now as you take the club back, lean forward, then as you strike the ball, push back and during your follow through, lean forwards again!” her assistant instructed and Midori did so.

“Great! That’s one!”

Midori pulled up, pushed through and pulled up again.

“Great! That’s two!”

By the end of the day her assistant was calling out her 100th stroke.

Chapter 6 – Playing for Real

Midori held up the latest set of clothing that OTTII had given her, the tiny skirt barely covered her privates and the top revealed the bottoms of her small breasts while being cut so low as to reveal the tops of them as well. It was a good thing OTTII had stopped providing a bra and panties. Earlier in the week, both the skirt and top had changed from simple cotton to a shiny plastic material.

Her shoes had changed as well, the sneakers had become thinner and taller and todays had a gap between the front and back sole’s of them. They’d also started to have less and less coverage of her feet, her toes were now sticking out of the front of them while she could see her ankles out the back.

She’d been practicing in the simulator for nearly two weeks now and her game was in better shape then ever before. She was eager for today as it was the first exhibition match for the new tour and she’d be playing match play with a competitor.

Mr. Tanaka had explained that since the tournament venues were not yet complete, she’d play her side of the match in the simulator here and her opponent would be in a simulator on the other side of the city.

The virtual match would be broadcast “live” to a small group of investors and executives to watch.

Midori walked out to find Mr. Tanaka waiting as always and escorted her down the hall to the elevator, but instead of going to the simulator he selected another floor.

“Excuse me sir, Midori is wondering where she is going?” Midori said bowing her head slightly and clasping her hands in front of herself. She had found a language tutor on the TV in her apartment after the first few days and had been learning all about how to properly speak to the men of Japan.

“You must be properly prepared for your match today. You must represent OTTII to the best of your abilities.”

Midori bowed her head even farther, “Of course sir! Thank you sir. Midori make OTTII proud!”

They walked out of the elevator in silence and in to a spacious open floor that contained what looked like a complete salon. Two women stood waiting for them just inside of the salon.

“Prepare Midori for her match.” Mr. Tanaka said to them and they responded with a crisp “Hai” in unison.

One took each of Midori’s arms and lead her back in to the salon, set her in one of the chairs and began to work on her, never asking her even one question.

Midori looked down at her hands in her new golf gloves, after she had finished at the salon Mr. Tanaka had escorted her to the simulator and she’d found the gloves waiting for her.

She slipped on the shiny plastic gloves over her hands, the tips of her fingers extending out the holes in the ends of them so that her new 2 inch pink nails could poke through the brilliant white of them.

On each of the nails was the OTTII logo and Midori knew they were perfect, just like everything OTTII did for her.

She walked up to the tee box with her driver in her hands and positioned herself on her balance pole before taking the club back, rising from the pole and then swinging through and pushing back down on to it.

She watched the ball fly forward along with the club as the slick material of the new gloves provided little grip.

She bowed her head in shame and her bright neon green hair cascaded down in front of her face. She turned to look at Mr. Tanaka, his frown made deep lines in his face.

“Midori sorry! Midori do better! Midori make OTTII proud, you see! Midori best OTTII product ever!” she called out, tears welling up in her eyes as she pulled herself from the balance pole and retrieved her club.

Midori couldn’t believe she had lost, and by so much too! It was her fault she knew, OTTII had done everything for her; given her the best training, the best clubs, the best gloves. OTTII was perfect, it was her that was flawed.

She sat on her couch, hugging her knees and rocking back and forth in time with the pop video that was playing on the TV. She sucked on the straw between her lips and slurped up more of the shake as the music washed over her and slowly brought back a sense of happiness with it’s sheer silliness.

By the time her head was bounce from side to side with the music she had made up her mind to do whatever it took to make OTTII proud of her.

She heard the door unlock and turned to see Mr. Tanaka enter her apartment.

“Tanaka-san,” she said as she jumped up from the couch, sprinted over to him and fell to her knees in front of him, “Midori ashamed. Midori begs OTTII’s forgiveness.” she said as she bowed down and placed her head between his feet.

“Midori, OTTII is very unhappy with your performance today.” he intoned seriously.

Midori raised up slightly and then brought her head down again in time to her repeating the same phrase over and over, “Midori sorry. Midori unworthy.”

After several repetitions, he finally spoke again.

“Yes, Midori is unworthy of such a great company as OTTII. But OTTII is a generous company and believes that Midori can still be of use.”

“Please, please make use of Midori. Midori needs to be used.”

“Very well, then follow me.” he said as he turned and walked out of the apartment. Midori eagerly rose to her feet, kept her head bowed low and clasped her hand in front of her to follow along behind him.

They took the elevator to the top floor and walked out in to a clean white room, a nurse was seated behind the reception desk.

Mr. Tanaka walked right past her and in to the examination room, the doctor was already waiting for them.

“Doctor.” Mr. Tanaka said and nodded his head. He turns to Midori, “Follow the doctor’s directions exactly Midori and he will prepare you for OTTII’s use.”

“Hai, Midori do.”

“Get undressed.” the doctor said and Midori complied quickly, standing naked in front of both Mr. Tanaka and the Doctor.

“Now hold still.”

The doctor uncapped a marker and started drawing lines on her body, as he did so he spoke with Mr. Tanaka and they discussed the best way to make her body ready for OTTII’s use.

Midori held back her orgasm as long as she could, until the doctor had finished making his marks, until Mr. Tanaka had made all of the decisions. Then, unable to hold it back any more, she dropped to her knees and let out a cry of pure orgasmic bliss as it rocked her body and she realized she’d soon be ready for OTTII to use.

Chapter 7 – The Nineteenth Hole

Midori stood in front of the camera, a wide, stupid smile on her face. Her tight white latex top squeezed her massive breasts together and they threatened to explode free of it under the pressure but it managed to keep them in check.

She jumped up and down on cue and the tiny pink skirt did all it could to keep from exposing her bare pussy to the camera as her towering heels clicked on the floor each time she landed. The motion caused her breasts to bounce up and down in unison in their tight constraint.

She landed one last time, opened her eyes wide, formed a perfect ‘O’ with her plump pink lips and let out a long “O” for the camera before raising her hands to the side of her head, making two piece signs with her fingers and repeating her line.

“Congratulations! A hole in one! Midori so proud of player! giggle

She held the pose until the director called cut.

Midori walked over to Mr. Tanaka, “Tanaka-san, Midori do good? Midori used well?”

“Yes Midori, you were very useful.”

A small orgasm washed over Midori at the complement as Mr. Tanaka spoke with the director.

“That’s everything Mr. Tanaka. All of her lines have been recorded for the simulator.”

“Good. Midori, come with me.”

Midori stood in Mr. Herakini office, the skyline of the city behind him but she dare not look at it. She would have to raise her head and she could never disrespect such an important man like that.

Instead she kept her head bowed low, her bright green hair splashed across the tops of her breasts that she pushed out as far as she could while she grabbed her arms behind her back.

Mr. Herakini and Mr. Tanaka were speaking of important things, things that went well above her head.

“The recordings are complete Herakini-san and she performed flawlessly.”

“Very good Mr. Tanaka, you have done well again. There will be a promotion in it for you this time, to head of all sports divisions. Which of course includes our latest product, Midori, of course.”

An orgasm passed over Midori as the most powerful man in OTTII spoke her name and she recognized that the company had found a use for her.

“Midori, come here.” Mr. Tanaka said and she minced her way over to the two men. Seiji stood up and pushed his chair back from his desk.

She stood behind the desk just where Mr. Tanaka pointed and then felt Mr. Herakini’s hand push on her back and she leaned forward on to his desk. Her breasts squished against the wood of it as she spread her legs apart to take her putting stance.

She felt her tiny pink skirt pushed up around her waist and her pussy instantly became wet.

“Tell me Midori, do you remember the last time we played a round of golf?” Mr. Herakini asked.

“Midori no remember. Midori product of OTTII.”

“Well, I do. You chipped in after I had hit it close and that embarrassed me in front of Mr. Tanaka.”

“Midori sorry. Midori so sorry!”

“Well, I think it’s time to repay the debt. I think it’s time I played your Nineteenth hole.” Mr. Herakini said as he started rubbing her pussy.

“Yes, Midori repay. Use Midori. Use Midori’s hole!” she called out as she bucked her hips in to his hand.

She heard his pants drop and then felt the tip of his dick press up against her pussy lips and she let out a moan.

“Hai! Hai! Hai!”

He pulled back and she wanted to follow but stayed where he had placed her.

“But I didn’t quite get in the hole.” he said as he slid the top of his dick up and over her dripping we pussy.

“I missed it by this much.” he said as he pushed against her tight rear entrance.

“Hai! Use Maaadddooorrrriiiii!” she cried as he pushed in to her ass, using her nineteenth hole to pleasure himself.

Midori started to orgasm, she knew OTTII was using her just the way Mr. Herakini wanted to, and didn’t stop until Mr. Herakini had made as many hole in ones as he wanted to.