The Photo of Deborah Grey

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2012

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SYNOPSIS: A witches’ immortality comes at a price and the face she shows to the world will change.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

AUTHORS NOTES: I have to admit that this story turned out longer than I expected, but it is what it is and I hope you enjoy it.

Chapter 1

The camera had been extremely hard to find and Deborah had acquired it just in time. Even though she looked no more than 30, at 92 years old, even the most potent magic in the world could no longer extend her life for more than a few more days.

The camera, however was not of this world but instead had come from hell itself. The stories said that it had been created by Lucifer over a hundred years ago as photography had become common place. It was part of a deal he had made for the soul of a powerful warlock. The camera captured the soul of whoever’s photo was taken and granted them immortality.

Of course like all objects touched by the devil, there was always a tradeoff to be had. In this case, there were two. First the person in the photo could never look at the photo, it would undo the magic and they would rapidly progress to their real chronological age.

The second catch with the camera was that when it captured the person’s image, it distorted it. It was different for each person the camera was used on, but in the case of the first warlock, the distorted photo had shown him as a crippled man in a wheel chair. As long as the subject remained healthy and uninjured, there was no other effect. However each time the subject was critically hurt, or fell deathly ill, they would trade some part of themselves of that which was in the photo.

Deborah had known this since she started to look for the camera almost 60 years ago. She was no fool and knew that no matter how powerful of a witch she would become, death would eventually claim her.

And she was a very powerful witch, perhaps the most powerful in the world. She had gained a fortune through her powers and had used both to track down the camera. The last owner, a withered old man named Adam, had been very stubborn about selling it even though he had never used it himself.

He had finally relented when one of his grandchildren had become ill and there was no cure available. He had come to her to use her power to heal the child and she of course had made the deal for the camera. However if he had known she had been the source of the illness, she was sure there would have been a much different result.

No matter, she now possessed the camera and was ready to use it. It was large and made of wood, sitting on top of its own tripod it stood at least 5 feet tall and had a long set of bellows to focus with. On the back was an empty space where a film cartridge was to be place. Calling them film did not do them justice. They were large plates, 4 inches by 6 inches, and each one was contained in its own wooden case. No developing was required as the magic imbued in the cartridges revealed the image directly on the film.

Setting up a makeshift studio in her mansion, Deborah had dressed herself in her finest attire for the occasion. A professional looking business suit jacket and a simple white blouse with pants. She wore her hair short and had kept her natural dark black hair color. She wore no jewelry except a simple set of stud ear rings and a jeweled watch on her wrist.

The camera would normally have been operated by someone else, however she knew she would have to undo the spells maintaining her youthful appearance and health and refused to allow anyone see her as she really was. She was vain, but with power vanity often followed even for the best of intentioned people and she had never been that.

Triggering the camera remotely would normally not have presented a problem, a simple enough spell would depress the shutter button and it would be done. She knew that as she un-cast the spells keeping her alive there was a risk that she would not be able to weave even this simple of spell. Instead she had enchanted the stone she now held in her hand, all she had to do was drop the stone and as soon as it hit the floor the camera would take the photo.

With everything prepared, she sat on a simple armchair in front of the camera and began undoing decades of spells. First the cosmetic ones, each revealing a flaw she had concealed. The discoloration of her skin, then the wrinkles, the grey in her hair and finally the sagging.

Next the longevity spells. The aches and pains started small, the arthritis hit hard but the deterioration of her eyesight followed closely behind. Then as the last spell was removed, she felt her chest tighten and her vision start to fade completely. The last thing she heard before she lost consciousness was the sound of the stone hitting the floor.

Deborah woke up moments later, slumped in the chair and her chest on fire but she was alive!

The camera sat silently in front of her and she knew it had worked, she felt invigorated even without the spells in place. She also knew there was a lot of work ahead of her, while she was now immortal, she was still in the body of a 92 year old woman.

Rising from the chair her body screamed in pain as she shuffled over to the camera. When she had slid the cartridge in to the camera just a few short minutes ago, she had had no problem reaching it on its tripod, but now, hunched over and no longer near her previous 5 foot 10 stature she struggled to straighten herself upright and remove it.

Careful not to look at the photo as she removed it from the camera, she replaced the wooden case over it to ensure its safe keeping. She did not know what the distorted image looked like and did not want anyone else to see it either.

Deborah had not known what to expect from the camera and had prepared a few potions as precautions depending upon what effect the camera would have on her age. She had placed them on a small table beside the camera in open glasses in case she was unable to open the bottles that usually contained them. She picked up the last one in the line and managed to drink it down through the pain in her joints.

A temporary youth potion, it quickly turned back the clock until she stood erect once more appearing to be her normal 30 year old self.

Chapter 2

Deborah had spent weeks preparing for the marathon series of spells to undo the aging process and permanently return her youth to her. She had cast all these spells before but that had been over decades and many could be deadly if she made a mistake.

Her newly acquired immortality however gave her even more ego than before and so she had planned on doing them all over the next eight to ten hours.

The temporary youth potion was due to wear off shortly and she had cleared enough space in her casting room for all the books and reference material she would need.

The first spell would be to simply inhibit any pain during the process. Between the various physical ailments she would have once her body returned to its natural age and some of the spells that would be physically unpleasant.

Next would be to restore her eyesight, casting powerful spells like these was a tricky business and unlike simple day to day spells these could not simply be memorized. The books were an integral part of the magic and the last thing she needed was to miss cast one because she couldn’t see the words and symbols she needed to cast.

The next series of spells would cure various other ailments, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, alzheimers and others. Then finally she would cast the youth and beauty spells.

Dressed in her casting robe she sat in the middle of her casting circle waiting for the youth potion to wear off, when she saw the skin on the back of her hands start to wrinkle, she knew it had begun.

Bracing herself for the onslaught of pain that would quickly follow, she focused on the pain spell in the book in front of her. She needed to wait until the temporary youth spell had completely expired to ensure nothing would interfere with the precise series of castings she had prepared.

After what seemed like an eternity she felt the last of the youth potion drain from her and the full weight of her 92 year old body return.

The pain caused her to miscast the pain relief spell three times before finally getting it right and each time the pained worsened. Finally on the fourth attempt she managed to complete the spell successfully and the pain passed quickly.

The eyesight spell was not so forgiving and she knew this would be the trickiest part of the night. She carefully studied the text in front of her, focusing on each word to ensure she was confident of it. Then she began to cast, speaking the rights out loud and drawing the symbols in the air in front of her.

Everything proceeded well at first, her eye sight started to rapidly improve, which is when she saw her mistake. A simple enough error, she had drawn all the required symbols but had missed a single dot above one of them.

Her eye sight suddenly became even sharper, more defined. So much so that every little detail in the room became evident to her. Her mind racing to process so much information began to hurt even through the pain spell. Looking down she noticed a single bright red drop on her robe, which was promptly followed by another.

Grabbing her nose to stop the bleeding she realized it was instead coming from her eyes and then everything went dark. The pain intensified and she could now feel rivers of blood flowing down her face. As she tried to stop the bleeding she realized it was too late, she was starting to feel light headed and knew she had only a few more seconds before it would be over.

Then an even deeper darkness came as she died once more.

Deborah woke up this time in a pool of her own blood. She could again, though only as well as before she had started casting the spell. Drawing herself upright she found a strange weight on her head. Her previously short black hair was now at least 3 feet long and very, very blonde. It hung down over her robe in what looked like a waterfall of golden color.

While it did concern her she knew there would be consequences from the camera’s magic and now was not the time to deal with them. She was once again focused on the spell to restore her eyesight. A second casting worked and she could see the mess the failed attempt had left. Blood had sprayed everywhere including over some of the spell books she needed to complete her tasks for the night.

Retrieving another spell book from her library to help with the cleanup she spent the next four hours removing the blood from the room and books. Once completed, she again set to the task of returning her youth and beauty to herself.

The spells to cure her physical problem proceeded without any issues, but did take longer than she had thought. By the time she had completed the entire series of spells, it had taken her 7 hours and she had been casting virtually continuously for over 12.

She was tired and knew it was time to call it a night. She stood up from her chair and walked towards the door, when she caught her reflection in a mirror. She had the internals of a young woman, but the image of a 92 year old wrinkled hag staring back.

She hated how she looked, her vanity got the best of her and she turned around and returned to the casting circle.

She started casting the first of the youth spells, which removed the wrinkles. Then another spell to smooth her skin and remove all the blemishes. After 3 more hours she was down to the last spell she would have to cast, to lock everything in place and maintain her beauty forever.

Her eyes were heavy from the castings and long night, as she began the final spell she could feel the powerful magic move through her. As she neared the end of the casting she recited the words to finalize the spell and missed a syllable due to her extreme fatigue.

The effect was immediate and instead of just stopping the aging process the spell stopped all the processes in her body. From breathing to her thoughts, she remained perfectly still until she died for the third time.

Deborah inhaled deeply as life returned to her body, she felt alive once more. But something was wrong, things didn’t look right and only when she stood up from her casting circle did she realize what. She was shorter than before. And not just a bit shorter, a lot shorter, at least 6 inches and maybe more.

Her robe felt large and pooled at her feet as she stood in the casting circle. Hiking up her robe she knew it had been another effect of the camera. She was exhausted though and if the night had taught her anything it was that it was time to get some rest and deal with her hair and height tomorrow.

As she passed the mirror once more on her way out, she could see youth and beauty had returned. Her sharpe features showed just enough age to command respect without looking old.

Chapter 3

Two days later when Deborah finally awoke, she could hear the servants working in the house. She had sent them home early the day she was casting and given them specific instructions to not disturb her when they returned.

Now the gnawing of hunger brought her fully awake and she quickly proceeded to the bathroom. Looking in the mirror brought back the reality of the changes she had undergone, her long blonde hair still look perfect, it was just no longer the color or the short cropped look she preferred. The reduction in height on the other hand was even more significant than she had at first thought. She was no more than 5 feet tall at most.

‘A trifle to fix tonight once I’ve had some food.’ she thought to herself.

After a quick shower she returned to her bedroom and picked out a simple pair of pants and a t-shirt to wear. Neither fit any longer, but a quick fitting spell fixed that and she headed down the ornate main stair case and to the kitchen for breakfast.

The staff was professional but she could tell they were surprised to see such major changes in their employer. Several had stared openly before her cold hard gaze had turned them back to their chores. She maintained a strict work environment and gave no quarter to lazy people or those that wasted their or her time.

After devouring the breakfast that had been prepared she was still famished.

“I’m going out to the patio, bring me a plate of fruit, some cereal and toast.” she commanded the maid.

“Yes mam.”

Deborah headed towards the large french doors that led to her patio and pool area, she opened them and stepped across the threshold of the house. Instantly she knew something was wrong, an electric twinge crawled up her spine that then became a full on surge of energy.

‘Crap, the security system…’ she thought as the pain hit and she collapsed to the floor. She had setup the system to stop any warlock or witch that tried to come in to her home without her permission. It was not supposed to attack her but with the changes she had gone through these last few days she could only guess it no longer recognized her as an allowed guest of the house and so was doing its job.

Her screams brought several of the servants and they witnessed Deborah withering in pain on the floor. It lasted several minutes until she died for the fourth time.

Once Deborah’s body had stopped twitching, the staff had pulled it back in to the house and witnessed a miracle as she came back to life. The stares were even more pronounced then earlier.

“Back to work everyone, nothing to see here!” she yelled. The staff almost jumped out of their skin as they rushed from the room.

Once more something didn’t feel right to Deborah. She feared what effect the camera had on her this time, but she first had to deal with the security system. A quick spell reset it to recognize her as the owner and she then proceeded back in to the kitchen.

Her skin was crawling, itching almost to the point where she wanted to scream, but hunger drove her even more as she needed to eat. Dying apparently caused one to be very hungry when they finally came back to life.

First fruit, then a pitcher of orange juice and almost a complete box of cereal finally calmed her hunger. With no other immediate need maintaining her attention she became fully aware of her desire to get out of the clothes she was wearing. Running back up the stairs to her bedroom she stripped out of her clothes and found herself at ease.

Examining herself in the mirror she could not see any physical change to her body. Her attention drifted to her still open closet and she felt unhappy with what she saw within it. All the clothes contained in it where dreary, drab and so conservative. She needed a change, something fun and light. Something to show off her body in.

And that is when it hit her, the change had not been physical, but mental. She tried to think of her best suit and how she loved the way it projected confidence. Instead the first thought that came to mind was that she would never wear anything so boring.

Deborah tried to think of the perfect outfit to wear out to a formal dinner, like the full length gown she had worn just weeks before to the annual witches gala. Instead the image in her mind was that of a tight black dress, which barely covered her privates. It had no back in it and the front was split in two, starting below her belly button and joined only behind her neck.

Instead of the simple flats she had worn to the gala, this new image had on sky high heels. The simple bracelet and necklace she had worn were replaced by large shinny bangles and a wide choker around her neck. The simple stud ear rings were nowhere to be found and instead large hoops that almost reached her shoulders graced her ear lobes.

The camera had messed with her fashion sense.

She tried on several different outfits from her closet but could not wear any of them. As soon as she finished putting them on the discomfort came back. She tried several spells to alleviate it, but nothing worked. Eventually she relented, she took the jeans she had been wearing and cast the fitting spell again, making them in to a pair of shorts and likewise fitted the shirt to where it was comfortable.

She tried some shoes and jewelry until she found a comfortable level that her new fashion sense would accept and then went over to the mirror to see how she looked.

Deborah stared in to the mirror and frowned. The four inch heals were not terrible, but the shorts reveal almost everything. Likewise the simple white t-shirt looked at least one size too small and only came to only a few inches below her breasts.

The neckline plunged down to show off what cleavage her small c cup breasts could manage and expose a large part of her chest. Her now long blonde hair fell down on each side and framed her face in a halo of golden tresses. The ends of her hair rested just about half way between her neck and her nipples, pointing straight down as if drawing everyone’s attention to her breasts.

She did not have much jewelry, but wore several bracelets on each wrist and had the largest ear rings she owned. Several intertwined necklaces finished off the look.

Once again in her casting room she poured over the spell books, finding several spells that might help with her hair and height. The fashion sense was another thing all together though. The closest spells she could find were compulsion spell. They were nasty business and seldom turned out as expected. There was no reversal spells for them, all she could do would be to add a new compulsion to dress more conservatively and hope it would be powerful enough to override the camera.

Preparing to cast her first spell, she removed her jewelry and clothes to change in to her casting robe. The skin crawling sensation returned as soon as she had finished pulling the robe over her head and she could not continue. The casting robe was a ceremonial robe as the best way to cast spells was naked. The robe was voluminous and through magic stayed away from her skin to allow the caster to maintain her modesty. Now it was no longer possible, her new fashion sense would not let her cover up so much of her body. She removed the robe and sat naked in the casting circle.

She began the first spell to change her hair color. As she chanted and drew the symbols in the air the powerful magic infused her and after nearly a half hour the spell was complete.

Her hair stubbornly remained the golden blonde tresses the camera had changed them to.

‘I didn’t make a mistake, everything was perfect.’ she thought to herself. She reviewed the spell book again, verified that this was the same spell she had used last time when the grey had begun to creep in and then suspected the worst.

The camera’s magic was not of this world, which allowed it to grant immortality and do things that earthly magic could not. It appeared as well that earthly magic could not undo what the camera had done.

Deborah spent the next several hours trying several different spells, each failed to effect any change the camera had made.

Chapter 4

Deborah looked in the mirror at herself, it had been three months since she had used the camera and the image of the woman before her was nothing like she was before.

Her closet was now filled with skimpy skirts, dresses, shorts and tops. Each one revealed more skin than the old Deborah would have been comfortable with. In fact Deborah was appalled at how trashy she now dressed. Along the floor of the closet were rows of high heel shoes, in every color imaginable and none with a heel less than 4 inches and the tallest were over 8 inches.

Her modest jewelry case and expensive jewels had been replaced with dozens of large cases each overflowing with cheap imitation jewels and baubles of every kind. She hated it because she could have afforded the best money could buy, but she couldn’t wear them. Her skin crawled any time she put them on and so she had given up.

Deborah had spent most of the time since the changes looking for answers to undo the camera’s magic, but as she had suspected no human magic had any effect on it.

She had finally accepted that this was going to be the price of immortality and come to terms with it.

Tonight would be trying, the bi-annual witches meeting was tonight and she was expected to attend as she was the most senior member. She had spent the last several hours getting ready and she knew no matter what she did the other members would be talking behind her back about her new look.

The black dress left little to the imagination, showing off all of her legs. It just covered her privates and then split in to two pieces at the back. They then crisscrossed around her lower back and came to the front and crisscrossed once more over her breasts to join together behind her neck.

She was wearing 6 inch stiletto heels which thankfully brought her up to a more respectable height. On her wrist she was wearing several loose fitting bangles which matched the thin tight choker around her neck. The ear rings she wore were large silver hoops.

Her long blonde hair was styled over her ears and flowed down her back and came to an end just above her butt.

She looked ridiculous, but she was immortal and that was what was important.

She proceeded to leave the house and her chauffeur drove her to the event.

It had been as bad as Deborah had expected. The stares, the questions, the whispers, but it was all worth it. They had all been surprised to see her as they knew she was near death. Now she was re-invigorated and had taken command of the meeting with a passion they had not seen in decades from her.

She looked out the limo’s window, it was early morning and rush hour had already started. She had not stayed this late at the bi-annual meeting for a long time and she smiled as she thought of the many more centuries she had to look forward to.

While lost in thought, Deborah did not see the tracker trailer jack knife in from of them. Her first notion that something was wrong was the limo sliding to the side and slamming in to another car. She was hurled from her seat head first in to the other side of the limo, snapping her neck and dying for the fifth time

Deborah awoke to flames, heat and smoke. The limo was burning. She choked and coughed as she tried to orient herself, it looked like the limo was upside down and the heat was nearly unbearable.

She tried to cast a simple protection spell, but was unable to form the words required. Choking on the smoke she once more lost the fight to stay alive and died for the sixth time.

Debbie awoke in the morgue, or more accurately just outside of it in the hall way where her gurney had been left with the influx of bodies from the accident.

She sat up and felt different once more. A strange weight was on her chest and she realized her tits where much larger.

‘Tits?’ Debbie thought, ‘Debbie?’ she suddenly remembered the accident and the fire. Clearly the magic of the camera had given her large tits, but it had also made more mental changes as well.

“My name is Debbie.” she said out loud, trying to use her proper name, but while she knew it, she couldn’t even think it. She was now Debbie.

On top of that her speech was wrong. It had the wrong cadence and had a higher pitch. She sounded like an airhead instead of the most powerful witch in the world.

The familiar crawling of her skin returned as she had clutched the sheet around her, letting out a deep sigh, she pulled down to get a look at the rest of her changes.

‘Great. Big tits, they have to be at least an E cup.’ she thought. Her nipples were much more prominent as well. They were thicker and longer than before and currently very hard.

Tearing the sheet in two and tying one of piece around her waist and the other her chest she jumped down from the gurney and started walking down the hallway to find some help.

She found an orderly around the first corner, “Uhm, like excuse me sir, but like, can you help me?” she said.

“Sure miss, why are you walking around in a sheet?”

“Like, I just woke up around the corner there and I totally want to get dressed and go home.”

“But that’s the hall to the coroner’s office, only corpses are… Ah, let me get a doctor, you stay here.” he said leaving hurriedly.

“Ok honey!” she replied with a big smile on her face.

‘Oh this is going to get old real fast.’ she thought to herself.

A few minutes later the orderly returned with the doctor and the three of them proceeded to an examination room.

“Ok, Deborah Grey, right?” said the doctor looking down at a chart.

“Yep, but you can call me Debbie.”

He spent most of an hour examining her and finally stood back with a serious look on his face.

“Well Debbie, I don’t know what kind of magic your using, but you’re perfectly healthy. Which is amazing since you were pronounced dead about two hours ago.”

“Yea, like I’m a really good witch, don’t you worry about that babe. Can I like, go now?”

The doctor shook his head and shrugged, “I don’t see why not. I’ll get one of the nurses to get you some clothes to wear.”

“Thanks honey! Can you like tell me what happened to my driver?”

“Sorry Debbie, he didn’t make it.”

“That’s such a bummer!” she replied, forming a pout.

The doctor left and after another half hour wait, a nurse returned with a bag full of clothes and a couple pair of shoes. She dropped them on the bed and left.

Debbie knew it was going to be a challenge finding anything she could wear. She just hoped it would not be too bad.

She walked out of the hospital as quickly as she could. She had been creative with the clothing she had been given, but right now she looked a lot like white trash. A Rolling Stones t-shirt with the bright red lips logo on it stretched under the volume of her new tits. Her now prominent nipples were obviously visible to anyone who so much as glanced at her.

She had tied the t-shirt in a knot under her tits so that her midriff was bare. An old pair of torn up jeans that were at least one size too small were painted on to her and rode low down to the point that her pussy was almost visible.

A simple pair of flip-flops adorned her feet and a large pair of oversized sunglasses sat on the bridge of her nose.

She had called her house and the maid had come to pick her up, she opened the door to the car and the maid turned to her.

“I’m sorry miss, you have the wrong car, please leave.”

“Like no I don’t, it’s me Debbie!” the pout returned to her face once more and she removed the sun glasses.

The maid did a double take a replied, “Miss Deborah??”.

“Yeppers, it’s me alright. So like let’s get moving, I so totally don’t want to be here anymore!”

Once back home, Debbie went straight to her bedroom. She changed in to a skimpy mini-dress, high heels and used the fitting spell to change one of her sheer black tops to fit her new assets. It was good to see that her ability to speak the spells had not been effected by this latest change.

Adding several gaudy pieces of jewelry completed her outfit and she once more relaxed.

She looked at her reflection in the mirror and realized just how large her tits now were. They stood out from her body prominently and her nipples seemed to be hard constantly. With the sheer black top she was wearing they could be seen either from the side or the front.

She grabbed her tit to see how it felt and a sudden rush of pleasure moved through her, “Ohhhhh…Mmmmm” she let out a soft moan. If it were possible she was sure her nipple hardened even more.

‘Wow, they’re sensitive!’ she thought.

A few more minutes of fondling her jugs with both hands proved to be quite pleasurable and ended only when she felt herself take in a deep breath and her whole body shook with the force of an orgasm.

“Like, oh my god, that was totally awesome!” she spoke aloud before realizing it.

‘I talk like a valley girl now, I wonder how much of my vocabulary has been affected.’ she thought.

She thought of the word she used to describe her tits but could not think of what she used to call them, instead several alternatives came to mind. Boobs, fun bags, melons, tatas but not the word she had been searching for.

She tried to think of her ass, once more she could not find the word she was looking for only, bum, back door and rear end came to mind.

She thought of her pussy, and cunt, love tunnel and vjaja came instantly to mind.

Finally she thought of sex and fucking, humping and paying the bills filled her thoughts.

‘Great, a valley girl with the vocabulary of a porn star.’ she thought.

Debbie spent the next several hours trying to find words that didn’t make her sound like a total idiot or a slut, but failed to make much headway.

Chapter 5

The news had spread quickly through both the witches’ and warlock’s community, Deborah Grey had come back from the dead. This was no small feat even for a witch as powerful as Debbie. Everyone wanted to know how she had accomplished it.

Debbie on the other hand didn’t want to talk to anyone. It had been over six month since the accident and her speech and appearance no longer gave any indication she was a powerful witch.

She spent most days in the house walking around looking nothing more than a high class hooker and sounding like a complete bimbo. She commanded her servants to do her errands and interact with her clients. She knew this was the tradeoff she had made with the devil and had made the required concessions to ensure her immortality.

However no one else had to see, or more importantly, hear her like this.

There was just one problem. Charles. He was a powerful client of hers and he had been demanding to see her in person for over a month. She could only stall him so long. In the business of magic, clients had a lot of choices and a witches’ reputation was far more important than her actual power. If Charles started to bad mouth her it would quickly lead to the collapse of her entire business.

She had finally relented to his demands and he was to arrive in just under an hour. Debbie had been getting ready for over three hours already.

Her current (and fifth attempt) at an outfit to wear was the worst of the lot. Each time she tried on another outfit it had been worse and she found she could not go back to the previous one without the incessant crawling all over her body returning. This outfit was a pair of hot pink mini shorts and an overly tight white t-shirt with short pink sleeves which covered little of her body. The 6 inch pink heels pushed her ass and tits out and made walking a series of short steps that looked almost comical.

Her jewelry completed the outfit, multiple bangles on each wrist and a large choker made of crystals. From her ears hung long crystal ear rings that nearly reached her shoulders.

She gave a small pout and gave up, there was no way she would risk what the next outfit might be and she still had to apply her makeup.

It was as gaudy as she thought it would be, bright, shiny pink lip gloss dominated her face with a light blue highlight around her eyes taking a close second place. Pink sparkly nail polish on her long fingernails completed the look.

The fingernails had taken her by surprise one day. They were not part of the changes the camera had made but she had grown them out on her own and now dreaded to cut them.

She made her way down to her study where she would conduct her business, the staff had all been sent home earlier in the day. Charles guarded his privacy fiercely and demanded no one else be in attendance when they would meet. As she waited for Charles she didn’t even notice she was tapping the arm of the chair with her long pink nails.

When he arrived at the house he did not nock but instead came directly to the study as he always did. She stood up to greet him, “Like hi Chuck, long time no see!”.


“Yep, like don’t worry about the new look, it’s just something I’m totally trying out. And call be Debbie, baby!”

“Oh, ok, Debbie. I wanted to ask you about an artifact I found.” Charles looked nervous as he reached in to his pocket and removed what looked like a small crystal perfume bottle.

Debbie had seen many of these kinds of bottles before. They were virtually all just simple spells or potions. The hair on the back of her neck started to stand on end, Charles would not have brought her something so simple.

She began to back away when he removed the stopper.

“Like Chuck, what are you doing?”

“Sorry Deborah, I have no choice…”

Debbie started to cast protection spells, she could feel the magic flowing out of the bottle now and was trying desperately to protect herself.

The magic in the bottle was too well crafted and moved too quickly. It wrapped itself around her and paralyzed her before she could finish her enchantments. The magic surged around her and culminated in a bright flash of light.

Charles saw Deborah suddenly stiffen as the magic encircled her and a moment later draw her in to the bottle. Just as the warlock had said it would.

He replaced the stopper on the bottle and through its multifaceted surface could see a tiny version of Deborah inside.

No matter what the warlock had said, Deborah was a powerful enemy to make and this could still end badly for him. Charles really had no choice in the matter though, the warlock had found out some of his deepest held secrets and was blackmailing him in to doing this.

Charles had been worried when he first walked in to the room, the woman seated there had look very little like Deborah Grey and perhaps she wasn’t. Debbie was dressed like an oversexed girl and didn’t talk at all like she used to. However the bottle was apparently keyed to her and it had worked so now the hard part was over.

From his jacket pocket he pulled out a folded sheet of paper and touched it to the bottle, magic once more flowed and writing appeared on the paper in Debbie’s hand writing. It was addressed to her staff and indicated she had gone to do research for the job she had taken from Charles. It simply said she would be back when she was done and that it may take several months to complete.

He carefully replaced the bottle in his pocket and the placed the letter on the table in the front hallway for the staff to find in the morning. He opened the front door and returned to his car, leaving the property without any incident and drove back towards the city.

His instructions with what to do with the bottle had been to meet the warlock in the city and he could not be done with the task soon enough.

Wayne waited patiently in the park. It was a beautiful night and he would soon have what he wanted most in this world, Deborah Grey.

Or more accurately, the secret to her resurrection. She was just a bonus, warlocks and witches had always been in competition with each other and bringing down such a powerful witch would normally have been a great feat in of itself.

But no one would ever know about this great feat. Instead he would need to wring the information out of her by force he suspected. A secret of this magnitude could change the entire power balance between the warlocks and witches and he would have it first.

Wayne watched Charles pull up to the curb in his sports car. Once out of the car he walked slowly and apparently calmly towards the bench Wayne was seated at.

Pulling the bottle from his pocket, Charles sat down beside him. Wayne took hold of the bottle but Charles did not let go.

“So our deal is complete. I have your word as a warlock my secrets remain my own?”

Wayne smiled, a warlock’s word was legendary as his bond, none would ever break it.

“Of course Charles, you have held up your end of the bargain, I shall hold up mine. You have my word.”

Charles let go of the bottle and stood up, this time walking rather more hurriedly towards his car.

Wayne gazed in to the bottle at the small figure contained inside. He knew Deborah had undergone some kind of change over the last few months, but she looked ridiculous.

‘Oh well,’ he thought to himself, ‘no accounting for the taste of women.’

Wayne arrived in his casting chamber nearly an hour later with his prize. He had spent the last several weeks preparing it for this day, to his eyes the powerful spells flowing throughout it glowed as bright as day and were his masterpiece.

They would contain Deborah’s power and block her from casting any spells. They also concealed her location from any prying eyes that might try and locate her.

In the center of the chamber was a wooden X shaped table titled up to almost 90 degrees. It had shackles for a person’s hands and feet. Wayne walked over to the base of the table and set the bottle down. He carefully removed the stopper and the magic flowed out once more. As Deborah reformed the magic in the table reached out and pulled her down on to it, the shackles clasping around her wrists and ankles.

Chapter 6

The bright light cleared from Debbie’s eyes and she felt herself being pulled down on to some kind of table. As she regained her vision she could see the myriad of spells swirling around the room and right in front of her the warlock Wayne Tulsta.

She tried to reach out and hit him but instead found she could not move. Her arms and legs were securely fastened to the table she was on.

Her next instinct was to cast an attack at him. He just stood there as she recited the spell. When it was complete to her astonishment, nothing happened.

“I’m afraid your spells won’t work here. I’m sure you’ve seen the spells circling the room, if you were to spend enough time studying them I’m sure you would work out that they are designed to block a witch from casting any spell. But I’m afraid you are not going to have that much time. We have work to do.”

“Like, let me go you stinker!”

Wayne smiled, “You know, I had heard you had made some changes to yourself, but I didn’t believe the rumors about your speech until just now. That’s quite adorable Debbie.”

Debbie was enraged, she tried several more spells to no avail, all the time Wayne waited patiently.

“Are you done now?”

“Like, yes.” the pout returning to her face.

“So I’m sure you know why you’re here, right?”

Debbie did, there could be only one reason he had taken such a risk, he wanted the camera, but she didn’t know how much he knew so it was better to play dumb.

“Like, no way, I don’t have any clue honey!”

“Ok, if you want to play it that way, that’s fine. I want to know the secret to your resurrection. No one has been able to do that, no witch or warlock.”

“Get a life, that’s my secret and you can’t have it.”

“That’s what I thought you would say, so here’s what’s going to happen. For the next couple of days I’m going to try and torture the answer out of you. I expect you will resist and will probably even succeed. Once I’m satisfied you are not going to give up the answer, I’m going to kill you. Just to see how it happens and try and figure it out that way.”

“Whatever dude, like just get on with it.”

Wayne nodded slightly and retrieved a small stone from his workbench. He lightly touched it to Debbie’s skin and she screamed in pain.

Wayne had been at it for three days and Debbie had not yet given up her secret. He knew this would likely be the case, Debbie was a powerful witch with a huge ego and almost a century of experience.

She was currently unconscious on the table, totally nude and breathing lightly. She was covered in sweat, welts and blood but had remained steadfast in her defiance.

Now it was time to do the hard work. Trying to learn a spell from the effects after it had been cast was a challenging proposition, but not impossible. Given enough time and an intelligent warlock, it could be done.

He had been studying Debbie for the last couple of days and had found no sign of the spell she had used to resurrect herself. In fact the lack of spells intrigued him quite a bit. He had found youth spells, beauty spells and many others but others were missing. Nothing for her hair color, or her breasts. Nothing for her speech or her height. If he could not see here right in front of him he would not expect her appearance to be any different than the last photo he saw of her.

He now was sure she would have to die for him to learn her secrets.

He picked up a black rock from his workbench, the death stone was powerful, it would kill anyone with a single touch. He had created it in his youth, to prove his mastery of magic, but it had remained in his trophy cabinet ever since, unused. This gave him a unique opportunity to try it out.

He watched as Debbie once more regained consciousness and he cast a minor healing spell on her. She immediately came fully awake.

“Well Debbie, I guess were at the end of the torture, was it good for you?” he said with a wry smile.

He held up the stone in front of her, “Now I’m sure you know what this is, one last chance to do this the easy way…”

Debbie knew it was the end, she had only one last ruse to try to get out of this mess.

“Like with all the magic in this room, I’ll totally never be able to come back!”

She hoped Wayne would buy the lie, she was sure the camera’s magic would work no matter what kind of spells Wayne had cast to block her power.

“That may be true Debbie, but it really doesn’t matter. If you die and don’t come back then all I have to do is dispose of the body and move on. I won’t have the spell, but you aren’t going to give that up anyway so I really don’t lose anything.”

His logic was simple and to the point. Debbie knew she only had two choices left, tell Wayne the truth or accept whatever fate the camera had in store for her.

“Like, ok, I’ll tell you but you have to promise to let me go if I do.”

“Oh Debbie, that’s not going to happen. If I let you go you’ll just come back and try and kill me. I can’t take the chance.”

She sighed one last time and said “Ok dokey, you win. It’s Lucifer’s camera.”

Wayne was in shock, “You have the camera?”

“You betcha.” Debbie replied.

This explained quite a bit, the changes she had undergone were obviously the magic of the camera as each time she died she would exchange a part of herself with the distorted image.

But even so, it was only a single death and some of the changes had rumored to have happened before that.

“So how many times have you died since you took the photo?”

“Like six I think?”

“Six times, what have you been doing, jumping off buildings for fun?”

“Like no, I’m really old. The first time was totally not my fault! Right after I took the photo I died of a heart attack!”

“And the second?”

“I like totally miscast a spell to correct my vision because I couldn’t read the spell right.” She pouted.

“Ok and the third?”

“Like another total miscast on my longevity spell.”

“Wow, that’s bad luck. What was the next time you died?”

“This is so totally not cool, it was my own security spell on the house it didn’t recognize me after all the changes.”

Wayne laughed out loud, if it wasn’t so funny it would almost be tragic.


“Uh, like it was the limo accident. I totally die twice in that one.”

“Well, let’s make it seven and see what happens” he said as he extended the stone out and touched Debbie’s forehead.

Her whole body stiffened briefly and then slumped. Wayne watch in amazement as the hellish magic formed around her. The swirling flames engulfed her entire body and the danced to an unseen master. As they subsided Debbie’s body lurch as she inhaled the remaining flames and came back to life.

Wayne had never seen anything like it. It was beautiful and frightening at the same time. The change to Debbie was obvious though. Before she had been an extremely beautiful 30 year old that showed she had age and beauty on her side.

Now only the beauty remained, she looked no older than 20 and her strong features had softened. She could easily be the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen.

She stirred and look at him, “Like why did you do that?”

“I’ve never seen hellish magic at work before, who has? I have to say it was quite amazing. I’ll never be able to learn it I’m afraid, only Lucifer himself can do that. But it was a once in a life time opportunity I couldn’t pass up.”

“So like, now what?”

“Well Debbie, you’re going to tell me where the camera is and how to get in to your home to retrieve it.”

“Then you’ll let me go?”

“No, you have my word that I will put you out of your misery.

Debbie told him everything. Where the camera was, how to disable the security system, anything he wanted. She knew his word was good and once he had the camera he could use the photo to undo the spell and finally put her out of her misery.

She hoped he wouldn’t be long, she didn’t know what change had happened to her when she came back to life this time but now she knew the price was too high and immortality was not worth the cost. She longed for the final embrace of death.

The camera had been exactly where Debbie had said it would be, along with the cartridges that contained the photographs of all those that had used the camera before.

He had looked through all of them, except for Debbie’s and had hesitated at it. He did not know exactly what it contained, but it was obvious from the changes to Deborah over the last several months it was nothing like her old self.

He pulled the wooden cartridge case off of the photo and stared at the image in front of him. Physically in the photo she looked much like she did now. A young woman with long blond hair and large breasts. But the setting was an altogether different thing.

In the photo she was on her knees, leaning forward with one hand on the ground, the other grabbing her breast and squeezing it. Her short skirt was hiked up over her hips and the tight white top had been pulled up to her neck where a wide black leather choker was, studded with the name “Dee-Dee” on it in small crystals. She was wearing a lot of fake jewelry and her makeup was heavy and bright.

Behind her was a faceless man and he was fucking her from behind, doggy style.

None of this though was the most amazing thing about the photo. What struck Wayne the most was the look of pure ecstasy on her face. She was having the time of her life and she looked to be begging the man to fuck her harder.

He replaced the photo in to the cartridge and took the camera to his vault, keeping it safely tucked away. This was magic that was just too dangerous to use no matter what.

He returned to his casting chamber and Debbie. She was slumped down on the table and clearly had accepted her fate. She looked up as he entered.

“I’m like so glad your back, did you find everything?”

“Yes Debbie, everything was just as you said it would be.”

“So like are you going to keep your word now? I’m totally ready to see my photo, I so really want to see it now.”

“My word is my bond Debbie.” he said as he approached her.

Debbie saw him come towards her but she didn’t understand, he didn’t have her photo with him. Before she could speak he extended his hand and she briefly saw the death stone as it touched her.

She returned to life once more and this time had a deep stirring in her. She was horny, sex was at the front of her mind and Wayne was just standing there in front of her.

‘Why isn’t he fucking me right now? His cock must work!’ she thought.

Instead he just reached out with the death stone again.

Wayne watch each time as the hellish flames engulfed her, the effect was amazing. On the fourth touch of the death stone, nothing happened. She didn’t die, there were no hell flames, the stone had no effect and she simply smiled at him.

“How do you feel Debbie?”

“Uhmmm, like call me Dee-Dee stud. This is kind of kinky you know. Like I’m all totally tied up, you could do just about anything you wanted too me.” she batted her eyelashes at Wayne and he knew the camera had completed its magic.

He cast the spell to release her bonds and she stepped off the table. The lust in her eyes was almost frightening as she dropped to the floor and pulled his casting robe up and over her head.

“Like, oh my god Wayne, you’re so big!” was the last words from her mouth before she wrapped her lips around his cock and started to suck.

He pulled his robe over his head and tossed it aside as Dee-Dee continued to work his member. He grabbed her hair and pushed her all the way down his shaft which she took eagerly.

After several more minutes of what he considered the best blow job he had ever had he grabbed her hair and pulled her off his cock. He lead her on her knee’s over to the full length mirror and pushed her down on too all four’s. He moved behind her as she raised her ass in to the air.

“God baby, get that nice big cock in Dee-Dee’s tight little pussy right now, I so like totally need it!”

Wayne was happy to oblige and proceeded to fuck her doggy style.

She raised one hand from the floor and squeezed her own tit as she moaned in pleasure.

Dee-Dee was being fucked from behind and it was the best feeling she could image. Mauling her own tit only added to the pleasure and after several minutes of Wayne’s hard cock in her pussy she could feel her orgasm building.

She opened her eyes to see her own reflection in the mirror in front of her. She cried out “Yes, baby, fuck Dee-Dee harder, oh my god, yes!”

She came and came hard.

Wayne watched in the mirror as Dee-Dee came, he recognized the expression on her face from the photo and knew that he had kept his word.

Dee-Dee was no longer miserable.

Chapter 7 – Epilogue

Lucifer sat on his throne in hell his angelic features did not betray the evil behind is wide smile or bright eyes. His blond hair was cut short as was the style of the moment and he was adorned in simple white robes.

He chuckled a mighty roar from his perch. An image wavered in front of him, the image from Wayne’s mirror. Dee-Dee’s face in sheer ecstasy.

These powerful witches and warlocks were the bain of his existence. They were so powerful that neither hell nor heaven had any hold on them and so they all ended up in purgatory.

The camera had been a great tool for him over the years, as a warlock or witch neared their final days they all craved an escape from death and he was the only game in town as God didn’t get involved.

Not all were susceptible to its lure of course. This warlock had placed it in his vault and did not intend to use it. Lucifer called home his infernal device and it appeared before him.

He took a moment to view his latest photo, when Deborah had taken it she had been in the final throws of a massive heart attack. The look on her face as it was contorted in pain had reminded him of the pleasures of sex. He had cast the photo of Dee-Dee, his latest succubus, even before she had returned to life.

He opened a portal to earth and summoned Adam to return to hell.

“You have done well Adam. The camera is yours again until you find a new suitable owner.”

“Thank you my king, I do your bidding as always.” Adam bowed his head. He then retrieved the camera and stepped back through the portal which closed behind him.

Lucifer smiled again, recalling this latest triumph. A simple change to a spell book when Deborah wasn’t looking started it all. The proper placement of a mirror kept the ball rolling. He had nothing to do with her security system, but it amused him to no end.

She had become more careful after that and it had taken a major intervention to move things along. However for the king of hell a tire was easy enough to puncture. Accidents happen all the time.

But his master stroke was the little whisper he had spoken to the warlock. Immortality was within his reach, he just needed to get the witch to give up her secrets.

He had surprised Lucifer by not using the camera but eternity without surprises was no fun and he would capture the soul of this one as well.

After all, he left nothing to chance and was happy to cheat.