The Retainer

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Starting a new law firm can be a challenge, it’s a good thing that Abigale managed to poach one of the big clients from her former firm when she left.


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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The Retainer

Abigale looked over at Simone, the young blonde deep in thought as she worked away in the office across the room, and beamed with pride. She’d finally done it.

Well, more accurately, they’d done it. The small office wasn’t much, but the name on the door, Murray and Associates was all theirs. One day it would be Murray, Brassard and Associates, but until Simone finished her law degree, Abigale would have to remain the sole name on the door.

But that was only a matter of time, Simone wasn’t a stereotypical blonde by any means. She was smart, driven and a serious person all around. She’d been going to night school while they had both been working at Donaldson, Gregson and Connolly, and Abigale had no doubt she’d easily pass the bar once she graduated.

Of course in the meantime, she was the perfect law clerk, keeping everything in order and making sure nothing was filed late.

The thought of her old firm brought a frown to her face. Donaldson, Gregson and Connolly was internally referred to as DGC but most of the female clerks and lawyers referred to it as Don’t Get Cocky as the glass ceiling in the place was just above their desks.

To be honest, she wasn’t sure how the firm hadn’t gone under from an avalanche of sexual harassment lawsuits from the way they treated many of the female personal assistants and other staff. Though none of them seemed to complain and there was never any move made against the female clerks and lawyers as far as Abigale could tell.

Simone had relayed the same experience when they had first started to talk about leaving DGC. While neither had any direct issue to file a complaint about, they both felt the crushing pressure of the glass ceiling that they knew they would never break.

A reminder sounded and broke Abigale’s train of thought as Simone looked up from her computer and frowned, “Abigale, do we really have to keep this client?” Simone called across the conference table that sat between their two offices.

Abigale let out a sigh, she knew what Simone meant, but he was the only client that she’d been able to bring over from DGC. The retainer he was giving their small firm each month paid for, well, everything. And it wasn’t like he required a lot of time, he currently had no active legal matters underway and all he expected was a one-hour meeting every two weeks.

“You know the answer to that already Simone, he pays a generous retainer and I checked, he hasn’t had a legal matter beyond some simple power of attorney and land transfers for over a decade with DGC. And so what if he’s a little… odd.”

“Odd? He gives me the heebie-jeebies every time he walks into the room.” Simone replied giving a slightly exaggerated shutter as she did so.

“Yeah well, get over it. Maybe once we have some other paying clients we can talk about it again. But for now, suck it up and put on a smile.”

Simone rolled her eyes and then plastered on a big fake smile, “Oh, you mean like this? tee-hee” she said as she tilted her head to the side and put her index finger on her cheek.

Abigale only just managed to contain the burst of laughter but failed to do so with the snort the followed.

It was an in-joke they’d started shortly after they’d met at DGC, the female staff there were divided into two groups really. The first group, made up of clerks and lawyers, were as you would expect, professional, hardworking people that took their jobs seriously. The second group, made up of the support staff and office workers, seemed to all be bottle blonde bimbos with bright smiles plastered across their faces at all times.

It was this second group that got all of the obvious sexual harassment but never file a complaint about it.

Abigale had tried to talk to one of them… once, only to find the vapid airhead impossible to get through to. Though strangely enough, when any of them were given a task to do, they completed it quickly and competently. Then they’d end up going right back to giggling with the others about fashion or makeup or some other nonsense.

After that Abigale had kept her distance, wanting nothing to do with them as she worked hard to get ahead. Of course, it hadn’t taken her long to realize the DGC would never promote her from junior counsel. As soon as she did she started planning her “escape” plan.

It had been harder than she thought, even with Simone’s considerable help it was hard to start up a new law firm. She’d spent months tenderly approaching several of the clients she was working on, never saying outright that she was leaving, but trying to find a few that might consider following her.

Only Raymond Quandary had shown any interest, but after looking at his account, he was more than enough.

And so, after wining and dining him for a few weeks, on DGC’s expense account of course, she had her first client.

Two weeks later, she’d found their small office a few blocks away from DGC where the rent was cheaper. Simone and her had spent a week setting up the office after they’d both turned in their resignation letters, and so here they were, their first client meeting since opening their door.

A few minutes before the top of the hour, said door swung open and in walked Raymond Quandary. He was in his late forties, a little overweight and of average height, well dressed, balding but with short cropped hair as he was clearly not trying to hide it. He projected confidence with every step he took and every movement he made.

“Good morning ladies, how are my two favourite lawyers doing today?” he said with a warm smile. Most, at first glance, would have found the smile easy going and sincere, but after having seen it dozens of times, Abigale found it unsettling at best.

There was something off about it, nothing she could quite put her finger on, but something that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. She knew Simone felt the same way but just as she’d joked earlier, she’d put on a smile so Abigale did the same as the two of them stepped out of their offices and into the middle of their space where the conference table was.

The meeting was simple enough, he had a few land transfers for them to do, he was selling one property and purchasing two others. Nothing Abigale was needed for and Simone took down all the details she would need to get the paperwork in order.

When he left, they both looked at each other and let out a sigh of relief, a palpable weight lifted from their shoulders with his presence gone.

Abigale stepped out of her office and looked over to Simone, a stack of papers on her desk with a dozen little yellow stickies protruding from them.

“Is that Raymond’s paperwork all set?” she asked. Simone had spent the last two weeks working on it and now all that was required was his signature.

“Yeah…” Simone responded with another eye roll, “Can’t we…”

“Not another word Simone. You know we can’t, not yet at least.” Abigale cut Simone off before she could complete the sentence and gave her a finger wag of admonishment.

“You’re going to meet a prospective client?” Simone replied, raising a hopeful eyebrow.

“Yes, but don’t get your hopes up quite yet. It would take a dozen of these kinds of clients to replace Raymond.” Abigale didn’t like having to skip out on the meeting with Raymond, well actually she did, but it still wasn’t good to blow off their only paying client on their second meeting. But the prospective client had been quite insistent that this was the only time he had available and so she’d agreed.

“Yeah, but we have to start somewhere, right?”

Abigale nodded and headed to the door just as it opened and Raymond stepped through, she put on her best smile once more, “Hello Raymond, how are you today?”

“Abigale! Very good, on your way out to a meeting?” Raymond replied with the same off-putting smile he always wore.

“Yes, I’m sorry I won’t be here for your meeting, but Simone has everything under control.”

“Oh, no worries Abigale, I’m sure she does.” he said, lightly touching her shoulder as he passed by her. Abigale turned for just a moment to watch him walking to the conference table where Simone had just sat down with the stack of papers.

Something in the back of her mind desperately wanted to stay, a small voice telling her that there was safety in numbers, but she pushed it down and let the door close behind her.

Abigale sat in her office and frowned, the new client had kind of been a bust. Sure, technically they’d hired her, but the work was little more than a small claims court filing and would hardly be worth her time.

She shook her head, “No, no, no. There are no small clients!” she admonished herself and continued to read the details of the file.

As she finished she heard Simone’s office door swing open and she looked up to see Simone step out, a hand on her forehead as she rubbed it. It was strange that the door had been closed when Abigale returned and remained that way for the rest of the day, as neither had closed their doors since moving into the office a month ago. But then again, that’s what the doors were for and Abigale hadn’t disturbed Simone when she’d returned.

“Hey, you alright Simone?” she called out and Simone visibly winced.

“Not so loud please…” Simone replied as she walked around the conference table and stood in Abigale’s doorway.

“Got a migraine or something?” Abigale asked, lowering her voice as much as she thought she could and still have Simone hear her.

“Yeah, or something. It started just after Raymond left and I closed my door to take a quick nap.”

Abigale raised an eyebrow at the news that Simone had taken a nap, not in disapproval, but in surprise that the hard working woman would even consider it. But Simone failed to notice and Abigale let it slide.

“How did it go with Raymond.”

“Oh fine, he signed all the paperwork and even dropped off a few more items for me to do. I have another meeting with him next week.”

“You couldn’t put it off until our next bi-weekly with him?” Abigale said with sympathy in her voice.

“Oh, I guess I could have, but he’s not so bad.” Simone replied, almost a smile crossing her lips as she did so.

Abigale’s eyebrow, already raised from before tried to crawl it’s way to her hairline but failed to.

“Anyway… I’m going home to take a nice hot bath. Have a good night Abigale.” Simone said, turning and leaving without waiting for a response.

Abigale watched Raymond walk into Simone’s office and close the door behind him. He’d arrived a few minutes ago for his meeting with Simone and dropped by her office first to exchange pleasantries which she managed to do with a smile on her face. The hairs on the back of her neck were standing up as always when he was in her presence.

On her desk were several files, a few more new clients, all with small legal matters for her to deal with, but no big fish like Raymond.

She’d known it would be hard to start fresh, but she’d never thought it would be this hard. She’d established a good reputation in her time at DGC and promoted herself, if quietly, she believed effectively at every chance she had. That alone should have gotten her some bigger clients by now.

But instead, a steady stream of small fish had kept coming in, taking up her time. It was getting frustrating.

It was almost like someone was working against her. Oh, she knew that DGC would have blacklisted her as soon as she left, but even their reach wasn’t this vast. No, as much as she’d like to think it was all a grand conspiracy against her, it was just hard going.

At least Raymond had been unflinching in his support for them. Between the land transfers and other work he’d given them, they’d actually been able to bill more than just his retainer in their first month. And by the look of the papers he carried under his arm before entering Simone’s office today, there was more to come. He stepped in to Simone’s office and closed the door behind him.

Abigale continued to work away on the papers in front of her for nearly an hour before Simone’s door opened and Raymond emerged. He smiled and waved to her as he walked out of the office, closing Simone’s door behind him once again.

It was a few hours later that Simone’s door opened once more and she emerged. A smile on her lips and, dare she say it, almost a skip in her step as she came over to Abigale’s office.

“Hey Boss, what’s up?” Simone asked.

Simone had never called her “Boss” before, after all they were partners, even if it was only Abigale’s name on the door.

“Not much, just these new clients. You feeling alright? I saw your door closed again.”

“Ugh… yeah, had another migraine, but it’s gone now and I feel great!” Simone replied with real enthusiasm.

“Did I see Raymond bring in more work for us? Anything you need me on?” Abigale replied, almost hopeful that Raymond had something she could sink her teeth in to.

“Yeah, he had a couple more property deals, but nothing for you Boss. Anyway, I’m going to get back to it, talk to you later…” Simone replied and turned back to her office and to the work waiting there.

The hairs on the back of Abigale’s neck were standing straight up once more as Raymond sat across from her desk in her office.

“I’m sorry Simone isn’t here to walk you through these herself, but she was really feeling under the weather today…” Abigale said and Raymond nodded his head in understanding.

“Not a problem Abigale, she’s done great work for me.”

Abigale’s entire body seemed to be on edge as Raymond signed the papers in all the required spots, each of the little yellow “Sign here” stickies being taken care of one by one.

When Simone had called in this morning with a migraine Abigale had been unsurprising by it. The last week or so Simone had been acting, well, weird was the best way to put it.

Oh, she was still the same dedicated, hard-working, clerk she always had been, but there was also something different about her. Subtle things like a slight change of clothing, or the way she walked around the office, or the way she kept calling Abigale “Boss”.

Nothing that couldn’t be dismissed as Simone trying something different, but taken together, seemed, well, weird.

Raymond finished signing the papers and place the pen on top of the stack of papers, “There we go, all done.” he said and leaned back into his chair.

“Thank you Raymond, I’ll make sure Simone gets these tomorrow when she’s back in the office.”

“That’s great.” he replied, pausing for a moment with an apprehensive look on his face, “There is… something else I’d like to talk to you about. It’s a little embarrassing though…”

“Of course Raymond, everything you say here is protected by client-attorney privilege, you can tell me anything.”

A look of relief crept across his face and a shiver of fear ran up her spine as it did.

“Well… I think I’ve made a mistake while I was in Vegas a few weeks ago…” he said, pulling a folder out from his briefcase.

Abigale took it between her fingers and opened it, inside was a marriage certificate. One of the names on it was Raymond’s, the other was “Candi Starr”.

She raised a questioning eyebrow, “It was a fling, just friends having a good time together!” he said defensively.

“But, I might have had a few too many. Maybe we both did. She’s a fine woman of course, but, well, is there anything you can do?” he asked.

She scanned over the file as her head started to thump, “I… I’m sure if you were… intoxicated when you signed it… we can get it annulled…” she replied, her hand raising up to her forehead and rubbing it as her eyes went cross-eyed and the room spun out of control.

Abigale blinked several times and rubbed her head as she looked across her desk, the empty chair sitting there confused her.

When had Raymond left?

She looked down at the time on her computer and the confusion only intensified. Her meeting with Raymond had been at 10 am, Simone’s paperwork had only taken 20 minutes or so to go through and she’d only started talking to him about the annulment. But her computer said it was almost 11:15… where had the extra 45 minutes gone?

The throbbing in her head intensified and she let out a low moan as she opened her desk drawer to find some aspirin. A quick swallow of the pills followed by a swig of water from the bottle on her desk calmed her if not doing anything immediately for the pain.

She closed her eyes and tried to relax as best she could, after a few minutes she rose from her chair and laid down on the couch to take a nap.

When she woke up, it was almost 5 o’clock but the headache was still there. She rolled off the couch and packed up for the night, what she needed was a nice hot bath and that’s exactly what she intended to do when she got home.

Abigale looked across the office at Simone and smiled, it was so strange to see her hair in anything but a tight knot at the back of her head. But Abigale had to admit that the new style really suited Simone, her hair was almost down around her shoulders, but styled to frame her face with her straight blonde locks.

It wasn’t the only thing that was different these days with Simone though, gone were the drab greys and blues of her old suits, replaced with flower print dresses and bright colours as well. She had even started wearing an inch or two of heel!

Abigale was almost jealous of how well the clothing fit Simone’s slim frame, but was definitely envious of how much happier it seemed to make Simone.

It wasn’t like Simone had ever been unhappy of course, it was just that now, each morning when she arrived at the office, she had a smile across her face that lit up the room.

When Abigale had first noticed the change she’d asked Simone about it and they’d talked for quite a while about it. But in the end, it had seemed to boil down to the simple fact that the new colours and style made Simone feel happier so she was happier.

Abigale had failed to find any counter-argument to that logic and had shrugged her shoulders. After all, it wasn’t like it was effecting Simone’s work. She was still the hard-working legal clerk she had always been, just happier.

And who was Abigale to deny her that?

The only downside to it was the fact that Raymond had taken a liking to her new style as well. He’d been meeting with Simone every week, sometimes twice a week, to go over some new paperwork or some such.

Though Abigale couldn’t complain all that much, they’d just completed their second month in business and Raymond’s billable hours were through the roof.

The main door to office swung open and a moment later Raymond waved to Abigale and a small smile almost crossed her lips. He turned to the other side of the office and walked into Simone’s office, closing the door behind him, but not before Abigale saw the broad smile cross Simone’s lips. Not the practiced, fake smile that she had used so many times in the past, but a genuine one that sent a little shiver down Abigale’s spine.

He was here for their bi-weekly meeting, though they’d split it up into two meetings really. The first with Simone to go over whatever paperwork she had for him. And then a second for him to meet with Abigale to go over the annulment.

It was nearly half an hour later when Simone’s door opened and Raymond stepped out and walked over to Abigale’s office. As he did, Abigale saw a satisfied smile across Simone’s glowing face and raised a curious eyebrow.

But before she could say anything Raymond stepped into the doorway and closed it behind him.

Abigale reclined in the tub, the warm scented waters working that last bits of stress from her body as the deepest tendrils of the headache finally released her brain.

She’d spent a few hours on the couch in her office after her meeting with Raymond, her mind still trying to recall the details of what they discussed, until the worst of the headache had left her. She’d gotten up and walked over to Simone’s office, mumbled something about heading home early and then staggered out of the office.

Simone had only smiled and chirped back a response of some kind that Abigale was sure was supportive if empty of real meaning. The other thing Abigale was sure of was that it had ended in “Boss”.

It was sure to be the kind of thing that Simone had been saying for the last few weeks in response to anything but work-related discussions. Which was fine to a point, but eventually there was only so much chipper small talk Abigale could put up with and so she’d found herself talking less and less to her business partner.

But now, at home, soaking and relaxing, she let it all go. The smell of the scented candle she’d lit before getting in sent a waft of scent across her nose and she inhaled the sweet smell, letting out a small gasp at the end.

It surprised her when her nipples hardened and a small tingle started in her privates. She slipped a hand under the water and let her fingers explore the sensation.

It had been a while since she’d masturbated, but now, in the moment, she let herself feel the pleasure of it all and a few minutes later she orgasmed as the water splashed from the tub on to the floor.

Abigale rolled her eyes as Simone walked out of her office and over to the printer, her 4” heels softly landing on the carpeted floor. But the eye roll was not about the heels, but the short skirt and tight top that Simone wore.

It was getting to the point that Abigale was seriously considering writing up a dress code.

And she might very well have it not for the fact that she was awfully jealous of the outfits she wore each day to work.

Each one showed off her tight rear end, slim waist and long legs. The tops even did their best to emphasize what small amount of cleavage she did have.

Abigale had broken down and started going to the gym again. It wasn’t like she was in terrible shape of anything, but with all the time she had put in at DGC, mixed with all the work to start up their own firm, she’d put on a few extra pounds.

It wasn’t like she didn’t deserve to spend some time on herself, she’d just never really made it a priority before. She ran a finger through her light brown hair that came just below her ears and wondered what it would look like dyed blonde.

She shook her head, sending the thought tumbling around in her mind and once more to the back of it, as she looked down at the paperwork in front of her. Raymond’s annulment was all but done, just needing his signature on it today when he came in for their bi-weekly meeting.

It wasn’t long before she watched him walk into Simone’s office and close the door.

Abigale did her best to close her ears moments later. The sounds that came from Simone’s office could only mean one thing but Abigale didn’t want to know. As long as Raymond kept his billable hours up, Abigale didn’t need to know what they did during their “meetings”.

Of course, the only problem with that was those same sounds that she tried so desperately to ignore, were driving the need in her pussy to new heights. She bit her lower lip and tried to focus on something else, managing to keep her composure as best as she could.

The problem was that she’d been masturbating quite a lot recently, but no matter how much she did, she just couldn’t seem to manage to satisfy her needs completely. Oh, sure, she orgasmed at the end of each of her hour-long masturbation sessions, but it was like eating potato chips, one was never enough.

She knew what the answer was, it was the same answer that Simone was even now confirming, Abigale needed a nice hard dick inside of her. She shook her head again and that thought too rattled around in her mind until it settled in the back of it.

She was at work, it was no time to be thinking of such things.

She heard Simone’s door open and Raymond cross the room to stand in her doorway, “I hope I’m not interrupting anything?” he asked as he stood there.

Abigale sat bolt upright and straightened herself and the paperwork in front of her, “Oh! Of course not!” she replied.

“Good, by the way, I like the new outfit.” he said.

She looked down at the blouse and blushed. It wasn’t her typical attire, a soft pink that showed off the roundness of her large C cup breasts with it’s plunging neckline.

“Thank you Raymond.”

“Oh my god, Damond was so amazing! I took him all the way in and my nose actually touched his belly! giggle” Simone said as she sat across from Abigale in her office.

Abigale was having a hard time thinking about anything other than the sight of Simone’s mass of blonde hair buried between the legs of “Damond”, her lips wrapped around his shaft.

Both knew very well that she was actually talking about Raymond, not the imaginary Damond that Simone insisted was her new boyfired, but neither admitted to the deceit for the sake of professionalism in the office.

Abigale hadn’t, per se, asked about Simone’s trysts but had confided to her about her own lack of ‘stimulation’ of late. Simone had taken it as the go-ahead to open the flood gates and had spent the last hour or more regaling Abigale with her sexual adventures over the last month or so.

If just hearing the sounds of Simone going at it with Raymond from across the room had been hard to ignore, the direct, detailed, descriptions of what they had been doing, was impossible.

Abigale was on the verge of a breakdown by the time Simone finished retelling of her latest encounter with Raymond. She closed her eyes and tried to douse the fire in her pussy, but all it did was make it worse.

When she opened her eyes once more, Simone was kneeling on the floor beside her, taking the arm of Abigale’s chair in her hand she swung it around until Abigale was facing her.

“Simone… what are you…”

“Oh come on Boss… giggle… like I can smell your juices all the way over in my office! It’s just us girls here after all…” Simone replied and undid Abigale’s pale yellow skirt and pulled it out from under her.

Abigale wanted to protest, but before she could Simon’s face was buried between her legs and her tongue was licking away at her dripping wet pussy.

Abigale moaned as Simone’s talented tongue darted in and out of her pussy, the mass of blonde hair between her legs bobbing up and down.

One of Abigale’s hands were on top of it, setting the pace of the bobbing as the other gripped her own exposed breast and squeezed her nipple hard.

“Oh god Simone, don’t’ stop… right there!” Abigale cried out.

Simone pulled back just enough to let out a giggle, “You got it Boss!”, before diving back in.

It had become their morning ritual, Simone would crawl under Abigale’s desk and bring her to orgasm before they got started with their day.

Though today they’d gotten started a little later than normal, and it was taking longer than usual as well for Abigale to orgasm.

Abigale was just on the crest when somewhere in the back of her mind she recognized the sound of the main office door opening. But it never reached the forefront as that was completely pre-occupied with the feeling of pleasure that Simone’s tongue was delivering to her.

“And how are my two favourite lawyers doing today?” Raymond asked as he stood in the door, watching the two women engaged in sex.

Abigale tried to break it off, but Simone sucked hard on her clit and the pleasure sent her head spinning before she had a chance to say anything. By the time she managed to regain some semblance of focus, Raymond was standing next to her chair, his hard shaft bobbing up and down slightly right in front of her face.

Her eyes focused on the glorious member and without thinking, she wrapped her lips around it. Turning her head towards him, she sucked he all the way into the back of her throat.

Soon she was moving in time with Simone’s tongue and when Raymond’s cum flowed into her mouth a massive orgasm came over her and she was sure that Simone experienced that same thing.

Abigale’s lips were pushed up against Simone’s, their tongue’s intertwined as Abigale propped herself up on her own desk. Behind her, Raymond was buried deep in her pussy.

Simone broke the kiss and pulled Abigale’s mouth down to her small breast, Abigale wrapped her lips around the hard nipple that adorned it as Raymond once more drove into her.

“Oh my god Raymond, like, fuck my Boss hard!” Simone cried out as several strands of Abigale’s newly blonde hair fell down over her face from the force of Raymond’s thrusts.

Minutes later she felt him release inside of her and her whole body shook from the orgasm that followed.

“Oh my god! Like, let me clean that up Boss!” Simone squealed and wiggled her ass around the desk as Raymond stepped back. Simone dropped to her knees and pushed her face into Abigale’s pussy, licking up every last drop of Raymond’s cum that she could.

A second orgasm crested for Abigale as Simone’s magic tongue did it’s job to perfection.

Abigale looked across the conference table with envy at Simone’s new breasts. It had been a hard few weeks without the talented blonde’s tongue on her clit each morning, and the bi-weekly meeting with Raymond had been a lot more work when she had to handle him all on her own, but she couldn’t argue with the results.

Simone was no longer using a push-up bra or other tricks, her new double d’s sat high, proud and round on her chest and her top show as much of them as it could without being indecent.

Raymond, who was sitting at the head of the conference table between them also seemed to approve. His eyes had been fixated on them practically since the moment she’d emerge from her office and wiggled her way over to the table.

Of course, Abigale knew it was going to be a challenge to keep Raymond’s attention on business, so she’d done her best to balance things out.

She’d gone to the salon yesterday and added in extensions to her shorter hair, then had them bleach everything to a platinum blonde. And while she couldn’t “naturally” complete with Simone’s new breasts, a push-up bra on her own natural ones along with a similarly skimpy top gave Simone a good run for her money.

And the last month or so at the gym had really helped as well, dropping those few extra pounds just in time for today’s meeting. She’d picked out a nice little skirt that ended just below her ass and put on a pair of 6” heels that pushed said ass up and out.

The smile on Raymond’s lips no longer made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up, after all she shaved them each and every day like the rest of her body, but instead sent a shiver of pleasure right in to her pussy.

“Now then ladies, I have some bad news I’m afraid.” Raymond said, a serious frown forming on his lips and Abigale’s heart sunk into her stomach.

“Is… is there something wrong with our work?” Abigale asked, half not wanting to hear the answer.

“Oh, no, your work has been stellar. Especially Simone’s.” Raymond said, staring at Simone’s chest once more.

giggle Like, that’s awesome Raymond!” Simone replied, a happy smiled across her face as always these days.

“Then… then… what?” Abigale asked.

“I’m afraid I’m going to have to go back to DGC and I can’t afford to keep both firms on retainer.” he said, shaking his head and Abigale’s heart sunk even lower if that was possible.

“But… but…” Abigale stuttered as she looked over at Simone, the poor girls face finally cracking into a pout as her lower lip quivered.

“I know it’s not the news you wanted to hear ladies, but I have some international business I need taken care of and you just don’t have the expertise.”

It had been Abigale’s biggest fear when she’d been poaching clients from DGC, she might be able to do the domestic work they needed, but many were big businesses with international contracts and their small firm just wouldn’t have the required expertise.

“And correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you can survive without my business?” Raymond said, not so much as a question but a statement.

She’d tried so hard to get new clients, but the only ones she could find were small items, nothing to pay the bills with. It had been so disheartening that she’d stopped even trying when Raymond’s account had proven to be more than enough.

Abigale shook her head, “No… no we can’t.” and Simone almost broke into tears.

“I thought not, but I do have some good news…” reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out a sheath of papers, “I spoke with DGC and they’re willing to hire you back, as a favour to me of course.”

Raymond handed Simone some of the papers and the rest to Abigale. Abigale looked over them, one of them would close out her firm, another would release Raymond from his retainer and the final one was a job offer from DGC.

“But… but… this isn’t my old job…” Abigale replied as she looked over to see Simone already signing the papers in front of her.

“Well, no, not exactly. But given the circumstances, I think you’ll agree that it’s more than generous. And besides, I’ve requested that you be assigned to my account, so we’ll still get to have our bi-weekly meetings.”

Her pussy twitched and her hand started moving on its own, soon she pushed the papers back to Raymond and then slipped from her chair on to her knees to join Simone under the conference table between his legs.

“Uhm, like, Mr. Donner’s office, Abi speaking, how can I help you today?” Abi chirped into the headset the adorned her long mane of platinum blonde hair. Her glossy pink painted lips curled into a smile as she listened to the man on the other end of the phone give his name.

“Oh! Mr. Karlson, Mr. Donner has been expecting your call, like, I’ll send you right through!” she replied and quickly and efficiently transferred his call into the office behind her, typing at the keypad with her long pink nails.

With a spare moment, she pulled out her compact and double checked her makeup, then shifted around her new boobs until the maximum amount of cleavage was showing.

God Simy was so jealous of them! She giggled inwardly at the look on Simy’s face the first time she’d “unveiled” them. Simy, of course, had then spent the better part of an hour with her face buried between them, but that was only fair on account of how many hours Abi had spent between Simy’s.

“Excuse me… Abi?” a woman’s voice said and Abi looked up from inspecting her nail polish to see a stern, serious-looking woman standing in front of her.

“Hi, like, that’s me! giggle” Abi replied and gave a little wave with her perfectly manicured nails.

“Yeah, right, well I need to see Mr. Donner for a few minutes about the Quandary file.”

Abi let out a little coe at the sound of Raymond’s name, “Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry, but Mr. Donner is on a call. Do you want me to, like, give you a ring-a-ding when he’s finished?”

“Ah, sure, why not.”

“Ok, so like, what’s your name and extension?”

“Carol Pincer, extension 532.”

“Perfecto! Like, I’ll let you know as soooon as he’s finished his call!”

“Uh, thanks…” Carol said and turned to leave, pausing for a moment before turning back to Abi, “Hey, can I ask you something personal?”

“Like, totally!”

“Why… why do you put up with them?”

“Put up with who?”

“Mr. Donner and the others… I mean the way they look at you… treat you… you could file a sexual harassment complaint!”

“Oh my god, why would I do that! Like, Mr. Donner is the best boss ever! giggle

“Riiiiight…” Carol replied, a disturbed look crossed her face.

“And besides, like, I get to service the best clients too!” Abi replied and a need in her pussy flared up at the thought of the last time Raymond had been in for their bi-weekly meeting.

Carol, seemingly disturbed at the answers turned and left as quickly as she could without drawing attention to herself.

Abi closed her eyes and licked her lips as the memory of licking Simy’s pussy while Raymond pounded her pussy came flooding back.

After all, those bi-weekly meetings weren’t just because they happened every two weeks, but because both Simy and her were out and out bi-sexual sluts that couldn’t get enough dick or pussy.

It was a good thing they’d finally moved in together last week, it made for Raymond’s after-hours visits a lot easier to schedule and had the side benefit of them being able to eat each other out any time they wanted to.

Abi opened up her schedule on the computer and check when Raymond’s next visit would be, moving it up several days when she found it too far out, and then standing up and heading to Simy’s desk. The two of them could spend their break in the bathroom, Simy’s tongue buried deep in Abi’s pussy, and that would help until they could get home and do it right.