The Role of a Lifetime

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2019

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SYNOPSIS: Denise has been a struggling actress in Hollywood for years, only getting bit parts, but a new opportunity has come along, will it be the role of a lifetime for her?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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The Role of a Lifetime

Denise looked at the bill she held in her hand, the bright red “past due” stamp embolden across it and let out a heavy sigh. It wasn’t the first or even second time she’d received such a letter from the power company and she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be paying it this month either.

She tossed it on her small kitchen table and instead of opening another piece of mail, which was sure to contain another such notice, unlocked her phone and looked to see if there were any new auditions from her manager Jason.

She’d come to LA four years ago, like many girls, looking for fame and fortune as an actress, but instead had found the competition for roles far harder than she’d ever thought. She’d been the prom queen, valedictorian, homecoming queen and captain of the cheer squad as well, in her small mid-west home town. Everything had been so easy there, she had no experience like what she found when she arrived in LA.

Dozens of girls all just as pretty as her, just as talented as her, auditioning for the same part. But some were willing to go just a little bit further and work the “casting couch” for all it was worth. She had been horrified the first time one of the sleazy casting directors had slyly suggested a sexual favour in return for a part, but these days she just let it roll off of her and she moved on to the next audition.

Of course, every once in a while she’d gotten a part, something small, sometimes even with more than a single line. But more often than not, her credit read “Hot girl” and nothing more. But even those parts had started to dry up over the last year. Her biggest break had been in a big-budget remake of a cheesy 80’s TV show that took place on the beach, where she had played as part of the ensemble cast and received a real credit as well. It had given her enough money to stay in LA longer than she would have otherwise been able to.

It wasn’t like she wasn’t hot still, at 24 she was in great shape. She worked out every day, watched what she ate and was meticulous with her choice of makeup and clothing. But the truth was that just like when she had arrived in LA four years ago, a new batch of young girls showed up every month, wanting the same parts as she was auditioning for and so the competition was greater and greater and she was no longer the “fresh” face in town.

In fact, she was one of the elders these days, with so many of the friends she’d made in those first few months having given up and left the business. She couldn’t blame them of course; Tammy had returned to her home town and her previous glory, Britney had gone back to school and was going to be graduating this year with a degree in business, Laura, well Laura had found love, at least the love of money and married for it.

Laura had been the first to “leave” the group and they had all scoffed at her as she did. They would never compromise in that way, they were all going to make it! But Denise was the last of the group still in LA and by the looks of it, she’d be going back home by the end of the month unless something came up soon.

Unfortunately, her inbox was empty and so she started writing an e-mail to her manager before heading out to the gym.

Denise pushed the stray strand of dirty blonde hair back over her ear as she pumped on the peddles of the stationary bike, the message indicator on her phone blinking as she did so.

Her hand reached out and she slowed just a bit as she unlocked it and started to read the message from Jason entitled “Got something for you…”.

She scanned over the attached script as she continued her peddling, a cheesy romantic flick to be sure, but the audition was for the female lead and it was from a major studio too!

She set her phone down and grabbed hold of the handlebars, pushing hard on the peddles as she mentally started to prepare for the audition.

Denise sat in the waiting room, it was the same antiseptic white as every other waiting room she had ever been in. There had been two other women there with her who’s expression told Denise that they were thinking the exact same thing. Each one went in and sometime later came out until it was finally her turn. The two men inside were in the mid-forties by her estimate and could have been clones of a dozen other casting directors she’d seen over the years.

She had read her lines, gave it her all, and even though she saw one of the men give a genuine smile at the end of her performance, she didn’t get her hopes up. As always they thanked her for coming out, told her they’d be in touch in a few days after the director had a chance to review the tapes, and then waved her out the door.

She’d wanted to scream of course, yell at the top of her lungs to give her the part, but instead she’d smiled and thanked them before leaving. At least neither had suggested anything more than the audition and she counted her blessings when she could.

That had been three days ago and she was starting to get worried that nothing was going to come of the audition, yet again. She sat on her couch, her long lean legs extended out on to the coffee table as she impatiently watched her phone. Unable to take it any more, she dialed Jason’s phone number.

“Hi Denise…” his cheerful voice came over the speaker.

Denise gave him no chance to continue before blurting out, “Jason! Tell me you’ve heard something! Anything! You know I really need this!”

“Well, I…”

“I can’t take it anymore, why haven’t they called? Are they auditioning more people!?! What have you heard?”

“Denise, if you let me get a word in edgewise…”

“Oh… darn it, sorry Jason.”

“That’s ok. I was just about to call you anyway. They want you to come back for a second reading on Saturday. Can you make it?”

“Can I make it!?!?! Of course I can!” Denise replied enthusiastically and almost squealed.

“Good, I’ll send you the address and time. Good luck!”

“Thanks Jason!”

Denise stepped out of the Uber and frowned a bit, the place was an industrial unit which seemed a little odd, but at least it wasn’t the director’s home or anything. That was always a big red flag and the last time it had happened she hadn’t even gotten out of the car.

It wasn’t the first time she’d had to go to an industrial unit for an audition though, and they had been a mixed bag in the past. Usually it was because the film or TV show was effects-heavy and they wanted her to try on some costume or make sure she could perform some stunt. Of course, this film being a romance, she was having a hard time thinking of why it might be this time.

Giving her shoulders a little shrug, she walked up to the unit and opened the door. The windows were completely covered and inside was a small room with a single empty desk, one chair in front of it and one behind, with a note on it. Beyond the desk was another doorway.

The note simply said “Come on in.” and so she stepped around the desk and grasped the handle to open the door.

A tingle ran up her arm as soon as her fingers touched the doorknob, her lips parted and she let out a gasp as her eyes rolled back in her head and she slumped forward, sliding down the door unconscious.

Denise struggled to open her eyes, they seemed to refuse to do so and fluttered several times before she managed to finally get them to stay open for more than a tenth of a second. It didn’t last long though, quickly enough they slammed shut with just the blurry memory of the dark room she was in remaining.

“Don’t worry, you’re eyes will adjust in a minute.” a voice replied and it seemed slightly familiar.

She turned her head towards the direction it came from, or tried, as she found herself unable to move it left or right. An attempt to move her arms and legs result in the same thing, she could feel restraints around both.

“Wha… what’s happening…” she managed to get out, only slightly slurred.

“Just relax, don’t get excited, you’re perfectly safe.” the man said and for some reason, Denise felt a little calmer.

It was then that she was able to place his voice, one of the men that had been at her audition.

She pushed her eyes closed hard and then opened them wide, forcing them to remain so until the slight sting of it passed and she blinked several more times until things came in to focus.

The room wasn’t quite as dark as she had thought, she could see the walls and ceiling, which were painted a dark grey and seemed to have cones sticking out from them. She recognized it after a moment as sound dampening material like she’d seen a few times when she’d had to record lines in a studio.

It was also why the only sound she could hear was his and her own voice.

“That’s better, now how are you feeling Denise?”

“Feeling!?! Let me go! Are you insane!” she replied, her voice growing louder and more panicked with each word.

“Calm down, calm down. No need to panic.” he replied and the same feeling of calmness came over her once more.

“How… how are you… doing that?” she asked, her face twisted in confusion, but her voice softer and more steady.

“Ah, yes, good that you noticed it already. That bodes well for the rest, the smart ones always come out better. As for how, well you can’t see it but there’s an IV drip that has been feeding you a cocktail of drugs for the better part of an hour already. But don’t worry, everything is going to be just fine.” he replied in a calm and confident voice.

She wanted to contradict him, to yell out once more, but the words he said seemed to dig themselves deep into her mind and instead she just whimpered slightly.

“You see Denise, I have very good news for you, we’ve picked you to be our leading lady!”

“You… you have?” she managed to get out, her mind starting to spin a bit. It was good news… wasn’t it? Isn’t that what she had wanted when she arrived? To get the part, to be the star?

“Absolutely! You beat out all those other girls for it and you’re going to be a perfect fit! You’re going to give it your all, 110%. It’s the part you’ve always dreamed of and you’re going to do everything you can to make sure you nail it.”

Her head was still spinning but even so, she wasn’t sure. It was a cheesy romance after all, was it really the role she had dreamed of? But he said it with such confidence that she was finding it hard to disagree with him.

It was certainly the part she needed, she had been desperate enough to get it when she arrived. And she could do it, she knew that much as well. She’d beaten out those other girls for it, so many it was the perfect part for her?

Yes… yes, of course it was! It was a staring role! It was the role she’d always dreamed of!

“I can’t believe it! I’m so lucky!” Denise cried out in excitement.

“Yes, yes you are. Now I know you’ve read the script already, but I’m afraid that there have been a few changes to it since we sent it to you. But that’s not a problem, you’re flexible and will adapt to the new script.”

Her head still swimming the words seemed to penetrate even deeper, “Of course! Of course I will!” she replied, knowing full well that she’d do whatever it took to be perfect for the part.

“Good. Good. Now I’ve prepared a presentation on the changes, just open your mind and let it all flow into you.” he said as he reached up and pulled down a monitor that had been just outside of her vision. The screen came to life and a voice started to read the words that appeared on it.

“Denise is a small town girl who has come to LA to find fame and fortune in Hollywood…”

Denise watched the slides start over yet again, she’d lost count of the number of times she’d watched them, but it didn’t really matter. She couldn’t believe her luck at how perfect she was for the role now that it had been rewritten.

It mirrored her own life so closely!

The story of a horny teenager coming to LA and spreading her legs for any casting director that asked was her story too.

Of course, it didn’t really get her that many roles, and those that it did were just for the eye candy, but at least it had paid the bills for a few years.

But Denise wasn’t as far along as the Denise in the script, she was still on the last nickle and dimes. The Denise in the script had run out ofmoney and roles a while ago and she’d found herself an older man, Kenneth Jones, who wanted a trophy wife on his arm and easily slipped into the part.

The Denise in the story had changed many things about herself; from the way she dressed, to the way she acted around others, to the size of her breasts, all to fill the new role of trophy wife.

Denise had to admit that she’d been thinking the same thing lately, and that she’d been masturbating to the thought of having a sugar daddy quite a lot. Even now her fingers were gently rubbing her clit as her other hand was pulling at her nipple on top of her small breasts.

She couldn’t really remember when she’d gotten undressed, and there was a weird thought in the back of her head that she’d been restrained at some point, but that made little sense to her, as she obviously wasn’t. But even if she had been she was sure that would only have made her hornier.

The new script had continued on for quite a while, detailing Denise’s life as a trophy wife. Going into even greater detail about their sex life. If Denise hadn’t known better she might have thought the new script was for a porno instead of a romance. But the slides and voice and told her over and over again that this was a romance and she had to agree with them.

And it was kind of fun watching the visual aides they had inserted into the presentation. The short videos were great research material so she’d know how to perform the part when it was time. She was especially excited each time the first one came up on screen. Denise could just picture herself in it; on her knees, looking up at the other actor, her lips parted as they wrapped around his shaft.

The look of pure bliss on her face as the man stroked in and out of her mouth… god it was hot and Denise’s masturbation came to a head each and every time it played. It was just another thing that she and the Denise from the script shared, an absolute love of sucking cock.

Other videos showed her how happy she was to have her tits played with, or her pussy fucked, and even her ass. But the ones that turned her on almost as much as the first one were the ones showing her being an obedient, submissive, sex toy.

Down on her knees crawling around and barking like a dog, bent over his knee and being spank, thanking him for each one, being tied up and bound so that she could do nothing but lye there and be used by him, sitting in front of him masturbating, begging him to let her cum.

They all mirrored her own fantasies so well that she wondered if the writers had been able to read her mind or something.

She came one last time as the presentation completed and the screen went black. But instead of starting up once more, some simple white text appeared on the display, “Please return to the front office.”

Denise sat in the chair in front of the desk, her hands crossed on her lap, her head slightly bowed as the man who had started the audition sat across from her.

“Now then…” he said, turning a stack of paper around and pushing them towards her, “…this is your contract, NDA, new management contract and other items. Just sign where each of the stickies are…”

She smiled and picked up the pen that was on top of the papers and started to sign without reading any of the details.

“What about Jason…” she asked as she signed each spot one by one.

“Your old manager has been well compensated, he’s quite happy with the arrangement.”

“Oh, that’s good.” she replied and gave a smile.

“Now the role has a significant training component to it, both physical and additional research. This…” the man said, pushing a business card across the desk, “…is for the physical side. Give the number a call and make an appointment with the doctor.”

“Of course.” she replied, quickly looking over the details on it, Dr. D. H. Donldson; Ph.D., MD, FACS, ASPS.

“And this…” he said, sliding another card across the table, this time with only a web link on it, “…is for the research. Go to the link every day for your research material.”

“I will, thank you.” she replied, finishing the last of the signatures before standing up and leaving, her Uber waiting for her outside of the industrial unit.

Denise watched the research material on her couch and masturbated to it like she did every day. On her laptop screen was a woman dress entirely in black latex from head to toe. Her feet were secured to the floor and her arms were pulled up behind her back, attached to a rope that was secured to the ceiling. It forced her to bend over at the waist until her torso was parallel to the floor.

Her head was covered in a black latex hood, her eyes covered as well. In her mouth was a bright red ball gag and the only other parts of her body that were visible were her tits that had weights attached to nipple clamps, and her ass and pussy which were exposed through an unzip slit in the latex. Behind her was a man, sliding in and out of her ass, pounding it for all he was worth as drool escaped from around the woman’s gag.

She’d never known there were so many ways for a woman’s body to be used for the pleasure of a man, but after two weeks of research for the roll, she was no longer surprised by the research material that appeared on the web site each day.

Denise had masturbated to the video several times already and was near another orgasm on this viewing as well, that is until her phone rang. Without stopping she reached over and looked to see who it was, only letting her fingers pause when she saw the name, “Dr. Donldson”.

She quickly paused the video playing on her computer and answer the phone, “Hello?”

“Hi, this is Dr. Donldson’s office calling to confirm your surgery for this Friday.”

“Yes! Yes of course.” she replied quickly.

“Very good. Just a reminder to be at the surgical centre for 9 am so we can get you ready for your 11 am surgery.”

“I’ll be there, no problem.”

“Great, see you Friday.” the woman said and then hung up.

Denise flopped back on to the couch and let out a soft moan as her fingers found her soaking wet pussy once more and she closed her eyes.

Just thinking of last week’s appointment with Dr. Donldson gave her goosebumps. The memory of his fingers poking and prodding her breasts. The discussion about what kind of implant to go with. The description of which surgical method he’d use. And finally how large she wanted to go.

He’d pulled up an app on his tablet and used the data from her exam to simulate her current breasts, then with all they had discussed given her a comparison of what they would look like afterwards.

The image still filled her mind, how large and round they were, how high up on her chest they sat, how much the projected out from her body.

Her fingers sped up as she gasped, her voice calling out to the empty room, “Oh yes! Oh god yes!” she cried as her back arched and she orgasmed.

Denise walked around the party with her best fake smile on, not really wanting to be there but her new manager had insisted that she attend.

She would have rather been at home, continuing her research for her role, but her new manager was right, she was still broke and needed the exposure more than another night at home masturbating. Not that he knew that was what she was doing, but he didn’t need to to make his point.

The advance from the movie had tided her over, let her pay off her overdue bills and even get up to date on her rent. But between that and the cost of her new breasts, the advance was gone now.

Her gaze dropped down to the two large orbs that sat on her chest and her smile turned genuine.

This was the first time she’d really shown them off in public and she had to admit she was thrilled with the results. Half the room was looking at her at any given time, the tight red dress that hugged her tiny waist and barely covered her nipples had been the right choice.

She chatted with several men as the night went on, always being polite, but also moving on after a few minutes. She was just turning to leave another group of men when she walked directly into someone.

“Oh my, I’m so sorry!” she said as she stumbled and grab hold of the man’s arm to steady herself in her heels.

“No, no, I must apologize for not looking where I was going.” the man replied and smiled as she made eye contact with him for the first time.

A shiver ran down her spine as she did, her stomach filled with butterflies and her pussy tingled with excitement.

“I’m Kenneth, Kenneth Jones.” he said extending his hand to her.

“Denise… Oh my…” she replied as she took it and the tingling nearly took her legs out from under her.

It was Kenneth Jones, just like from the script, he even matched the description to a T. Older, balding, a little overweight, but handsome and confident.

Denise shook her head a little as her mind swirled, she was his trophy wife.

That wasn’t right, was it? But here he was, and here she was.

She looked around as the script infiltrated more and more of her reality. She’d met him at a party just like this, when she’d bumped into him by accident. The script had described the room in detail, as she looked around, it was a perfect match. She was even wearing the same dress as in the script!

She leaned into Kenneth, her head coming to rest on his shoulder, once more just as in the script and she heard the words she knew he would say, “Are you alright Denise? Why don’t we get some fresh air outside?”

“Yes, yes that would be nice Kenneth.” her voice said before she even realized she had wanted to respond and Kenneth guided her from the party.

The Denise from the script and the Denise of the real world swirled together, spinning faster and faster until she could no longer tell which was real and which was fiction. Finally, in a moment of clarity, she realized it didn’t matter. She was perfect for the part and she had the part. The story was her story and she was the story. She was Denise.

Denise looked up into Kenneth’s face, her eyes sparkling in the moon light as her lips made their way all the way to the base of his shaft.

God she loved giving blowjobs so much!

Kenneth had guided them out to the garden and they’d found a secluded bench to sit on. They’d talked for a few minutes as she composed herself and he’d been an absolute gentleman to her.

She had only been able to think of one way to thank him and so here she was, in her favourite position.

It didn’t take long until she tasted his cum and she greedily sucked every last drop from him as she orgasmed herself.

She popped off the end of his dick and smiled widely up at him, “God Kenneth, your cum tastes amazing!”

He reached down and stroked her hair, “Thanks, you’re an amazing little cocksucker too.”

Goosebumps rippled across her body from the complement as she put his dick back in to his pands and then stood up and sat on his lap.

“Can I give you a ride home?” he asked and she smiled and nodded.

They reached his limo, they exchanged numbers on the ride to her place, and as she expected, he was the perfect gentleman once more and walked her to her door and then headed back to the limo with a wave and a smile.

Denise huffed with a frown as she looked at her account balance and then over to the calendar, then back again. It wasn’t enough and she was going to miss the rent yet again.

She opened up her webmail and opened up the latest reminder of her upcoming rent from the rental agency and hit reply. There was no sense delaying it any longer, they’d been pretty good in the past giving her an extension with only a modest late fee.

But this time she wasn’t sure if she’d be able to make it up in the future or not. She hadn’t worked in months and her manager had no prospects and she’d already blown and fucked every guy she knew that might give her a job or a loan.

As she typed another e-mail popped into her inbox from the rental agency and she almost ignored it but for the subject line, “Thank you for your payment.”

Closing the message she was typing she opened the new message in confusion, “Thank you for your payment of $7,266.00. Your account balance is now a credit of $6055.00.”

She raised an eyebrow, that was a full six months rent!

She picked up her phone and dialed the rental agency, “Hello, Sun Vally Rental Agency, how may I help you?” the voice on the other end said.

“Hello, this is Denise from 2543 Randel Way, Unit 316.”

“Hello Denise, what can I do for you today?”

“Well, there’s been a mistake a think… I just received a notification that a payment has been made on my account but I didn’t make one.”

“Oh, no problem, let me take a look.” the woman replied and Denise could hear the clicking of keystrokes in the background.

“It doesn’t look like a mistake, I have a confirmed payment of $7,266.00 on the account. Would you like the payee details?”

“Yeah, sure.”

“No problem, it says here KJ Enterprises.”

Denise’s eyebrow raised once more as a smile crossed her lips, “Oh, thank you.”

“My pleasure, is there anything else I can do for you today?”

“No, that’s great, thanks. Goodbye.” Denise replied quickly and hung up the phone.

She flipped over to her messaging app and quickly typed out a message to Kenneth, “OMG thank u! How did you even know?”

The excitement waiting for the reply nearly killed her but when a while later her phone finally bleeped and she almost dropped it from between her trembling fingers.

“My pleasure. What struggling actress doesn’t need some financial help?”

Her grin widened from ear to ear as she typed back her response, “Amazing! Show you my appreciation at dinner or something?”

“Sure, why don’t I pick you up at 8 on Friday.”

“Can’t wait!”

“Oh god baby, harder, harder!” Denise cried as Kenneth plowed her from behind. She was face down on her bed, her ass in the air with Kenneth gripping on to her hips for leverage as he stroked in and out of her pussy.

Dinner had turned out to be at an upscale restaurant that was nearly impossible to get in to, but he’d walked in without a reservation and they’d been seated immediately.

Afterwards, when he’d dropped her off at her doorstep once more, she hadn’t let him get away this time and nearly dragged him into her bedroom.

“Oh god your cock is so big! Fuck me! Fuck me! FUCK ME!!!” she cried out as he grunted and pushed deep into her one final time. She felt his load enter her and she came hard as well.

He pulled out and collapsed to the side of her, panting she rolled over and snuggled into his chest, her finger gently tracing a circle around his nipple.

She looked up into his face, his smile sending a shiver through her, “God Kenneth, that was amazing! No one has ever fucked me like that before.”

It was a lie of course, he was an alright lover but by no means the best she had ever had, of course she was an actress and so playing make believe came easily to her.

He took a finger and ran it along her forehead, pushing her hair back over her ear, “You’re pretty good yourself D. That’s one tight little pussy you’ve got there.”

The compliment sent another shiver of pleasure through her and she slipped down between his legs to see if she could get a second rise out of him.

Denise pushed her tits out and hung on Kenneth’s arm, the party was in full swing but she turned heads as they walked through it. All she was concerned about was making sure she looked perfect for him and she knew she’d nailed it with every glance from every man in the room.

They’d been dating for a month but this was the first time they’d been out to a party together and she’d spend most of the week getting ready for her big debut.

A day at the salon getting her hair bleached out to a perfect platinum blonde, another day getting a mani and pedi, a day on Rodeo drive for shoes, a dress, and accessories.

Everything from her head to her toes was perfect. From the 4” stiletto shoes, to the brilliant blue dress that hugged her every curve, to the tiny clutch in her hand, to her makeup.

ZHer tits were on display, her waist was narrow and flat, her ass was perky and her legs were long. She was a walking wet dream and everyone knew it. Most of all she knew it and she knew it was all for Kenneth.

Everything she did these days was for Kenneth and she’d have it no other way.

He was perfect; rich, intelligent, confident and commanding. He never asked her what she wanted to do, he told her what they were going to do. It made her pussy wet every time he did, and when her pussy was wet she wanted him even more.

They walked around the party for a while, Kenneth stopping to talk to several groups as he did, Denise hung off his arm throughout the conversations and smiled, looking pretty for those that gazed her way. Eventually, they made their way to the back of the room where several small tables were, a few were empty and Kenneth went over to the one farthest away from anyone else, taking a seat after pulling a chair out for her.

He leaned into her ear and whispered, “How’s my sexy little minx doing D?”

She let out a little gasp and returned the gesture, leaning in close to his ear, “God I’m so horny babe! Can’t we get out of here? I want to suck your cock in the limo soooooo badly!” she replied in a breathy voice and then darted her tongue in and out of his ear.

“Sounds like you can’t wait. Get under the table and do it now.” he whispered back as she gently bit his ear lobe.

“Oh god yes baby!” she whispered back as best as she could contain her excitement. Her eyes darted around the room for a moment until she was pretty sure no one was looking and then she slipped off her chair and crawled under the table.

Denise closed the door to her old apartment one last time, a small box of trinkets in her arm. She had come home a few hours ago after her daily routine at the gym to find the movers already packing up her furniture and belongings.

She had gone up to the man that looked like he was in charge and asked him what he thought he was doing. His response was simple, call Kenneth.

She had and Kenneth had told her she was moving into his penthouse condo and she’d squealed into the phone in excitement. Not at moving into the condo per se, after all she spent most of her time there anyway, but instead at how horny it made her that he’d made the decision without her.

She was going to have to do something special for him tonight when he got home and she had just the idea.

Denise was on her knees, her hands tied behind her back, her mouth spread open with a metal ring gag, her eyes covered with a blindfold, her tits wrapped tightly around their base and nipple clamps applied tightly to her as Kenneth used a riding crop to gently, but forcefully strike her body.

Each strike sent a wave of pleasure through her, whether it was on her ass, her legs, her abdomen, her tits, her arms or her cheeks. It was a glorious first night living together and she didn’t want it to ever end. But of course it did, the crop dropping to the floor as Kenneth took hold of each side of her head and slipped his cock inside the metal ring gag, fucking her face as if it was nothing more than a sex toy he’d bought online.

She loved every stroke he made, her tongue doing the best it could to lick his cock each time it entered her mouth and made its way to her throat. Finally, he pulled out one last time and she felt his cum spray across her face and tits and an orgasm crashed over her.

Denise laid straddled over the wooden horse, her arms and legs bound to it, her head pulled back by her hair that was threaded through the hook that was inserted into her ass. She still wore the wedding dress that she’d walked down the aisle wearing just a few hours earlier with Kenneth.

She was in heaven.

Her pussy juices were flowing down the wooden legs of the horse as Kenneth slapped her ass with the wide leather belt in his hand.

“Spank your wife, your property, your slut! I want it! I need it! I deserve it!” she cried out as the leather came down on her ass again and again.

He stopped after several more slaps and then walked around in front of her and knelt down until he was at eye level.

“How’s Mrs. Kennth Jones doing?” he asked with a wicked smile.

“Oh god, I’m so horny! Please baby, please fuck me!”

He reached out and traced his finger around her lips, her tongue darted out and licked at it as he did.

“Soon D, soon. But first, one question, did you know that marriage used to make a wife the property of the husband?”

“Y… yes… I guess… just… just fuck me…” she replied through the fog of pleasure and need that filled her head.

“Well I kind of like that idea, you know the wife being property. Not like a slave of something, no real property, like furniture or a car. Something I own and can do whatever I like with.”

“Oh god yes! That sounds so hot! Fuck me like I’m property! Fuck me like I’m your property! Fuck me like you’ve bought and paid for me!”

“Well I have, haven’t I? I mean I own everything about you now. I own where you live. I own what you eat. I own what you do. There’s nothing about you I don’t own now is there?

“God no! I… I… I’m yours! I’m your property! Please baby, fuck your property! Use your property however you want!”

“Well, since you asked so nicely…” he replied and stood back up, walking around behind her once more and pulling the hook from her ass, but taking hold of her hair so her head remained upright.

Then, just as the tip of his cock touched her sphincter, Denise’s world divided in two.

Half of it was in pure bliss as he slid into her ass, the pleasure sending waves all over her body.

The other half was overwhelmed by horror. That half knew what had happened, could remember the time in the chair, bound to it, the drugs flowing into her, warping her mind and reshaping it.

That half of her bucked against the bonds that held her down as she tried to get free.

“There she is, fight it girl. Fight it with everything you’ve got! It will only make the fall that much harder!” Kenneth almost yelled out as he stroked in and out of her ass.

“S…s…stop…” that half of her managed to get out between moans and groans of pleasure the other half was making from her lips.

“Stop, it doesn’t really sound like you want me to stop…” he replied, pushing in deep and then pulling back, landing a hard slap on her ass at the end of his stroke.

“Oh… god… fuck… your… property…” the first half said as the second half protested as much as she could, but she knew it was a losing battle.

The waves of pleasure, the assault on her senses, the memories of spending months as Kenneth’s trophy wife all were too much and the second half only managed to get out a pathetic whimper which only encouraged Kenneth even more.

“That’s my girl, just let it go. There’s no reason to fight it now that I own you. That you’re my property to use as I see fit, isn’t that right D?”

“YES! YES! YES!!!” D cried out as Denise fought as hard as she could, but there was little point. D was riding the crest of an orgasm while Denise was being dragged under the surface by the undertow.

Finally, as Kenneth released into her ass, D’s orgasmic wave cresting, crashing Denise down on to the rocks and breaking her will once and for all against them.

“USE D’S ASS! USE YOUR PROPERTY!!!!!” D cried out as her orgasm washed over her and her eyes rolled back into her head.

D sat naked at Kenneth’s feet as he watched TV and hoped he would soon use her again. It had been almost an entire day since the last time he’d used one of her holes. She hoped he’d use her mouth today, she did so love sucking his cock, but in reality, it didn’t matter that much to her as long as he used her one way or the other.

He finally shut off the TV and she perked up, “Stand up D.” he commanded and she did, standing in front of him, her hands behind her back, her tits pushed out as far as she could.

He smiled and reached out, his fingers gently tracing the lines of the recently healed tattoo just above her pussy, “Property of Kenneth Jones”.

“Turn around.” he commanded and she did, this time pushing her ass out as best she could.

She felt his fingers push up against the pink jewelled butt plug that was always in her ass and then his fingers trace the other new tattoo just above it, “Break glass in case of emergency”.

He stood up and gave her ass a slap, she squealed in delight in response.

“Go get dressed, we’re taking a drive to see Dr. Donaldson.” he said.

D nearly skipped to her room to find something to where, going to Dr. Donaldson meant only one thing, that Kenneth had decided it was time to renovate his property and she couldn’t wait to see how much value he’d add to it when the renovations were done.

Kenneth watched Denise eagerly go to get dressed, the once almost famous actress now no more than his eager sex doll.

He’d never believed it was possible, he’d done his research on her, her steadfast refusal to compromise her principles for a role left him no doubt she would never agree to a financial relationship with him. And he was under no illusion that he would have had any kind of chance with her otherwise.

Of course, while she would not have agreed to the financial arrangement, that apparently hadn’t meant that someone else couldn’t arrange what he wanted for money. Money, which he had more than he could spend in tne lifetimes, in this case could buy happiness.

He’d had to be careful of course, there were lots of shady people who would promise one thing but simply take the money and run. And it wasn’t like he could take them to court if they did, but after a few months of vetting a few organizations, he thought he’d found one that could deliver.

And how he’d been right.

He’d hoped for, at best, perhaps a slight adjustment to her to open her up to the idea of a financial arrangement that he could take advantage of. But once he’d gone through the various hoops the organization demanded for him to prove he wasn’t law enforcement, or working for them, they’d offered him any possibility under the sun.

His mind had raced at the possibilities, his infatuation with Denise bordering on obsession ever since he’d first seen her on-screen. There was something in her eyes, something that drew him in and made him want her more than he’d ever wanted anything else.

He’d quickly recognized it for what it was, a pretty girl that had caught an older man’s eye. Some longing for when he was younger, some symmetry in her face that matched some image of perfection in his mind, or something like that. At least that’s what he had thought at first, but as the weeks went by and he rewatched her scenes, again and again, it became more and more.

He’d known he had to do something about it, and that’s when he’d hired several private detectives to check on her past and present. They’d delivered a detailed report of her life, down to the smallest of details.

That had only fuelled his obsession.

It was no longer enough to watch her scenes, or to watch an interview with her, or pour over her bank account and bills, he had to have more. He’d fantasized about all kinds of scenarios, from a playful innocent date, to the most extreme coercion tactics he could image.

So it was no surprise when he’d laid out a detailed plan on what he wanted to happen. He didn’t just want a trophy wife, though she would be one, he wanted something no sane human being would willingly agree to. He wanted her to think of herself as nothing more than an object that a man would purchase to sexually gratify himself.

And they had delivered in spades.

The Denise he’d met at the party was nothing like the research he’d compiled on her. Primarily sexual, she’d gone down on him in the garden without any kind of prompting. When he’d called her a cocksucker right to her face, and he’d seen the shiver of excitement roll over her body, he knew she was perfect.

Kenneth turned as D walked out of the hallway that lead to the master bedroom and smiled, she was wearing a tiny little black skirt, a too-tight white top and six-inch heels. She walked up to him, he wrapped his arm around her and he grabbed her ass. She leaned in moaned a little before giving him a kiss, her tongue darting in and out of his mouth.

He broke it off after a few moments and started walking them to the door. There was only one problem with perfection of course, it never lasted. But there were two good things about D; he had more than enough money to fix whatever physical deficiencies he might find which she would eagerly embrace, and her mind was so malleable after whatever they had done that she’d fix whatever mental deficiencies he pointed out to her all on her own.

After all, as far as she was concerned she had the role of a lifetime, even if it was written by his own hand.