The Salon – [1] The Beginning

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2008

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SYNOPSIS: The owner of a special hair salon tells the story of his beginnings


This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Chapter 1 – Let me introduce myself

Hello, my name is Eric, and my life has been very interesting over the last few years. While I am writing this journal for my own narcissistic edification, I doubt it will ever be read by anyone in my lifetime. If it was, I’m sure it would cause problems for me.

I am the sole proprietor of what has quietly become the must visit hair salon in the city or for that matter, the country. My special skill has provided me with wealth, power, friends and everything else a man could desire. However, my first entry in this journal begins when I had a much simpler life with my girlfriend Kim.

Kim and I had been dating since the end of high school and were now in our second year of university. Her mix of Italian and French lineage had resulted in a light olive complexion that combined with her jet black hair, had immediately drawn me in. Her small stature seemed to only emphasize her hazel eyes, a thin, small mouth and a perfect nose that seem to have been painted on by Leonardo himself. She was, undeniably, a very beautiful woman.

For as long as I could remember my life had been just as average as any other. Born to a middle class home, with two older brothers, we had all gone on to some form of “higher” education. My interests were nothing original or exciting, following along the path of a professional accountant seemed like a safe choice that would make my family happy and keep myself gainfully employed for a lifetime.

Kim and I were attending the same university where she was working on a double major in advanced mathematics and astronomy. To say that her study load was a little more than mine would be an understatement of epic proportions. Kim often found it hard to cope with the pressures of her classes, the expectations of the other students and the demands of our life together, however she was determined to succeed at them all.

We had rented an apartment near the university campus to reduce our travel time and ensure we would have some time together. Kim had been granted a complete scholarship for her university career and the extra money we made with part time jobs pretty much covered our rent and other needs.

We were happy together but like all relationships, there were issues. The biggest one had to do with sex. While not by any means overweight, Kim was very sensitive about what she considered a “bulge” around her midsection. Sex was always conducted in the dark and hands were strictly forbidden on her midsection. Kim was also a very “traditional” girl when it came sex, missionary position was the only option available and even something as simple as a blowjob was unavailable except in very special cases

I had been understanding and patient, hoping that in time she would eventually trust me enough to at least turn the lights on once in a while. However after almost two years, I had made no progress. Over the last few months I had been needling this sore point at virtually every opportunity that came across.

One Tuesday night we were sitting on the couch together studying for the upcoming midterm exams, our noses buried deep in our text books. Suddenly Kim took off her glasses, placed her hands on her face and said in a pained voice, “My head hurts, why do they make the text in these books so small?”

“I think it’s a conspiracy with the eyeglass makers to ensure we all go blind by the time we’re thirty. Here, let me give your temples a rub, relieve some of that stress.” I replied.

Kim quickly spun around, leaned back onto my chest and said “That’s the best idea I’ve heard all day long.”

I parted back Kim’s long, black hair and with my thumbs started to work circles into her temples. After a few moments, Kim gave out a soft purr and began to relax. Once I started to use all my fingers to massage her forehead and scalp I felt her whole body slump back into me.

After a few minutes of continued massaging Kim spoke in a kind of distant dreamy voice.

“…that feels great Eric, don’t stop…”

Kim’s response seemed a little odd, I had never heard her speak this way before. Kim was always on the ball, didn’t drink, never did drugs and prided herself on her fast comebacks, but I didn’t pay it much attention as I continued to massage her head.

“I don’t know Kim, if it’s so good, perhaps it’s worth doing something special for me in return later…”

I expected what had become the standard response to these overtures over the last few months; a flat no, a little bit of condescension in the response and a quick move to another topic. Instead, after a few moments of contemplation, she simply said “…well, what did you have in mind…”

It took me a moment to realize that we were still on the subject and that she seemed to be receptive to it, so I made a quick recovery, “Well, I think we should go into the bedroom and leave the lights on tonight. You should enjoy having sex in the light.”

Again, Kim seemed to soak it in and respond only after contemplating every aspect of the words I had just spoken “…ok, that sounds nice…”

Surprised, I stopped massaging her head and said “Are you feeling alright Kim?”

I saw Kim’s eyes blink a couple of times, she then quickly responded “Of course I’m feeling alright, that was a great massage it certainly did the trick, thanks!”

She slid over to her text book, placed her glasses back on her nose and returned to her studies. The next several hours progressed pretty much as usual; study, snack, bathroom break, study, repeat.

When it was time to turn in for the night, I had pretty much written off the incident. Kim went in to the bathroom to prepare while I proceeded to undress in the bedroom. Normally when Kim was done in the bathroom and had entered the bedroom, the lights would go off so she could undress. Tonight was different. Kim came in to the room, walked over to the bed and started to get undressed in the light.

My mouth pretty much dropped to the floor but Kim proceeded to lay down on the bed on top of the covers without even a seconds hesitation. Finally she looked up at me and said “Well, what are you waiting for?”

Snapping out of my stunned state, I believe I broke the world record for undressing from a standing start that night, but even that seemed like an eternity.

It was perhaps the best sex of my life. Kim’s idea of wild sex was some light foreplay and then straight to the missionary position, but the build up to having sex with the lights on after two years was the biggest release of sexual expectation perhaps in recorded history. To properly appreciate it you simply had to have live through it.

Afterwards, lying in bed with Kim beside me and the lights still on, I proceeded to push my luck even further. “So, do you think we can do that again sometime?”

“Anytime Eric, I enjoy having sex in the light.” And she proceeded to wrap her arms around me and snuggle her head into my chest.

The words echoed in my mind. I just couldn’t believe it at the time.

Chapter 2 – Kim’s Studies

That was the night that my life changed, I wasn’t aware of it yet. I was still trying to figure out exactly what had happened, but I did know that I had to try it again. The sudden change in Kim had my mind racing, was it a long term change or would she revert to her previous behavior after a while? Was she aware of the change or did she just believe it to always have been true? Could I do it again? If so, how far could I go?

Tonight was a study group with some friends, so there would be no chance to pursue a massage with Kim, however Thursday night would be just us on the couch again, and perhaps, an opportunity to answer some of the questions I had.

The next two days seemed to drag on forever. I had pretty much convinced myself that Kim’s dreamy state had been the key to the change, and the massage must have been the cause of it. I was unsure of exactly what I had done to induce it, I had given other girlfriends massages in the past but had never seen any reaction even close to Kim’s or any sudden changes in their attitudes.

On Thursday night, we were once again in our pattern of studying and I was looking for my opportunity, but after a few hours Kim beat me to it, saying “Hey, I could use another one of those massages like the other night.”

Sometimes, things are just meant to happen, or perhaps all good things come to those who wait, I didn’t know but I had my opportunity. I turned slightly towards Kim, opened my arms and said with a big smile, “Let these be the hands that lead you to a relaxing time.”

Kim quickly dropped back on to me and I proceeded to massaging her temples slowly, using only two fingers, one on each side.

Kim started to relax, so I decided to probe to see if her dreamy state had returned. “Does that feel good?”

Kim quickly responded “Yes.”

Obviously, not the right response so I proceeded to use two fingers to massage small circles in to her temples.

I prompted her again to gauge her response, “Can you feel the stress flowing out of you yet?”

A little more slowly she responded, “Yea, it feels good.”

Unsure if it was just a matter of time or if something else was required, I continued the massage with just two fingers. After a few more minutes, her response to any question that I asked stayed at the same level. I decided to go all out and placed all my fingers on her head and began a full head massage.

Almost instantly I felt her slump back into me fully. Moments later, a low murmur escaped her lips and I was pretty sure I had found at least a couple of the answers I was looking for. Now it was time to find out how far I could take her in only her second session.

“Kim, are you feeling relaxed now?”


“Can you do something special for me? Like Tuesday night?”

“…uh hun…”

I wanted to see how far I could take her in a single step, which required that I try something extreme. Something Kim would never allow under any circumstances, “Kim, you want to have anal sex with me tonight.”

Kim’s brow furrowed up and she responded quickly “No, I don’t think so, I…”

I quickly backtracked before she came out of whatever state she was in, “That’s alright Kim, forget I even mentioned it.”

Kim just as quickly relaxed again. I then realized what I had just asked Kim to do, would she really forget?

“Kim, what were we just talking about?”

“…doing something special…”

“And what was that something special?”

“…i don’t know, you haven’t told me yet…”

This was an interesting development and something else to try out tonight. “Oh, sorry about that, I was thinking that you could give me a blowjob here on the couch. You love sucking my dick.”

Kim’s lips parted a little bit and she responded “…I love sucking your dick…”

Now it was time to finish up. “Kim, I want you to think the blowjob is your idea and not consciously remember our conversation from when I started the massage. Just remember that the massage was very good and that you think a blowjob would be a good way to repay the favor when we’re done studying.”


And then I slowly stopped the massage. Kim blinked a couple of times and then promptly returned to the book she was reading with nothing more than a quick “Thank you, that was just what I needed.”

Once again the rest of the night progressed normally; study, snack, bathroom break, study, repeat. Kim finished first, closed her books and fell back into the couch. With a big sigh she asked “Are you done yet?”

“Just about, just a couple of pages left in this chapter.”

“I was thinking Eric, I owe you a favor for that wonderful massage you gave me earlier.” She said as she stood up and walked in front of me. Taking the book from my hands and sitting down on the coffee table, she pushed it back and slid down on to her knees.

Knowing what was coming, I said as innocently as I could, “What do you have in mind?”

A wicked little smile was her response as she undid my belt, button and fly. Grabbing my pants and underwear together she pulled them down around my ankles and found I was already at full attention. With two hands she grabbed my shaft and promptly started to suck.

My first girlfriend, unbeknownst to me at the time, had been voted blowjob queen of the high school. In my limited experience at that time, she had seemed likely to be the best in the world. Kim was nowhere even close to her, but for what was her first attempt, it was admirable.

Kim certainly did have a few things going for her, she was very enthusiastic, bobbing her head left and right, up and down. Her glasses added just a little something extra as well, the thin rims set gently above her nose, sliding down a little bit each time she bobbed in or out.

Kim went to take her glasses off, “Leave them on Kim, you look sexy with them on.”

Kim looked up and tried to smile, but didn’t really succeed as she still had the tip of my member in her mouth.

“That’s really good, Kim, keep looking up at me.”

Kim continued to hold my shaft, so I placed a hand on the back of her head and said “Use your hands to play with my balls Kim, so you can take the rest of me in.”

Kim complied and I pushed her head gently down my shaft. Now I’m no porn star, at best I could be described as average, but Kim didn’t have much experience at giving a blowjob and so as she reached the base of my shaft she started to choke. I pulled her head back and she let my dick fall out of her mouth and gasped for air while wiping a stream of spit off her chin.

“Sorry Kim, a little too fast?”

“That’s ok, I love sucking your dick.”

With a big smile, she once again impaled her mouth on me and went all the way down. She grabbed my balls with her hand while trying to hold her glasses on her nose with the other. She continued to look directly up into my eyes as she moved in an ever quickening up and down stroke along me.

The sight of Kim working my dick with her mouth, sitting on the couch in the living room, lights on, windows open, quickly took me from “full attention” to “ready to blow”.

“God Kim, I’m going to cum…”

Kim promptly intensified her sucking and only a few moments later I came in her mouth, once again grabbing the back of her head, I said “Yes, Kim, suck it dry!”

Kim continued to suck with all the force she could muster until there was nothing left to draw out from me. As I fell back on the couch, Kim pulled back from my rapidly softening member, smiled, pushed her glasses up on her nose and walked to the bathroom to clean up. I promptly pulled up my pants as my mind was racing with the possibilities.

Chapter 3 – The change

Over the next several weeks, Kim and I had several more “study” sessions on the couch, each time I found I could take her a little further.

In the third session, while she was under, I changed Kim’s sexual persona to include the desire to vocalize her needs and desires. It ended with Kim bent over the arm of the couch as I clutched her hair pulling her back and supporting her entire weight through her head. She was panting heavily begging me to go deeper and harder until she finally let out a primal scream of pleasure as she came.

For the fourth session, I had purchased some very revealing clothes for her to wear. While she was in her dreamy state I had given her instructions to believe she had purchased the clothes earlier that day with the intent of wearing them while we had sex tonight. As soon as I stopped massaging her head she took the bag of clothes and went to change in the bedroom. She emerged and was dressed in bright red pumps with four inch stiletto heels, a shiny black vinyl miniskirt and a white tube top with the word “cocksucker” written across the breasts in bright red letters that appeared to be applied with lipstick.

By the end of the month Kim was a completely different person in the bedroom. Sexy, confident and obedient. Able to go from an inexperienced school girl one night to a dirty talking slut the next.

The old adage that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely, is, as far as I’m concerned dead on.

It didn’t take long for my changes to go from our private time to her public time. The first few changes I made could be considered “nice” or “helpful”, at least that is what I was telling myself. That imaginary bulge she had obsessed over for years “disappeared” under her new exercise routine, she quickly developed the ever so sought after ‘flat’ stomach. In addition her stress from school was reduced as I had her drop her astronomy major and she found people acting much more friendly towards her as she started dressing a lot more provocatively to show off her new body.

Soon, nice became convenient. Even one major was cutting into her busy schedule of looking good and having sex, so by the third month I had her drop out of university all together. That of course meant that her grant money dried up, so I had her go to work at the local bar to ensure we could afford to keep the apartment. I made sure she was completely comfortable working in an environment where the key to making big tips was to show off as much skin as possible and flirt like everyone was a potential one night stand.

Convenient quickly degraded to what was best for me. Clothing was no longer required when she was in the apartment. Sex was the foremost thought in her mind, which pretty much kept her in a constant state of arousal. At first, this caused some issues as her intellect remained intact and was having trouble reconciling all the new thoughts and ideas I had placed in her head.

Using what I had learned in our second session about her forgetting my attempt to rush her sexual boundaries, I proceeded to remove all of her memories around her schooling. This effectively reduced her intellect to the point where she could still handle the simple math of her job, but any hope of ever solving even the simplest problems from her math major would have simply had her pouting and stomping a foot in frustration.

By this time I had pretty much stopped going to school, realizing that accounting would never give me the opportunities to use my new abilities to their best effect.

A few times the thought of how corrupt I had become did cross my mind. Absolute corruption would not be a good thing, it would become too obvious and of course, by no means did I have ultimate power, in fact there were some pretty serious limitations on it. I needed to be in close contact to my subjects head for several minutes and for full effect I had to have multiple sessions with the subject. I needed to ensure that the changes I was making to the subject could be explained in a reasonable manner and not noticed by the general public.

I spent most of the next week thinking about the problem, when by accident Kim handed me the solution to it all wrapped up in a pretty little bow.

“Eric, honey, I’m going to get my hair done. I want to get some more blonde highlights. I’ll be back in a couple of hours.”

It was as if a light bulb had turned on above my head! A hair stylist was the perfect solution, they spent minutes at a time rubbing shampoo, conditioner, coloring and who knows what else in the heads of their clients. When a client left they often had significant changes to their style and hair on purpose.

It was time to go back to school to finally get my degree. A hair dressing degree that is.

The change was complete, I had set my path out before me and now it was only time before I achieved my goals.

End of The Beginning

Author’s Notes

This is my first story, please accept my apologies for what sure was a terrible hack job of grammar, spelling and punctuation.

You can contact me for any comments or suggestions at


This is the first of several stories I want to tell in the salon universe, however I have noticed that very often these multi part stories become hard to follow if you don’t start reading them right from when they first start posting. I expect this series to be no different as I will be writing stories both in the “present” of the universe as well as the “past”.

I’m going to try to simplify the task of new readers figuring out where to start the series (and help me keep things straight as well 😉 in two ways:

  • Each story will be named as “The Salon – [x] Story Name”, where ‘x’ will be the sequence in which the story was written, starting at 1 and continually increasing with each new story I write.
  • Each story will have, at its end, this Chronology section which will place the story in the context of all other stories and indicate where in the timeline of the salon universe it falls. The first story in the list will be the first in chronological order up to the demarcation point of “—The Present—“. All stories after this point will be considered to be in the “present” and take place sequentially to each other.

This will allow the reader to see the order I wrote the stories in, as well as how I am evolving the universe as a whole.

“—The Present—” will represent a point in time in which Eric has opened The Salon in its final configuration and has settled comfortably in to his new life. Stories before “—The Present—” will deal with building The Salon and his progression towards his “new” life.

I don’t know how well this will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • The Beginning
  • —The Present—