The Salon – [2] Kim’s New Career

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2008

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SYNOPSIS: Eric finds that his plans are going to take more money than he has, so it’s time for Kim to find a new career to help out.


This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Synopsis: The Story So Far

While giving his girlfriend Kim a head massage, Eric discovers he can alter her mind. Eric proceeds to relieve Kim of most of her sexual inhibitions and has had her drop out of university so that she can work at a local bar to support them both.

To better take advantage of his new found powers, Eric has ended his studies to become an accountant and now plans to go to college to become a hair stylist.

As Eric has begun to formulate his plan for his future, Kim has left to get highlights in her hair.

Chapter 1 – Kim’s Return

Kim returned from the hair salon, as predicted, several hours later with brilliant blonde highlights in her otherwise raven hair. She proceeded to go into the bathroom to freshen up while in the meantime, I had been doing research on the Internet on local hair design colleges in the area. It turned out that they followed pretty much the same schedule as other colleges and universities and as we were right in the middle of a semester, my new schooling would have to wait a little while longer.

My research also turned up another troubling issue; college was expensive, and unlike university there were no scholarships. Kim and I did not have much in the way of savings, while Kim’s current job at the bar paid for the apartment it did not cover much else.

Kim emerged from the bathroom, she was freshly showered and totally naked except for a pair of red four inch pumps.

“Hey Kim, how is business at the bar? Do you think you could pick up a couple of more shifts?”

“Ok, I guess. The guys are nice and all, but they just don’t tip all that much. It’s only really busy on Friday and Saturday night.”

Kim, of course, was right. The bar was mostly a dive; with its “big” crowds on the weekends as the local university students tried to drink as much as they could in a 48 hour period. As alcohol was the primary thing on their minds, tipping the waitress came in a distant second.

“I think it’s time to look for a new job Kim, something where you can get better tips.”

Kim looked deep in thought for a moment and replied, “One of the bartenders said she used to work downtown at a bar called… um… oh what was the name of it…” and promptly stuck her tongue out as if the answer would be magically printed on its tip.

“Oh! I know ‘The Corset and Weasel’! She said she made lots of tips down there!”

“Why did she leave then?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Something about the uniforms and too many guys trying to pick her up or something.”

“Go get dressed Kim, we’ll check it out for lunch today.”

Kim proceeded into the bedroom to get dressed. When she was ready a few minutes later she had chosen a short black mini-skirt with a skin tight red shirt that had a neckline the plummeted to reveal what was a surprising amount of cleavage.

“Geez Kim, what did you do to get that much cleavage showing?”

“Do you like it? I picked up this new bra today while I was out, I hope it’s ok?”

“Ya, it’s fine.” I said with a big smile across my face.

Kim almost beamed out rays of sunlight from the smile she returned to me and quickly moved to my side and looped her arm through mine. The apartment was not too far from the subway line and fifteen minutes after catching a train we found ourselves in front of the bar.

Before we had arrived I had not expected the bar to be very busy on a Wednesday at lunch hour, to my surprise it had several people sitting at it, there were even a couple of tables with people at them. The obvious attraction of the bar however was the waitresses. Young, beautiful, many well endowed and all wearing the ‘uniform’ for the establishment.

The uniform was a sight to see; thigh-high black vinyl boots, white stockings leading up to a red mini skirt which was part of a black corset. The top of the corset had a slight fringe of white lace around it and from there was nothing but skin showing all the way from the tips of their fingers to the top of their heads.

Kim and I took a seat in an available booth and a few minutes later one of the waitresses came over to take our order.

“Hi, my name is Sarah, what can I get you guys to start with?”

I replied, “I’ll have a beer and Kim will have a water.”

As the waitress left, Kim leaned into the table as said “I don’t know how they breathe in those things, I could never wear one.”

After staring at her new found cleavage for another few seconds I responded, “I don’t know Kim, you’d be amazed at what you can do. Hey the guy at the end of the bar looks to be the manager, why don’t you go over and see if they are hiring?”

Kim paused for a moment, shuffled out of the booth and walked over to the manager.

Sarah, the waitress returned with our drinks and asked, “Are you ready to order? Or do you want to wait?”

“We’re good to go. I’ll have the club house; Kim will have the chicken salad. Thanks.”

As Sarah left, I looked over to see Kim talking to the manager, who seemed mostly be smiling as he was looking at Kim’s breasts. The manager turned towards the back room and quickly disappeared from sight. Kim continued to stand at the end of the bar, fidgeting a bit, glancing at the waitresses as they took orders to the various tables.

A few minutes later, the manager emerged with a clip board, after another brief conversation with Kim he wrote something down on the clipboard and handed Kim what looked like a business card. Kim turned around and headed back to our booth.

“Well, what did he say?”

“He said I could do the Friday day shift if I could get to the uniform shop by then.”

Kim looked concerned, as for me, I had already started thinking about the extra money she would be making and how best to use it. I only had two and half months before the next semester started and I’d need tuition before then.

“So where’s the uniform store?”

Kim extended her hand across the table and said, “He gave me this card.”

Looking at the card, it was for a store a few blocks from the bar, ‘Uniforms and More Clothiers’, which was almost on our way back home. I now knew for sure what the main draw this pub was, and so after paying for lunch we left to do some shopping.

Chapter 2 – Job Training

The uniform store was mostly a business affair; racks of standard uniforms for just about any job lined the aisles. A small section at the back seemed to cater to the bar/club scene, with various outfits that revealed a little more than was practical in most cases.

The store new exactly the outfit Kim was looking for, as the pub was a recurring client. The uniform had several ‘standard’ sizes and finding the appropriate one for Kim didn’t take long.

I waited for Kim to return from a quick fitting to ensure that everything fitted correctly and we once again headed out, several bags in hand. Kim continued to look uncomfortable, shifting the shopping bag she was carrying from one hand to another and back again.

“Everything ok Kim? Want me to carry that too?”

“Yea, everything’s fine.” she responded half heartedly.

“Don’t worry about anything Kim, when we get home, I’ll give you a relaxing massage.”

Kim immediately perked up and handed me the shopping bag.

Once back at the apartment, I handed Kim the packages and said, “Here, why don’t you try it on so I can see how it looks, then I’ll give you that massage.”

Kim hesitantly took the bags from my hand and went in to the bedroom to change. When she returned she looked simply gorgeous. The black, shiny boots hugged her legs and the contrast with the bright white stockings highlighted their length. The corset was the ‘piece de resistance’; it brought her waist in just an inch or so and pushed her breasts up and together, making her cleavage appear to be a deep chasm with no end.

The worried look on Kim’s face, however, had returned and she looked pained to be wearing something so tight around her waist.

“I really don’t like it Eric, please can I take it off now?”

“Come over here and have a seat with me. I’m sure it will grow on you.”

Kim complied, and as best she could with the corset on, sat down beside me.

“Just turn a little bit away from me Kim, yeah that’s got it.”

As Kim completed her turn, I laid my hands on her head and started to massage. It only took a few seconds for Kim’s body language to completely change; uptight and rigid quickly eased into relaxed and soft. Each time I had taken Kim in to this trance like state it had been easier and faster, now it was almost instantaneous.

“How are you feeling Kim?”

“…ok eric…”

“What do you think about the uniform for your new work?”

“…i don’t like it; it’s tight around my waist…”

As I had suspected, a remnant of Kim’s past hang-up about her midsection was still with her. The corset was just the ultimate expression of Kim’s fear.

“You like it when I touch your waist.”

“…ya…that’s different…”

“No, it’s the same. The corset feels just like me holding your waist.”

“…just like you…”

“In fact you want to wear the corset, it reminds you of when I place my hands around your waist while we’re having sex.”

“…your hands…my waist…having sex…”

“That’s good Kim, you feel sexy in your new uniform.”

“…sexy in my uniform…”

“And you want to have sex tonight in the uniform. In fact you need to have sex in the uniform tonight.”

“…want…need…sex in uniform…”

“The uniform shows off your ass, doesn’t it?”

“…uh hun…”

“The uniform draws attention to your ass, doesn’t it?”


“Since you are sexy in the uniform and the uniform shows off your ass, when you are in the uniform and having sex, you need to have anal sex.”

Kim stuttered the response as she tried to accept the command I had given her, “…y…y…ye…yes…”

“Want do you want when you are in the uniform Kim?”

Kim responded with a little more confidence, “…ana…anal sex…”

“I don’t believe you yet Kim, once more, what do you want?”

This time with no hesitation at all, “…anal sex…”

“That’s good Kim. Now I want you to remember that you have always wanted anal sex when in your new uniform. From the moment you saw it in the pub, you knew you wanted me to take you in the ass while you were wearing it. You won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the massage; just that it was very pleasurable.”

As I stopped the massage, Kim blinked and returned to a full state of alertness, but unlike before, she was still completely at ease. Kim ran her hands down the corset, stopping at its thinnest point and said, “I think I can get it tighter, don’t you?”

Placing my hands on top of hers I said, “I don’t know, it makes your ass look pretty good as it is.”

Kim turned around quickly, “You think so too? I love the way it makes my ass look.”

Kim stood up, turned around, moved her feet apart and proceeded to bend over, giving me a clear view of the fact she was not wearing any panties. I grabbed both her ass cheeks and gave them a firm squeeze, forcing them apart slightly.

“God Eric, that feels great, can you see my asshole?”

Placing my finger on the rim of her asshole, I responded, “You mean this?” and started to trace a circle around it.

Kim quivered a bit and squealed, “Yes! Just like that Eric! Don’t stop!”

“I think we’re going to need some lube if you want to keep going in this direction Kim.”

“I’ll get it. I need to have anal sex in this uniform tonight Eric.”

As Kim stood up to go in to the bedroom I said, “I can’t see your ass anymore Kim, get down on all fours and make sure I can see it as you crawl in to the bedroom.”

Kim immediately dropped down to her hands and knees and thrust her ass as far into the air as she could. She giggled a bit and responded, “Like this?”

I smiled at her and said, “That will d. Now hurry up.”

I undressed and a few moments later Kim crawled back out of the bedroom with a bottle of lube between her teeth. The view was not nearly as good as before but she hurried as much as possible to get back to me. As she shuffled across the floor, her glasses began to slide down her nose, threatening to fall off at any moment. I was seated on the couch when she arrived; I took the bottle of lube and said “We don’t need this yet. You have to get me hard first.”

Kim went to grab me and I stopped her, “No hands tonight, I want to see them firmly fixed on the floor for the entire evening. You will, however, have to lose the glasses I’m afraid.”

Kim placed her glasses on the coffee table, her hands on the carpet and with a little effort managed to take me into her mouth. Kim’s technique had improved vastly since that second session; she quickly found a rhythm that allowed her to suck, lick and blow in an awesome series of actions that seemed to be one. I quickly came to full attention.

I grabbed Kim’s hair and pulled her off me and back a bit, allowing me room to stand up. Still with a firm grip on her hair, I guided her over to an open area of the room and said, “Now let’s see about that ass of yours. Get it up in the air for me.”

While Kim’s hands were still firmly planted on the carpet, she raised her ass up into the air, this forced her to push her chest and stomach into the carpet as hard as she could. Once in position, she turned her head and upper body to the left so she could see over her shoulder to look up at me.

Kim immediately saw her skirt had fallen down, covering her asshole once more. A slight panic flashed across her face as she realized I could no longer gain access to her, she proceeded to gyrate her ass wildly, trying to flick the offending skirt on to her back. After several attempts, she succeeded and a satisfied smile appeared across her face.

I took the bottle of lube and squirted a small amount on to my fingers and then more on to her asshole and began to work it in.

“Oh god, yes! Rub that lube into my asshole Eric.”

Placing my tip on to her virgin ass, I began gently rubbing the lube around the opening. Then with a slight push, I slid in to about half way up my shaft.

“Yes!!! That feels so tight Eric, I want you to fuck my ass right now!”

Placing my hands on her waist, I pulled out a little bit and said, “Are you sure Kim?”

Kim tried to push back on to me and said, “No, don’t pull out! Fuck my ass right now! I need you to fuck my ass while I’m wearing my uniform!”

Pushing gently in farther, I managed to get my shaft half way in, all the while Kim moaning and grunting.

“I don’t know if I can get in any farther Kim, your asshole is really tight!”

“Fuck my tight little asshole Eric, I can take it, go all the way in, I need you to.”

Kim pushed back hard and I slid the rest of the way in, as Kim felt her ass rest on my pelvis, she let out a scream of pleasure. Holding Kim firm with my hands around her waist, I pulled back and started a slow constant stroke, each time Kim calling out another cry of pleasure.

“Harder Eric, Faster… I want you to cum in my ass!”

“Are you going to cum with me Kim? Are you going to have an orgasm from me fucking you in the ass?”

“Yes! I want to cum with you! Fuck my ass and I’ll cum when you do!”

By now Kim’s asshole had loosened up slightly and with a generous amount of lube I was able to get a clean, fast, hard stroke in to her. Picking up my pace, hearing Kim’s ass slap against me and the feel of the corset around her waist put me over the edge.

“I’m going to cum Kim, are you ready?”

“Yes! Cum in my ass Eric!”

With a final thrust, I pushed Kim into the carpet, face first and came. Kim’s yowl, as she felt my cum fill her ass, was quickly followed by her own orgasm.

Pulling out, Kim rolled over, panting heavily. The imprint of the carpet on her face and red carpet burns on her knees where her stockings had fallen down due to the constant motion.

I chuckled, “It’s a good thing you’re going to be wearing those stockings to work Kim, there might otherwise be some awkward questions.”

Kim just smiled and gave a little giggle.

Chapter 3 – Money Talks

Kim’s new job had worked out very well; she had doubled her tips from the old place and was a hit with the regulars. With little over a month before my tuition was due, I was well on my way to having the money I needed to move my plans forward.

It was at this time I started to think about the future, not the future I had once contemplated as an accountant, but what I would do after college. Unlike accounting, which required little overhead, a hair salon had significant costs associated with it to get started.

Hair dryers, custom plumbing, signage, advertising and all kinds of other supplies and tools. No bank would give a new graduate and his waitress girlfriend a loan to start a new business without a large investment up front to show that I had too much to lose not to succeed.

Without a degree and years of experience, there was no way I could make the kind of money I needed and Kim was in the same boat. Even if Kim still possessed all her knowledge from before, no employer would hire us for anything more than simple grunt work that paid minimally at best. What I needed was a job that Kim could do while I went to school with her current skill set.

The problem was on my mind one Friday night while I was sitting at the bar in ‘The Corset and Weasel’ having a beer. It was getting late when two middle aged men came in and stumbled down the bar and sat beside me. Their speech was slurred and they reeked of alcohol, they had obviously already been at another bar and been thrown out.

Having nothing better to do while I waited for Kim to finish her shift, I half heartedly tried to listen to their conversation, which seemed to be primarily focused on the bouncers that had thrown them out of the last bar.

Kim walked by to get another order and both men suddenly became very quiet, their heads following her all the way down the bar. As they finished the stare, they made eye contact with me and one of them, in a slurred tone, a hand half way up pointing towards Kim, said, “Ya, ya, ya know what buddy? We were just at the str, stri, tity bar and I’d pay good money to, to, to see that hotie ne, ne, naked.”

At which point he slapped his friends shoulder and continued on about the bouncers. Standing up, I walked over to Kim and told her I was heading home, I had some work to do.

When I arrived home, a quick Internet search turned up several strip clubs in the city, one right by the university campus, a couple downtown and a few in the suburbs. Finding a review site for the local establishments took a little more digging, but not too much.

It appeared, that just like the pub, the strip club by the university had a bad reputation. Seedy and mostly university students too drunk to get dances. The ones in the suburbs seemed to have the best reviews, but were just too far away as we didn’t have a car. The downtown clubs seemed to be the best bet. One name ‘The Pink Pole’ seemed to have a reputation of high class clientele and very good security.

Kim arrived home after her shift, looking tired and ready of bed. I was still at the computer finishing the research.

“How was the rest of the night?”

“Busy. Those drunk guys that were sitting near you tried to grab my ass, but the bouncers caught them before there was any trouble.”

“That’s a good thing, after all that’s my ass to grab.”

With a giggle and a smile she responded, “Any time, baby!”

I moved from the computer over to the couch, “Come over here and sit on my lap Kim.”

Without hesitation, Kim came over and sat down. My fingers quickly moved to her head and started massaging. Kim fell back on to me as I continued, mere seconds later she was fully under my influence.

“Kim, how do you like your job?”

“…i like it a lot…”

“What do you like most about it?”

“…the corset is sexy…feels like having sex with you…”

“You like wearing sexy clothes, having men look at you in sexy outfits.”


“You want a job that lets you feel that way all the time.”

“…all the time…”

“A job that lets you show everyone in the room that you’re a sexy woman.”

“…a sexy woman…”

“The kind of job that lets you show off your body.”


“A job where you get paid to show off your body.”

“…paid…show off body…”

“Do you know what job would let you do that?”

“…i…i…i…don’t now…”

“It’s an exotic dancer.”

Kim’s response was one of confusion, “…exotic dancer?…”

“Yes, you know, a stripper. You want to be a stripper.”

Kim’s confusion seemed to clear and she responded, “…i want…to be…a stripper…”

“Very good Kim, tell me what you want to be and what you want to do.”

“…i want to be a stripper…dancer…show off my body…be sexy…get paid…”

“That’s good Kim, but a stripper has to do lap dances as well, to keep the client interested and paying. What do you do when you give a client a lap dance?”

“…dance close…touch their body…make them stay longer…”

“That’s very good Kim. Now you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the massage, but when I stop, you will just know you want to be a stripper. On Sunday afternoon you will suggest we should go to a strip club that night, just for something different. When we get home, you’ll tell me you want to work at whatever club we went to and that you are going to quit your job at the pub. Do you understand?”


As I finished the massage, Kim continued to lay on me. I placed my arms around her and gave her breasts a squeeze, “I think it’s time for bed Kim.”

Kim tilted her head back, puckered her lips and I leaned into a passionate kiss. Once our lip lock was broken she said, “I can think of something better to do than go TO bed honey.”

Chapter 4 – The Club

Kim and I arrived at ‘The Pink Pole’ at around 10pm. As it was a Sunday night it was quiet, however the few patrons that were there all looked over to see what kind of couple would be coming in. Several jaws dropped as Kim had gone all out. A simple one piece red dress that started dangerously high, it appeared to be painted on as it hugged her waist and then split in two and continued up her torso revealing everything from her navel onwards. It once again joined together behind her neck, leaving her entire back open from just above her ass.

Kim had applied a heavy coat of makeup that screamed ‘sex kitten’ and had spent hours getting her hair to stand out in a voluminous cloud that hung around her head. Her six inch transparent high heels and a small gold purse completed the look.

We sat down near the back of the bar in a booth with a good view of the stage, but out of the way of most onlookers. The club had comfortable love seats, which appeared to be in good condition. Several dancers were pacing back and forth, looking for the next client and a few remained stationary by the bar, apparently content that on a Sunday night, nothing much was going to happen.

A waitress soon came over and asked, “What will you have?”

I replied, “Two bottles of water please.”

Twelve dollars later, Kim and I were cuddling on the love seat drinking bottled water. Kim had a look of pure awe on her face as she followed the dancer on stage through her set of songs.

“Geez Kim, you seem to like this place more than me!?”

“I love it here Eric! It’s the best!”

The dancer on stage, a large breasted blonde, finished her set and moved off to get changed. The next dancer was a much taller brunette, but with smaller breasts. Several songs later we had our first dancer come over to proposition us, “Do you want a dance?”

To put it kindly, the dancer was not in her prime and I declined. Several more dancers walked by and seemed to think about approaching us, but each time continued on without saying so much as a word. Kim seemed disappointed each time.

“Why don’t they come over and talk to us?” she asked.

“Must be intimidated by you, they probably don’t get many women in here.”

Just as I was saying this, the blonde from the stage show we had seen earlier, overheard us as she was passing by. She promptly made a ninety degree turn and joined us in our loveseat.

“Hi, I’m Kelli” she beamed as she wiggled her way between us. She was wearing a classic ‘school girl’ outfit; a plaid skirt, and a white top tied in a knot just under her breasts.

“Nice to meet you Kelli. I’m Eric and this is Kim.”

We all shook hands. Kim’s smile seemed to stretch from ear to ear.

Kelli continued, “So what bring a sexy couple like you out to a place like this on a Sunday night?”

The small talk continued for a while and eventually Kelli asked if we would like a dance, “Sure, but it’s for Kim, as long as that’s alright?”

Kelli giggled and replied, “Absolutely! I love dancing for hot ladies.”

Kim blushed a deep red that virtually matched her dress. I shuffled over a bit so Kelli could get full access to Kim for the dances. As the next song started, Kelli straddled Kim and rested gently down on her legs. Kelli slowly wiggled her ass from side to side and back and forth as Kim rested her hands on Kelli’s legs.

Kelli leaned in; cupping her breasts, and began to rub them on to Kim’s own breasts. Once the first song was over Kelli took off her top, revealing two large, gravity defying orbs. Each had a small but prominent nipple on it which was fully erect. Kelli squealed a bit, “Oh, they seem to like you Kim. Go ahead, you can touch them.”

Kim reached out and tentatively touched Kelli’s breasts, one in each hand and squeezing them slightly. As the second song started, Kelli shifted positions and stood up. Turning around, she deftly removed her skirt as she completed her revolution. Kelli then knelt down between Kim’s legs and proceeded to gently ‘lick’ Kim’s pussy through her dress.

Kelli continued to dance for several more songs and by the time she was finished, Kim was panting, blushing and asking question after question about the dances, what was allowed and what it was like.

Kelli stayed for a while longer and we all chatted some more. After a song or two, Kim had regained her composure and once Kelli had left, turned to me and said she was ready to go whenever I was.

When we arrived home, we sat on the couch and relaxed for a bit. Kim seemed ready to tell me ‘her’ decision several times, but instead she deflated back in to the couch and continued to sit in silence. Finally, Kim summoned up her courage, turned to me and declared, “I’m going to be a stripper. I’m going to work at ‘The Pink Pole’.”

Questioningly I responded, “Really?”

“Yes! Absolutely!”

“In that case, I think you had better go put on your uniform from the pub and show me exactly how much you want it.”

Kim leapt from the couch and rushed to change, this was going to be another good night. With her new job, I was confident the future of The Salon was secure.

End of Kim’s New Career

Author’s Notes

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This is the first of several stories I want to tell in the salon universe, however I have noticed that very often these multi part stories become hard to follow if you don’t start reading them right from when they first start posting. I expect this series to be no different as I will be writing stories both in the “present” of the universe as well as the “past”.

I’m going to try to simplify the task of new readers figuring out where to start the series (and help me keep things straight as well 😉 in two ways:

  • Each story will be named as “The Salon – [x] Story Name”, where ‘x’ will be the sequence in which the story was written, starting at 1 and continually increasing with each new story I write.
  • Each story will have, at its end, this Chronology section which will place the story in the context of all other stories and indicate where in the timeline of the salon universe it falls. The first story in the list will be the first in chronological order up to the demarcation point of “—The Present—“. All stories after this point will be considered to be in the “present” and take place sequentially to each other.

This will allow the reader to see the order I wrote the stories in, as well as how I am evolving the universe as a whole.

“—The Present—” will represent a point in time in which Eric has opened The Salon in its final configuration and has settled comfortably in to his new life. Stories before “—The Present—” will deal with building The Salon and his progression towards his “new” life.

I don’t know how well this will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • The Beginning
  • Kim’s New Career
  • —The Present—