The Salon – [3] College Days

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SYNOPSIS: Eric finds that his plans are going to take more money than he has, so it’s time for Kim to find a new career to help out.


This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Synopsis: The Story So Far

While giving his girlfriend Kim a head massage, Eric discovers he can alter her mind. Eric proceeds to relive Kim of most of her sexual inhibitions and has had her drop out of university and become a stripper at ‘The Pink Pole’, a downtown club.

Eric has just started attending college to become a hair stylist.

Chapter 1 – The First Semester

The college was a small affair, operated out of the offices above a small strip mall a few blocks from the university. Like many small colleges, they had tried to make up for the unimposing facilities with an impressive sounding name, The Universal College of Hair Design. Most of the staff had taken to using the acronym (TUCHD) and simply pronounced it as touched.

The course comprised of three semesters, each taking three months to complete. A much simpler course than either Kim or I had planned for our university career. The first semester was mostly the theoretical details of hair design. What the different kinds of hair styles there were, what kinds of products could be used. What products you didn’t want to use together, etc. We were then allowed to practice what we had learned on mannequins, to gain experience before we tried our new skills on actual people.

The course ran from 9am to 4pm each day and overall didn’t present much of a challenge. Each day I would arrive home shortly after 5pm and Kim would be waiting for my return, dinner ready and her eager for me to finish so that she could service me in whatever fashion struck my fancy that night.

Many of these nights were just quick blowjobs or a quick romp on the couch as she needed to get ready for work at The Pink Pole. Kim was working 7 days a week now, each night heading in to the club for 7pm and not getting home again until well after 3am. After every shift she would bring home a large pile of cash that would go into ‘The Fund’.

During this time, the fund was primarily used for our living expenses as well as my college costs. However, the fund was easily keeping up with these expenses and most of the extra started going into a savings account for the future requirements of the salon. The remaining money was used to spruce up Kim’s wardrobe and the apartment.

My class was composed of 16 students, 13 women and three men. The students varied across many different cultures and social statuses, but they mostly fell in to the stereotypical groups you would associate with hair styling. The gay guy, the hot chicks (ok, this group was larger than any other, comprising almost half the students), the ‘older’ ladies changing jobs (mostly in their late twenties or early thirties).

Our instructor was named Lana, a very pretty Spanish lady in her early thirties that seemed to enjoy teaching the class and was very good at working with some of the students that had trouble keeping up. A few weeks before the end of the first semester Lana made an announcement to the class at the end of the day.

“Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’re almost done the semester; the next semester will begin your practical work. That means you get to leave the dummies behind. To help you through the transition you’re going to be teamed up with a classmate, so for the last couple of weeks here you’ll start working with them during class so you get to know them and how they work. The last thing we need is to have someone expect a comb to be on their table when it’s actually a pair of scissors and have a nasty accident!”

“Before you get your hopes up, I’ve assigned the teams myself to try and balance out the groups. The names are posted outside on the bulletin board and there will be no swapping of partners allowed.”

The class was dismissed and we all quickly headed out to see the assignments. It couldn’t have been worse; I had been teamed up with Sandra. Sandra fell in the ‘hot chicks’ group, or more accurately, at the top of that group. The problem was that she knew she was at the top and spent as much time flaunting it as working on her course material.

I quickly ducked back into the classroom before Lana could leave.

“Hi Lana, can I talk to you about the team assignments?”

“I know what you’re going to say Eric, but as I said, I tried to balance the teams. You’re a great student, you know the material and you seem to really be interested in getting all you can out of the course. Perhaps you can help Sandra avoid doing something stupid to one of her clients over the next semester.”


“It’s only three months, then you’ll be on your own for the final semester. See you tomorrow Eric.”

And with that the conversation was over. I’d be stuck with Sandra for three months; all I could do was hope for the best, and for time to speed up.

Chapter 2 – Sandra in Charge

Perhaps the only thing worse than a beautiful woman who knew it, was one that didn’t know anything else but thought she did. Sandra was the classic blonde beauty, with shoulder length hair, blue eyes, full and perky breasts with a well defined hour glass shape. If she paid even a little bit of attention to her school work it would have been a reasonable experience having her as a team mate.

It had been several weeks since we had been teamed up and each day brought a new horror to my life. For the second semester, each team had been given a series of styles they had to do on people that came in from the street for “free” haircuts each Monday in a clinic the college held.

This was the first week of the clinic and Sandra had come in to the clinic dressed to the nines; a one piece yellow dress, black stiletto heels, makeup and hair done perfectly. Under any other circumstances she would be a site to behold, however as this was supposed to be a workday, it was inappropriate.

“Sandra, how are you going to get anything done today dressed like that?”

“Oh, Eric, I can’t do anything today, I’m going out right after we’re done here. You’re going to have to do all the clients today.”

“I don’t think so Sandra. You have to come to the clinic to work, not just watch me do your work for you.”

“Well Eric, if you don’t do it I’m not going to. Then we’ll both get a failing grade.”

Sandra ended the conversation by turning around and heading to the bathroom, leaving me staring at her ass as she walked away. My jaw was half way to the floor, unfortunately, while her ass was very nice and swayed seductively as she walked, it was not the reason for it. Instead it would seem I would be doing her work as well as my own today.

The day progressed slowly and throughout it, Sandra screamed commands at me. Every little thing I did was wrong and nothing was good enough. By the time it was over I had a splitting headache.

The second week, Sandra didn’t even show up and when she finally did the next day it was with a flimsy excuse about a long weekend road trip with her boyfriend. Of course, this had not been a long weekend. She had used all the traditional charms of her beauty, staring at me with her big blue eyes, batting her lashes, chewing on her long blonde hair, pouting and almost even broke in to fake tears. None of it worked on me as it only deepened my contempt for her.

The third week, she showed up hung over with dark sunglasses and a white shall wrapped around her head. I had not planned on using my powers in such a public place as the clinic, but Sandra had convinced me to take the chance. I was not sure how long it would take me to get Sandra into the trance like state, or how much I would be able to change the first time, but it was time to find out.

The hair clinic usually ran from 11am till 4pm and afterwards the students could use the facilities to practice. The fourth week, Sandra didn’t show up until 2:30 and only managed to get one person done. That was a huge improvement of course, but the result took me another 45 minutes to fix after the mess she had made of it.

By the time I was finished it was almost 4:30; Sandra and I were the only ones left in the clinic and, as the client left, I said, “Hey Sandra, have you read the entire list of the designs we have to complete?”

“Umm, yea of course I have!” she said with indignation.

“Well there’s a couple on here that might be a real challenge. Look at this one here, the Rachel, no one wants one of those anymore.”

“We’ll just check it off Eric, who’s going to know?”

The Rachel wasn’t even on the list, proving that she hadn’t even looked. But then again, that wasn’t what I really wanted anyway.

“We have to get photos, remember? No photo, no credit.”

Sandra quickly tried to recover, “Shit, I, uh, forgot.”

“Look Sandra, why don’t I do your hair tonight so we can get one off the list.”

“I don’t want to be stuck with a silly hair cut!”

“It would just be for a week, I could redo it again next week. Look we need to get some of these done; we only have eight weeks left.”

“Fine, but you’d better do a good job, or else.”

Sandra came over and sat down in the chair as I started to run the water. She leaned back and I started to move in to wet her hair when she grabbed my arm and looked me straight in the eye.

“And don’t be staring at my breasts either!”

Which of course drew my eyes directly to them. Sandra had very large breasts that always had as much cleavage showing as possible. The rumors around the class were that they were natural, but that seemed unlikely with how prominently they stood out from her chest.

Quickly getting re-focused on her head, I wetted her hair down and then began to rub in some shampoo. Sandra closed her eyes to avoid getting any soap in them, but remained tense. As I continued to massage the shampoo in to her head, Sandra began to relax and I could see her body slump back in the chair.

“How are you feeling Sandra?”

“…Really good…” she responded, it was slow and deliberate, but not to the level I had seen Kim sink to.

I continued to rub the shampoo in and then proceeded to rinse it out. I then added the conditioner and Sandra let out a heavy sigh.

“Does the conditioner feel good Sandra?”

“…uh hun…”

There it was. The dreamy far away voice I had heard from Kim so many times over the last few months, was now coming from Sandra. With Kim it was now to the point where she almost instantly fell into the trance the moment I started the massage, Sandra had taken at least five minutes; longer than even Kim her first time.

“Sandra, why have you not been doing your school work?”

“…don’t want to…can get you to do it…”

“That’s not very nice, now is it?”


“You want to do your school work.”

“…want to do school work…”

“You’re going to try your hardest to be a good student. You need to pass the course and get your certificate so you can have a job in the future.”


“Very good Sandra, now I’ve been very nice to you these last few weeks, covering for your lack of effort. You need to make it up to me.”

“…need to make it up…”

“Are your breasts real Sandra?”

“…no…sweet sixteen present…”

Well, at least my curiosity was satisfied.

“You’re want to show me your breasts, you want me to fondle them, to suck them to make it up to me.”

Sandra didn’t respond immediately and only after a few moments start to tense up, “I don’t want…”

“That’s ok Sandra, forget I asked.”

Sandra immediately relaxed again as I continued to work the conditioner into her head. Sandra’s limit under this first session seemed to be very low, not wanting to risk a problem and have her come out of her relaxed state, I decided to try something simpler.

“Now then, to make it up to me you’re going to be nicer to me, smile and give me a hug each time you see me. Each time we hug, you are going to think of how nice I am and how much you like me. Each time you hug me, you are going to like me a little bit more.”

Continuing to respond in her dreamy voice, Sandra said, “…smile…hug…like you more…”

“Now, each week after we’re done the clinic, you’re going to ask me to re-do your hair style. You want me to take you back to this state each week so you can relax completely again.”

“…new style…each week…”

“Very good Sandra, now you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the shampoo; just that it was very relaxing. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”


I rinsed the last of the conditioner from her hair and toweled off the excess water. Sandra opened her eyes and said, “That was very relaxing Eric!”

She gave me a big smile as I raised her chair up from the sink and turned it around. I continued to work on her new hair cut for a while longer and once complete took a photograph.

“Well, I’ve got to go Eric, see you tomorrow.”

Sandra once again smiled, leaned in and gave me a hug, before she walked out of the clinic. Sandra’s first session had shown me how far I could go with someone who had little but contempt for me. It was a significant change, considering what I had started with.

Chapter 3 – Sandra’s New Do

The rest of the week went much smoother; Sandra was attentive in class, participated in all of the work and even read the assignment sheet. Luckily she didn’t seem to notice the fact the hair style she was wearing wasn’t on the list, but like clockwork, each day when we arrived at class, she smiled and gave me a hug.

Her attitude towards me had made a complete about face. The other students we not so lucky. While Sandra had continued to berate and belittle the other students, she at least was pulling her own weight.

The next Monday she arrived promptly at 11am for the clinic, we setup in our station and proceeded to attend to the customers as they came in. Sandra was surprisingly good, and continued to improve throughout the day. It was obvious that while she had blown off the work, she was completely capable of being a very good hair stylist as long as she applied herself.

Sandra was no longer contemptuous or even ambivalent towards me; instead she wanted to relate her life story to me. Everything from how “unfair” her life was, having to get a job after graduation and all, to how pissed off she was at her boyfriend after he expected her to “put out” over the weekend. This continued as we went for our short “lunch” break at 1pm and right through till the end of the day.

Apparently I had traded one problem for another with Sandra.

As we finished the clinic for the day, I was tiding up our area when Sandra sat down in the chair and said, “So I guess it’s time scratch off another one of those hairdos from our list.”

“Sounds good to me, which one would you like?”

“Oh I don’t care, surprise me!”

I proceeded to wet her hair down again and start the shampoo. Like last time, Sandra began to relax and after only 3 minutes or so released a long sigh from between her bright red lips.

As the last of the students filed out of the clinic, I prompted Sandra to see if she was ready.

“Are you fully relaxed Sandra?”


“How do you feel towards me now?”

“…you’re a really nice guy…like you a lot…”

“That’s nice Sandra, but you still don’t like other people much, do you?”


“From now on, you are going to like everyone you meet. You want them to like you. You need others to like you.”

“…like everyone…need others to like me…”

“People like you more Sandra when you smile and remain silent, unless you are spoken to.”


“That’s good Sandra.”

It was time to see how far I could go on our second session together.

“Sandra, you want to have sex with me, you need to have sex with me.”

Sandra tensed up, “No, I…”

“That’s ok Sandra, forget about it now.”

Sandra relaxed again.

“Sandra, now that you like me so much, you want to take our friendship to the next level.”

“…next level…”

“You want to be friends with some benefits, some petting and oral sex are good benefits.”

“…petting…oral sex…”

“You love to give me blowjobs.”

“…love to give you blowjobs…”

“You want my cum all over your face and in your hair.”

“…in my face and hair…”

“Good Sandra, now that we’re friends with benefits, you cannot have a boyfriend, so you are going to dump him tonight.”


“One last thing Sandra, you are turned on by being photographed. Especially when you are having sex.”

“…turned on…photographed…sex…”

“Very good Sandra, now you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the shampoo; just that it was very relaxing. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”


And with that, I finished the conditioner and continued to style Sandra’s hair. Sandra remained very quiet throughout the styling, smiling and apparently happy that I was getting close to being finished. Once I had completed my work, I had restyled her hair almost back to its original design from last week.

“So, what do you think?”

“It’s fantastic Eric, thank you! You’re such a good friend.”

“No problem Sandra, hold still while I snap a photo.”

I grabbed the camera from the counter and Sandra posed for me. Sandra’s cheeks seem to redden a bit as she stood up and I could see her nipples had hardened.

“Have a seat Eric, I’ll, uh, do you now!”

As I sat down with the camera still in my hand, she nervously looked around to see if anyone was still in the clinic. It was late enough that we were the last ones left.

“You know Sandra, you can’t do much with my hair. It’s pretty short.”

Sandra dropped down to her knees, pulled up her shirt and “popped” her breasts out from her bra. Sandra then responded, “That’s ok, I wasn’t thinking of working on the hair on the top of your head.”

She quickly opened my zipper and pulled me from the confines of by pants. With a deft, practiced touch she stroked me to attention and then placed her lips around my tip.

“Damn Sandra, that’s good. Look up at me while you do that.”

As she took my shaft in deeper, she looked up with those big blue eyes, framed by the blonde hair, with her ruby red lips firmly sucking me, I snapped a photo. Sandra closed her eyes for a moment and seemed to smile.

“You’re sucking so well Sandra. I’m going to have to put these photos in my scrap book.”

Sandra went into overdrive, seeing the flash increased her desire for me and was all she needed to pick up the pace. As Sandra continued to slide up and down for several more minutes, I continued to take photos. Each time the flash went off, Sandra sucked a little harder, tried to go a little deeper and tried to smile even though her mouth was otherwise occupied.

“I think I’m ready Sandra… are you ready?”

Sandra pulled back from me, grabbed my shaft with both hands and continued to work me. “Yes Eric, I’m ready, I want you to cum on my face. I need you to cum in my hair. Please Eric, cum on me.”

Between Sandra’s handjob and her vocal encouragement, I was pushed over the edge and came all over her face and hair. To my surprise, she began to licked the cum from her face and then funnel the rest of it to her mouth with her fingers to swallow.

I didn’t know what I had expected Sandra to do with the cum after I was finished, but her decision was better than anything I could of thought of. Not wanting to waste the beautiful scene Sandra had given me, I snapped several more photos of her. As she swallowed the last bit of cum, I took one last photo and Sandra’s entire body shivered, as if having an orgasm and she let out a deep moan.

“Damn Sandra, you are one good cocksucker.”

“Thank you Eric, I love to suck your cock.”

Sandra stood up and went to the mirror to finish cleaning up, fixed her hair and said, “Bye. See you tomorrow.”

Chapter 4 – Final Clinic

Sandra’s new attitude went over very well in class; each day would start off with a simple hello and hug. She remained quiet until the teacher asked her a question, at which point she promptly answered it and once more sat quietly.

Each week, at the clinic, Sandra and I would do our required work and once everyone had left, I would restyle her hair. Sandra would then proceed to take her shirt off and to give me a blowjob, each time I added new photos to my scrap book.

The changes in Sandra over the last few weeks had been a liberating experience for me. Taking Sandra from being an arrogant self centered bitch, to a good natured, helpful, courteous woman made me feel like I had made a change for the better. In fact, I felt that making any change to her was in of itself a good thing.

The semester progressed far easier than I had expected after those first few weeks, at least since the sessions I had with re-styling Sandra’s hair. Sandra had, once she applied herself, quickly become a very good hair stylist. Between her talents in the salon as well as her oral skill, I had decided to make a few more changes to her during our last session together in the clinic.

Just like with Kim, each session with Sandra had been easier and happened faster. After the fifth session, it only took seconds for Sandra to fall under my control. Now, many sessions later, it was no different. I proceeded with my planned changes as soon as she was fully entranced.

“Sandra, we’re coming up to the end of the semester, so there are going to be some changes happening.”


“Now that we’re friends with some benefits, it’s time to go even farther. You want to give me all the benefits you can.”

“…all benefits…”

“Anything I want to do with you, you will eagerly accept. Blowjobs, sex, threesomes or anything else.”

Sandra lapped it up as quickly as she could, “…blowjobs…sex…threesomes…anything…”

“When you graduate, you will keep in touch with me. When I make you an offer, you will accept it.”

“…keep in touch…accept offer…”

“You will make yourself available to me any time I want.”

“…available any time…”

“That’s good Sandra, now you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the shampoo; just that it was very relaxing. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”


Sandra came out of the trance immediately as I stopped massaging her head, and after a quick clean up I sat down in the chair with my pants around my knees. As usual Sandra removed her top and bra, but this time continued to remove her skirt and panties as well.

“Eric, I think it’s time you had all the benefits our friendship has to offer.”

With a satisfied smile, I took another photo of Sandra and her nipples immediately stood at attention.

“Alright Sandra, sounds good to me.”

With my first hair stylist committed to working at the salon, I had my first employee that I knew would do everything she could to make my business a success.

End of College Days

Author’s Notes

You can contact me for any comments or suggestions at


This is the first of several stories I want to tell in the salon universe, however I have noticed that very often these multi part stories become hard to follow if you don’t start reading them right from when they first start posting. I expect this series to be no different as I will be writing stories both in the “present” of the universe as well as the “past”.

I’m going to try to simplify the task of new readers figuring out where to start the series (and help me keep things straight as well 😉 in two ways:

  • Each story will be named as “The Salon – [x] Story Name”, where ‘x’ will be the sequence in which the story was written, starting at 1 and continually increasing with each new story I write.
  • Each story will have, at its end, this Chronology section which will place the story in the context of all other stories and indicate where in the timeline of the salon universe it falls. The first story in the list will be the first in chronological order up to the demarcation point of “—The Present—“. All stories after this point will be considered to be in the “present” and take place sequentially to each other.

This will allow the reader to see the order I wrote the stories in, as well as how I am evolving the universe as a whole.

“—The Present—” will represent a point in time in which Eric has opened The Salon in its final configuration and has settled comfortably in to his new life. Stories before “—The Present—” will deal with building The Salon and his progression towards his “new” life.

I don’t know how well this will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • The Beginning
  • Kim’s New Career
  • College Days
  • —The Present—