The Salon – [4] The New Receptionist

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SYNOPSIS: Christina is a CEO of a mid-size electronics firm who burst in to The Salon demanding an appointment. After several visits, she’s the new receptionist.


This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.

  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of sexual intercourse. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Synopsis: The Story So Far

The Salon, a high end hair studio for the elite of society, has been open for several years. Eric, the owner, finds amusement by using his special ability to change the minds of his customers to better suit his needs.

Chapter 1 – A Sudden Interruption

It was just before noon on Wednesday when Christina burst in to the salon like a force of nature. While not a physically imposing figure, Christina had learned from her years as the CEO of Goodmore Electronics to be able to intimidate those in her presence with just a glare.

The object of her intimidation this day was the receptionist seated in front of her at the salon. Christina barely noticed the name plaque on the desk which read “Lisa”. What Christina did notice about the receptionist was her appearance: a tight white one piece dress topped off with a white business suit jacket. A single button, done up just under her breasts, held the jacket together and pushed her large breasts up and together, prominently displaying her cleavage.

It was not so much the attire that Christina was surprised about, but the fact that the receptionist appeared to be in her mid-forties. Christina could see that Lisa had kept herself in good shape but was trying to look much younger through her clothing and a heavy dose of makeup.

“I need an appointment immediately!” Christina shouted.

Lisa looked up in shock, “I’m sorry ma’am, but…”

“I know you’re sorry; a sorry excuse for a human being, but that doesn’t change the fact I need an appointment right now!”


“Yes, you’re sitting on your but right now, instead of calling your manager and getting me in a seat. Now get to it and quit procrastinating!”

Lisa was completely flustered; she simply froze in place, which drove Christina over the edge.

Christina screamed, “Look you mindless, over the hill, useless excuse for a secretary, stop drooling like a bimbo and get your manager!”

Lisa, still frozen in place, could do nothing as Christina continued to scream. Eventually, the commotion coming from the reception area caught the attention of the manager without Lisa having to do anything.

In a polite and calm voice he interrupted Christina, “Is there a problem here?”

Christina responded in a huff, face flushed red, “Yes, I need an appointment right now, I have a very important meeting this afternoon and I must be presentable. Now who are you and how are you going to help?!”

With Christina’s cold gaze averted from her eyes, Lisa broke out in tears and ran into the back. Sitting in the vacated seat, the manager responded, “I’m Eric, can I have your name, I’m sure we can work something out.”

“Christina Goodmore, I’m the CEO of Goodmore Electronics. I have a meeting this afternoon with investors from China and I must look presentable for it.”

“Yes, I have you here Ms. Goodmore in the computer, we have a station open in the VIP area. I’ll do you myself, over lunch. No problem.”

“It’s about time I received proper service from this place.”

Christina had never been in the VIP area before, she had only heard about it in low whispers; a private rear entrance for rich and famous clients that demanded privacy, luxury rooms that had everything from couches to TV’s in them. Of course that was nothing in comparison to the rumors about the mysterious “owner” that no one seemed to ever meet. She had been trying to get in to the VIP for several months, but had been unsuccessful, her applications returned as ‘inadequate’ standing each time.

She had been CEO of Goodmore Electronics since her parents had died 5 years ago in a drunk driving accident. She had inherited over 80% of the stock from them and had promptly appointed herself Chairwomen of the Board and CEO on her eighteenth birthday, just six months later. The company was her entire life, she was concerned with nothing else and spent all her time and energy on growing the business.

Now, as a seasoned CEO, she was meeting with Chinese investors to take the company to the next level. Goodmore was a mid size company looking to expand, and expand fast. Christina had poured everything she had in to the company and had finally caught the attention of the big boys. The investors thought that the meeting with her would be about selling the company to them, but all Christina really needed was their cash, nothing more.

Christina needed to look good during the meeting, to distract the investors from her real motives for a deal that kept her in control while keeping them on the sidelines. She had used her looks to her advantage before during business deals, she was no blonde bimbo, in fact quite the opposite. Her dark hair, average frame and small breasts gave her a very bookwormish look most of the time. However when she needed to turn it on, she pulled off the sexy librarian look to perfection.

She had made an appointment at the salon for this coming Friday morning as the meeting was to be held during the afternoon that day, but at the last minute the investors had changed the meeting to today. Christina had only a few hours to get ready and it was critical she made the impression she desired.

“Well Christina, please have a seat in the chair. I’ll get started in just a minute.”

Christina saw Eric head for the door, “Where do you think you’re going?”

“I just need to get a couple of things from my office. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Chapter 2 – Rinse Cycle

Christina was fuming by the time Eric returned, “You call that a few minutes?!”

“Sorry Ms. Goodmore. If you will just lay back in to the sink, we’ll get started”

Christina placed her head back, still shooting daggers from her eyes at Eric as he proceeded to wet her hair down. She felt Eric’s hands begin to work the shampoo in to her scalp and unexpectedly began to relax. She had never experienced such a strong feeling of calmness before, so much so that nothing else seemed to matter.

Christina’s thoughts flowed from her mind, through the top of her head and down the sink with the water. The anger over Eric taking so long to return simply disappeared. Her contempt at the stupid receptionist was nowhere to be found in her mind. The meeting this afternoon with the investors receded in to the background, so far away that she could not even remember why it was important.

Christina was simply floating in a sea of serenity, nothing to be seen for as far as the eye could see. She had no idea how long she had been there, when suddenly a voice from nowhere came to be, “How are you feeling Christina?”

It sounded like Eric and yet it didn’t at the same time. It was fuller, more compelling, coming from nowhere and everywhere. It filled her with trust, belief and awe.

It was all Christina could do to muster a response, “…good…”

“You certainly caused quite a stir at the receptionist’s desk earlier, didn’t you?”

Christina knew that she had been forceful, but she needed the appointment, if the receptionist wasn’t good enough to handle her, it didn’t bother her, “…dumb bimbo…needed my hair done…”

“Yes, yes you did. In fact you need to get your hair done every week. You will make time to come in each Wednesday at 5pm for an appointment here in the VIP.”

Christina was very happy, she was getting a recurring appointment in the most exclusive part of the salon, “…ok…”

“Now let’s talk about how you treated Lisa.”

There was nothing wrong with how she had treated that bimbo. She had gotten what she wanted, that was all that mattered.

“Lisa is your friend; you will treat her as though she was your big sister from now on.”

Sandra had regrets about how she had treated Lisa earlier. Lisa was like a big sister to her, but she yelled at her and called her horrible names. She was ashamed at herself for being such a terrible friend.

“Next week, you will apologize to her. You want to be more like Lisa because she is such a good person.”

It was true, Lisa was a good friend and Christina now realized how much she wanted to be more like Lisa.

“Christina, you trust me. I always know what’s best.”

Christina trusted Eric implicitly; he always knew what was best.

“…trust you…know what’s best…”

“This meeting this afternoon, do you think they will make you an offer to buy controlling interest in your company?”

The investors were very keen, but Christina new she could handle them, “…yes…”

“You will accept any reasonable offer they make.”

The serenity around Christina started to fade. She trusted Eric, believed he knew what was best, but she wouldn’t give up her company, it was too important to her and she had to make it a success.

“No, I don’t…”

“That’s ok Christina, forget I said it.”

The serenity once again returned and Christina could not for the life of her remember what had happened to disturb it.

“You will not give the investors an answer if they make an offer, but you will instead wait until you can talk to me again.”

That made sense, she wouldn’t want to do anything hasty, and Eric always knew what was best.

“Christina, do you like being CEO?”

Christina had no doubts about this; the response was easy, “…yes…”

“You are starting to have doubts about your job. It takes up too much time. It stops you from enjoying life. You want to start pursuing other interests.”

Christina knew Eric was right, she had been having doubts lately, she had been working too long and too hard to enjoy anything since her parent’s deaths.

“…doubts…enjoy life…other interests…”

“That’s good Christina.”

A way of joy came over her as she listen to Eric praise her. Christina knew it was good and the serenity around her engulfed her even deeper.

“You won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the washing your hair; just that it was very relaxing. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”

Everything seemed to swirl and change around her; the new thoughts coalescing in to her mind as Christina heard the words from Eric.


Christina came fully awake as Eric finished rinsing the last of the conditioner from her hair, “Wow, that was really relaxing, you have a great technique.”

“Thanks Christina, everyone seems to enjoy it.”

Chapter 3 – Making a Deal

When Christina saw Lisa at the reception desk the next week, she knew she had made a horrible mistake the last time they had spoken. Lisa was a dear friend, like a big sister really, and she had treated her so poorly.

“Oh Lisa, I want to apologize for last week. I was in such a bad mood and I took it out on you. Can you ever forgive me?”

Lisa responded with a little giggle, “Oh, don’t be silly Christina. Eric explained everything to me the next day. You have so much responsibility; I don’t know how you do it!”

Lisa’s words hit home, her doubts came to the surface, “Sometimes I wish I had an easier job like you do Lisa. I don’t even have time to enjoy my life…”

“Oh, that’s too bad! Why don’t we talk some more after you’re done with Eric tonight, I could wait for you to finish?”

“You are such a good friend Lisa, I would love to talk later.”

“Well, you had better get going, you don’t want to keep Eric waiting. You’re in the same room as last time.”

Christina hurried back to the VIP room and was disappointed to find Eric not waiting for her. Unsure of what to do, she simply sat down in the shampoo chair, leaned back and waited.

It was only a few minutes until Eric entered the room.

“Sorry to keep you waiting Christina, I was just finishing up some paperwork.”

Christina raised her head up and responded, “That’s fine Eric. It was nice to have a few minutes to myself anyway.”

“So how did your meeting go last week? Did you get what you wanted?”

“I’m not sure. I wanted to talk to you about it before I made my final decision, I trust your judgment.”

“Well, let’s get started and we can talk as we go.”

Christina smiled and reclined once more in to the sink. As Eric began to work on her hair, Christina could feel her thoughts flow from her mind. She sank down closer and closer to the sea of serenity; all thoughts and concerns left her mind, flowing once more down the drain in the sink as Eric worked the shampoo in to her head.

“Christina, did the investors make an offer for the company last week?”

Eric’s voice was deep and calming, Christina had to work at responding to Eric’s question, “…Yes, it was more than I expected in fact…”

“Then a fair price for the company?”

“…Yes, more than fair…”

Christina continued to sink deeper and closer to the sea, she could almost feel it ready to engulf her entire mind and body, she knew she was close. Only a few moments later she almost felt herself gently splash down.

“Did you talk to Lisa when you came in today?”

Once more it took all she could muster to respond from the sea of serenity she was floating in, “…yes…”

“You apologized?”


“That’s good Christina, you want to learn all you can from Lisa, she will teach you all about the things you have never thought of before.

“…learn from lisa…”

“Good, now do you want to be the CEO of your company?”

Christina knew it had been her entire life once, being CEO, but she was no longer sure of the answer. No longer confident that she could do the job she responded, “…i…i…i don’t know…have doubts…”

“That’s ok Christina; I’ll take all your doubts away now. You don’t want to be CEO anymore. You want to pursue other interests in your life.”

All doubt cleared from Christina’s mind, she knew she needed to make a change and do other things, “…not CEO…other interests…”

“Now, you have that nice offer from the investors. You will take it and retire from the company to pursue your other interests.”

It made perfect sense to Christina, Eric knew what was best. When she retired she could do anything she wanted to.


“You will have your lawyer’s setup a trust fund to manage your finances and ensure you have enough money for yourself.”

“…trust fund…”

“You don’t want the hassle of managing the trust fund, so you will appoint your best friend, Lisa, to be the trustee.”

Eric was right yet again, who else would she trust? Lisa was the perfect trustee. Christina would be able to live a carefree life and pursue her other interests.

“…best friend…trustee…”

“Yes, that’s very good Christina. I see you have a nice house just outside of the city, do you like living there?”

Christina had inherited the family home after her parents deaths, it was just a status symbol to her, “…it’s ok…”

“Once your retirement is complete, you will move in to the city. You will move in with your best friend, Lisa.”

It was perfect, Christina could learn so much more from Lisa if they were always together, “…ok…”

“Just remember, until you move in with Lisa, you cannot pursue your other interests.”

“…until i move in with lisa…”

“All done for today, Christina, now you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started the washing your hair; just that it was very relaxing and that I gave you very good advice. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”

Once more Christina’s world changed and all she could say was “…yes…”

Christina emerged from the VIP area with a new sense of confidence, she knew what she was going to do and her life was in good order. As she entered the deserted reception area, Lisa was seated behind her desk. Christina walked right over to her with a smile on her face.

“You are the best Lisa, waiting all this time for me!”

“Don’t be silly Christina. I had lots to do, I managed to catch up on some of my fashion magazines.” Lisa pushed a glossy magazine in front of Christina’s face, on the page was a photo of a tall, blonde, wearing a designer dress and six inch stiletto heels.

“God Lisa, how do they wear those shoes and still stand up!”

Lisa gave a short giggle and responded, “It’s easy silly. You just have to practice, see?”

Lisa stood up and walked around in a small circle. For the first time Christina could see Lisa’s feet and was surprised that she was wearing a pair of six inch white pumps that matched the rest of her outfit including the short skirt that ended well above the knees.

Taking a seat on the couch in the reception area they began talking about anything and everything Lisa could think of. Christina took it all in, from how to walk to get men to notice her ass to the best places in town to buy shoes.

Christina knew she wouldn’t be able to use any of the new knowledge Lisa had imparted to her until she finished up her legal business, but she knew it would come in handy later.

Chapter 4 – Christina’s Other Interests

Christina was finally free; it had taken almost four weeks to get the paperwork done. Last Friday had been her last day at the company and just yesterday Lisa had signed the papers to become trustee of Christina’s finances. She had decided to keep very little from her house, moving in to Lisa’s had only taken a few hours that day.

Lisa greeted her as she entered the reception area of the salon for her weekly appointment, “Hi Christina, did you get everything moved in ok? You look great!”

“Yep, all done! I’m a free woman now!” she responded with a wide smile. Christina had taken her new found freedom and decided to dress up a bit. She had been practicing wearing high heels and today had chosen a pair with three inches of lift in them. Her dress was a light blue one piece affair that showed off her thin frame. While she had tried on many different bras over the last few weeks, nothing gave her any kind of cleavage; she was simply not built for it.

“You can go right on in, I think Eric’s waiting for you!”

Christina quickly made her way back to the now familiar room, true to her word, Eric was waiting as she entered.

“Hi Eric, I’m so happy to see you!”

“You look great Christina, what’s the occasion?”

“I’m finally a free woman! No more worries, just like Lisa!”

“That’s great, have a seat and we’ll get started.”

Christina hurried over to the chair and laid back. Eric’s fingers began to caress her scalp and almost instantly the sea of serenity swirled around her, engulfed her, consumed her.

“How are you feeling Christina?”

It was harder than ever to respond, but she knew she had to, “…awesome…”

“That’s good. Did you finish moving in with Lisa today?”


“Alright, I guess it’s time to find out what you want to do with the rest of your life then.”

Christina had been waiting to hear Eric tell her this for so long, she wanted to know, to be told.

“You already know what it is, you want to be just like Lisa.”

It was true, she had spent the last few weeks learning everything she could from Lisa, “…just like lisa…”

“But just not like Lisa, better than Lisa.”

She knew she could do it, be better than Lisa, “…better…”

“Now of course to be better than Lisa you have to know what Lisa is, don’t you?”


“You know what Lisa is don’t you?…”

Christina felt a tinge of panic come over her. Eric was always right but she could not for the life of her think of the answer he was looking for. Just as she thought she had disappointed Eric, he continued.

“You told her what she was when you first met her, Remember? Lisa is a bimbo.”

It made perfect sense, all the fashion magazines, the long talks about guys and sex, Lisa was a bimbo. Christina had known it from the first day she had met Lisa, now Christina needed to be a better bimbo, “…better bimbo than lisa…”

“That’s right Christina, now what will make you a better bimbo than Lisa?”

Christina was frantic, she knew Lisa was a bimbo, but what could she do to make herself a better bimbo? Christina tried to picture Lisa in her mind, suddenly she had an idea.

“…blonde hair…”

“Very good, what else?”

Christina felt a wave of happiness wash over her; she had gotten it right, but now what else?

“…bigger breasts…”

“Right again, now there’s just a couple of more things, what are they?”

Christina racked her brain, it was hard to think, but there must be something else, Eric was always right. Then it came to her in a flood, “…heavy makeup…revealing clothing…high heels…always being horny…having sex with anyone…always willing to please…doing what i’m told…”

A thousand more things crossed Christina’s mind, referencing every depiction of a bimbo she had ever seen, searing in to her how to be a better bimbo than Lisa.

“That’s very, very good Christina. Oh one last thing, you need a proper bimbo name, let’s call you Chrissi from now on.”

Chrissi was so happy Eric had chosen the perfect bimbo name for her, “…chrissi…”

“That’s the last thing, Chrissi, you won’t consciously remember our conversation from when I started washing your hair; just that it was very relaxing. You will follow the commands I’ve given you as if they were your own ideas. Do you understand?”

Chrissi was in a state of pure bliss as she responded, “…yes…”

Chrissi felt the last of the shampoo rinse from her head and Eric removed his hands. She was so excited to finally know what she wanted to do. Eric had been a big help and she could hardly wait to tell Lisa all about it.

The rest of the styling seemed to take forever, Chrissi had asked Eric to dye her hair a platinum blonde and she could hardly wait to see it, but Eric had insisted she wait. She was sitting in the hair dryer, watching Eric clean up, when she realized he had done so much for her and she had done nothing for him. She had been sitting for a while and that had made her horny, she closed her eyes and started to fantasize about giving him a blowjob.

Chrissi was startled as Eric touched her head to check the hair coloring, “Oh! I didn’t see you come over!”

“Of course not, you had your eyes closed. Did you have a nice daydream?”

“Oh yeah, you’re hot! I mean it was hot! Oh you know what I mean!”

“Yes, yes I do. Well it looks like you’re ready to rinse out. Come back over to the sink.”

Chrissi moved quickly over to the sink and a few moments later Eric had washed out the gunk from her hair. She had once more been to that sea of serenity as Eric had touched her head, but it only lasted a short time as the last of the bleaching solution wound its way down the drain.

Chrissi felt the warm air from the hair dryer blow over her as Eric finished her hair. Once completed, Eric swung the chair around and Chrissi saw her beautiful, platinum blond hair standing several inches off her head, cascading down around her shoulders. It was the perfect bimbo hair. It was her perfect hair.

“Oh my god, Eric, it’s perfect! Thank you!”

“Glad you like it Chrissi.”

Chrissi stood up from the chair, turned around and saw Eric. A sudden need filled her, she stepped in close to him and gave him a deep, passionate kiss. Chrissi felt Eric’s hands grab her ass and her dress rode up to her waist, she responded by rubbing herself up and down Eric’s body.

When Eric finally ended the kiss, Chrissi was so horny she didn’t wait for any direction and simply dropped to her knees. Unbuttoning Eric’s pants was hard work but she managed to spring him from his imprisonment and started sucking as she pulled her dress down, bunching it up around her waist.

Chrissi worked Eric for several minutes, desperate to pleasure him.

“Be a good bimbo Chrissi, suck my balls for a bit would you?”

Chrissi moved quickly to his balls and started to give him a hand job as she sucked.

“Use that free hand to start masturbating yourself Chrissi.”

Chrissi complied happily and started to masturbate with her tongue still twirling around Eric’s balls like they were the best tasting candy imaginable. She continued to pleasure Eric and herself for several more minutes, moaning deeply each time she entered her pussy with her own fingers.

Chrissi felt Eric grab her new blonde hair and pull her forcing his balls to “pop” out of her mouth. With his grip firmly on her head, she once more started to work Eric’s shaft and was forced up and down several times; she felt endless joy knowing that Eric was being pleasured by her mouth.

“Ok, Chrissi, I’m just about ready to cum. When I do, you’re going to swallow it all and cum as well like a good little bimbo, understand?”

Chrissi’s mouth came free of Eric, strings of spit hanging between her mouth and him. She gasped for air and simply nodded. She was once more forced down and Eric stepped up the pace. Moments later Chrissi felt his hot cum in her mouth and she desperately swallowed as quickly as she could. Her concentration was interrupted by her own powerful orgasm, her eyes rolled back in to her head and her body went limp. The only thing that kept her upright was Eric’s firm grip on her hair.

“That’s a good bimbo Chrissi, take it all down.”

It took Chrissi several minutes to recover, but when she had she realized Eric had lowered her to the floor and was now sitting in the shampoo chair, calmly waiting for her to get up.

“Like, Eric, that was fantastic!”

“Not bad at all Chrissi, you have obviously been paying attention to what Lisa has been telling you.”

“Ya, like, every word!”

“Too bad about your tits though.”

Chrissi was hit by a sudden panic, she looked down at her small boobs and knew Eric was right. She would never be a better bimbo than Lisa with such small tits.

Chrissi pouted, bounced up and down a few times and wined, “I need bigger boobies, these are too small!”

“Well I have good news Chrissi, The Salon has a cosmetic surgery department, for our VIP’s only.”

“Am I a VIP?”

“Absolutely Chrissi! I think the doctor is working late tonight. If you get dressed we’ll go over and see her.”

Chrissi jumped up and rushed to the mirror to clean up and get dressed, eager to see the doctor.

Chapter 5 – The New Receptionist

Chrissi had been looking forward to this day or almost a year, her first official day as the receptionist at The Salon. She had to undergo several boob jobs to gain the figure she needed to be a better bimbo than Lisa, but it had been worth it. Her large, round, tits stuck out from her, identifying her as the best bimbo around. The bra she wore was a custom made e-cup and it barely contained her.

Her business attire for The Salon was the same as Lisa wore the first day Christina had met her; a snug, form fitting white dress, topped off by a white business suit jacket, buttoned just once right below he boobs. The six inch white stiletto heels meant that every aspect of her was better than Lisa, and she was so very proud of it.

She had continued to grow her hair and it now reached part way down her back, still a bright platinum blonde. Her heavy makeup included her bright red lips and matching nail polish.

Of course, since this was going to be her first day on the job, Lisa had left The Salon; otherwise she wouldn’t have had a job to start. It turned out that Lisa had to spend so much time working on Chrissi’s trust fund that it had become a full time job. Chrissi was happy she didn’t need to worry about those kinds of things any more.

Chrissi arrived early to work, before anyone had come in and sat at her desk. She knew it was a challenging job, but Lisa had told her how everything worked and promised that if she needed any help she was but a phone call away.

Without any clients waiting, Chrissi sat quietly and started to file her nails.

“Oh hi Chrissi, I had hoped to get here before you arrived!”

It was Eric, he was holding a small gift wrapped box.

“Oh I’m sorry Eric. I could leave and come back again in a few minutes if you like?”

“No, no, that’s alright. I just wanted to leave this on your desk as a surprise.”

He extended the small wrapped package out, “Oh my god, like you got a gift for me? That’s sooo sweet!”

Chrissi took the package from Eric’s hand and carefully peeled off the wrapping paper. Inside was a name plaque for her desk, in big letters “Chrissi” was printed on it. She jumped up, extended her arms and wiggled her way over to Eric, a quick hug and french kiss followed.

“You didn’t have to do that Eric. I’ll have to give you something in return later.”

“I look forward to it. Why don’t you come back to my office at lunch.”

“Ok, see you then!”

Chrissi watched Eric as he walked in to the back of The Salon. She had a good fifteen minutes before she opened the doors, lots of time to take a quick break in the bathroom and masturbate to the thought of Eric fucking her at lunch. As she checked to make sure her vibrator was in her purse, she made a bee line for the washroom. The only thought on her mind was if Eric would be fucking her tits again like he had been since the last boob job or if he would take one of her other holes for a change. It really didn’t matter to her, like a good bimbo, Chrissi was happy with however she was fucked.

End of The New Receptionist

Author’s Notes

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This is the first of several stories I want to tell in the salon universe, however I have noticed that very often these multi part stories become hard to follow if you don’t start reading them right from when they first start posting. I expect this series to be no different as I will be writing stories both in the “present” of the universe as well as the “past”.

I’m going to try to simplify the task of new readers figuring out where to start the series (and help me keep things straight as well 😉 in two ways:

  • Each story will be named as “The Salon – [x] Story Name”, where ‘x’ will be the sequence in which the story was written, starting at 1 and continually increasing with each new story I write.
  • Each story will have, at its end, this Chronology section which will place the story in the context of all other stories and indicate where in the timeline of the salon universe it falls. The first story in the list will be the first in chronological order up to the demarcation point of “—The Present—“. All stories after this point will be considered to be in the “present” and take place sequentially to each other.

This will allow the reader to see the order I wrote the stories in, as well as how I am evolving the universe as a whole.

“—The Present—” will represent a point in time in which Eric has opened The Salon in its final configuration and has settled comfortably in to his new life. Stories before “—The Present—” will deal with building The Salon and his progression towards his “new” life.

I don’t know how well this will work, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • The Beginning
  • Kim’s New Career
  • College Days
  • —The Present—
  • The New Receptionist