The Shape of Victory

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2016

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SYNOPSIS: Miracle Maiden is in search of her sparing partner, Night Sparrow, who’s been missing for months. Will the new lead she’s chasing bring her closer to finding out what happened or take her even farther astray from the truth?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – Follow the Lead

Diantha stood atop the building, peering down at what looked like a deserted warehouse along the waterfront. At first glance, it looked like the ones on each side of it; dark, dingy and uninviting. But her trained eye could make out the little things that set it apart.

The other buildings had some light to them, an old flickering bulb above a door way or at least some kind of illumination coming from inside. The one that her eyes were trained on was too dark, there was no light at all coming from it.

The sad state of repair also was a tip off, there was too much wrong with it. A door ajar, almost all of the windows boarded up, the graffiti was even out of place.

It was too uninviting, even for a building in this area of town. It screamed ‘stay away’ and that was what had her attention at the moment.

Her contact in the underworld had pointed her towards this place, they all kept away from it and he’d said the word was out to keep it that way. It had piqued her interest right away, even if it didn’t lead her any closer to her friend, Night Sparrow, there was something going on that needed her attention.

Diantha checked her equipment, her arm braces, lasso and head band all in place, each one a critical part of her protective armour.

She stepped up on to the ledge of the building and pulled her black hair back in to a pony tail, tying it off to make sure it didn’t get in the way for the fight. She took a last look at her brightly coloured costume and Miracle Maiden leapt out in to the night air, her powerful legs pushing her tall, lean body towards the middle of her target.

She braced for the impact with the roof and as her feet pushed against it, she felt it give way and she continued through it to the concrete floor below. She landed hard, falling to one knee to steady herself and ensure she wasn’t an easy target. Looking around the darkened room she couldn’t make out anything that looked to be a threat. She stood up as a stray piece of the roof clattered to the floor beside her.

She took a single step forward and suddenly the room was filled with light, she squinted at the sudden change and only recovered in time to deflect the incoming bullet with her left hand brace. The bullets continue to assail her and she easily deflected each one as they came in. Once she had her bearings she managed to locate the weapon, it was an automated nest on the back wall of the warehouse and she oriented herself to it, raising both hands up in front of her to deflect the incoming projectiles.

Diantha focused on the gun and knew something was wrong when she heard a low “thump” in addition to the high pitched rounds of the firearm. She looked for where the sound had come from, but the noise of the gun and its echo’s around the room made locating it in time impossible and she felt a much softer impact on her braces.

Before she could do anything else, the gunfire stopped and she watched whatever had impacted her expand around her hands and lock them in place. She quickly realized she was in trouble, the expanding foam, or whatever it was, had bound her hands together as she had crossed them in front of her and she felt her strength slipping away.

Like all amazons, even the queen like herself, once bound, their strength was reduced to that of any other human. She quickly looked around the warehouse, each of the exits had been re-enforced with metal, as were all of the windows. She looked up at the ceiling, the whole she’d made in it the only escape, but without her strength she had no hope of making it to it.

Diantha looked at her encased hands, knelt down on one knee, raised them above her head and slammed them in to the concrete.

The foam absorbed the energy of the blow and bounced back, right in to Diantha’s face, she felt her head twist from the force of the impact and she fell backwards as darkness engulfed her.

Johnathan watched Miracle Maiden deflect the incoming bullets until she’d finally determined where they were coming from. The automated gun was keeping her busy and when she raised her arms up together he activated the second gun in the nest. It was a low speed projectile, but that couldn’t be helped, it was a risk that she’d be able to dodge it instead of deflect it, but he was across town and he’d spent quite a bit of time analyzing her defensive tactics.

99.6% of the time, once she’d found the source of a projectile attack, she’d raise both hands up and proceed to a direct frontal assault on the source. Of course, he had installed four nests in the building, just in case the first time was that 0.4% that she instead grabbed something and tossed it right at the source.

He watched her on the monitor, struggling to find an exit and then finally look up to the ceiling. He was about to engage the EletroCannon, the third gun in the nest when he watched her slam her restrained hands down on to the concrete and knock herself out cold as they rebounded in to her face.

Johnathan, his hand just above the firing button, stared in amazement as Miracle Maiden lay sprawled out on the floor, a trickle of blood running down from what he assumed was a broken nose.

His hand came down on the button and a bolt of electricity arced through the air, landing on her prone body and it jerked in response.

One thing he’d learned was that there was no such thing as ‘too careful’ when it came to superheros.

Chapter 2 – The Truth of the Matter

Diantha came too, her head felt like someone had plugged her hair in to an electrical socket and her body felt worse.

She quickly regained her senses and quickly found her way to her feet, springing up from the bed she was on. She focusing on the unknown man in the room with her, he was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room and seemed unconcerned about being the focus of Miracle Woman hard gaze.

She lunged towards him, he stayed perfectly still and simply said “Stop.”

Diantha body jerked to a halt in mid stride and she fought to keep her balance as her momentum tried to carry her forwards.

Diantha stood confused as she tried to work out what was wrong, why she had stopped her attack. Nothing seemed to make sense so she decided a little bravado was in order. She stood up straight, clenched her hands on her hips and looked down at the stranger, her six foot tall frame towering over him in his seated position.

“Alright, make it good, or I’ll finish what I started and make you wish your mother had never conceived you little man.” She said, standing menacingly over him.

The man just cracked a small smile and opened his hand.

“This wasn’t easy to get a hold of.” He said, a small tassel of golden rope in his palm, it gave off a faint glow.

“I’m told Hephaestus asked for a king’s ransom for just this one end cutting of your lasso, but I’m sure he still as the other one in his possession.” He said, pointing to a full length mirror on one side of the room.

Diantha turned towards it and saw herself in the mirror, her lasso weaved through her hair, wrapped around her forehead replacing her headband and glowing like the cutting in the hand of her captor.

“Now then, follow me.” He said as he stood up and walked out of the door, Diantha’s body followed behind him as she fought to break free, knowing it was no use. Her lasso could compel the gods themselves, she was no match for it.

She followed him out in to another room, a single chair was placed in the middle of it in front of a video camera on a tripod.

“Sit.” He commanded and pointed at the chair. Her body followed the command, the lasso demanding compliance from her.

“I have some questions, your going to answer them truthfully, completely and succinctly.”

Diantha felt the lasso enforce the command.

“What is your secret identity?”

“Diantha Queen.”

“Does anyone else know you were at the warehouse?”


“Does anyone else know you were looking for Night Sparrow?”


The questions continued, each time her lips betrayed her, spilling out her inner most secrets to him.

After he had all the answers he wanted, he stood up and walked over to the camera, the red recording light blinked out for a second and then came back to life.

“Alright Diantha, stand up and get undressed.”

Diantha fought with every ounce of strength she had, but the lasso compelled her and she stood up, stripping her uniform from her body until she stood naked in front of the camera.

“Very good, now sit down and masturbate. Tell me how you feel as you do so.”

Diantha’s body took the seat again and her fingers reached down to her pussy while her other hand pressed the flesh of her breast.

“I feel humiliated!” she replied, her fingers rubbing up and down, in and out of her tight love canal.

“I don’t want to do this, it’s wrong!” she said as her breathing started to increase as her fingers that had pleasured her so many times in the past worked against her desires.

“I’m ashamed I cannot stop myself!” she called out as her fingers on her nipple squeezed and twisted it.

“That’s good Diantha, now cum hard.” He commanded, the lasso enforcing it and her whole body spasmed from the powerful orgasm that rush through her.

Chapter 3 – The Writing on the Wall

Diantha looked up at the machine above her as she laid out on the table beneath it. The lasso still firmly woven in to her hair, the man had commanded her to follow him in to this new nightmare room after she had recovered from the forced orgasm that he had recorded.

The machine seemed to resemble an octopus, with it’s many appendages splayed out around a central point, each one was different but Diantha had know idea what they were for.

The man that had complete control of her body sat to one side in front of a computer terminal and had been typing in commands for a few minutes, which had given her more than enough time to consider the possibilities, none of which had brought any comfort to her.

Finally, he stopped typing and stood up, walked over to a cabinet behind the computer terminal and retrieved something she didn’t recognize.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked, holding a cylindrical leather tube up in front of her.

“No.” she answered, still under the previous commands from the lasso.

“This is something priceless, something that makes the lasso cutting seem like a mere trinket at a flee market.” he said, running his hand up the length of it, admiring the craftsmanship.

“If Zeus ever found out this was missing, well, I would feel sorry for the ones that stole it.”

Diantha eyes widened at the realization of what he held, Zeus’ quiver for his lightening bolts.

“By the goddess… you… you… can’t have that! Zeus would never…”

“Allow it? No I suppose he wouldn’t if he was still the god he was when he created you Diantha. But those days are long gone, he has too many other deities fighting for the hearts and minds of man now to be concerned with something so insignificant to him as this.

Now, I’m told all I have to do is point it towards you, and…” he said as he lowered the open end of the quiver towards Diantha. Sparks came from it as he did so and once it was pointed fully at her, the lightening bolt that had brought her to life spewed forth from her body and returned to the quiver.

Diantha felt herself leave her body as the lightening bolt did as well and she floated above the machine looking down on her body.

Or at least the dark grey clay that now lay inert on the table below her. It was a perfect clay mold of her naked body, the lasso still braided in to her hair. There was only one other exception to it’s perfection, words were etched in to every part of it, some large and bold, others small and delicate.

“Well that was easy.” She heard him say out loud.

“I wonder if you knew your mother had written the traits she wanted you to have in to the clay before Zeus brought you to life? I guess I should have asked before using the quiver eh?” he said with a chuckle.

He went over to the computer and started a sequence, one of the arms swivelled down towards Diantha’s clay form and moved up and down her body. As it did, she could see the image on the computer screen being updated with the details of the words.

When it finished, the computer processed the new information and eventually brought up a visual representation of all of her traits and how important they were on to the screen.

Diantha tried to move towards the man, but found she had no body, no way to move and could do nothing but hover above him as he started to modify the information on the screen.

At the very top of the list, “Warrior” stood proud. He selected the control to the right of the word and pulled it down, it shrunk as it descended the list until it was near the middle.

He changed several others; “Brave”, “Freedom”, “Passion”, “Pleasure”. Moving each up or down until he was satisfied with the result.

She watched him press a confirmation dialog and then the machine once more came to life, several arms moving over her body. One erased some of the words, another wrote new ones in their place.

When it was done, he stood up, retrieved the quiver once more and pointed it at her, the lightening jumping from it to her clay body on the table and she was pulled back in to herself.

Johnathan watched Diantha’s body twitch as the lightening struck it, bringing her back to life. Once it finished its convulsions he approached her and pushed some of her thick black hair from her face. It was twisted in what he could only assume was fear and confusion as it came to terms with the new configuration of the words the machine had made.

He didn’t know how long she’d be out for, no one had been able to tell them if the plan would even work, but it was only the secondary part of the contract anyway. The primary contract had been completed after Diantha’s initial questioning, it would be a nice bonus if he could complete the second part as well.

Chapter 4 – A Question of Time

Diantha sat in the chair once more, the camera’s glowing red light focused on her.

After she had regained her body she’d lost consciousness, the changes he’d made took their toll and she didn’t know how long she’d been out for, but she knew things were different.

The thing that stood out most to her was the fear. She’d never felt anything like it before, it trembled through her body like nothing she had ever experienced. She knew it must be the change he had made to her “Brave” word, but it didn’t matter that she knew, it still held her paralyzed in it’s grip.

He stood behind the camera, holding the cutting of her lasso, without saying a word for several minutes as the camera recorded her uncomfortable body language. Finally, he spoke, “Masturbate again.”

Diantha’s hands once more moved up and down her body, but this time it was more tentative, less sure of herself as they did. That changed once her fingers found her most sensitive spots.

Last time, she’d felt the familiar pleasure of self gratification, it was pleasant, but today was different. Today, the pleasure came in waves as her fingers danced around below her waistline and across her breasts.

Without her permission, a moan escaped her lips and the mix of fear and pleasure brought an arousal that she’d never felt before.

“Again, tell me how this makes you feel.” He commanded.

“I feel scared!” she replied, her voice trembling slightly as she continued to work her body.

“And aroused, it’s so wrong!” she said as another moan escaped.

“I’m so ashamed because… because… it feels so good!” she called out as the pleasure coursed through her body.

“Then cum hard because it feels good to do so.” He said and her body obeyed.

Diantha floated above her clay form, the machine working away on it once more.

She watched the machine erase the word “Independent”, rewriting it in smaller, finer script.

The next was “Elegant”, replaced with “Fashionable”.

Then “Brave” was erased and replaced with “Meek”

Finally, “Pleasure” was enlarged until it filled the space across the top of her breasts, dominating the front of her torso.
Then she felt herself yanked back to her body as the lightening bold leaped from the quiver and energized the clay on the table once more.

Diantha followed along behind her captor, her head held low, without even trying to resist the lasso woven around her head. Her Amazonian body slung its shoulders low as she walked in to the room with the chair in it.

Fear welled up in her as she saw it had changed, the seat now had a whole in it and the tip of a dildo could be seen just pultruding up from it.

“Take a seat Diantha.” He commanded and when she hesitated, her body didn’t, finding it’s place in front of the camera. She managed to push herself far enough back in to the chair so that the dildo would not enter her directly. It was a small victory, if a hallow one as she knew with a simple command he could have her body impaled on it soon enough.

On the arm of the chair she saw a button, the words “Start/Stop” written beside it. Fear coursed through her, she knew what would happen next and no longer could muster the will to fight it.

“Now, press the button and masturbate.” He said.

Diantha’s body pressed the button and the dildo moved up between her legs and rubbed up against her pussy lips, the pleasure exploded from them and she let out a gasp as her body involuntarily pushed up against it.

Her hands grabbed her breasts as she positioned herself on to the dildo and let it slide in and out of her, the pleasure pushing every other thought out of her mind.

“Now, tell me how this makes you feel.” She heard him say, almost like in a distant dream as the pleasure pushed back the fear.

“I feel pleasure!” she replied, her voice betraying her arousal.

“It feels so good, I don’t want it to stop!” she said as she bucked her hips against the mechanical dildo.

“I need it so much!” she cried as the only thing left in her was the pleasure.

“Then cum hard because it is what you want.” He said and she obeyed.

Diantha watched the machine finish its work, all the words she had seen the first time could no longer be seen, replaced instead with new ones.

“Warrior” had become “Slut”.

“Independent” had become “Slave”.

“Strength” had become “Bondage”.

And it went on and on. Some words had remained, like “Pleasure”, but they now were different, more important than before.

When the lightening brought her back to her body she fell in to darkness once more.

Diantha did as she was commanded, unweaving the lasso from her hair, holding it out in front of her as she knelt before him.

“Master, please accept this slave, it is yours to do with as you please.”

He smiled and took the lasso from her hands, “Then get dressed and come to the chair.”, he said as he walked out of the room where she slept.

Diantha stood up and quickly moved over to the dresser, retrieving her new costume. She wrapped the red corset around her waist and tied it as tightly as she could, using her amazon strength to tie the metal laces and cinch her waist as small as possible.

She stepped in to the candy apple red platform heels and balanced herself on top of their 8 inches of lift. She then fitted her headband on to her forehead, the word “Slave” emblazoned across it. Taking her bonded gloves, she pushed one hand in to them and then moved it behind her back so she could slip her other hand in as well.

She minced her way out of the room and towards the chair. It had changed many times in the last few weeks as attachments were added to it after each time she visited the machine.

Today it was complete, the duel dildo’s in the seat stood prominently up from the chair. The dildo that hung down from the arm above the headrest dangled where her mouth would soon be. Resting on the arms of the chair, two clear half globes sat.

She positioned herself on to the dildos, carefully working her hips back and forth until they had come to rest in both her pussy and her ass.

Her master then came over and tweaked her nipples, they hardened instantly and he attached a small piece of fishing line to each, giving them a tug to make sure they were well secured.

Diantha let out a moan at the attention her breasts were receiving, eager for what was to come next.

He threaded the fishing line through an small opening at the top of the clear dome and pushed the dome over her breast, then pulled the line tight, stretching her nipple as far as he could. He then attached a small hose connected to a vacuum pump to the opening, locking the fishing line in place and pulling the air from the globe.

He repeated the process with her other breast as she watched them swell outward towards the material of the globes.

Diantha finally tilted her head back and wrapped her lips around the dildo above her, she sucked on it as hard as she could and pulled it down. The action of it coming down pushed the dildos beneath her upwards and allow air to return in to the globes covering her breasts.

As she pushed the dildo above her back out of her throat, the process reversed, the dildo’s below her retreating, the vacuum pulling the air from the globes.

Diantha repeated the cycle, time after time, the camera recording Miracle Maiden, bound and bringing herself to orgasm repeatedly.

Chapter 5 – Delivery

Johnathan watched the tape of Diantha orgasming in the chair, it was the third day in a row she’d been in it, with only a few breaks for the necessities. The readings on the display told him what he wanted to know, but really he’d known it for several weeks.

They’d had to make the changes a little bit at a time to abide by the contract, the customer had wanted to see the change in a series of video tapes. Also because while it was being done, the customer had wanted her to still be Miracle Maiden.

And she was still Diantha Queen, Miracle Maiden, hero of the city, defender of Justice, she just no longer focused on that any more. No, the computer had rewritten the words many times, changing them slightly with each pass, but it had never removed the words that made her who she was. They were just smaller, less important now.

Now the important words that made up Diantha were all about pleasure and obedience. The new Diantha only focused on them now as he watched her cum again on the tape.

He flipped through his notes and added a few more, there were a few more scenes the client wanted before the final session with the machine.

Diantha floated above the machine, a smile on her lips, or at least there would have been if she had lips in this form. Her owner was making more changes to her and she knew that was for the best. Anything he changed would be to make him happier and that was all that was important.

She watched the machine start to work, but it used several armatures that she had never seen move before. One was a flat broad paddle, the other a fine spoon like instrument that was no bigger than a surgeon’s scalpel, the final one looked to have a spray nozzle on it of some kind.

The paddle went to work first, smoothing and reshaping her clay body. It quickly moved the clay around, thinning out her arms and legs, shrinking her head and waist, all the while collapsing her entire form in to a much smaller space.

The excess clay it pushed to the end of the table in to a neat pile.

Then the second armature started to move, where the paddle had left an ill formed blob of clay, the scalpel refined it, giving it details and shape.

It reshaped her feet, slimming them in to a dainty shape, with a high arch and perfectly formed toes. It worked its way up her legs, giving each a toned, but soft look. It spent extra time around her hips and vagina, forming a wide gap between her legs and sculpting a small perfect pussy and anus.

It moved up to her abdomen and sculpted a smooth midsection that flowed up to the much larger lumps of clay that sat on her chest. The scalpel quickly reshaped those in to perfect spheres that sat high on her chest, thick pointy nipples topping each one of them.
It worked on her arms and hands, much the same as it had her legs and feet and then finally moved to her head. It worked her hair, the straight lengths she had always known, transformed in to flowing curls down each side of her face.

Then it fixed its attention to her face, narrowing her eye brows and pushing them in to high arches, refining her nose and opening the space around her eyes. Then it reshaped her lips, using some of the extra clay from before to plump them up.

Finished its work, it retracted and the final armature lowered down to her head. The spray nozzle spewed forth small grains of pure white sand in to the dark clay that made up her hair, as it moved from one spot to the next, it left behind a light white shade of clay.

Then, the writing armature lowered and retraced all of the words on to her body that the paddle had wiped out.

It left her forehead to last, where before her name had been etched, “Diantha Queen”, now it wrote her new name in it’s place, “DiDi Quiver”.

DiDi looked up at her owner, the posture collar forcing her head upwards made it easier as she was so much shorter than him now. Her pussy tingled and grew wet at the thought of how he had changed her for his own pleasure and she was so happy that it pleased him to do so.

She minced behind him in her platform stilettos, trying to keep up as the tension on the leash that threaded through the posture collars loop split and ran down to each of the nipple clamps. They were firmly placed on the top her of her breasts that stood unnaturally out from her body, she was happy with them as well as he had told her they were designed to exacting standards.

He led her around the room several times until he was satisfied and then stopped in front of the chair. It had been turned 90 degrees from its normal position and the camera seemed to be mounted a little lower than normal.

He put a hand on her hip and pushed gently on her back, she knew what he wanted her to do, so she leaded over and took one of the dildos sticking up from the chair in to her mouth and started to suck.

Her new lips wrapped around it easily and sent waves of pleasure to her brain as she stroked up and down, her long blonde curls falling to each side of her head as she did so. She reached up and brushed the soft, flowing strands of hair away from the side that the camera could see and turned her head slightly so that it wouldn’t fall back down and obscure the camera’s view.

After a few times reaching the base of the dildo, she felt a tap on the inside of her heels and she moved her legs apart. Then she rotated her hips down, pushing her ass up in the air as much as possible.

She felt his warm dick press up against her asshole and she pushed back as it pushed its way inside of her.

Her first orgasm hit as soon as she felt his balls slap up against her pussy and didn’t stop until well after his hot cum filled her ass.

Johnathan watched the final minutes of the tape, after he had already pulled out of Miracle Maidens ass he could still see her orgasming several more times. She stopped only when he’d finally pulled her by her hair up off the dildo to have her clean off his dick.

He was pretty sure her orgasms had started again as soon as her lips had touched his head, but the important thing was that she hadn’t stop working him in and out of her mouth because of them.

He finished his report and copied all of the data and videos on to an encrypted USB key before heading out for the delivery.

DiDi stood before her new owner, her old owner had sold her to him and she was very happy about it, he had said the sale made him happy and that was all that was important to her.

Her old owner had prepared her for this meeting, she was dressed in her corset, heels and headband. Her hands bound behind her and one end of a string tied to each nipple, in the middle of the string, hanging between her breasts was a USB key.

She saw a smile cross her new owners face and she repeated the message her old owner had taught her, “The delivery of Miracle Maiden is now complete, please find attached all relevant documentation and details.”

His smile broadened to a grin as he reached out and tugged the USB key, breaking the string. The pleasure was like a bolt of lightening running from her nipples straight to her pussy as her new owner took delivery of her.

She fell to her knees and moaned, eager to bring pleasure to her owner in whatever way he wanted.