Three Crates

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2018

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SYNOPSIS: Being a super villain is never easy, things always go wrong, but what do you do when you don’t find what you were expecting in the crates you just hijacked?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Chapter 1 – Finding the problem

Being a super villain put you in a certain group of individuals unlike any others. Super heroes have their clubs and leagues and what not, but villains by their nature are loners.

Likewise, heroes follow the rule of law, which are well established and documented, villains… not so much. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t rules we follow, just that they are more informal guidelines than anything else.

A case in point is interfering in the plots and machinations of other active super villains. It’s frowned upon to say the least, unless of course your both trying to execute the same plan, in which case the gloves come off.

However, in-active super villains, either through death, retirement or incarceration, are fair game. There is a whole subset of villains that focus solely on stealing from other villains in such circumstances.

I’m not one of them, however I do keep an eye out when an opportunity arises and Dr. Tormentor’s labs were on the top of my list. The last time he’d been incarcerated I’d sent a team to his primary lab, only to have none of them return.

It wasn’t much of a surprise, Dr. Tormentor’s technology was top of the line and it only made sense that he protected his lab to the full extent of his abilities.

So I put my pursuit of his equipment on hold, waiting for a more opportune time to take advantage. As a super genius, I could wait, I had many other plans to keep me busy.

The news last week of Dr. Tormentor’s capture, once more, had piqued my curiosity again and I reached out to a few sources in the know and was not surprised by what I learned.

Dr. Tormentor had taken down almost a dozen heroes in his latest attempt to take over the city, some were still missing, others recovering from their injuries. This only further confirmed my suspicion that his technology was worth acquiring.

As a side note, I have never understood so many of my breatherens need to “rule the world”, it seem unachievable and, more to the point, useless. What would one do with a world? What would be left to achieve?

No, my plans, while ambitious, were more grounded in achievable goals that brought me wealth and power, without attracting the attention of too many irritants.

Fortunately in this case, my source had some additional information. While Dr. Tormentor was out of commission, his minions were still hard a work in his labs and were planning a shipment from his primary lab to an undisclosed location up state.

And that was my opportunity, the truck would be far less well protected then the primary lab and I could send one of my teams to retrieve it with relative ease.

My team had performed flawlessly, retrieving the truck and it’s contents without issue. As instructed, they had brought it back here, to one of my many bases of operation, unopened and undamaged.

I had been cautious of course, getting the truck open might have seemed like a trivial feat, but with Dr. Tormentor you could never tell what might kind of booby traps might be present. However after several hours of scanning and precautions, it appeared the truck was nothing more than a standard armoured vehicle.

A small plasma drill had made quick work of the lock and now, now as I stood inside the truck, I frowned at what I had acquired from Dr. Tormentor.

Three cryo-stasis superheroines lay out before me, each in a separate tube with several lights blinking, with nothing else contained in the truck.

My mind quickly deduced what had happened, Dr. Tormentor had captured the heroines and put them in stasis. Now, that he was in prison, for who knew how long, his henchmen had taken action to relieve themselves of three problems that they were unprepared to deal with.

More than likely the truck had been heading to an empty field far from any populated area where the three heroines would be released with a timer and allowed to return to their normal lives.

I sighed and shook my head, my luck with Dr. Tormentor had continued to run bad. Not only had I failed to acquire any of his technology, but now I had three superheroines in one of my bases that I now had to deal with.

Of course capturing a superhero wasn’t actually the problem, pretty much every villain had at some point found themselves in possession of a hero. Often as part of an overtly elaborate scheme to defeat them, but even the lowliest of villain could stumble upon a hero with something else on their minds and end up defeating them.

The problem was that a captured hero was a ticking time bomb, they tended to find ways to escape, or their friends showed up. Then what you ended up with, if you were lucky, was some minor bruising and a few days in jail. If you weren’t so lucky, well, that could really ruin your month… or more.

I turned to my team lead who was still standing outside of the truck, “So what did you do with Dr. Tormentors people?”

“All taken care of, no witnesses as per your order boss.”

“Good.” I said stepping forward deeper in to the truck, wiping the frost from the first tube to get a better look.

The placid face of SolarGirl looked back at me, her long blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.

The second tube held Miracle Maiden, her short cropped dark hair held in place by the tiara on her head.

The third tube revealed StarFlare, her curly bright red hair offset by her pale orange skin.

The three tubes caused a frown to come over my face, here were three of the most powerful heroines on Earth, a source of more trouble for villains across the globe, and both a risk and opportunity at the same time.

Over the years I had steadfastly refused to take superheros as captives, they brought nothing but trouble, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have contingency plans, just in case. Well, at least as far as SolarGirl and Miracle Maiden were concerned. StarFlare was another matter, like SolarGirl she was an alien, but unlike SolarGirl, she had no known weaknesses. There was also so little know about her home world as she was a relatively new arrival on Earth in comparison to SolarMan and his cousin.

I did a quick calculus in my head; they were well contained, I was not tied to their capture in any way, my team had done a fine job in ensuring they would not be tied to the attack on the truck. There seemed little risk in holding on to them for the time being, I could aways finish Dr. Tormentor’s plan and release them at some point later if I so choose.

I jumped down from the truck and turned to he team lead, “Get those tubes to my lab, then get rid of the truck.”

“You got it boss.” the man replied and quickly got to work as I walked from the loading dock of my base.

Chapter 2 – Waking SolarGirl

I opened the stasis chamber and worked quickly to secure the Rayton collar around SolarGirl’s neck, the slight blue glow casting across her flesh.

The stasis would normally have worn off of regular human in an hour, or perhaps slightly less, but superheros with their increased stamina and healing would only take a few minutes and so it had been critical to ensure the collar was in place before SolarGirl managed to recover.

Many had used such a collar before on her, but they had all simply used as much Rayton as they had to subdue her, leaving her nothing more than a rag doll. I had more of the substance than I needed though and my research had found that there was a balance that could be achieved, stripping her of her powers but still leaving her with the average strength of a woman her size.

SolarGirl moaned and turned her head to the side as the Rayton took effect, slowing her recovery. I put my arms under her and lifted her from the tube, moving across the room and setting her down on to the frame I custom made for her.

The click of the shackles around her wrists, waist, ankles and neck echoed through the room as her eyes began to open.

SolarGirl felt her head pounding as consciousness returned to her, it was an all too familiar feeling which she dreaded each time it happened.

She finally managed to open her eyes as the bright light of the room filled her vision, her blurry eyes managing to focus on the display screen in front of her.

Her face twisted in to anger as she pulled at her bonds but found herself unable to free herself. Finally, after thrashing for several minutes, she focused on the display in front of her and realized that the image was of herself, taken from the side, a live video feed.

The next thing she noticed was the blue glow of the Rayton collar around her neck and she rolled her eyes in recognition that she wouldn’t be breaking free from the steel contraption she found herself restrained in.

Taking a closer look she inspected the device that held her so firmly in place. The main component seemed to be a large metal tube that ran from where her feet were all the way up to just below her chin. The tube was well secured to a framework that was similarly bolted to the floor. From the main tube two sets of smaller tubes were attached, the first holding her ankles out to the side of her and forcing her knees to bend at almost a 90 degree angle. The second extending out at her shoulders and then straight back with her arms affixed to them. The final part of the contraptions held her head firmly in place, staring straight at the monitor.

The final humiliation was that she was completely naked, her large breasts hanging on each side of the main tube, her ass in the air with her pussy plainly visible to anyone who was behind her.

“So are you done struggling SolarGirl?” a man said, his voice familiar but she was unable to place it right away.

“Let me go now and I’ll only snap an arm, maybe a leg for good measure.” she responded with confidence in her voice.

“Yes, well, that is a risk of course, but I’m not interested in taking you up on your offer I’m afraid.” he replied and stepped in to her view.

She finally placed him, The Organizer. She’d always thought it a stupid name for a supervillain, it sounded more like someone who came to your house and helped you clean up your closet, but he was a legitimate class A supervillain.

“Look, you’ve never been one to take prisoners and you always make sure to stay out of the headlines, perhaps I was a bit hasty with that whole ‘break your arm’ thing. I’m sure you can understand my being a bit out of sorts…” she said, deciding to take a different tack now that she knew who she was dealing with.

“Yes, not to worry, I didn’t take it personally or anything SolarGirl. As I hope you don’t take what is about to happen personally either, it was simply bad luck that I came across the three of you.”

SolarGirl scrunched her forehead, ‘Three of them?’ she thought and then the memories returned from the haze that clouded her mind. She, Miracle Maiden and StarFlare had been fighting Dr. Tormentor, his latest robotic monstrosity had been wreaking havoc on the city. She’d watched StarFlare go down hard and Miracle Maiden follow soon afterwards… then… nothing.

She pulled at her restraints once more to no avail. But it felt different somehow, not from a few moments ago when she’d tried it, but from the other times she’d been subdued with Rayton, it didn’t feel like she was being punch in the gut repeatedly, but instead more like that all her super abilities had simply been siphoned off.

She could still feel strength in her arms and legs, simply not enough to tear through the metal of the device she was strapped in to.

“I see you’ve noticed…” The Organizer said with a raised eyebrow and a smile.

“What exactly have you done?”

“Well I’ve always wondered how you and SolarMan would react to a less intense dose of Rayton. My speculation was that, while it would reduce your abilities, it wouldn’t leave you completely helpless. And as you can see I have been proven right.” he replied with a self satisfied smirk.

“And so now what? You have your answer, simply let me go and we’ll forget about the whole thing.”

“Yes, I could do that, but I have something else in mind. You see, with that collar on you your just like any other human…” he said as he stepped to my side and I heard the wheels of something being pulled over before I saw it on screen. A moment later I felt the sting of an IV being inserted in to my arm.

“Ow! What’s that for?” I asked, unsure of where he was going with this.

“Well, as strong as you are SolarGirl, one of the area’s that you and your cousin are known to be weak in is your mental strength. How may times of the two of you fallen to even a mid level telepath?”

It was true, for all their physical strength, they had little in the way of mental shielding to protect them and SolarGirl felt her stomach drop.

“So, I’m quite sure, now that you are in such a reduce physical state, that you’ll not be any more difficult than any other human to brainwash.”

Her stomach landed with a thud as she felt the burning of the drug dripping from the IV enter her blood stream, “Your not going to get away with this, when I get free, I’m going to break every bone in your body.” she spat at him with more confidence than she felt.

“I don’t think so SolarGirl, why your whole body is relaxing as we speak! I think you’re going to go under just like anyone else would.” he replied and disappeared from the view of the monitor. A few moments later the image of her tied to the device was replaced with a picture of her smiling face from one of her promotional shoots.

“I love to smile!” boomed from the monitors speakers and SolarGirl flinched slightly at the suddenness of it.

“Making other people smile makes me happy!” came next along with more and more lines until the loop eventually repeated.

SolarGirl fought to keep her head clear, but the drugs running through her system made it hard to focus and eventually she felt the corners of her lips curl upwards.

I looked at the read outs from the last eight hours of SolarGirl’s conditioning and was surprised at how far it had come already. I had known she would be susceptible to the drugs, but this was beyond my expectations.

I reviewed the conditioning phrases and how far through their cycle they were:

[100%] I love to smile!
[100%] Making other people smile makes me happy!
[100%] I love to show off my body!
[100%] Making decisions is hard!
[100%] I love to giggle!
[100%] Being a hero is a waste of time!
[100%] I love to do what others tell me to!
[100%] Thinking is so hard!
[100%] I love it when people complement my looks!
[100%] Doing what I'm told is so easy!
[ 90%] I love dressing up and looking pretty!
[ 70%] Some people say I'm a bimbo, but, like, that's ok!
[ 50%] I love wearing lots of makeup!
[ 20%] I'm not very smart, but I totally make up for it with my looks!
[ 20%] I love it when I don't understand the conversation and just giggle!
[ 10%] I don't want to be a hero, I'm just a silly little bimbo!

A few more hours would complete the cycle and then I could move on to the next one.

It was time to start on Miracle Maiden while SolarGirl continued to process.

Chapter 3 – Subduing Miracle Maiden

My concern over SolarGirl recovering too quickly had been well founded, however Miracle Maiden, for all her strength, was easily enough handled by using her own lasso against her.

Dr. Tormentor’s minions had placed it on her hip, where it normally sat, when they had prepared her to be released. I quickly grabbed it from her side, wrapped it around her wrists, then her ankles and swiftly pulled her from the tube and carried her over to the second custom built frame and laid her in to it.

Taking the other end of the lasso, I wrapped it around her throat and then unwrapped the rest of it, placing her limp arms and legs in to the frame before using the lasso to once more secure her.

The entire process had taken just a few minutes, in which she had not been able to recover from the stasis, but even if she had, the lasso would have made her powerless to resist.

Miracle Maiden grunted and moaned as her head pounded from what she could only assume was the massive energy weapon Dr. Tormentor’s creation had fired at her.

It had been foolish of her to turn her back on it and go to help her friend StarFlare, but it had been an instinctual reaction more than anything.

She felt the rope around her neck, wrists, waist and ankles but something was out of place, she wasn’t siting or laying flat.

She managed to open her eyes and found her answer, her legs where in stirrups, ratcheted out to the sides, her arms were pulled under her and tied together and the rope glowed a bright gold and she knew it was her magic lasso that bound her. To make things even worse, she was naked as well.

From between her legs she could see The Organizer smiling down on her, “By Hera, let me go villain!”

“Ah, a classic refrain Miracle Maiden, but I think not.”

She tried to recall how she had gotten in this position, but the last thing she could remember was the battle with Dr. Tormentor. She looked from side to side, but the room was empty except for a table and something that was behind The Organizer, but she couldn’t quite make out what it was.

“What do you want then?”

“Well, actually, I want your help. You see I have your friends as well, SolarGirl and StarFlare. SolarGirl is coming along nicely already, but I’m still a little stuck on what to do with StarFlare.”

Miracle Maiden pulled at her bonds, useless as she knew it was and manged to rock the device she was tied to.

“Oh, go ahead, struggle all you like, you know it won’t help.”

After another minute of pointless struggle she relented, “My help… what do you mean?”

“Ah, yes, well I know SolarGirl’s weakness and am exploiting it even as we speak. When I’m done with her she’ll be only too happy to help me with StarFlare. And I know how to deal with you as well, but StarFlare… she’s another story all together. I think I’m going to have to use your lasso on her, to ask her some questions and figure out a plan, but to do that I first have to take it off of you.”

“Oh please do… I won’t try and stop you.” she replied with a grin on her lips.

“Yes, yes. I know you won’t, but first I have to make sure your in a more oc-operative mood.” he said and stepped to the side revealing what she had previously not been able to identify.

It was a large piston with a dildo attached to it.

He stepped behind it and pushed it forward until it was just at her pussy lips, he then attached the unit to the frame she was suspended on so that it would not push away when activated.

“You see I’ve done a lot of research on the Amazons over the years, they fascinate me really. Beings created by the gods to be perfect warriors, you would think that they would be… how should I put this… less attractive.”

“How dare you, the gods created us to be perfect in every way!”

“Really? Do those large breasts make you a better warrior? I don’t think so and through my research I realized that the gods are pretty darn lazy when it comes right down to it. After all, why create a whole new Amazon race when you can start with something you’ve already created?”

Miracle Maiden arched an eyebrow but the truth of his logic resonated with her. She’d met all the gods and to say they were slothful was an understatement. They seldom did more than absolutely necessary and never wasted their time if they could find a short cut.

“Tell me Miracle Maiden, if you had to say, what earlier creation do the Amazon’s most closely resemble?”

Miracle Maiden’s eyes widened as the answer came to her, “By Hera no!” she cried out as he smiled and chuckled in response.

“That’s right, the Nymphs. Created by the gods to satisfy their carnal desires, submissive and eager to serve their gods in any way they desire.”

“It cannot be true! Zeus would never…” she cried out but couldn’t finish the thought as something deep down stired at the idea.

“Oh he would and he did. So you see, while on the surface the Amazon’s are the perfect warriors, buried deep beneath that, somewhere, is the heart of a Nymph. This device is going to help me find it.” he said and flipped a switch that started the machine running.

The lubricated dildo pushed forward and in to Miracle Maiden’s exposed pussy, it slide in and out as she fought the pleasure building in her loins.

“Now, I know this isn’t going to be quick, I’m sure Zeus buried it deep down in there, but I’m not in a rush so I’ll leave you two alone for a while.” he said and tapped the top of the device before he walked out of the room.

Miracle Maiden struggled against her lasso once more, but the incessant motion of the dildo eventually distracted her and her breathing quickened as she felt an orgasm building.

Chapter 4 – SolarGirl Phase 2

I checked SolarGirl’s progress through phase 1 and was gratified to find all of the metrics to be at 100%, the cycle was still going of course, but it had completed it’s work in just under 12 hours.

I switched off the cycle and the image on the monitor in front of SolarGirl was replaced with a live video feed of her own face, the broad smile across her lips and I could hear a giggle escape her lips.

SolarGirl giggled at the sight of her own face, her bright white teeth showing between her parted lips, god she loved to smile!

A few minutes later The Organizer walked in to the room and eventually around to the side of the monitor, her eyes darted over to him, the smile never leaving her face.

“Like, it didn’t work so you have to totally let me go!” she cried out and giggled at the end.

“Oh it didn’t? Then you won’t mind me asking a few questions…”

“Well… like… I don’t know…” she hesitated, did she mind him asking a few questions? She couldn’t decided, making decisions was so hard!

“Oh, sorry, let me rephrase. You want me to ask you a few questions.”

“Oh, like sure! You can ask me whatever you want!” she enthused, the decision made for her now that he had told her what she wanted.

“Alright then, do you like being a hero SolarGirl?”

“I… I… no… being a hero is sooooo hard!”

“I know it is, but if you weren’t a hero, what would you be?”

“Like oh my god! I just want to totally be a silly little bimbo!”

“Well, bimbo’s like to show off their bodies you know…”

“I love showing off my body!”

“And they dress up in pretty clothes, apply lots of makeup and look pretty all the time…”

“Yes! Yes! Yes! I want pretty clothes! I wanna look pretty! I totally love it when I get com… comp… complemented on my looks!”

“And bimbo’s aren’t very smart are they?”

“Nugh ugh… like bimbo’s are total dummies just like me!”

“Well then SolarGirl, I think things have gone very well then. You won’t mind staying here for a while longer will you?”

“Like… I won’t?” SolarGirl said in confusion.

The Collector rolled his eyes, “You want to stay her for as long as I want.”

“Oh yeah, like totally! giggle” SolarGirl replied and felt a wave of pleasure wash over her as her eyes returned to the monitor and her smiling face.

I smiled down at SolarGirl as she returned her gaze to the monitor, happy and content to view her own smiling face while I swapped out the empty bag on the IV for a full one.

I pulled out my phone from pocket and pulled up the next cycle and confirmed the commands before starting it:

[0%] I love wearing really high heels!
[0%] Being naked feels so sexy!
[0%] I love to have my body used!
[0%] My body is the most important part of me!
[0%] I love to flirt!
[0%] My body makes me horny all the time!
[0%] I love to masturbate!
[0%] Being a sexy little bimbo makes me so happy!
[0%] I love to have something between my lips!
[0%] Being recorded when I masturbate is so hot!
[0%] I love to have sex as much as possible!
[0%] My pussy is so needy it always wants something in it!
[0%] I love having The Organizer in my life, he's the best!
[0%] I'm not very smart, but I totally make up for it with my looks!
[0%] I love doing whatever The Organizer wants, it makes me so horny!
[0%] I'm just The Organizer's silly little bimbo slut!

I clicked on the start button and the monitor in front of SolarGirl came to life once more.

Chapter 5 – Miracle Maiden Checkup

I walked in to the room where Miracle Maiden was still being assaulted by the mechanical dildo and could smell the sex as soon as I had opened the door. She was clearly part way to another orgasm, which appeared to be the latest in a string of over 50 since I had started the machine running almost 24 hours ago.

I watched for a few minutes as her breathing increased, her chest heaved and then her whole body shook once more.

I walked over to the side of the framework and took hold of one end of the lasso as I paused the machine, “So Miracle Maiden, how are you holding up?”

Her head flopped to the side and her eyes were half glazed over as she answered, “I… I… I’m ok.” she managed to get out and I knew it was the truth as the lasso compelled it.

“Tell me, are you enjoying yourself?”

She scrunched her forehead as she tried not to answer, “Please… I… I… I… yes….” she finally admitted and I could see the shame in her face.

“Are you ready to admit your true nature and submit to me?”

I watched the fire of hatred burn in her eyes as she responded, “I… n… n… nev… no!” she managed to get out before slumping back in to the framework at the effort.

“Well, I knew you’d be a challenge, maybe tomorrow…” I said as I let the lasso drop from my hand and I turned the machine back on.

“Please! No! By Hera no more!” she cried out as I left the room.

Miracle Maiden had lost count of the orgasms, but there was definitely something stirring deep inside of her. The first few had been much like any orgasm she had had in the past, pleasurable sure, but not anything else. Then, at some point in that first day, it had changed.

It wasn’t like all of a sudden her orgasms were a thousand times better or anything, but bit by bit, each one seemed to rock her closer and closer to her core.

By the time The Organizer had come in to check on her, she had known he had been right, that the god’s had used the Nymph to base the Amazons on.

She still refused to believe that it would break her though and she fought it with each breath she took. But he had held the lasso, compelling her to tell the truth, she had found it impossible to say the one word she most wanted to, never.

It had shook her to her core when she realized that after just one day of the machine’s dastardly work, never had become not yet.

Now after yet another day, she knew deep down that it was only a matter of time. Oh her Amazonian strength would let her hold out for a week or more, at some point she would succumb to her Nymph origins.

The tingle of her lasso brought her back to the moment, The Organizer standing beside her as she panted trying to recover now that the machine had been stopped.

“So Miracle Maiden, how are you today?”

“I… I’m tired.” she managed to get out, a truthful statement if not the most informative.

“Are you still enjoying it?”

She wanted to say no, but the lasso forced her lips to only speak the truth, “Yes… yes I am.”

“Very good. Now tell me what you enjoy about it.”

She was horrified, but the lasso forced her to speak, “I… I like the pleasure. The feeling of the orgasm as it comes over me. Letting go of the fight as it does.” she said as she blushed furiously.

“Are you ready to admit your true nature and submit to me?”

“No… no… no!” she cried out, the lasso not having to do anything to provoke her response.

“Obviously, but that’s fine. Let’s see how you’re doing after a week.”

Miracle Maiden’s eyes widened, “NO! Please! Just let me go!” she cried out as he walked from the room after restarting the machine.

Chapter 6 – SolarGirl Final Phase

SolarGirl had taken to the each cycle far better than I had expected, the last cycle only taking a few hours to complete. Perhaps it was her reduced intelligence, or some of the other programming from phase 1 or 2, but either way she had completely succumbed to the brainwashing.

Looking at the readout, phase three had comprised primarily of sexual preferences and had included a set of simulators that engaged the various body parts as the cycle progressed:

[100%] I love my lips wrapped around a dick!
[100%] Giving blow jobs makes my pussy tingle!
[100%] I love to have my titties fucked!
[100%] My tits are the most important part of me!
[100%] I love having sex!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love having anal sex!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love having cum sprayed on to my face!
[100%] Having cum on my face makes me orgasm!
[100%] I love to have my face fucked!
[100%] Having a cock inside of me makes me useful!
[100%] I love liking pussy!
[100%] Women are sexy too!
[100%] I love having my pussy licked!
[100%] I'm just The Organizer's silly little bimbo fuck doll!

Phase four had focused on ensure her loyalty to me:

[100%] I love The Organizer!
[100%] Giving myself to The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to obey The Organizer!
[100%] Obeying The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to protect The Organizer!
[100%] Protecting The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to pleasure The Organizer!
[100%] Pleasuring The Organizer is the purpose of my life!
[100%] I love to be owned by The Organizer!
[100%] Being owned by The Organizer is the purpose of my life!

Now, the firth and final stage was ready to being:

[0%] I love my titties, but they're too small!
[0%] My titties should be bigger!
[0%] I love big fake titties, they're so sexy!
[0%] Being a fake plastic doll would be just the best!
[0%] I love to have plastic surgery!
[0%] Plastic surgery makes me a better fuck doll!
[0%] I love having my ass slapped!
[0%] Begging for my ass to be slapped makes me so wet!

I started the cycle running and knew SolarGirl would be ready before I finished lunch.

SolarGirl sat in the metal framework, the monitor having just finished telling her all of the latest things she loved and wanted and she let out a string of giggles at how happy she was.

She lifted her arm from the restraint, which had long ago been unlocked, and scratched an itch on the end of her nose just as she heard the door open.

She quickly replaced her arm in to the framework and felt her pussy moisten once more as she knew it would be The Organizer’s footsteps that she now heard coming towards her.

The footsteps stopped behind her and the monitor in front of her changed from her smiling face to the side view of the framework, where she could see The Organizer standing behind her. She watched his hand lower down and grab her ass and she let out a moan.

“Oh god that feels so totally good baby!” she let out as he squeezed a bit harder.

“Does it now? Tell me, would you complain if I gave it a good hard slap?”

“Oh my god no baby! I totally love my ass slapped!”

She watched his had raise up on the monitor and then come down on to her ass, “Oh god yes baby! Slap it again! Do it harder! Harder!” she cried out and he obliged her, landing blow after blow.

At some point her pussy was buzzing with so much pleasure she felt her whole body shake with an orgasm.

“Good girl… now get up, we have somewhere to go.”

SolarGirl jumped up from the framework and jumped up and down in a giggle fit, “Like, where are we going baby?!”

“Don’t worry about it, just nod that pretty little head of yours and agree with everything I say. And here, put these on.” he said, handing her a small pile of clothes with a pair of high heels on top of them.

giggle Like of course! I totally love agreeing with you!” she nearly squealed and quickly got dressed before he lead her from the room with the metal framework that she so loved sitting in.

SolarGirl stood in the exam room, naked, needy and horny as always, as the doctor drew marks all over her body.

“So your sure this will work?” The doctor asked The Organizer with a questioning look.

“Of course I’m sure, your scalpels will do just fine.”

“But… she’s…”

“Yes, I know, but that Rayton collar has made her skin as penetrable as anyones.”

SolarGirl wasn’t really follow what they were talking about, so she let out yet another giggle, it was best that way, it made her feel so good to do so when other were talking over her head.

“When you told me you had a special job for me to do… I mean… I never.”

“But you can do it, today?”

“Yeah, of course, no problem.”

“Alright, good. Get her done and I’ll pick her up tomorrow. After your done your surgery, just take the collar off and put it in this.” The Organizer said as he handed the doctor a black bag about the same size as the collar around her neck.

“Is that safe?”

“To take it off? Yes, she’s fully conditioned now. Once you take the collar off her powers should come back quickly enough and her healing factor will kick in. She’ll be all healed up by the time I come back tomorrow I expect.”

“Really? That’s going to be quite something to see.”

“You might be right, why don’t you record it for me.”

“Sure, I can do that.”

“Great.” The Organizer said and turned to SolarGirl, still standing naked and giggling.

“Alright SolarGirl, now do what the Doctor and Nurses say. I’ll be back tomorrow to pick you up.”

SolarGirl nodded and giggled, “Like, do I get to fuck the Doc too?” she beamed, hoping he’d say yes.

“Sure, I’ll tell you what, tomorrow, after he gives you a clean bill of health, you can give him a blow job. How does that sound?”

“Oh my god yes! I love blow jobs! giggle

Chapter 7 – A Week With Miracle Maiden

I walked in to Miracle Maiden’s room and saw the machine continuing to pound away at her. Though unlike my last visit, it was far more pleasant smelling.

I’d had someone come in each day and clean up the mess, along with providing her a meal every other day, I knew her Amazonian strength could hold her through it without daily nourishment.

I moved over to the machine and shut it down, unhooking it from the metal frame that held Miracle Maiden in place and pushed it to the side. The blissed out look on Miracle Maiden face made it clear she had just had yet another orgasm from it the machine.

I wiped some spittle from her chin and she let out a moan at the physical contact.

I took hold of the lasso with one hand and gently shook her head from side to side with the other, “Miracle Maiden, are you there?”

A moan followed and then she gasped as her eyes fluttered for a moment, “You… you… please… yes I’m here…” she managed to get out as her eyes rolled back from behind her eyelids.

“How are you feeling today Miracle Maiden?”

“H… H… Horny…” she let out in a half moan.

“That’s good Miracle Maiden, that’s very good. How long have you been horny for?”

Miracle Maiden felt the lasso course through her, she had to tell the truth even as her mind started to fight against it, “Al… Always.”

The shame crashed over her, it was true, even before the machine, even before she had been captured. She had always felt it, pushed it deep down inside of herself, refusing to acknowledge it, but now she had no choice.

“Always? Even when fighting Dr. Tormentor?”

“Yes.” her lips formed the word without resistance.

“Even before you joined the league?”


“Even before you left your island?”

“Yes, yes, yes… always!” she shuttered as the truth washed over her.

“Good, good. You see that wasn’t so bad, accepting what you are, now was it.”

She so desperately wanted to say no, but the lasso refused to let her lie, “No… it wasn’t.” she replied, her body slumping without her even realizing it had been tense.

“Now, you’ve fought it all week long, you’ve railed against it, but it’s finally won out. Tell me what you are deep down underneath that Amazonian facade.”

“I… I… I… I’m a… Nymph!” she cried out as an orgasm crashed over her.

“Oh that’s very good Miracle Maiden. Now what do Nymph’s do?” he asked.

Miracle Maiden had known many Nymph’s over the centuries, they were slutty, sex obsessed creatures that bowed before any being that paid them attention. The Nymph would always call them master and obey their every want and desire.

“They… they have sex.”


“They… they… submit to their master!” she cried out and another orgasm crested.

“Very well done, very well indeed. Tell me, now that you have admitted your true nature to me, are you ready to submit now?”

Miracle Woman dug deep down, harnessing all of her rage and hatred of the man and stuttered out, “N… n… no!”

“Well perhaps you’d like to see how your friend, SolarGirl is making out then? SolarGirl, please come in here.”

“SolarGirl… what have you done to her?” she cried out as she saw the her friend approaching the door, then as SolarGirl she stepped through it and in to the light of the room, she let out a gasp.

“SolarGirl… what has he done to you?” she let out as the twisted vision of her former friend came in to view. Her breasts, always large to begin with, were now much larger, larger than her head if Miracle Maiden had to guess. And how that sat on her chest, so high and round, they seemed more like two basketballs than breasts.

That was the most obvious change, but there were others, her face was different, her lips puffier and painted bright pink. Her normally dirty blonde hair was almost white and was longer than it normally was. And her waist, it was cinched in though she could see no obvious corset. Her hips flared out from it making her look like some kine of parody of her former self.

To top it all off, she was decked out in a tiny white outfit, that looked similar to her old costume if someone had removed 90% of the material. All of this stood on top of a towering set of heels that Miracle Maiden could only image that SolarGirl would have to use her ability to fly to remain upright.

“Hiya Miracle Maiden! Like, it’s so good to see you! giggle” SolarGirl replied and jiggled her massive rack from side to side as she did, a bright wide smile across her lips the whole time.

“SolarGirl… quick, do something… free me!” Miracle Maiden cried out.

“Like, totally sorry Miracle Maiden, but The Organizer told me not to do anything you asked.” SolarGirl said, her inflated lips forming in to a pout for just a second.

“But, like you know what he totally told me to do?” SolarGirl beamed, her smile quickly returning to her face.

“Oh dear Hera, what?”

SolarGirl just giggled and wiggled her hips as she sauntered over to Miracle Maiden, before leaning over and extending her tongue, licking at Miracle Maiden’s sopping wet pussy.

“Oh Hera, please… SolarGirl… no!” she cried out as the pleasure coursed through her and she felt yet another orgasm building.

Miracle Maiden couldn’t hold it back and soon her friends licking brought her to orgasm once more. SolarGirl bounced up and down in glee at having done so.

“Well, that was fun to watch, but alas, your not quite ready yet I see. All right, I’ll come back in a few days, maybe another week?” he said as he moved the machine to put it in to place once more.

Miracle Maiden’s face burst in to shock as what little of her rage and hatred that had survived SolarGirl’s onslaught was washed away with fear, “NO! NO! NO! Please dear Hera no! I’ll do it! I’ll do anything! Please… please… please Mas… Mas… Master I am yours, do with me as you please!”

The words flowed through her, the lasso confirming the truth of them to, not only him, but herself as well.

“Anything I please?”

“Yes anything! I’m nothing but a slutty little Nymph! Please Master, put your cock in side of me and use my body for your pleasure!”

“You will be my devoted servant, my slave, my property?”

“Yes Master, I am your servant, your slave, your property! Command me, enslave me, use me!”

Miracle Maiden heard the machine being pushed back and then felt her Masters cock push up against her needy little pussy, “Yes Master! Fuck me! Fuck my pussy with your glorious cock!” she cried out as he slide in and the first of many orgasms rocked her.

Chapter 8 – A Conundrum

I sat in my control chair, Miracle Maiden on her knees, eagerly sucking my dick as SolarGirl danced around the pole that I had installed to the side of my console. At the moment, SolarGirl had her gigantic tits wrapped around the pole as she slid up and down it as if it was a giant dick.

The joy on both of their faces brought a smile to my own, even though it left a conundrum for me to solve.

StarFlare was still safely stored away in stasis, but even with all of the knowledge I had mined from the two other heroes, I still had no plan for what to do with her.

“Maybe I shouldn’t have dropped your IQ quite so low SolarGirl, you might have been able to help me come up with a plan for your friend.” I said allowed and SolarGirl giggled in response.

“Like, SolarGirl loves her friends! StarFlare like calls us friends all the time!”

Something clicked in my mind as SolarGirl babbled on about StarFlare body and how much she wanted to lick it.

I grabbed Miracle Maiden’s hair and pulled her from my dick, “Tell me slave, does StarFlare call all of her teammates ‘friends’?”

“No Master, only SolarGirl and I. The others she calls by their names or sometimes ‘colleagues’.”

A wicked smile crossed my lips as several things fell in to place.

StarFlare groggily came back to consciousness as her body and mind ached. The giant monster that Dr. Tormentor had unleashed had really done a number on her and she tried to raise her hand to her head but found it steadfastly secured somewhere below her.

“What… what is happening?” she said aloud as she opened her brilliant green eyes and looked down only to see herself strapped to some kind of metal frame that reminded her of those construction signs that she often saw around man hole covers.

Her body laid across the top of it and her hands and feet were pointing straight down, bound at the wrist and ankle near the bottom of the frame.

She was not surprised to find herself naked on it.

The metal, or whatever it was, strained under her as she used all her strength to try and break free, but whatever it was made out of was too strong for her to escape.

She looked down at her hands, planning on using her energy blasts to free herself, but found her hands encased in round metal orbs.

“Such things cannot withstand my energy blasts!” she declared confidently as she released her most powerful weapon.

The orbs glowed white, not with heat, but something else for just a second and then a powerful shock ran up her arms and across her body. The orbs then returned to the dull metallic colour they had started out as, no damage to them was visible.

“How is this possible?” she once more said aloud.

“Well, I’m afraid that particular alloy absorbs your energy blasts StarFlare, and then releases it back as a shock wave.”

She looked back up to see a man standing in front of her, she searched her brain for his name, she had seen him before, but it eluded her at the moment.

“I can see you don’t recognize me, that’s alright, I’m not that famous after all. You know me as The Organizer.”

A file came back to her, yes, he was a supervillain, incredibly smart but with no super powers other than what the technology he had gave him.

“Let me go Organizer, my friends will find me and then you’ll be sorry!”

“Yes, well, your friends are a little busy at the moment.” he said and stepped to one side revealing her friend SolarGirl sitting in a chair, her other friend Miracle Maiden on her knees, her face buried between SolarGirl’s thighs.

“Oh my god StarFlare! Like, oh god yes Miracle Woman, deeper! giggle

“My friends, what are you doing? What has this man done to you?!?” she said looking back at The Organizer, Miracle Maiden’s lasso hanging from his fingers.

“Oh my god… oh my god… oh my god… like StarFlare, he’s made us sooooo totally horny! giggle

“Friends, I will save you! I swear!”

“Hmmmm, well, perhaps you will, but I have a few question to ask before we get too far ahead of ourselves.” The Organizer said, twirling the lasso around his fingers before taking a loop and resting it around StarFlare’s neck.

She let out a gasp, she had felt the lasso’s power before but it always took her breath away none the less.

“Now then StarFlare, whey do you call SolarGirl and Miracle Maiden ‘friends’ but not the other heroes?”

She squinted her eyes and tried to resist, why was he asking this question? He certainly couldn’t know the royal family secret could he?

“Beca… because they are… my friends!” she managed to get out between gritted teeth.

“Yes, but what does being your friend mean?”

“They are… they are… they will be part… of my royal wedding party.” she let out with a sign as the lasso forced the answer out.

“Please SolarGirl, Miracle Maiden, stop! Stop what you are doing at once!” she cried out, desperate for her friends to stop pleasuring each other.

The Organizer blinked at the forcefulness of her demand and paused for a moment before walking around behind her and running a finger along the slit of her pussy.

“Why StarFlare, your getting wet just watching them aren’t you?”

“Yes.. yes I am, now please make them stop.” she begged him.

“Why? What’s so important about them making out in front of you that you need them to stop?”

“Because… because… they’re supposed to wait until… until my wedding night!” she cried out and let out a gasp at the end.

“You’re wedding night… why?”

She felt the lasso compelling her to speak but she desperately tried to resist it, “It’s… it’s… it’s part of the… bonding ritual!”

“Well now that does sound interesting, tell me more.”

She had nothing left to fight with, the lasso had won and the words started to tumble from her lips, “The royal family is genetically engineered to bond with their mate on their wedding night. Each member of the royal family selects two friends to help her prepare. It starts when she arrives in her chambers, her friends will be engaged in sexual activities and she will join them. Once she has been brought to orgasm enough times, her genetic programming will take over and her new husband will be brought in. Once he has placed his seed in to her, she will be altered at the most very basic of levels, becoming his perfect bride until the day she dies.”

Tears fell from her eyes as she finished, her body had already started to react to the sight of her friends on the chair and the lasso had made it impossible for her to hide it.

“Interesting, how long does it take for your body to be… ready… with your friends help?”

“It depends, most royal weddings set aside at least 12 hours, but it can be longer. The longer the friends prepare her body, the stronger the bonding will be.”

She hung her head in shame, he knew everything now and she could feel her genetic programming continuing to change her.

“Very well, that’s even better than I expected. SolarGirl, Miracle Maiden, would you please come over here.” The Organizer said and StarFlare watched Miracle Maiden stand up, revealing the long strap on dildo that she had been sucking attached to SolarGirl’s pelvis. When Miracle Maiden turned, her own strap on became visible as well.

StarFlare sobbed as they walked towards her, “Please friends, fight whatever he has done! Flee this place and leave me!”

“Like, we’d never leave you StarFlare! giggle” SolarGirl replied as she stepped around behind StarFlare and pushed the dildo up against her wettening pussy.

“Master has shown me my true purpose StarFlare, he will show you yours as well.” Miracle Maiden said as she pushed her dildo between the lips of StarFlare’s mouth.

“Very good ladies, now it you would do your duty as StarFlare’s friends…” The Organizer said and her friends slid both of their dildos in to her. StarFlare could do nothing but moan as her genetic programming took over.

“Make sure to switch it up every few hours, I’m sure StarFlare will appreciate it.” he said as he walked from the room, leaving her two friends fucking her at both ends with their strap ons.

I watched the live video of the three heroes together for the first time in almost a month and doubted they had ever imagined such a reunion.

SolarGirl and Miracle Maiden had been at it for almost 24 hours, at the moment SolarGirl was at the front of StarFlare with Miracle Maiden behind her. They had changed positions many times and even taken short breaks one at a time, leaving StarFlare in continuous use.

I had taken a DNA sample from StarFlare as soon as I’d had her secured on the saw horse, those fiery hands secured in their metal orbs to ensure no one was bbq’d by her. In SolarGirl’s most recent break, I’d had her bring me another sample and comparing them highlighted just how much change was going on inside of StarFlare’s body.

If my math was correct, and it always was, StarFlare would reach peak readiness in another 24 hours.

I was confident that SolarGirl and Miracle Maiden could last and StarFlare’s body was literally made for this, so between them I knew they would achieve what I expected of them.

For the first time in what seemed like an eternity StarFlare no longer had a dildo inside of her, and she desperately wanted them back.

Her lips smacked together repeatedly, trying to find something to wrap around. Her hips bucked as much as they could, trying to get something inside of her. Her eyes were wide and the only reason she could look forward instead of down at the floor was a small chin guard had been added to the device below her and it held her head up.

She could see her friends still, they had retreated to the chair that had started all of this, SolarGirl was pounding Miracle Maiden with the strap on she still wore, while Miracle Maiden had taken hers off and was sucking it. StarFlare well knew what it tasted like with it having been swapped between her pussy and mouth so many times.

The Organizer stepped in to the room and StarFlare’s whole body jerked as he did, her genetic programming having primed her for a man to bond with her was so strong that she did not care what man it was, just as long as the bonding commenced.

He walked up to her and knelt down, placing his thumb on her lower lip, she wasted no time in taking in to her mouth and suckling on it.

He smiled and a wave of pleasure ran down her spine to her sopping wet pussy.

“Awe, now isn’t that better StarFlare, no threats now from that mouth of yours.”

StarFlare nodded at first and the shook her head no at the second question, unwilling to part her lips and let his thumb escape for either of them.

But he pulled it free anyway, even as she tried to follow it forward with her tongue, “Don’t worry StarFlare, you’ll be getting something better soon. Are you ready for me?”

Her mind was racing, she was desperate for him to enter her, “Yes… yes please… I am ready! My friends have made me ready! Please… I beg of you… bond with me and take me as your own!”

Her eyes pleaded with him even as her voice cried out in need.

“That’s right, I’m going to make you mine in just a minute, but first, don’t you want to know what I want in a perfect mate?”

She moaned out with need, “Yes! Yes! Please tell me!”

“Well, you know what an earth poodle is don’t you?”

“Yes, yes of course!” she cried out, the image of the thing the humans called a pet sprung to her mind. The fluffy furry animal was loyal to it’s owner but had otherwise limited capabilities.

“Well my perfect mate would be just like that. Always down on all fours, eager to please, only able to bark and yap, nothing more than a loyal pet that lives to please me.”

The words buried themselves in to her mind, she had seen such pictures on the Internet, of humans pretending to be pet poodles, dressed up in fancy, frilly, shiny costumes and acting like animals.

“You’ll be that for me if I bond with you, won’t you?” he asked and StarFlare nodded her head as best she could and the let out a little bark.

“Good girl, good girl.” he replied and patted her on the head before standing back up and moving behind her.

StarFlare let out several more yaps as she anticipated what was coming next.

When she felt him push deep in to her pussy she let out the longest whimper she could as he started to bond with her.

When she felt his DNA enter her, her body shook with purpose as her DNA bonded to him permanently.

Chapter 9 – Settling Up

I looked out over the back yard as SolarGirl knelt down and gave me a blow job, she had gotten quite a bit better over the last few months, but then again she hadn’t been very good to start with so that wasn’t saying very much.

I grabbed her long blonde hair, the extensions were still required but it had been growing out well enough, and pushed her down my shaft and held her there. She wiggled her ass as I could feel her try and giggle in joy until I pulled her off of me once more.

She looked up at me with such love and bliss that I almost hesitate in denying her the cum she so desperately wanted. She tried to go back down on my shaft but I held her firmly away, even though if she had wanted to she could have easily overpowered me.

“Like, please baby!” she cried out, her lips smacking as she tried to retake me in to her mouth.

“Later, I have other plans right now.”

She pouted but relented and stood up, walked behind me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her giant tits in to my back and giving them a shake, “You promise?” she pouted.

“Yes, now go get ready.”

“Yeah! giggle” she replied and tottered off on her heels toward her bedroom.

For my part I smiled as Miracle Maiden and StarFlare came in to view. StarFlare had her latest poodle suit on, it was pink and made of latex, it covered her entire body and her arms and legs bent in two and wrapped around themselves. She was still wearing the training corset, trying to get her waist down to provide me with an even more realistic dimensions of a true poodle and I did appreciate that.

Her hair was tied in to a braid and was pulled tight down on to a loop where her hands met at her neck, forcing her head to always be upright. There was a poodle tail sticking out from her ass and several frilly wraps around the appropriate places to give the best illusion of a poodle she could muster.

Also attached to the loop at her neck was the leash that lead back to Miracle Maiden. It was Miracle Maiden’s job to walk StarFlare three times a day, as well as clean up after her and provide food for her in her dish.

The two of them walked along the path in the back yard until they once more reached the house and entered. By the time they did, I had arrived there and awaited them.

“How’s my good little poodle?” I asked and bent down to rub her head, StarFlare wiggled her ass, sending her tail from side to side as she let out a little bark and stuck her tongue out in a mock pant.

I rubbed behind her latex ear and she let out a little whimper as I stood back up.

“Is she still giving you any trouble?” I asked Miracle Maiden.

“No Master, not since I applied the newspaper to her nose. She has been perfectly well behaved since them.” Miracle Maiden said and bowed her head to me, extending her hands out with the leash in it.

“Well that’s good news.” I replied and once more turned to StarFlare, “Sit.” I commanded.

StarFlare set her ass on the ground and pushed herself up as far as she could with her arms.

“Shake.” I said and she raised one of her arms for me to take hold of.

“Roll over.” StarFlare quickly dropped back to her legs and arms and rolled over as best she could.

“Play dead.” she rolled on to her back and let her arms and legs fall to the side.

“Good girl!” I said, reaching down and rubbing her tits through the latex that covered them.

“Does my good little poodle want her reward?”

StarFlare yapped and rolled over on to her arms and legs once more, hopping up and down as I took the leash and lead her toward the living room, she followed perfectly two steps behind me until we reached the couch.

“Up… up.” I commanded and patted the coffee table in front of the couch and StarFlare jumped up on to the table. No human would have been able to do such a thing, but between her ability to fly and her inhuman strength, StarFlare could do many things a normal poodle girl would not be able to.

I grabbed her hips an lined her up to the edge of the table, then pulled her tail from her ass and rubbed my thumb round it.

StarFlare began to pant, her ass wiggling from side to side right up until my dick pressed up against her rear opening and I pushed in to her.

“Arrrroooooooo! Arf! Arf! Arf!” she cried out as my pelvis came up against her ass cheeks and I pulled out slowly until I was near the end and then drove back in to her.

Her howls filled the house as I pounded in and out of her until my cum filled her ass and her orgasm crashed over her, sending her legs out from under her as she plopped down on to the table top, pulling my dick from her ass as well.

“You keep being a good poodle StarFlare and you’ll get a treat every day.” I said and StarFlare let out a low whimper and yap, a smile on her face.

I had to admit that when I first saw the three heroins in their stasis tubes, my first instinct had been to dispose of them, but now that I had broken all three, that seemed like such a wasteful idea.

I walked out of the living room, StarFlare still splayed out on the coffee table, cum dribbling from her ass and Miracle Maiden was waiting, “She needs a bath, make sure to scrub her out throughly too.”

“Yes Master.” was her only response as she walked in to the living room, picked up the poodle tail I had removed and replaced in to StarFlare’s ass.

I headed up to my bedroom to change, SolarGirl and I had an event to attend and it wouldn’t do to be late.

A quick shower and change of clothes later I stepped from my bedroom in a stylish, but understated suit. I walked down the hallway and opened SolarGirl’s door without knocking, she was standing there waiting.

She had poured herself in to a tight black dress that barely contained her massive breasts, but likewise showed off her tight waist and flared hips. Her hair was done up in a stylish bun and her makeup was classy instead of it’s usual over the top nature.

Of course, as always, there was a smile on her lips as she clutched her small purse in front of her.

“All ready SolarGirl?”

“Like, of course honey!” she enthused and giggled.

“Good, let’s get going. Can’t keep the mayor waiting.” I replied and extended my arm, she looped hers through it and nestled in close to my side.

We had become the talk of the town over the last few months. Solara, as she was known as outside of the four walls of my home, was a walking wet dream that had appeared on my arm of one of the fund raisers I attended. Not to donate money of course, but to make connections that would prove useful.

No one had even suspected that the once mighty SolarGirl had been reduced to nothing more than a giggling piece of arm candy. And with the way everyone stared at her tits, I doubted anyone would ever even look her in the face to have the slightest chance of recognizing her.

MindStorm sat on the edge of the property with Huntress and frowned as The Organizer walked from his front door with SolarGirl on his arm.

“Look, there they are.” the hawkeyed hero said.

“Yeah, I know.” MindStorm replied.

“Now’s our chance, we can sneak in and rescue Miracle Maiden and StarFlare!”

MindStorm shook her head, “No… there’s no point.”

“What! You can’t mean that!”

“I’m afraid I do. I’ve scanned all three of their minds, deeply, and they are all lost to us.”

“There.. there must be something you can do… maybe Miracle Maiden…”

“No, the only way to bring her back would be to block out all memories from the past six months, which I could do but has two problems. First it is illegal and second it requires constant reenforcement. Eventually she’d break through any wall I put in place and then we’d be right back to where we are.”

“But… he did this to her.”

“Yes, but what he did was only to take advantage of her true nature. She will always be this now, and would fight us tooth and nail to stop us from taking her from him.”

“And StarFlare? Is she the same?”

“Yes and no. In her case she is now genetically bonded to him. If I tried to block that from her mind, every cell in her body would fight it. She would never be happy, always in mental pain, her body would know that she should be with him. In the end, she would seek him out again and be right back to where she is.”

“Then surely we should try and rescue SolarGirl, right?”

“I’m not so sure about that.”

“What do you mean?”

“You know SolarGirl was never happy in her cousin’s shadow right?”

“Yeah, sure, but who wouldn’t be?”

“Exactly. She had come to me a few times to discuss it, to try and find the root of the problem with some light probing of her mind, but we had never found it. Instead what I found was a woman that outwardly was happy, but inwardly was not.”

“And so?”

“Well, scanning her mind now she is happy. Not just outwardly, but deeply, right down to her core. I’ve never scanned someone that happy before and it’s kind of scary to be honest. I could undo it, peal back the layers of brainwashing he applied to her, but she’d always remember the happiness she had with him. She would strive to achieve it again but she would never be able to, not in any meaningful way at least.”

“So… what… we just leave them there? Under his control? That’s not right!” Huntress exclaimed.

MindStorm shook her head again, “Right? After seeing this I’m not sure what is right or not. All I know is that taking any of them away from him would cause them pain and suffering. That all three are happy beyond words with their lives as they are.”

Huntress let out a huff, “Well, I’m going to get the others, they’ll help me save them!” she said as she stood up and started to walk away.

Suddenly she froze in mid stride as MindStorm took hold of her mind.

“Now Huntress, listen to me, we never found our teammates. They were not here, they have never been here. This was the last place they could be so it is pointless to look for them any longer. All we can do is hope they are safe and will one day return. Do you understand?”

“Yes MindStorm, I understand.” Huntress replied in a monotone voice and then blinked several times.

“Uh, what were you saying MindStorm?”

“Just that it was too bad we didn’t find SolarGirl, Miracle Maiden or StarFlare here. I just don’t know where else to look.”

“Yeah, too bad. I guess we’ll just have to hope that they one day return won’t we?”

“Yes, yes we will Huntress.” MindStorm said, laying a hand on Huntress’ shoulder as the two heroes walked back towards the awaiting jet aircraft they had arrived earlier in.

MindStorm threw a last glance over her shoulder and frowned as she stepped on to the jet, unsure if what she had done was right or wrong, only sure that it was the only thing that would keep her ex-teammates happy.