Trojan Doll

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2010

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SYNOPSIS: Mary is a corporate spy on a mission to find out the secrets of the competition. Will operation Trojan Doll be a success?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

Author’s Notes:

This story was most directly inspired by ‘Overwrite’ by Darkmind, which can be found on the EMCA here:

Chapter 1

“With the ever quickening pace of technology in the 21st century, it was only natural that man would look to machines to do manual labor. It was the automotive companies that were successful at taking the primitive robotics available and manage to create the first Mechs.”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

‘Shit’ thought Mary, ‘this job is complex and most definitely a career ender if I’m caught. Well, that’s why they’re offering the big bucks. I’ll be able to retire at the ripe old age of 26 after this one.’

Looking at the doll in front of her she couldn’t help but feel as if like her, it was alive. Even though it had not yet been activated it still simulated all the little things that humans did, like its chest raising and lowering for each simulated breath to the blinking of its eyelids at random intervals.

A few weeks ago, it would have been like seeing an old friend; many of the dolls used in day to day tasks were never customized at all, used just like this one, straight from the factory.

Its thin frame, with short cropped black hair gave it an almost paige boy look, only the small breasts and clean shaven vagina proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was a female doll.

Looking at the doll now however was like looking in a mirror. The cosmetic changes that she had been through over the last few weeks had changed her body from a pretty average looking brunette, with just a few curves to almost a comically plain, flat, raven haired doll replica.

‘That’s why I got the gig, the right height and close enough for the medical units to do the work fast. Well that and I’ve worked for John before of course.’

John was the leader on this project and he had recruited her for her first corporate espionage gig almost 5 years ago. They had worked several more times since then and he had even made a romantic move on her a couple of years back, but Mary was all about the money and she didn’t have time for that kind of entanglement. That kind of risk just made the job even more difficult.

Mary could see the tech team working at the consoles; Mick, the lead tech, was overseeing the whole thing, frantically jumping from console to console. They would normally be working through the wireless interface of the doll, but in this case a single cable ran from just behind its left ear to the nearest computer. The kind of hacking this team was doing was not possible any other way.

‘Mick is a genius and all, but I don’t think even he will be able to do it, at least my contract gets paid either way.’

The plan was straight forward, Mary would ‘impersonate’ a doll being shipped from the factory for customization, once in, all she had to do was jack in to the network and deliver a viral payload. It had already been arranged that the doll she was impersonating would be recalled to the factory the next day.

The entire display on the console to the left of Mick suddenly flashed from red to green and two techs almost jumped out of their seats. They checked the results and then checked them again. Only once Mick was satisfied did they high fived each other and then give John the thumbs up.

“All right Mary, we’re in. Time to lose the house coat, get in the chair and let Mick do his magic. Operation Trojan Doll is on.” said John.

John was like all the other corporate spies she knew, shrouded in mystery wrapped in an enigma. She didn’t like it, she didn’t even know who they were working for, but the money was just too good this time and risk was the name of the game.

Two techs disconnected the doll and moved it away; she stepped out of her robe and towards the chair. The now naked Mary felt the many eyes of the techs on her, it was too bad the dolls shipped naked, but they didn’t have any modesty and so it was necessary she was naked as well. Mary took the seat that had just been vacated and prepared to jack in to the equipment.

‘Well, no going back now.’ she thought as she secured the cable in to the jack behind her ear.

Chapter 2

“The great technological leaps of the first sixty years of the Mechs had been all about function. Each producer had tried to leapfrog their competitors with better and better Mechs. Those who succeeded grew richer; those that failed fell by the wayside. In the end, once the companies could no longer produce significantly better Mechs than each other, the last competitive advantage any of them could manage was cost.

Within ten years, the cost of a Mech dropped from the lifetime salary of an average worker, to less than the family car. By the end of this great bloodletting of the industry, only three Mech companies remained, the two great behemoths of the industry were Robot Bodies Inc. (RBI) and Mechanized Industries Inc. (MI) with Sub Human Manufacturing (SHM) running a distant third.

During this time is when the first Mech customization shops appeared. First as underground hackers with a fetish for the Mechs catering to a niche clientele, then to a more mainstream audience as the Mechs moved in to more and more homes. And so was born the doll.”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

‘Damn that feels weird’ Mary thought as the doll programming was loaded in to her implant. She knew the modified code would sit over her implants code and fool the security measures at Northern Customization to get her into the warehouse.

Northern had been wiping the floor with its competition over the last year as they introduced their most advanced customization program to date. The string of high profile celebrity endorsements had help to make them the place to go for doll customization.

‘I just hope I get in and out cleanly, nothing worse than getting caught and having to go to court against those flesh eating lawyers Northern has.’

The load finished and she marveled at the workmanship.

‘For something that was impossible, they sure did a good job. The doll serial number encryption and code signing is bang on, even I can’t tell it’s a hack job and I’m on the inside!’

“Alright Mary, we’ve engaged the code, can you stand up and get to the crate?” John asked.

Mary tried to stand up just like she would any other time, but nothing seemed to happen. After a few second she realized that the doll overlay had primary control of her body, so she tried working through the doll overlay instead of directly with her body. Sh soon found she could get her body moving, but it was hard work.

‘Damn, that’s going to be a real pain, hope they don’t want me to run anywhere.’

Mary slowly stood up and moved her body towards the crate, each step required a lot of work, as if she had to tell each muscle what to do separately. It took much longer than she had expected, but after a few minutes she was standing in the doll’s shipping container and ready to be packed up.

“Alright, Mary, here we go.” said John as they closed the container. Everything had gone dark, but Mary could hear them locking down the straps and then suddenly she felt the entire container drop backwards.

‘Great, sensory deprivation for at several hours, at least I can still play solitaire on my implant.’

Chapter 3

“The first dolls that came on to the market were primitive, with minimal changes from the factory Mechs. The most obvious customizations were for purely esthetic reasons, a change of hair colour or length, perhaps different skin pigmentation. These dolls were used by the rich to serve they’re day to day needs and as such performed with loyal obedience.

The first recorded doll used for sex was a scandal of a famous leading man, using a same sex doll for his personal pleasure.

However this was surely not the first instance of a doll being used for sex. The fast pace in which the Mech companies capitalized on this new market would seem to indicate that they had been working on models made for this purpose for quite a while before the scandal broke.

And so, the second great wave of competition started in the Mech industry, with each company making more and more human looking, feeling and acting Mechs for the expressed purpose of sexual pleasure.”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

‘This plan had better work’ though Mary. While the crate she was in was not air tight or anything, if she didn’t get moved in to the main work area and unpacked, she would be stuck in the crate all night and would not get a chance to upload the virus.

Just as quickly as everything had gone dark, the florescent lights of the factory shone down on her as the container was opened by the receiving techs.

Instinctively Mary raised her hand to block the light; however the light continued to irritate her eyes.

With relief Mary thought, ‘It’s a good thing the doll programming is so hard to work through, I think a doll holding her hand up to her face an squinting might have given me away.’

As her vision adjusted to the harsh florescent light, Mary could see a tech in front of her who was holding a tablet computer, he pressed a few buttons and the wireless connection come to life on her implant.

‘Well, here’s the moment of truth, will it pass muster or not?’

While the tech continued to poke at the tablet in front of him, Mary could see she was in a small room, with maybe 3 or 4 other dolls. Mary kept her eyes still so as not to give anything away so she couldn’t be sure, but it looked like pretty much any other office. One desk sat at the front of the room and the only item that seemed out of place was a large cabinet with a half window in the door just to the right of the desk.

‘Must be the customization booth.’ Mary thought.

The tech seemed satisfied with Mary and as the wireless link dropped; he disappeared from her vision behind her.

‘I guess I’m just another doll, good, that’s exactly the way it should be.’

After checking the other dolls the tech walked to the front of the room and sat at the desk. After several minutes of typing, he left the room and shut off the lights.

Checking her internal clock, Mary knew the work day was done and now all that was left was to wait a while to make sure everyone had gone home for the day and then she could get to the job at hand.

Chapter 4

“At the end of the second competitive era, the dolls had progressed to their current form. Fully biological on the outside but all Mech on the inside. This included all human orifices, breathing motions and other automatic types of actions that humans take for granted every day. Even the vocal cords had been replicated to give a truly human voice to the dolls.

During this time, the customization houses went through a renaissance of their own. As the dolls became more human on the outside, the customization houses borrowed more and more technology from the human medical field.

While not government approved, it is safe to say that any technique used in the doll customization process could certainly be performed on a human and likely have no adverse long term effects. “

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

‘Two hours should be more than enough.’ Mary thought.

As Mary had learned earlier, with the doll overlay in place, moving her body was more work than normal, each command had to route through the layers of programming and it took concentration to do.

‘Good thing no one is around, I couldn’t run away from a turtle at this pace.’

Taking a slow look around, she found 5 other identical dolls in the room, each a mirror image of her 156cm frame, waiting to be proceed. With effort, she managed to move up to the desk and take a seat.

On the screen was a process sheet, with specification for the next customization job. Paying little attention to it, she started to look for a jack to connect in to.

Moving slowly around the desk, Mary was frustrated to find no jacks for her to connect to.

‘I didn’t even know they made terminals without jacks anymore. Well, let’s take a look at the booth then.’

With effort Mary moved towards the booth which was less than a meter away. Even so it took nearly 2 minutes to move over to it.

Looking in to the booth it looked mostly barren, with only two markings on the floor shaped like feet and the data jack dangling from the ceiling.

‘There we go, the booth has a jack. I can deliver the payload and be done.’

Stepping inside the booth took a significant amount of effort as Mary tried to balance herself as she took the step over the raised lip of the booth. Once inside it took several attempts to grab the dangling data cable. Once she managed to get a hold of the cable and maneuver it close to her own jack, she struggled to guide the connector in.

The first attempt to insert it missed completely, the second was close, but the third hit the mark.

As soon as the connection was made, the payload started to upload to the network. As the payload completed Mary fumbled to remove the data jack, however before she could complete her task her body suddenly spun around and stood at attention on the feet shaped markings on the floor.

The customization booth had taken complete control of the doll overlay and Mary now found even the limited control over her body she had was now gone.

Before Mary could do anything else, the booth’s door swung shut and the sound of electronics came to life with a low hum.

‘Crap, this can’t be good…’

Chapter 5

“The Northern Customization Company had existed for several years before its great success with its advanced customization process. In those early days, Northern was known as a specialty house, working primarily in the niche porn market, which featured mostly unrealistic examples of the female form.

Through a PR campaign that would have made Coca-Cola blush, they transformed their business in to a mainstream success. However a little known fact is that even to this day, they still customize over 90% of the porn dolls used in the adult entertainment business.”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

Mary tried to move, to leave the booth, but the doll code overlay made it impossible to react quickly enough to fight the booth’s motor control. Each time she tried to move the doll booth quickly corrected her action using the doll overlay that Mick had installed to fool the security system.

‘Well, so much for the best laid plans of Mechs and Men.’ Mary thought.

The window on the door on the booth sprung to life as a computer display in front of Mary. While it was reversed from Mary’s perspective she could easily enough read it backwards.

A high pitched wail wound up from the booth as a horizontal beam of bright light appeared at Mary’s feet. Working its way up her body, Mary felt ever strand of hair fall to the floor. As it reached her head she saw her eyebrows and hair cascade down her face as well.

A brief wind blew through the booth taking all the stands of hair with it, leaving Mary completely naked in the booth.

Mary was not worried at this point; she had gone through several procedures in the weeks leading up to the assignment and knew she would be visiting the medical units to undo the changes that had been already made to her. A few more didn’t seem like much of a problem to have undone when this was all over.

‘Great, I didn’t even pay enough attention to the workstation at the desk to know what it’s going to do next. ‘

A covered compartment in the ceiling of the booth slid open and from it what appeared to be a spray gun of some kind lowered towards Mary face. The doll overlay closed her eyes as she heard the spray gun start. After several seconds of the booth maneuvering her body in to various poses her eyes once more opened and she could see a golden tan had been applied to her entire body.

‘Well, at I don’t have to tan anymore I guess. I can always get it reversed once I’m out of here tomorrow, nothing’s going to happen that should cause me any permanent harm’ Mary thought to herself as more text appear on the display in front of her.

From the ceiling another armature appeared and maneuvered in front of her face, Mary felt her eyebrows being re-applied as new artificial hair was implanted in to her forehead.

‘It’s a good thing the doll overlay pretty much cut off any pain receptors, that’s going to sting in the morning.’

Finished with her eyebrows, it moved quickly on to her scalp, it only took a few moments until Mary could make a faint reflection of her new hair in the booth’s window.

‘Platinum Blonde? It’s got to be at least 3 feet long! And so puffed out!’

‘The only dolls that get this kind of hair is Porn Dolls, that’s going to take some major time with the medical units. Perhaps it would be better to try and abort this before we get any farther along.’ Mary thought to herself.

As the hair gun continued its assault on Mary’s head, she struggled to break free of the overlay programming keeping her locked in place. Her struggle achieved little but she did manage to move her hand slightly upwards from hanging loosely at her side before the booth once more corrected the action and it fell limply beside her once more.

As the hair gun retracted in to the ceiling, a second arm lowered down. Unlike the first one, which look sort of like a weird miniature sewing machine, this one looked exactly like a huge syringe with a thick tube running up to the cavity in the ceiling.

‘Damn, that things going to make me look like a freak! Come on Mary, you can get to the cable.’

The needle pressed in Mary’s soft right breast and began delivering its payload of tissue expander. Mary had seen it sister product a few weeks ago reduce her breasts from her normal C cup to an A cup. It had taken almost a week to achieve that modest change, but the expander worked much quicker (why did losing weight always seem too take so much longer than gaining it?). This monster was going to deliver a dose the size of Niagara Falls and in just a few minutes she’d have huge breasts.

Pulling out, the syringe moved to her other breast and repeated the process. The syringe moved out of Mary’s sight but did not retract in to the ceiling.

‘Shit, my ass to?!’

With efficient speed the arm disappeared, to be replaced by a much smaller version of itself. This syringe moved quickly to Mary’s face and injected a small dose in to both Mary’s upper and lower lips.

‘Well, whoever ordered this package didn’t hold back anything. Damn this overlay is making it hard to fight the booth. I’ve got to keep trying.’

Mary watched as her breasts began to grow, expanding from the A cup of the doll, through her own normal C cup, past the respectable D’s all the way up to massive F cups. As they grew her nipples changed as well, growing thicker and longer, until they were almost as thick as her pinky finger and nearly a 5cm long.

As her breasts expanded Mary once again tried to remove the data cable, but a rush of pleasure moved over her as her body changed, making it impossible to focus enough to override the booths control.

From the slight reflection in the window, she could see her lips had swollen to many times their normal size, and while she couldn’t see her ass, she knew it had similarly swollen to freakishly large proportions.

From each side of the booth a bright spot light appeared on Mary’s throat and suddenly her voice came to life.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” She said in her normal voice, a pleasant mid pitch Mezzo-Seprano. The light pulsed once.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” She said once more, but this time in a in slightly higher voice. The light pulsed twice more.

“The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain.” She said again, this time her voice was so high it almost hurt her own ears. The light shut off.

‘How the hell did they do that? That’s not possible! How am I going to get that undone?’

The armature that lowered from the ceiling this time was similar to the first spray gun that had tanned her skin, however this one was much smaller.

Mary was once more trying to move her hand towards her data jack, but the booth took control to achieve its next modifications.

With delicate strokes the spray gun moved around her face, with each move the doll overlay contorted her face in to many different poses so the spray gun could apply the desired pigments.

As the spray gun moved back towards the ceiling, Mary thought that this phase was done. However the spray gun was replaced by a small cylindrical object. The doll overlay opened Mary’s mouth about half way and with a quick sure motion, the small cylinder moved around Mary’s lips and then moved back in to the ceiling.

Before she could get a good look at her new makeup her eyes closed and a bright flash of light exploded in the booth. Once her eyes were open again, Mary could see more text on the display.

The reflection in the window showed Mary what she had feared, bright, shiny pink lip gloss, smoky eye shadow, eye liner and blush had been applied liberally to her face, and from what she saw on the display, it wasn’t going to be easy to remove.

Chapter 6

“Programming the Mechs is an art form that has evolved much over the history of the dolls. In the beginning, basic motion was a challenge and seldom resulted in much pleasure. The first generation of dolls mostly just laid still and the human’s did most of the work.

As more and more complex actions could be covered it became much harder to keep everything in sync. It was a brilliant young programmer, Josh Freeman, who realized the template for the dolls programming already existed in nature in the form of the human mind.

Using extremely detailed scans of the human mind in action, he managed to recreate almost the entire complexity of it in hardware and software without any self-awareness. This breakthrough allowed dolls to become much more realistic and is still the basis for every doll produced today.

Advances are still being made in this area and many believe the current generation of dolls is so close to the human brain, that we will eventually be able to transfer a human mind in to an immortal doll body.”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

Mary took a deep breath, trying to calm herself.

‘Thank god that’s over, it might take a while, but most of this can be undone.’

The buzz from the booth began to dwindle and Mary once more made an effort to detach the data cable. With great effort Mary managed to get her hand nearly half way up her side before the the doll overlay programming and booth forced it down once more.

‘Well I guess I’ll just have to wait until the techs come in in the morning, it’s only a few hours away now.’

Studying her reflection in the display, Mary was amazed at the changes.

‘I don’t have to like the look, but I have to admit it is impressive tech, I can see why whoever hired John wants it. The entire process only took a few minutes and it’s taken the basic doll form and made it in to a freakish sex toy.’

As Mary continued to view her reflection in the display, she saw a new line of text appear.

‘What now?’ Mary thought.

Mary suddenly felt her own breath on her lips and a wave of pleasure moved over her. The booth moved Mary’s hands quickly over her new body, tweaking her nipples, squeezing her large breasts and slapping her firm ass. The pleasure from all this attention was unlike anything Mary had felt before.

Another arm lowered from the ceiling, this time it was clearly a dildo. Moving first to her face, the doll overlay quickly took it between Mary’s lips and began lightly sucking it.

The pleasure that quickly rippled through Mary’s body was immense and continued for several seconds until it stopped just as suddenly as the dildo was removed from her mouth.

‘God, that was good, I didn’t know you could make that kind of change just through software.’

The dildo moved next to her pussy and after just a couple of stokes Mary came and came hard.

‘Oh my god, that was incredible, I’ll have to see if Mick can duplicate that option once this doll overlay is gone.’

As the arm moved around behind her, Mary realized it had not yet finished its job. Moving to her anus, Mary was quickly overcome with pleasure, just like from the dildo’s time in her mouth and pussy. A few quick stokes had Mary coming once more.

‘Well, I would never have let anyone take my ass before, but whatever this software change is, it’s done its job well.’

‘What the hell does that mea…’

The sudden burst of data coming from the data link hit Mary like a ton of bricks.

The display flashed hundreds of lines, loading Mary’s implant with massive amounts of data about human sexual preferences, personality templates and other information, in under an hour, Mary’s brain was filled with all the knowledge a new porn doll would need to perform on and off screen.

Throughout the process Mary could do nothing but try and shut out the data, however the booth was ruthless and efficient, pushing Mary to her limits.

Exhausted, Mary was relived the barrage of information had finally stopped.

‘Damn my head hurts, that’s not the kind of data I want to load, thank you very much. That gets dumped right along the doll overlay as soon as I get back to Mick!’

‘Custom programming? Must be what makes these Northern dolls so much better than the competition. Good thing the doll overlay is still in place. Better not take any chances though; time to make an all-out effort to pull the plug on this thing.’

‘That’s not good, what kind of repair is it going to try…’

Weary from the data load Mary tried to focuse on the task at hand, she had no base OS to wipe, only her own mind. She moved her had towards the data cable once more, fighting the doll overlay and the booth’s control every inch.

Mary felt her earliest memories being stripped from her mind, she continued to fight it and move her hand up towards the data cable.

Her public school classes disappeared. She fumbled to grasp the cable

Her high school prom and first lover gone. The cable was in her fingers.

College and her first job lost. She had a firm grip on the cable and with all the effort she could muster moved her hand in to give a final tug on the cable.

Mary’s hand was frozen, the data cable hanging slightly loose between her jack and her hand, only the blank eyes of the doll watched the next text scroll on to the screen in front of it.

Mindy released the data cable and lowered her hand to her side.

“Hi, my name is Mindy, I’m your new porn doll as ordered. Would you like to change my name now?” said the doll in its high pitched voice with a broad smile.

“Ello monsieur, Mindy is your maid, ow may I serve you?”

“God baby, don’t you want to fuck these big tits of mine? Come on I want your cock between my big fucking tits.”

The booth door opened and Mindy casually strolled over to the same location Mary had taken so much effort to leave.

Chapter 7

“In the final analysis, dolls are just a tool. They’re used by their owners and when they are done with them, sent back to be refurbished or thrown on the junk pile.

Can we say any different about how many humans treat each other?”

Excerpt from “The Unillustrated History of the Dolls”

John stood in front of the crate and was pissed off. Mary’s crate had arrived right on time and everything had seemed to go as planned but the virus had not called home yet. The most logical explanation was that Mary had failed to deliver the payload.

That meant months of planning and huge sums of money had gone to waste and his clients were not going to be very happy with that.

The tech’s popped the front from the crate and John was flabbergasted at what he saw.

“What the fucks going on here? Did they send us the wrong doll? Check her serial number Mick.”

Mick moved over and plugged in to Mary’s data jack. He quickly checked the serial number.

“It’s the right one John, this is Mary, let me activate her and we can see what happened.”

The doll’s eyes opened.

“Hi, my name is Mindy, I’m your new porn doll as ordered. Would you like to change my name now?” said the doll in a high pitched voice with a broad smile on its face.

“Mary, what’s going on? Mick, it doesn’t even sound like her.”

“New name accepted, thank you for taking the time to customize Mary’s programming. Have a nice day!”

“Umm, I need to get her jacked in to the main workstation. Mary, Mindy, whatever your name is, please sit down in the chair over there.”

“Sure thing baby, call me Mary. Do you want me to give you a lap dance to?”

“No, just sit please.”

Mick unhooked the portable scanner and plugged in the main workstation, after several minutes he looked over to John.

“Not good news John. There’s no trace of the original Mary in there.”

“How can that be, it’s the right serial number, under all those changes it’s her body right?”

“Oh its Mary all right, just, she’s not in there anymore. This isn’t a doll, its Mary’s body, but somehow her entire mind has been replaced with standard doll programming and then Northern’s custom code has been layered on top. I can’t explain it, even the virus is gone.”

“Shit.” John knew this wasn’t going to go over well with the clients. He quickly walked to his office and delivered the bad news.

Almost two hours later he emerged.

“So John, what now?”

“Well Mick, the clients are cutting their losses on this one. We’re instructed to dispose of Mary and come up with another plan.”


“Ya, that’s what I said too. They don’t want to know. They just want it done. I told them not to call me for the next job. You can’t trust people like that not to dispose of us eventually as well.

Pausing for a moment, John looked towards Mary and then back to Mick, “How complete is the doll programming Mick?”

“Fully, she’s a top of the line porn doll as far as she’s concerned. What are you thinking?”

“I have a thought about how to dispose of her quietly and it might tide us over until we figure out what to do for the next job.”

Mary was dancing on stage like she did every night, the crowd was large and rowdy. Few ‘human’ strippers existed since the doll’s had become popular but the few that did certainly didn’t look like Mary so she drew a large and devoted crowd every night.

John and Mick were seated in the back of the bar having a drink while the show progressed. They had worked together for a long time and now they were both out of the espionage game.

“You know John, she’s making more money now than we ever were going to get out of that last job. A good thing too since they blackballed us after we refused to continue working with them.”

“Ya, it’s amazing what men will pay to see a real live dancer these days.” John replied smiling as he raised his drink in a toast.

“You did an amazing job on the programming Mick, she acts perfectly human unless I engage the doll programming.”

“It wasn’t easy John, but the information you provided about Mary helped fill in some of the gaps. I doubt it would fool her family, but even old friends probably wouldn’t be able to tell.”

“It’s a good thing I keep detailed files on everyone I work with. It also helped that she had kept to herself these last few years she was working the corporate espionage gigs. It made for fewer explanations to friends, since she really didn’t have any.” John said chuckling a little.

“Well John, what do we do now? How long has it been since we’ve both been in the job market, let alone the career market?”

“First time for everything Mick, but I’m thinking we should forge out on our own this time. We’ve been doing other peoples dirty work for too long.”

Mick raised an eyebrow, “What did you have in mind?”

“Did you ever get anything from the payload Mary delivered to Northern?”

“It took a few days, apparently she delivered it to hardware that wasn’t directly connected to the main network. When they hooked it up for maintenance on the weekend we got everything we were looking for. You want to try and sell it to someone?”

“No. Tell me Mick, do you think Mary was a onetime fluke, or do you think it could be repeated?”

Mick smiled an evil grin, “I think it might pay to find out John.”

This time Mick raised his glass and both men chuckled as Mary finished her set on stage and was greeted by several men waiting to be taken to the VIP area.