Trust Fund

by TheHandsThatLead, copyright (c) 2015

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SYNOPSIS: Mary has a trust fund but can’t get to it yet and her mother, Lindsay, is the executor. Can Mary change her mind and get what she wants?


  • This story is a work of fiction; any apparent resemblance between the characters in this story and any actual persons living or dead is purely coincidental and unintentional.
  • Do not read this story if you are under the age of 18 or if explicit sexual fiction is illegal in your jurisdiction.
  • This story contains mind control and explicit descriptions of a sexual nature. If any of these concepts disturb you, please find something else to read.

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Trust Fund

Lindsay looked across her desk at her daughter and frowned.

“Mary, this is silly, no one is going to buy it. I know its Rick’s idea and you love him but there’s no way I’m investing in it.”

“I’m not asking you to invest in it Mom, just approve the expense from my trust fund!”

Lindsay brushed the dark brown strand of hair from her face and back over her ear, “Same thing. I’m the executor of the trust fund and I’m not going to waste money on this. Period.”

“But Mom…”

“No buts about it. I know you have fallen for him hard and there’s nothing I can do about that but I will protect you as long as I can from his money grubbing ways. I promised Tom I’d always take care of you, no matter what.

Now I have another meeting, if you want to talk more about it we can do so over the weekend.”

Mary stomped her foot and spun around, her long blonde hair swayed only a moment behind her head as she stormed out of the office and in to the hallway of the house.

Lindsay sighed, she’d been much like Mary at her age. Impulsive and head strong. She’d married Tom when she was 20 and had Mary less than a year later. Her mother had tried to stop her too, Tom had been so much older at 52 but she was sure she was in love and the years didn’t matter.

At least Tom was successful and rich, not that those were the things that attracted her to him. He was funny and warm and caring. He made her happy for the 15 years that they had together before cancer toke him from them.

Tom had known it was coming for a while and had setup the trust fund for Mary, but left Lindsay in charge of it until she turned 24, just a few more years. Mary wasn’t happy with that anymore and it had started to drive a wedge between them over the last few months since she’d started dating Rick.

She looked down at her schedule and dialed in to the next meeting. Since Tom had passed she’d taken over running the businesses he left behind. Not in a hands on kind of way, but she made sure all the big decisions came through her first. She’d moved in to the office Tom had setup in their home and kept up to date on everything that was going on their financial manager, John.

Today’s call was with John and the manager of IT, he had a proposal for some changes and was looking for approval to spend quite a bit of money.

Mary stormed out of the house and slammed her car door before she hit the gas and squealed the tires as she left.

How could her own mother be such a bitch?

It was just $250,000. It wasn’t a big deal and she really believed in Rick’s idea!

She drove straight to her apartment where Rick was waiting for her.

“I’m sorry honey, she won’t sign off on it.”

“That’s ok, I knew she wouldn’t, she doesn’t like me very much.” He replied, not sounding nearly as passive as his words lead her to believe.

Mary hugged Rick and gave him a deep, passionate kiss.

“We’ll get the money somehow, don’t worry.” Mary reassured him.

Rick’s hands slide down her back and squeezed her firm ass through her slacks. She pulled back and smiled, “Let me get this awful pants suit off and we can have some fun.”

She grabbed his hand and led him in to the bedroom.

Lindsay closed her work laptop and shut off the monitor, she grabbed her phone as yet another Monday came to an end. She noticed an e-mail waiting on her personal phone and few people had the address so she immediately unlocked it and saw the message from Mary.

She hadn’t heard anything from Mary since the meeting several weeks ago and figured it was best to give her some space. She’d eventually tire of Rick even if it didn’t look like that wasn’t going to be any time soon.

She opened the e-mail and read it quickly, Mary was sorry about storming out and wanted to make it up to her. Mary had planned a spa day for them next weekend and had included the directions, Lindsay opened the attachment and her phone froze for a few seconds before the details came up.

She recognized the spa, it was well known and very high end. She had been awfully hard on Mary during the meeting, a spa day might do them both some good.

Lindsay stood up and stretched out. At 42 she wasn’t in the same shape as she was at 20, but she still cut a pretty good silhouette all things considered. Creases and sags had started to creep in here and there and there were a few streaks of silver in her hair, but they didn’t detract that much from her natural beauty.

She knew it was what had drawn Tom to her to begin with, her petite frame with, not large but none the less prominent breasts had caught the eye of many men over the years. Even so, Tom stayed because she was smart and they shared many of the same interests.

Mary had inherited many of her traits, but still had her youth on her side. And while Mary played dumb most of the time, Lindsay knew she’d inherited the brains from both her and Tom.

Mary heard her phone alert and she quickly checked her mail, the reply from her mother confirming she would go to the spa was at the top of her inbox.

She smiled as the second notification popped up confirming the software had been installed.

Lindsay spent the next week working on a large investment she was looking to make in an up and coming company that one day could be competition. If everything went to her plan, that day would never come and the company would just become another subsidiary.

She took her glasses off and rubbed the bridge of her nose, for some reason over the last few days she’d found it hard to concentrate. After working for a while she’d get a headache and have to take a break. Today’s was the worst one yet and she stood up and walked out of her office and around the house to try and calm the pounding in her head.

She ended up in the basement for some reason, in the home gym she hadn’t used in years. She walked over to the stationary bike and placed her hand on the seat, a slight smile crossed her lips.

Perhaps a bit of exercise would clear her mind. She through a leg over the seat and placed her feet in the pedals. Pushing down she heard the electronic display bleep and come to life as she started to speed up.

After only a few minutes she was out of breath and panting hard, she had known she was out of shape, but she didn’t think she was THIS out of shape.

She stopped pedaling and let the bike spin down before getting off of it. As she walked back out of the gym she made a commitment to herself to spend some more time down here and get back in shape.

She returned to her desk and continued to work for a while until the text message came in from Mary.

“Looking 4ward 2 spa 2morow”

She texted back, “Me too.”

Mary felt the strong hands of the masseuse press in to her back as she lay face down on the table, her mother beside her.

“I’m just saying Mom, it isn’t a crime to let loose once in a while and have some fun.”

“Oh Mary, I’m too old for that kind of nonsense.” She replied half-heartedly.

“I’m not talking about anything drastic, just a little dye to cover up the grey! We’re here anyway and the salon is the next stop.”

“Well, maybe, we’ll see.”

Mary smiled to herself as the masseuse finished up and left the room. Mary turned over and sat upright to face her mother.

“Mom, have you lost some weight?”

“Well… I’ve been working out a bit. I just thought it was time to get in shape again, I used to do it all the time you know.”

This time Mary smiled at her mother, “That’s great, good for you. That’s what I’m talking about, doing little things for yourself, nothing drastic.”

Lindsay half smiled back, she had to admit Mary made a lot of sense but she still wasn’t sure about dying her hair just because of a little bit of grey.

“Well, what do you think?”

Mary looked at her mother as she walked out of the salon, her dark brown hair now streak free.

“It looks great Mom!”

Lindsay smiled widely, the approval of her daughter seemed somehow more important today than it had before.

They chatted for a while at the juice bar before leaving, their conversation seemed to meander all over the place but never really settle on anything important. By the time they left, Lindsay felt better than she had in a long time and as soon as she arrived home went straight to the gym before going to bed.

The next week was a disaster, Lindsay hardly achieved any work as her concentration had kept drifting. Each time she found an excuse to go down and lift some weights or get on the stair machine or spin on the cycle for a while.

While her work might have been lacking, her body was improving in leaps and bounds. She stood in front of the full length mirror after her shower, she’d lost most of the fat that had accumulated over the years of her marriage and work, now everything looked tighter, better.

She leaned in and inspected her face, framed by her now perfectly coloured hair, she could see the small wrinkles and crow’s feet. Her lips had never been full but time had thinned them even farther.

She looked down and saw her brown and grey bush and frowned, it looked wrong somehow. She brushed it with her hand and was still unhappy. Looking over at the counter she saw her razor she’d used for her legs and grabbed it, stepping back in to the shower and starting the water again.

When she emerged all of her grey hair was gone, along with the brown.

Lindsay read the text from Mary, “going 2 beach! come with pick u up in 30”

She read it again and started to type out a response, “Have fun but n”, she tried to type the ‘o’ but something stopped her. They’d had such a good time at the spa and she really wanted to make her relationship with her daughter work, she just didn’t want to disappoint her.

She back spaced over the message and sent, “Sounds like fun, see you soon.”

Lindsay walked up stairs to her bedroom to find her bathing suit and sundries she’d need for the day. The dark brown one piece suit covered quite a bit of her skin but she applied a layer of SPF 50 to the rest as her pale complexion would burn easily.

She was just walking down the front stairs as Mary entered the house.

“Mom, you can’t be serious! What is that a bathing suit from the fifties?”

“Well, it’s the only one I have, I go swimming in the pool with it.”

Mary threw her head back and let out a grunt as she walked towards her.

Mary grabbed her hand and started back up the stairs.

“It’s a good thing I brought an extra, come on.”

Lindsay looked over to Mary lying beside her on a towel, her tanned skin exposed except for the tiny yellow bikini she was wearing.

Lindsay’s bikini was an exact match except for the color, pink.

She felt mostly naked but had somehow been unable to stop her daughter from making her wear it. When she’d gone to apply the sunscreen Mary had grabbed it out of her hand and tossed it in the garbage. She pulled out her own bottle of much weaker sunscreen and simply said Lindsay had needed some more color.

And in all honesty she couldn’t argue the point. She spent her days inside and was as white as a sheet. A bit of sun wouldn’t kill her.

“Time to turn over Mom, don’t want you to get burned.”

Lindsay turned over, not even thinking about it, just following what her daughter had said.

After a while, they went for a swim. Then a jog down the beach and finally some more tanning as they talked once more about nothing. Except this time nothing seemed to be more concerned with the men on the beach and how they might be in bed.

It was the best conversation Lindsay had had in a long time.

Lindsay stared at the computer but still didn’t seem to be able to get anything done. She’d already been down to the gym twice today, which had helped her headache, but it was still there and starting to pound even harder as she tried to focus on the work.

She’d done so little in the last few weeks she’d had to have John do most of the work and keep things in a holding pattern. She’d come up with an excuse and he’d accepted it easily enough, in all honesty he was probably glad. Before Tom had passed, John had been in line to take over when he retired, but Lindsay was too hands on to let him take over. She knew John viewed her as a road block to him advancing but as long as he did what she said she didn’t really care.

She pulled her glasses from her nose, or tried to as she had been to the optometrist and gotten contact lenses earlier in the week, so she wasn’t wearing any.

She put her head in her hands once more and rubbed her face a bit, trying to get her focus back. She was interrupted by her phone alerting her to a text message.

“Going clubbing 2nite meet @ apartment @ 9”

Her fingers hovered over the screen for only a moment before sending the response, “ok”.

She thought back to the day at the beach with Mary, it had been a lot of fun. Especially talking to her about the men at the beach. She smiled and as she remember some of their hard, sun soaked bodies, her hand slide under her pants and found her slick, hairless pussy.

Soon her fingers found her clit as she worked it to thoughts of the young men watching her nearly naked body tanning on the beach. Then her thoughts turned to them coming up and joining her, touching her, licking her, penetrating her right there on the beach in front of everyone.

Her orgasm crashed over her and she snapped back to reality, her headache gone and a broad smile across her face.

“Mom, really?” Mary said, shaking her head as she stood just inside her daughter’s apartment door.


“I said clubbing, not opera.”

Lindsay looked down at her dress, its high cut neckline and short sleeves covered her upper body while the dress itself extended to just past her knees.

She had on some simple stud earrings and some tastefully done makeup.

“It’s a good thing we’re almost the same size. I should have something more appropriate you can wear.” Mary said as she grabbed her hand and dragged her in to her bedroom.

Lindsay looked at the dress Mary was wearing as they did so, it was a blue dress that was made out of some kind of reflective material. It came low on her chest but tied behind her neck and only just to her mid-thigh. It was tight and left little to the imagination.

“Get undressed and let me find you something.”


“No buts about it!” Mary responded harshly and Lindsay, surprised by the force of the response simply started to strip.

A few moments later Mary tossed out a bra and panties from one of her drawers, “Here put these on.”

Lindsay looked at them, they were frilly and pink, she started to open her mouth to protest, but Mary stood up and stared sternly at her and so she put them on.

The panties were fine but the bra was a little tight, Mary was a bit smaller up top than her and she had to squeeze her breasts in to the bra. It made them push up and out.

By the time she had finished putting them on Mary had emerged from her closet with a dress and pair of shoes and pushed them forward.

The dress was made of the same material as Mary’s but was pink. It also left even less to the imagination than Mary’s did. It was a single tube dress which only just covered the tops of her breasts and extended to just below her privates.

The shoes were a matching pair of pink platforms, with 4 inch heels.

Lindsay saw the determination in Mary’s eyes and meekly took them, putting them on as Mary started rummaging through her jewellery collection.

Lindsay pulled the dress up and stepped in to the shoes as Mary returned with two large hoop earrings, several bangles and a wide choker. Without saying a word, Mary attached each one in sequence as Lindsay stood still.

“There, that’s better. Still though, when was the last time you put on makeup?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, styles change Mom. Makeup does to. Yours is all wrong, come on in to the bathroom and let me fix it.”

“Oh… ok.”

Mary worked on her face for at least twenty minutes without letting her see what she was doing. When she finished, she turned her around and the full effect came in to the view of the large mirror.

The bra, pushing her breast together that were barely covered by the top of the dress exposed a large amount of skin as it moved up to her neck. The choker, studded with crystals made her slender neck seem even longer. The large hoop earrings almost touched her shoulders, but what really caught her attention was the pink and blue makeup. It was heavy and concealed many of the fine lines that age had given her.

“Perfect Mom, now we’re ready! Let’s go.”

Before Lindsay could say anything, Mary grabbed her hand and dragged her from the apartment and in to the car.

The music was pounding at the club and Lindsay had been following Mary around all night, she hadn’t been at a club in a very long time and felt very much out of place.

Her outfit of course was not helping, even though she had to admit she was getting a lot of attention. Several men, no more like boys, had offered to buy her a drink and she’d taken a few of them.

That had helped to loosen her up a bit but had also caused her to realize how long it had been since she’d had any male attention. By the time she’d downed her fifth drink though she’d finally gotten up the courage to head out on to the dance floor with one of the guys that had asked.

They were dancing close together now and Lindsay couldn’t help but feel a growing need between her legs. She turned around and pressed her bum in to his crotch, for his part, he wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her tightly against him.

As the song ended they headed back to the booth Mary had reserved and made out for a while like teenagers. Eventually all of the drinks caught up to her and Lindsay excused herself to go to the bathroom.

When she returned Mary was in the booth talking to him, they stopped as she approached and Mary smiled at her.

A few drinks later and Lindsay knew she was in a car but didn’t really remember getting in it, nor out of it as her head hit the cool sheets of the bed.

She definitely did remember him pulling her dress off and then her lingerie before he started licking her pussy. She arched her back and grabbed his hair in response.

“God yes baby!” she cried out as he worked his way up her body, finding her nipples and then her mouth before sliding his dick in to her waiting pussy.

The clearest memory of the night though was the massive orgasm a little later as he grunted hard as he came and her world exploded in pleasure.

Lindsay woke up with a smile on her face as she looked over to find the young man had left some time in the night. She turned over as she remembered the orgasm from the night before, she giggle slightly and sighed in contentment.

A few moments later she heard Mary at the door, “Well, it sounded like you had fun last night Mom.”

“I… wow… like… yes!” she stuttered, trying to find the words to describe it.

“Go get cleaned up, I thought we’d go shopping today.”

Lindsay climbed out of bed and hit the shower, when she finished she went to the living room with the towel wrapped around her to find Mary.

“I guess we’ll have to go back to my place so I can get a change of clothes.”

“Oh, yea. Why don’t you just borrow some of mine. I laid some out on my bed for you.”


She walked in to the bedroom and found a set of clothes on the bed. She picked up the thong panties and slipped them on. They were at least white this time, however the bra was still a little tight.

She picked up the shorts and almost gasped at them. They were tiny, almost too short to cover anything, and almost too tight to get on. However she eventually managed to wiggle her way in to them.

She then picked up the white t-shirt and pulled it on over her head, it only came down to just below her breasts and had in large pink print across it, “Sexy”.

The shoes, while still at least 4″ tall, didn’t have any platform on them.

She walked back out to the living room and Mary stood up.

“Ah, ready to go, good.” She said and started to walk towards the door.

Lindsay had no choice but to follow her daughters lead.

Lindsay dropped the last pile of bags just inside the front door as she closed it and leaned back against it and let out a large breath.

She closed her eyes and thought back to the mall, so many men looking at her strut around in the revealing outfit.

And she had strutted. At least after the first few minutes of discomfort passed. Her hand headed down towards her pussy as she saw herself walking through the stores.

When she’d headed towards the ones she had always shopped at she didn’t seem to find anything she wanted. But as they headed towards her daughters favorite stores she’d found outfit after outfit to buy.

She slide down the doorway, half biting her lip as she worked her clit.

And that nice boy that had helped them in the last store, he’d suggested an amazing vinyl skirt and top. She tried it on and come out to show him and his jaw had almost hit the floor. She could still hear Mary laughing.

She let out a moan as she increased her pace.

When she’d gone back in to take it off, she’d had such a naughty idea. She’d called out to the boy and asked him to come in and help her as the zipper had stuck.

When he came in and found her topless she simply pushed him back against the wall and dropped to her knees. Finding the zipper on his pants was easy and soon enough she tasted his cum running down her throat.

She came in the front hallway again as she remembered the orgasm she’d had from swallowing his seed.

Lindsay stared at the computer, this week had been no better than the previous and the only thing she had accomplished was ruining her chair from all the masturbation she had been doing in it.

John had called several times and pushed her to get on with the important decisions but she’d just not been able to do it. Finally, she’d given up and told him to go ahead with the recommendations he’d made.

When the text from Mary arrived it was a welcome distraction, “pick u up in 15 going 2 salon 4 makeover”

Lindsay almost jumped out of her chair as she wobbled on her high heels. She’d only worn the new outfits she’d gotten on the shopping trip and today she’d picked out a simple pink t-shirt that was one size too small and a matching pink skirt.

She’d tried to match the makeup that Mary had applied before the club but she couldn’t quite get it perfect yet, even though she’d spent quite a bit of time trying this week.

“You know Mom, I think it’s time you changed your hair style.”

“You, like, think so?”

“Yep, you’ve had that same style for as long as I can remember. A complete change is in order.”

“Well, ok. What do you think I should do?”

“I think you should do a complete 180. You’ve had that dark brown hair forever, go super light blonde. You know, platinum blonde!”

“I… I…”

“And why not go all the way, you’ve always kept your hair relatively short, why not get extensions as well.”


“That’s what you should do Mom. No doubt about it.”

Lindsay felt it hit home like a hammer, “Ok dear, I’ll totally do it!”

Lindsay looked in the mirror, the long platinum blonde hair on her head seeming foreign but also exactly what it should be at the same time.

The makeup artist was working on her new colors to go with her new hair and they were chatting as they did so.

“You know Miss, you have great skin. Only a few wrinkles, have you ever thought about botox?”

“No, not really, like do you think I need it?”

“Well, no, of course not.” She backpeddled a bit, “But they say it’s never too early to start.”

When she was done Lindsay walked out of the station and towards the front of the salon where Mary was waiting.

The surprise on Mary’s face was obvious.

“Mom, you look amazing! Come here.” She said and gave her a hug. Lindsay felt so good in her daughters embrace, warm and safe.

They went out to Mary’s car and drove back to Lindsay’s house. They spend the rest of the day chatting about boys.

Lindsay had been very happy to hear that Mary had broken up with Rick. She’d said Lindsay had been right all along and Rick was just after her money, she’d kicked him but wouldn’t say what had changed her mind.

Eventually the conversation came back to their day at the salon and Lindsay remembered the makeup artist’s comment.

“Say, Mary. Do you think I, like need botox?”

“Well Mom, you’re not getting any younger. It couldn’t hurt to see someone and get a professional’s opinion.”

“Well I don’t know, I’m totally happy with the way I look right now.” She said unconvincingly.

Mary pulled her purse on to her lap and started rummaging through it, moments later she pulled out a business card.

“You know what? Here’s the card of a plastic surgeon a friend of mine used. He’s highly recommended. Give him a call and see what he can do for you.” Mary said, sounding more like an order than a suggestion.

Lindsay didn’t even think to ask why Mary had the card, “Oh my god Mary, you’re the best! Thank you.”

“Well Lindsay, you have great skin and it’s in good shape, but there are a few things modern medicine can do to help stop and reverse the signs of aging. Botox is one of them but we also have fillers and other outpatient procedures that are very popular.”

“Like, what do you suggest Doctor?”

“Well for you, we can do a little bit of botox on your forehead as well as a little bit of filler to get rid of those small crows feet.”

“Hey Mom, you mentioned your lips seemed thinner as well. Doctor, could you do anything about that?” Mary said from beside her mother.

“Of course, lip enhancement is very popular these days. Both on the young and the not as young.”

Mary grabbed Lindsay’s hand and looked her in the eye, “I think you should do it Mom, you deserve it.”

Lindsay turned to the doctor, “I’m totally up for it Doc, all three!”

Lindsay looked in the mirror, just a week ago she’d gone to the outpatient facility and had the procedures done. There was still a bit of swelling around her lips but she’d already regained a bit of movement in her forehead.

She looked at her reflection and couldn’t believe the difference, she looked at least 10 years younger.

She carefully applied her makeup and headed down to the gym.

An hour later she carefully wiped the sweat from her brow and headed to her office. She hadn’t done anything in weeks but she really didn’t think about it much anymore. When John had called yet again the other day, she’d told him just to take care of things for a while, she was taking some time off.

She looked at her desk where her phone was, flashing a notification, it was Mary.

“clubbing 2morow nite my place @ 9”

“u bet” she responded.

Lindsay almost ran upstairs to start picking out her outfit.

Lindsay was holding Mary’s hand as she led her through the club to the booth at the back. They fell on to the fake leather and giggled. Soon enough two cute guys came up and introduced themselves but Lindsay missed their names.

“So what are your names ladies?”

Mary spoke up before Lindsay had a chance to reply for herself.

“I’m Mary and this is my sister Lini.”

Lindsay giggled uncontrollably for a moment at the lie.

“Nice to meet you ladies, do you want to dance?” The first one said to Mary as the second extended his hand towards Lindsay.

Lindsay grabbed it and nearly dragged him on to the dance floor. By the second song she was probing his mouth with her tongue and grinding his crotch with hers.

They danced for several songs without saying a word as Lindsay nearly raped him on the dance floor. When she couldn’t wait any longer she grabbed his hand and dragged him back to the booth. She pushed him in to the couch and straddled him, once again hungrily kissing him.

She slide down between his legs and placed her newly plush lips on his hard dick through his pants. She quickly found the zipper and soon enough had him in her mouth.

She worked up and down his shaft, in time with the thumping beat of the music, until he finally gave her his load. She sucked it all from him, not willing to waste a drop. Her orgasm finishing as the last of it rolled down her throat.

When she was done, she looked up at him and smiled, “Like, thanks baby, I totally needed that!”

She stood up, turned around and headed back out on to the dance floor to find Mary.

Mary watched Lindsay finish sucking off Dave in the booth before heading in a bee line straight for her and Chuck.

She leaned in to Chuck, “Say, have you ever wanted to have sisters before?”

Chuck grinned ear to ear as Lindsay joined them in their dance.

Mary led the three of them towards the door and eventually to her car, the short trip back to her apartment consisted mostly of Lindsay and Chuck making out in the back seat.

The three of them collapsed on to Mary’s bed shortly thereafter and it didn’t take long for all three of them to be naked.

Mary mounted Chuck in a reverse cow girl so he could lick her pussy as Lindsay gave him a blowjob. Mary watch Lindsay work his shaft up and down in a concise rhythm, she grabbed her mother’s head with one hand and started guiding her in time with Chucks licking of her own pussy.

Soon enough Chuck picked up on it and matched his ministrations to match Mary’s rhythm through Lindsay.

Lindsay felt Mary’s hand on her head and let it guide her up and down. At first it was slow and easy, but then Mary sped it up and then down and then up again. Then they were shallow stroks and then deeper ones.

Finally Mary pushed her all the way down Chuck’s shaft and held her there. Lindsay squirmed and drooled until Mary pulled her back up. Soon enough she was back down to his base holding him in.

“God Chuck, that’s good. You too Lini, your such a good girl!”

Lindsay gave one little choke as the small orgasm hit her.

Mary pulled her up again and she gasped for air and was only half aware when Mary pushed her back on to Chuck.

Mary repeated it several more times, pushing her down, holding her and telling her how she was a good girl. Each time the orgasm grew a little more powerful.

Finally Chuck couldn’t hold back any more and shot his load in to her mouth, she swallowed it down to mix with his friends from earlier, and she felt her own orgasm rock her.

As her lips left Chuck’s dick, Lindsay looked up at Mary’s smiling face and giggle as she slid down the bed a bit.

“And where do you think you’re going?”

“Uhmm, like, the bathroom?”

“Well, I can see Chuck’s done and I know you’re done, but I’m not.”

Mary slide forward on top of Chuck until her pussy was just above his dick, she grabbed Lindsay’s hair and pulled her directly towards her pussy.

“Lick, Lini, Lick.”

Lindsay extended her tongue and started to lick her daughter’s pussy, soon Chuck’s hardening dick got in the way and she pushed it to one side of Mary’s pussy and started to lick both.

Lindsay continued until her daughter pushed her sex hard in to Lindsay’s face as Mary peaked and came. Lindsay found herself coming at the same time, harder than she had all night.

Lindsay rolled over and found the bed empty as she heard the apartment door close. She stretched out and rolled off the bed towards the bathroom to cleanup.

She had just started the shower when Mary walked in.

“So, did you enjoy last night Lini?”

“Like, oh my god, yes!”

“That’s good. You know I think I need a shower too, I’ll join you.”

Lindsay giggle as a response as she stepped in to the shower and held the door for Mary.

Soon Lindsay was on her knees, making sure Mary’s pussy was as clean as it could be.

Lindsay looked at the paper work in front of her that Mary had brought over. She’d tried to study it for the last half hour as she knew it was important, but all she’d managed to do was get a splitting headache for her efforts.

Finally she gave up.

“Like, can you just totally tell me where to sign?”

“Sure Lini, here, here, here and here.”

Lindsay signed her name, “Like thanks baby, I totally don’t know what I’d do without you!”

“That’s ok Mom, you don’t have to worry about any of this paperwork anymore.”

“Like, oh my gawd! Thank you!”

Lindsay stood up and walked out towards the gym, she had a wide smile on her face. She didn’t know what she’d just signed or what it meant but Mary was happy about it and that was all that mattered.

Mary took the papers and headed out to John’s office, he’d prepared the paperwork after getting the e-mail from Lindsay that Mary had sent, but she could tell he was still suspicious. When she arrived at his home office she didn’t have to wait as John was expecting her.

“Here you go John, all signed.”

“You don’t say?” he responded as she passed him the paperwork.

He looked it over, checking all the signatures were in order.

“Everything looks to be in order. But look Mary, I don’t know what’s going on but Lindsay would never sign these papers. And even if she did, you would be the last person she’d give power of attorney to. I’m going to have to talk to her to verify it.”

Mary knew this was going to be the hardest part of her plan since the day Rick had clumsily tried to infect her phone with the program. Unlike her mother, Mary had immediately been suspicious of the attachment Rick had sent her and not opened it.

When she’d confronted him, he’d panicked and told her everything. He bolted out of the door when she’d threatened to call the cops and it was the last time she’d seen him.

The software had done everything she’d hoped for and more with her mother, but she still had to get around those that knew her like John. Fortunately John was a man and single so she knew just the way to get him to go along with it.

“Look John, I didn’t want to have to tell you this, but Mom’s had a bit of a mid-life crisis. No it’s more than that, she’s gone a bit off the deep end.

It started a few months ago, I think she’s trying to relive her youth before she met Dad. She’s dressing like she’s a teenager and, well, honestly is acting a bit like a nymphomaniac as well.”

Tom raised an eyebrow, a glint in his eye, “Has she seen someone about this?”

“Yes, I’ve taken her to a few doctors but they all say the same thing, it’s a little extreme but she hasn’t lost her mind.” She lied as best she could.

“Well, I’ll still have to talk to her.”

“Alright, I’ll leave the papers here with you, why don’t you head over this afternoon and pay a visit to her.”

John knocked on Lindsay’s door and waited. A few minutes later he heard the clicking of high heels on the tiles behind it and it opened, a blonde bombshell standing there.

“Like, hi Johnny!” the blonde said as she through her arms around him and gave him a kiss on the lips.

It took him a moment to realize it was Lindsay, she looked so different. When he had first met her he’d thought she was attractive, but now she was drop dead gorgeous. She was wearing a string bikini that left nothing to the imagination.

It didn’t help that he’d always thought he’d like to have her at least once. But she had been Tom’s and after that she’d just been a pain in his ass.

She grabbed his hand and led him in to the living room and flopped down on the couch.

“So, like Mary said you wanted to talk to me about something.”

“Yes Lindsay, I do. Do you remember signing some papers the other day?”

“Ummm, yea, like totally. And like don’t be so totally formal, call me Lini!” She replied and snuggled up beside him.

“Do you know what they were?”

“Gawd no, Mary helped me with them. She’s like totally taking care of all that stuff now.” She said as her hand moved across his chest and down towards his crotch.

“Are you ok with that?”

“Yea, sure, Mary’s the best!” she said as her hand found his hardening cock.

“So, do I get to ask you a question now?”

“Sure… ah… Lini.” He replied trying to contain his growing erection.

She leaned in, her lips right next to his ear, “So which would you rather do…”, she whispered in a breathy tone.

“Like, have me slide down between your legs and totally give you a blowjob and swallow your yummy cum, or, totally bend me over the couch and fuck my tight little pussy?” she said as she squeezed his cock.

He turned his head to hers and locked lips, pushing her back on to the couch, pushing a hand up under her bikini and grabbing her tit.

“Gawd, Johnny, yes!”

Mary looked at the e-mail from John, he’d file the paper work tomorrow, but would have to “review” Lindsay’s state of mind once in a while. He’d suggested once every two weeks and Mary thought that would be fair.

Lindsay was in the gym again when Mary called down to her from upstairs, “Ok Lini, time to get ready for your appointment.”

Lindsay hopped off the bike and headed up to her bedroom, grabbing a quick shower before putting on the tight two piece vinyl dress.

Her 6″ heels clicked on the stairs as she came down to the foyer, with Mary waiting for her there.

Lindsay didn’t know what appointment she was going to but Mary had said it was important that she say exactly what she’d told her to.

When they pulled up to the doctor’s office, Lindsay recognized it immediately. She almost skipped her way in and fidgeted the entire time in the waiting room before he could see them.

“So Lindsay, what can I do for you today.”

“Gawd, doc, don’t be so formal, like, call me Lini! Everyone does!”

“Alright Lini, what are you looking for.”

“Well Doc, I totally love the work you did last time. I really want to, like get my lips done again.”

“Sure Lini, that’s no problem. Anything else.”

“Uhmm… well I was kinda thinking about my boobies.”

“Oh? Gravity is taking its toll?”

“Oh my gawd yes! You’re so smart Doc.”

“Well why don’t I take a look and see what I can do.”

Lini was laying on the recovery bed, her bandaged wrapped breasts protruding straight up from her chest. She couldn’t feel her lips which meant he’d done them too and she smiled, inwardly at least as she suspected her lips didn’t move at all.

Mary was there holding her hand, smiling.

“Just stay still, everything went fine Lini, you were such a good girl.”

The orgasm caught her by surprise but worked better than any pain killer could have.

Lini massaged her new large tits, just like the doctor had told her too to keep them soft. It didn’t hurt that as she did so did waves of pleasure rebounded between her pussy and brain. By the time she finished this round she had come twice already.

It had been two weeks since the surgery and she was cleared for normal activity again, which was a good thing as she’d almost gone crazy not being able to work out. But she was back on track now, she had hit the gym between the massages.

She heard her phone go off and picked it up, it was a text from Mary.

“Surprise pick u up in 30 dress slutty”


Lini hurried up to her bedroom and picked out the sluttiest outfit she had. A pink, barely there bikini top covered by a black fishnet top. The mini skirt didn’t let her bend over without flashing everyone but that was what she loved most about it.

The six inch clear stilettos and an assortment of hoops and bangles completed it.

She finished just in time as Mary walked in the door just as she reached the bottom step. She posed there for Mary to inspect her. Her hands on her hips, one leg in front of the other and her tits pushed out as far as they would go.

“Like, what do you think?”

“Very nice Lini. No time to waste though, let’s go.”

Lini followed Mary out to the car and they drove off.

It was a good thirty minute drive with Lini going on about all the new outfits she’d bought over the last week or so as she recovered.

They arrived at the club shortly after 7:30 which seemed a little weird as it was a Tuesday night, but Lini really didn’t mind. Just as long as she was spending time with Mary it was fine with her.

They walked up to the door and finally Lini realized what seemed off, it was a strip club. Her pussy leapt and did backflips at the thought of the men inside.

Before she realized it they were inside the club, the music blaring, but they weren’t out on the floor, they were in the back.

“Ok, Lini, pay attention. Its amateur night and you’re going to be up in about 15 minutes.”

Lini orgasmed just at the thought of being on stage, the men looking at her as she danced around the stage and stripped.

“If you’re a good girl and do well I’ll let you fuck one of the nice men in the club before we leave. Ok?”

Lini orgasmed again, “Gawd, like totally Mary, will you pick which one it will be?”

“Yes Lini, I’ll pick him for you.”


“And now ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage a new entrant to our amateur night, Lini!”

Lini had only just managed to make it thought her songs without being reduced to a wet giggling pile of tits. She’d easily won the $200 prize, but really that wasn’t important.

During the dance Mary had been watching the crowd and spotted a lone gentleman which seemed especially interested in Lini.

When Lini had gotten dressed again, Mary had walked her over to his table and the three of them had sat for a while talking. Or more importantly, Mary had talked and the guy had stared at Lini’s tits.

“So do you want to take her home for the night?” Mary said.

“Uh… I don’t think I can afford that Miss.”

“I’m sorry, you misunderstand. There’s no charge. In fact, you know what, why don’t you take the $200 she won in the contest. Lini give the man the money you won.”

Lini giggled and pulled the money out from her bikini top and handed it to him.

“But… I’ve got a wife. I can’t take her home.”

“Tell you what, why don’t we go out to my car and she can give you a nice blowjob and titty fuck then.”

“Yea, ok. Sure.”

Lini had enjoyed sucking the man’s dick, she’d really enjoyed his cum running down her throat. Now they were once more driving and Lini didn’t know where but she was satisfied for the moment so she just sat quietly and smiled.

When they pulled up to the 24 hour tattoo and piecing parlor she squirmed nervously in her seat.

Mary got out of the car and told her to come as well, they entered the shop, Lini first and Mary following along behind her.

“Welcome, what can I do for you tonight ladies?”

“Lini here wants a tongue piercing, don’t you?” Mary said.

Lini nodded, “Like yea, totally.”

“Then come on in and I’ll get you done in a jiffy.”

A while later they pulled up to the house and Mary dropped her off, her tongue sore and swollen.

“I’ll drop by in a couple of days Lini to see how you’re doing.”


Lini heard the front door open and close before she could get upstairs from the basement but she knew it must be Mary. She was the only one with a key.

“Hiya Mary!” she called as she ran up the stairs.

“Hi Lini, how’s the tongue?”

“Like, totally healed, see? Ahhhhh….” Lini said as she stuck her tongue out, the shiny silver ball nestled in the center of her tongue.

Mary stretched out her finger and touched it, working it side to side. Lini let out a low moan and instinctively closed her enhanced lips around Mary’s finger and sucked.

“That’s a good girl Lini.”

Lini sucked even harder as the orgasm hit.

Mary lead Lini in to the office and sat down at the chair, pushing it back slightly.

“Come here Lini, get under the desk would you?”

“Like sure thing!”

Lini crawled under the desk and turned around, looking up at Mary in the chair. Mary stood up, pulled down her panties and removed her skirt. She sat down on the chair again and slide down so her pussy was right in front of Lini’s face.

Lini didn’t wait for any further prompting and dove head first in to Mary’s pussy, using her new tongue stud as much as possible. Mary grabbed hold of her head and pushed her against her pussy for all she was worth.

“You know Mom, ahhh… yes, you live too far away, I’ve gotten…. ohhh… you an apartment in my building. Oh yea, just like that.”

Lini worked harder, she was going to be closer to Mary and that was a good thing.

“The movers will be here… mmmmm, tomorrow. I’ve given them instructions… yea… on what to take and what to leave.”

Lini had a small orgasm, just like any time Mary made decisions for her.

“You know, I never expected you to be this good of a pussy licker… ahhhhh… I just wanted you to give me access to my trust fund and figured… shhhhoooo… getting you laid was the best way to loosen you up. But once I started with that program… yes… yes… yes… I just couldn’t help myself.”

Lini was lost in the smell of her daughter’s pussy, her tongue reaching in as far as it could.

“If you’d just given me my trust fund to start with you wouldn’t be here now… yes that’s it… being your daughter’s good little pussy licker.”

Mary came in her mother’s face and Lini followed suit, knowing she’d be taking care of her daughter more often once she moved in to her new apartment.