The Hands That Lead

A hands on kind of leader…



Wednesday November 24, 2021

Debbie laid there, her head turned to the side, her eyes only half open, her ass in the air, and unable to move. In some ways it was highly frustrating, in others, not so much. She knew deep down that…


Tuesday November 16, 2021

I have to admit, that when the four friends moved in across the hallway that I had been a little creepy. Not in some overt stalker kinda way, but let’s face it, when four drop dead gorgeous women share an…


Wednesday September 22, 2021

“You’re under arrest!” Officer Diana Thealgood said as she slapped a cuff on the man’s wrist. She didn’t have time to waste, there were dozens of other’s fleeing the scene so she just slapped the other cuff on the heavy…


Monday September 20, 2021

“Like, oh my god baby, look at how much money I made! giggle” Crystal said as she waved the stack of hundred dollar bills in front of her. “That’s great babe, you keep doing better and better each night.” I…


Thursday September 09, 2021

The genie snapped his fingers and a flash of light filled Gina’s sight, when it passed she was standing on a stage in an opera hall in front of a grand piano in a tight white dress. She blinked several…


Saturday September 04, 2021

“No, no, no, no, this can’t be happening!” Selina whimpered as the fog rolled in to the living room and she rocked back and fourth in the chair. She clutched her hands together and started to pray like her mother…


Saturday August 14, 2021

Sabrina looked over at the camera and the lights went off, capturing another photo of her unconventional style. To say that it had been hell breaking in to the modelling industry would quite literally be true for her, she’d signed…


Wednesday July 21, 2021

Lori swiveled the chalk in to the end of her cue and looked directly at the man in front of her, “What did you say?” “You heard me, I think you’re just hustling these guys with that low cut top….