The Hands That Lead

A hands on kind of leader…



Friday November 05, 2021

Sometimes choices were hard, other times not so much. In the case of Tammy and Tawny, it was easy. “Of course I’ll take both of them, wouldn’t want to break up sisters now would I?” I said to the government…


Saturday September 18, 2021

“Pardon Moi, Mousier.” Marie said in her thick French accent, “I mus cleen ere.” She was pointing at where I was sitting and I smiled, “Of course Marie, of course.” I stood up and she started dusting the chair with…


Friday May 28, 2021

“Hi baby! giggle” Denise said as she turned to see her boyfriend walking in to the kitchen. She frowned for just a second and then mentally corrected herself, he wasn’t her boyfriend any more, he was her employee. They had…


Thursday March 25, 2021

Marie stood by the door, the serving tray held at shoulder hight perfectly as Master and Mistress relaxed by the fireplace. Marie knew, in the back of her mind somewhere, that there had been a time when it would have…


Friday October 23, 2020

Jessie lay floating on her back, unable to move, but fully aware as she had watched the clone growing beside her. It had seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she was growing less and less sure….


Friday October 02, 2020

Sheila ran her thumb over her lower lip as she looked up at the doctor, “It… it’s feels so soft!” she exclaimed as she brushed the stray strands of hair to the side. “Yes, the transfer was completely successful, 100%…


Saturday June 08, 2019

Suzanne leaned back on the couch, surrounded by her latest purchases, her nipples hard and her pussy buzzing at the feel of the shiny material on her skin. It had all started with that one package, delivered to her front…


Tuesday May 07, 2019

Tanya pushed her tits out as she leaned against the cement block wall, turning her head to the side, her expression was one of concern mixed with confusion as she looked towards the man she could only think of as…


Friday April 19, 2019

Samantha felt the cool stone of the kitchen island on her as an a small smile crossed her lips as she placed her hands on it as well. Behind her were the cupcakes she’d just finished baking and now all…