The Hands That Lead

A hands on kind of leader…



Friday October 15, 2021

Cindy pouted and looked down at Derek, “Like, this is totally not what I thought you meant when you asked if I wanted to play with your ball!” Derek just chuckled and snapped another photo as he looked up, “I…


Thursday October 14, 2021

Fuck she hated him so much! Well maybe hate wasn’t the right word… envied? She snapped the selfie and then messaged him, “Me so horny! You come home soon and fucky fucky!” If she was honest, she would have been…


Saturday September 18, 2021

“Pardon Moi, Mousier.” Marie said in her thick French accent, “I mus cleen ere.” She was pointing at where I was sitting and I smiled, “Of course Marie, of course.” I stood up and she started dusting the chair with…


Saturday July 03, 2021

Miko wrapped lips around Norman’s tip and sucked her cheeks in, her hair falling down her back as she gave her ass a little wiggle while she worked. She pushed down and pulled back up, popping off the top of…


Thursday May 06, 2021

Riki raised her painted nail to her lip and pouted a little, had she come from the left or the right? She pouted some more and stomped her food, why was it so hard to remember anything these days!?! Just…


Tuesday April 27, 2021

“Really? humff Well, I guess sure.” Kim said as she leaned over a bit, titled her head to one side and then stuck her tongue out a bit. “giggle How was that?” her head feeling a little light but quickly…


Tuesday April 13, 2021

Kimberly played with her hair and looked down between her tits before looking back up and smiling broadly, “Kimmy been bad. You wanna spank Kimmy?” she said in a thick accent that she’d been working on for months to perfect….


Tuesday April 06, 2021

“God, why does it feel so good to be down on all fours?” Kim thought to herself as she looked over her shoulder and out in to her backyard. She knew he would be there, though from this angle she…