Camilla’s new hair style, dress and makeup had made her the most popular teacher at school but she was having limited success remembering the lesson plans each day.

It was fortunate that her star pupil, Dave had been helping her during class.  After school, he would stay back and help here prepare for the next day too.  He had a wonderful relaxation device he brought with him and it took away all her worries of the day with it’s pretty lights and soothing sounds.

Camii, oh how she had hated that name, but Dave liked it and now she did too, hardly noticed as Dave repositioned her in front of her desk.  He lightly pushed her forwards and she bend over and laid down across it.  He lifted her pink skirt up, revealing her lack of underware and her sopping wet pussy.

The machine kept her in a compliant frame of mind as Dave entered her.  As he thrust in and out, he was explaining to her how much see enjoyed being his Barbie doll.  How good it was to obey.  How she was just a silly girl, obsessed with him and sex.

After she was completely relaxed, he’d bended her other her desk and