Miko had been selling magazine subscriptions door to door and had almost passed this house by, with it’s junk strewn front lawn and run down appearance. But she was desperate, nobody wanted magazines any more, she was being evicted from her apartment and she’d just broken up with her boyfriend.

When he opened the door she could see the piles of magazines and newspapers lining the walls just inside the door, her hopes shot up, surly he’d take at least one subscription!

He suggested she come in a moment and her excitement got the better of her and she did, hearing the door close behind her gave her pause, but he was talking again about the kinds of magazines he liked.

He mind seemed to lose focus and she could no longer really tell what he was saying, instead the words seemed to bypass her conscious mind and bury themselves deep in her psych.

“…but I really focus my magazine collecting on porn. Not just any porn but women in stockings primarily. I noticed your wearing stockings…”

An image of her putting them on that morning came to the front of her mind, her long skirt covered most of them but she didn’t like to show off her long legs.

“…why don’t you get undressed, except for the stockings of course, and give me a better look.”

She slowly removed her clothing, standing naked before him.

“Very nice, now, just have a seat on the stack of papers over there and let me tell you about yourself.”

She propped herself on the stack, her hand reaching for her pussy which was now wet. Her mind now completely open, ready for her new life to unfold.