She realized too late she had been woefully prepared to fight the daemon. Her enthusiasm had not made up for her inexperience. When she managed to exercise it from the little girls body, it simply jumped straight in to hers.

The cross around her neck had been no protection and with her natural abilities in magic the beast had quickly re-purposed her body to better serve itโ€™s needs.

The horns were not just attached to her head, their tendrils buried dead in to her mind, finding any resistance she had and annihilating it. When she re-opened her eyes, their milky white gaze surveyed the room, there was nothing of use here, only a child too young to corrupt.

She walked out of the bedroom and in to the living room, two women stood screaming at the sight of her.

โ€œAh, the mother and older sister, you will do.โ€ A bright beam of light shot from the red ruby on her forehead, first striking the mother and then the sister in the face. They both dropped to their knees, prostrated themselves before their mistress, ready to serve her.