Kelly stared in to the mirror, the dark burgundy of her bedroom wall reflected behind her. She couldn’t believe what she was wearing, the apprehension showed on her face but when she came home and found the package on her bed she knew it was from him. He was the only other one with a key to her apartment.

The note had said “For our date tonight…” but she knew it really wasn’t a date, she wasn’t his girlfriend, she was his mistress. But even that wasn’t right, at the office, he completely ignored her. Even at company xmas party he hadn’t talked to her. They never went “out” on their dates, he came over to her place and then they had sex. She corrected herself, he fucked her.

It had started six months ago, before that she had never thought of him as anything but one of the managers. It had started shortly after her computer at work had started acting weird. She had called IT but they couldn’t find anything wrong with it. After a couple of days, it no longer bothered her. By the end of the week she had found an excuse to visit his office and give him the key to her place.

Kelly heard her front door open, he was here she realized and she moved as quickly as she could in the high heels to great him. He liked her to meet him in the hallway as he entered so she could get down on her knees and give him a blow job. Soon after that she’d be bent over the couch, a chair, the kitchen table or some other piece of furniture to get him warmed up before he took her to the bedroom and fucked her hard.