When Jason had started the custom bike shop he knew it would be a hard go. There was lots of competition and the economy wasn’t the best. Eventually he had to admit he wouldn’t be able to continue for much longer. That’s when Adam had approached him, Adam did customizations as well and needed some space to work.

At first Jason couldn’t figure out why he wouldn’t just rent his own space, but when he learned Adam did black market bimbo customizations, he knew he was in deeper than he thought. A month in to the partnership he still was hesitant, but Adam always paid on time and didn’t make any problems so he left him alone.

It was six months later, as Jason had finally gotten the shop back on its feet and making money that Jennifer had show up again. She was his ex and thought he somehow owed her part of the shop because she had helped clean the place up when they first opened. Now she was threatening to sue him if she didn’t get a piece of him.

Without thinking about it Jason confided in Adam that night about her visit, Adam had been very understanding and offered to help.

Now Jenni appeared in all of Jason’s promotional material. The only piece of him that she got was his dick in her each night, unless of course it was Adam’s turn.