When Barbra’s boyfriend had come home with the wishstone she had been amazed he would give it to her. They were rare and the wizards only gave them out to those especially deserving. Jeff had said he had saved the wizards life, some kind of accident he had prevented.

She rolled the stone around her palm a few times before closing her fingers around it. He was so generous letting her make the wish, she really wanted to make it a good one for him.

“I wish I could be the perfect woman for you!”

It was not the best wording she could have used, the magic encircled her and her body flowed in to its new shape, the stone vanishing now that it was spent. Along with her body her mind changed as well. If she had known Jeff secretly had a huge latex and bimbo fetish, she never have made the wish.

Now as she looked down at her now body and shiny outfit, Barbie giggled and though only of how good Jeff’s cock was going to taste between her plump lips as soon as she got down on her knees and pulled it out of hiding.