Sally stood in the bedroom doorway posing, he hadn’t given her permission to come in yet. She didn’t know why she kept doing what she was told these days, but every time she tried to say no she just felt so awful. On the other hand, each time she did what he asked so felt so good, and if she went above and beyond just simple obedience, the pleasure she received was magnificent.

He did something on his phone and then told her to come in. She cross the threshold and the pleasure came once more, but this time there was something else, she was all of a sudden horny as well. She let herself get lost in the feelings and before she realized what was happening she was pushing her tits together and giving him a titty fuck using her big fake melons.

She looked up and saw he was enjoying it, a moan escaping her own lips knowing she was getting it right. On each downward stroke she touched her lips to his head, hold for as long as possible before moving back up. After a few minutes she felt the first spasms of his dick and she positioned herself below him. One of her hands worked his cock, the other her own clit and when he came on her face her own orgasm confirmed she’d done the right thing.