The Specialist looked through the scope and down the barrel of her sniper rifle. The party was in full swing inside the building, the newly minted Darkania embassy, the guests having arrived over the last several hours as she watched. Unlike her fellow hero’s, she had no superpowers at all, only her years of training and special equipment.

She recognized some of the guests; supervillians currently out of prison without any outstanding warrants, shady businessmen, a few politicians and she suspected a few heroes as well.

The ground floor was a pretty normal party, but upstairs each room contained a themed area with a former hero the doctor had enslaved performing for the guests.

The room she had focused on mostly was the doctors study, he was working behind the desk on his computer, she couldn’t quite tell what was on the screen but whatever it was it must be something she could pin on him. She increased the magnification on the scope so the screen filled her vision, she started recording it through the video attachment.

She was so focused on the screen she didn’t even see Dr. Taylor get up from the desk and exit the room. She couldn’t quite read the text, it wasn’t she couldn’t see it, just that it wasn’t in any language she knew. It seem familiar, but each time she thought she had it figured out, it changed.

Without even noticing it, her eyelids started to get heavy and as the party came to and end her limp form laid prone on the rooftop across the street. Miss United drifted slowly down from above and picked her up, carrying her back across to the embassy.

Gunny stood in front of the green screen, her first web cam show about to start. The Doc had been generous with her new tits, he had said she had to make for her lack of powers with her big fake tits and lips.

She had giggled throughout the procedure.

She held her plastic replica sub machine gun, cocked her hip and watched intently as the red light came on the camera. She raised the mock gun up to her face and licked along the barrel before setting it down.

“Like, hi guys! I’m glad you could all make it to see me handle my guns today!” She said as she squeezed her tits and giggled.

Since the night on the rooftop she had changed her specialty, now she was an expert on getting a big hard cock between her tits.