Casey and Brandon had been exploring their fascination with latex and hypnosis for a while now. Initially Casey didn’t want to want anything to do with it, the latex was hard to get in to and hypnosis was just bunk. But she had eventually agreed to try it as their relationship needed something to spice it up after several years of being together.

Brandon had been surprised at how quickly she had gone under and over the last few weeks had been making changes that she didn’t even seem to notice. Her new love of latex, the high heels she used to hate and the sex had been great.

Now each night when Casey arrived home from work she’d quickly change in to one of the outfits Brandon had bought her and the start preparing dinner.

Tonight Brandon had decided to see exactly how far he could go and when she turned to see him as he entered the kitchen he had said her trigger phrase and she had stopped dead. The pose was a little awkward, but it did give him some inspiration and so he retrieved one of her purses and draped it over her fingers.

He left her there for an hour, just to see if she’d stay under. While he passed the time he made a recording to play for her if she was still under. When he returned she was still in the exact same position, breathing slowly and waiting. He set his phone down on the counter and started the recording playing, he figured he could let it go for a couple of hours to make sure everything took.

As he walked out of the kitchen, he could hear it play…

“Casey likes to obey Brandon. Casey enjoys following commands. Casey is turned on when Brandon tells her what to do. Casey doesn’t think of anything but Brandon’s pleasure. Casey’s body exists to bring pleasure to Brandon. Casey loves to give blowjobs. Casey loves to have sex. Casey loves being Brandon’s obedient sex doll. Casey…”