Katrina laid there on the floor, trying to figure out how it had happened. She hated pink, despised hello kitty and the last person who had called her Kitty took a swift slap to the face.

But there she was, all dolled up waiting for… something. She’d spend the entire day shopping and at the salon making herself in to this parity of the woman she had been yesterday. She didn’t know how she was going to explain her hair at work on Monday!

She had been here on the floor for at least half an hour and couldn’t for the life of her get the ambition to get up and get changed back in to her regular clothes.

She heard the footsteps first and when they were right above her head she looked up to see him. Suddenly it all made sense to Kitty, she was his sexy plaything, he was going to use her for his pleasure. That was the best thing Kitty could think of being and she bit down hard on the pink bow tie in her mouth as she came hard at the thought and her eyes rolled back in her head.