She was lost and alone in the jungle, she hadn’t wandered too far away from the group but it seemed to cut her off from them as soon as they were out of sight.

Now she was worried, the plants hand become dense and she could hardly make her way through them. He pants had been ripped and her shirt was in tatters before long and she still had no idea where she was going.

She soon found herself stripped naked and unable to move. That’s when she felt something brush against her pussy, she tried to get free but her struggle just seemed to make it worse and it was deep inside of her.

She tried to get it out but succeed only in rocking her hips back and forth, helping it penetrate her even deeper. She wanted to panic but the pleasure coming from her pussy was too great, she no longer wanted it to stop.

She focused on pulling it in deeper, he mind no longer recognizing anything but the pleasure. When she felt it release in to her she welcomed it with all her body and mind. The orgasm that ripped through her left her ready and willing for more.

The plants lowered her down to the ground and wrapped around her body. It would be a long night with their new plaything and there were so many of them to take turns.