Hunter Red was stalking the grounds of the Darkania embassy, there was no security on the ground, there was no need for it.

Inside were more then enough muscle to protect the ambassador. She had known some of the ex-heroes that Dr. Taylor had converted to his cause and she was not going to fall in to the same trap as they had.

They had burst in trying to take the doctor head on, but this was just a reconnaissance mission, she only need to find his agenda for the next few days and then she’d strike when he was away from his power base.

She found an open window on the second floor of the mansion and entered a sitting room of some kind. She moved like a predator in the night, moving from room to room until she found his study. The computer was password protected, but like so many the the tablet was completely open for anyone to see.

She powered it on and started to navigate to the calendar but it wasn’t any operating system she had seen before. Each time she touch the screen it seemed to take her to another area that was closer to the calendar but never quite getting there.

She spent several minutes working the infernal contraption, tapping one part of the screen or another, never getting what she wanted. She was completely focused on the table a few minutes later when she slumped back in to the chair and didn’t even notice that she was no longer controlling the tablet.

Honey Ready stood for the photo, her new new uniform was tight on her body but she tried to stay still and look directly at the camera. As the new head of security for the ambassador HR had spent the last several weeks working on the mansions defenses.

Well that and being Dr.Taylors personal fuck toy of course.