She look down to the foot of the bed where her owner stood, she had spent two days waiting for him to arrive after taking the three pills and completely transforming herself. When he had come in to the apartment to fix the leaky tap she had complained about he had been surprised to find her laying naked on the floor, but as soon as she had seen him she had known he was the one.

He had used her many times since that day and each time her body had responded with the most amazing orgasm of her life.

Now she watched him walk towards the bathroom in the afterglow of another amazing session and she wondered what it might be like to take another pill, would her orgasm’s be even better? Her tits bigger? Her desire for total obedience even greater?

Her whole body shivered at the thoughts and when it had passed she rolled over to her nightstand to get another one, she couldn’t wait to see what changes would happen next.