The equipment was still strewn all around, but it had worked even better than he expected. The old Vanessa was gone and in her place was the sex doll in front of him.

He press a button on the remote and she started to walk towards him, she pulled up her skirt to reveal her pussy and pull down her top to expose her tits.

Kneeling in front of him, she pulled out his dick and started to work it with her tits, soon he was hard and she took him in to her mouth and went all the way down his shaft. He pressed the pause button and she froze in place.

He grabbed her head and started to work it up and down several more times. He left her at the base of his shaft as he hit the orgasm button several times.

Pressing play, she resumed her work eagerly. She looked up in to his eyes, hoping he’d hit the button again.