She had been thrilled when her boyfriend had given her the designer sun glasses. She’d wanted a pair just like them for months and had been pestering him to just as long about them. He had money and there was no reason he shouldn’t be spending it on her!

When she had first put them on, something had caught her eye, some kind of reflection. It was a bit irritating but she could put up with it and soon enough she didn’t even notice it. She also didn’t notice how she was wearing them almost all the time after the first week.

Or when she had gone to the salon for her regular appointment she had gone several shades lighter than usual.

She definitely didn’t notice the change in her clothing, she’d always played up her curves but now they were on display for everyone to see. By the third week she didn’t own an outfit that wasn’t tight, revealing and some neon shade of pink.

She loved the glasses so much that she didn’t even notice that the only thing she was begging her boyfriend for these days was to wrap her lips around his magnificent dick until he delivered a load of cum right on her face so she could orgasm as well.