Flame Force had come to the Darkania embassy with no intention of being subtle. She didn’t do subtle.

Her body was aflame, the red and orange engulfing her entire being as she flew through the sky. She burst through the embassy door and landed, scoring the floor where she stood. A quick scan of the first floor reveled nothing and she flew up the stairs and around the upper levels finding nothing.

She wasn’t surprised, villains seemed to always like deep dark places but she could bring the light to them. She returned to where she had seen the door to the basement, finding it locked, a quick blast of flame knocked it down easily.

She flew down the stairs to the basement and found a long hall, she started down it when a barricade dropped from the ceiling behind her. Before she could get a blast of flame off a sudden burst of gas came from all around her. Her flames started to sputter as the gas replaced the air in the hallway.

She ran towards the door as quickly as she could, trying to get out before it was too late, but her vision had already started to tunnel and go dark. She hit the floor hard, her body extinguished.

She came back to consciousness strapped to a table, she quickly reached for her power and start her flames but nothing happened. Well, not exactly nothing, something felt warm against her ankles, writes and neck, but it wasn’t her normal flames.

“Ah I see your awake again, here left me show you what I’ve done.”

Flame Force hadn’t noticed Dr. Taylor standing at the foot of the table but now she watched him swing a full length mirror in front of the table, which was slightly tilted so she could see herself fully.

She was naked and metal bands of some kind were clasped around her ankles, wrists and neck. She reached for her power again and they glowed slightly until she let it go once again.

“Ah, you see, they inhibit your power my dear.”

“You can’t keep me strapped down forever, when I get out I’ll burn this place to the ground!”

“Oh, don’t worry, I have a solution for that as well. I gave a dear old friend of mine, and yours, a call as soon as you hit the floor. Doctor Chill was very interested when he heard you were here.”

He walked over and placed the programming helmet on her head and turned it on, she twisted side to side trying to dislodge it but soon enough she was under.

Flame Force stood against the wall of ice at Doctor Chill’s hideout, her uniform, she would call it new but she had never needed one before, hugged her body tightly. The heat coming from her manacles kept her warm even in the subzero climate of the Doctor’s hideout.

“Very good Flame, now drop down to your knees and crawl over her and let’s feel your nice warm mouth on my cold hard shaft.”

“Yes Doctor, your command is my pleasure!”

She wasted no time following his command, taking him deep in to her throat, she looked up at him, flames flickering behind her eyes as she used her limited power to keep herself at the perfect temperature to please her owner.