Mike had brought the newly bimboized Donna over to his friends John’s house. John had made his wife, Sheila, a bimbo over a year ago and told Mike to bring Donna over any time she needed help adjusting.

Donna had been friends with Sheila for years before the conversion and since then had refused to even talk about her. Now, sitting, listening and taking notes from Shelia, she couldn’t help but be distracted by her cleavage.

Donna finally decided to show Shelia what she’d learned as Shelia continued to blabber on. She slid off the foot stool and placed her hands on Shelia’s knees. Shelia automatically spread her legs and Donna began licking her pussy. Shelia for her part didn’t miss a beat and transitioned from telling Donna how to dress to telling her how to lick pussy like a good bimbo.