The pill had gone right to her head, well technically the top of her head. She had always had a body that most women would kill for and her sex drive had always been high and so the pill had very little to do in either of those areas.

Instead it had made her hair long and luscious, she reached above her head and ran her hands along it and a shiver of pleasure came through it right to her brain. She touched it again and the second wave of pleasure coursed through it.

She quickly realized it was as sensitive now as her clit, a third stroke released a deep moan from her. She rolled over on to it and her whole body came alive.

She rolled over again, wrapping her new hair around her body, her hands following her hair down to her pussy and finding her clit. She pressed her hair in to it and rubbed as she extended her tongue out to find some strands to suck on.

Soon she was nearing orgasm as her new hair brought her pleasure. When she finally came, the orgasm burned away any thought of clothes, her hair was all she needed, all she wanted, all she cared about.