The Siren’s scream echoed down the hallway in Dr. Taylor’s basement, it bounced off the walls and blasted open the doors as it moved towards the end of the hall. When it struck the final door, it shook on its hinges but remained in tact.

“A re-enforced door won’t save you Doctor. I’ll kick it down if I have to and free all those other heroes you’ve enslaved as well!”

Taylor’s voice came over a PA system that The Siren couldn’t pinpoint, “Oh come now Siren, none of my doors are locked, don’t be so dramatic.”

Siren moved quickly down the hall and found the Doctor had been telling the truth, the door was unlocked. She pushed it open quickly and found a non-descript room, dark grey walls that seemed to be uneven. The only thing that stood out was Lady Justice.

“LJ! Where’s Dr. Taylor?”

“The Doc? Oh *giggle* he’s around somewhere… but like he said I had to defeat you before I could suck his dick again.”

Siren heard the door close behind her and lock shut, she instinctively opened her mouth and let out another sonic blast towards Lady Justice.

To her astonishment, nothing happened.

“Like, the Doc said you’d totally be silent in this room! He’s so smart!”

Siren looked at the room again, ‘It must be made of some kind of acoustic dampening material.’ she thought to herself as she turned back and saw Lady Justice coming right at her.

With no time to react she took the punch square on the jaw and hit the ground without making any further noise.

The Siren was running through the mansion, the sound of her high heels on the concrete floor echoing off the walls. She was being chased and had to get away!

She turned the corner and ran up the stairs in to a dead end hallway. She backed in to the corner as her pursuer moved slowly up the stairs. It was Lady Justice, Siren knew just what to do. She’d use her sonic blast to defeat her!

She raised her hand with the whistle in it to her mouth and blew hard to make it count. A pretty bird song emanated from it and she knew that would do in Lady Justice.

But something wasn’t quite right, Lady Justice was still coming up the stairs and Siren felt an odd heat coming from her pussy.

She blew the whistle again listening to the chirps of the birds and feeling the heat build even more.

She kept the whistle between her plump lips and let her hands push her tits together. Lady Justice was still coming, she had just enough time for more more blast!

She put everything she had in to it, so much so she dropped to her knees as she blew and her hands found her pussy dripping wet.

“Silly Siren, like you can’t defeat me with your Siren’s call. That just makes you totally horny!”

Siren let the whistle drop from between her lips and the chain it was on settled between her tits. Lady Justice was standing in front of her, her pussy just inches away from her face.

“Now, like, be a good girl and totally use those lips to make me sing a song too!”