“Like, oh my god, they’re so big!” Sarina screamed as she looked at the effects of the pill. She hadn’t expected such a drastic change but now she was thrilled with it.

She pulled her bra down the rest of the way and squeezed her new melons.

‘Wait, did I just think of my jugs as melons?’ she thought.

‘I mean, knockers, no, love pillows? Fun bags? Oh…. Fuck bags!’ she came at the thought.

She squeezed her fuck bags hard and came again.

“God I love my big fuck bags!” she said and came a third time.

“Wow, like I totally need a hard dick between these babies, I wonder what my neighbor is up to?”

She walked out of the bathroom, still topless and out of her apartment, looking for the first of many dicks to stick between them.