She’d been wearing the glasses for weeks now and she seldom took them off, only when she was sleeping.

She’d been spending quite a bit of her free time at the beach, exercising and tanning her body. The first few days she went topless had seemed strange but now it was as natural as breathing.

A small flash of light in the corner of the glasses caught her eye but was gone before she could see what it was. Soon a new need started to grow in the back of her mind, she’d felt it several times in the last week and she knew what she had to do, but it had never happened in public before.

She got up on her knees and looked around to make sure no one was close, pushed her swimsuit to one side and started to finger her pussy.

The need started to subside as her orgasm began to build but she was focused on the task at hand now. When the orgasm hit she arched her back and fell forward, raising her ass high in to the air as she did so.

A few minutes later she rolled back over and let the warmth of the sun prolong the euphoric feeling. Her hand reached down once more to her pussy and found her bikini bottom soaked.

‘Darn it!’ she thought, ‘That tears it, tomorrow I’ll go completely nude!’

Another small flash from the glasses was followed by another small orgasm.