It was so hot inside the house, the sweet formed a sheen over her body, her hair a stringy mess, but there she was doing exactly what he had told her to do. Sit at attention.

She didn’t even know what that really meant, but she was doing her best to please him like she did every time he told her what to do.

At first they had been almost like suggestions; why not wear more fashionable clothes, you could go to the gym more often, you’d look good with longer hair.

Then he’d dropped the pretext; lose more weight, apply more makeup, wear less.

Finally they’d become more cryptic, she’d had to guess what he wanted and do her best to figure it out on her own; Shave, get a piercing, go to the plastic surgeons.

He walked in to the room, naked, her eyes locked on his dick as he came towards her. Standing right in from of her, he moved side to side, her eye’s following his as he did.

“Suck” was all he said and her mind exploded in joy. It was a command she knew exactly what to do with and her lips wrapped around his dick and slid down his shaft.