Mindy had been thrilled at the results with the pill and with the changes she’d had to go out shopping immediately.

Something was off though, she went to her favorite shops but nothing seemed to be what she was looking for. She’d tried on a nice pants suit that just hours ago she would have been thrilled with, but now it seemed so conservative and boring.

Her next stop had been to her favorite dress shop, the long pleated dress failed to get her approval as she looked in the mirror.

Finally, she walked farther down the street to the lower end shops, desperate to find just the right outfit. She walked by a shop she’d never been in but seen several times, it featured several tight latex and leather dresses in the window and something in her pussy told her she had to go in.

It was filled with all kinds of outfits, when she saw the purple and red one peice dress on the rack she knew she had to try it on.

Now, looking in the mirror, her big tits squeezed together she knew she’d found her new favorite shop.