When Barry had suggested a picnic Nicole had been skeptical. Their relationship was stale and she was just about ready to end it and no little gesture like a picnic was going to solve the problems they had.

But she had to admit it was a little sweat, if corny so she’d agreed. He’d picked her up on a tandem bicycle, with a picnic basket on the back and all and she even smiled a little as they rode to the park.

It was a beautiful day and they found a small clearing where they were alone, he setup a blanket, opened the basket and laid out the food. The wine had been a nice touch and as she sipped it she wondered what kind it was as it tasted fantastic. She gulped down the rest of her glass and he refilled it quickly.

She had thought it strange he didn’t drink any, but soon thoughts like that faded as the pills he’d mixed in to it took hold of her. Her body changed, reshaped and transformed.

When it finished she was furious, for a second, until a need to be naked caught her by surprise. She was out in the great outdoors, nature all around her and even though her new body looked to be far from natural her need to return to mother earth was too great.

Naked and soaking in the sun she basked in the glory around her. She turned and saw Barry and the most natural of needs overtook her.