When she’d arrived in LA from Sweden she’d been determined to stand out and maintain her national identity in the sea of American propaganda.

She’d found it harder to “take LA by storm” than she had thought and soon found herself working for minimum wage at the local coffee shop. That’s where she had met Dillon, he was cute and came from money and seemed really interested in her even if he had said she looked like an all American girl.

But she had let it slide and he’d been very romantic, on each date he’d given her a gift, the first one had been a new phone. It had a American flag case on it and a custom wallpaper to match. The next gift had been designer sun glasses, then when they went to the beach a bikini.

Each one more and more American than the last, but by the time they had hit the beach she didn’t mind any more, the phone having rewritten her priorities. Now all she wanted to be was the perfect all American girlfriend for Dillon, or anything else he wanted for that matter.