NanoDolly Jessica had been active for just over three months since her attempt to tamper with the NanoMask. The NanoMask controlled her every move and kept her in a constant cycle of need and then release.

Trapped in her own body, she had started to notice herself changing. Little things at first; a smile the mask didn’t force upon her, a sway of the hips she wasn’t commanded to perform. But more recently it had been bigger things; when the customers entered her room she would initiate contact with them without the mask intervening, an extra moan or a word of encouragement as the client used her body.

She knew soon there would be little left of herself, the mask had been training her all along, showing her what it wanted and rewarding her when her body performed. Her subconscious had put 2 and 2 together and was reshaping her to get the pleasure her body craved.

She waited in the darkened room for her next client, her eyes closed and laying perfectly still. The she heard the door knob twist and she knew a new client was on the way.

Maybe she’d just do it herself this time… Maybe it would be better that way… Maybe HE would like that.

Yes that was it, it was his pleasure she needed to ensure. Perhaps if she performed well, when he came she’d be rewarded with her own orgasm. She opened her eyes as he entered the room and the lights came one.

‘Yes,’ the NanoDolly thought, ‘I’ll be the best NanoDolly ever and be rewarded when he cums!’