She’d sold her BMW months ago, donated all her high end clothes to charity, quite her job at the law firm and moved in to a small one bedroom apartment across town that she was paying cash for.

She hadn’t seen any of her old friends in months and they probably wouldn’t recognizer her now anyway. Not between the new clothes, hair extensions, dye job and most of all the large implants she’d gotten a few weeks ago. She’d rented the low end Mazda when she had traded in the BMW.

And yet she still didn’t know why she’d done any of it. She knew she had to do it but just couldn’t explain to anyone why, not even herself. Now, in the same inexplicable way, she had driven out to the park, gotten out of her car and sat on the hood… waiting.

She turned her head when the BMW came in to the lot, it was just like the one she had sold. She watched it drive towards her and when Chris stepped out of it and something in her mind clicked.

“Thought you could take that promotion away from me eh Margret? You didn’t think I was just going to let that slide did you? Just because you represented the cream of the city and I was down and dirty with the scum of the earth doesn’t mean your any better than me.

Luckily those scum of the earth can come in real handy sometimes, like the drug I was putting in your coffee every morning that left you so extremely suggestible, just like right now.”

Her mind was blank, she just sat there as he spoke, waiting for… something… to happen.

“Well, now that you’ve ‘moved on’, it’s time to pay back the gentlemen that made this possible.”

He walked over to her, stopped breifly at the car door and fished her purse out. He held a small package in his other hand. He put her purse on the hood of the car and pulled out her wallet, taking out all of her phone, id and credit cards. He replaced them with new ones from the package that he brought with him. When he was finished he handed her a sheet of paper

“This is the new you Candi Capri , all the id and details you’ll need for your new life. At the top are the details of your new job a the Booby Shack, it’s just around the corner from your apartment so it will easy to get to. Mark is the manager there, do everything he says, no questions asked. He’s your new boss and you’ll do anything for him. Now read the rest of the page as many times as required for you to fully understand and accept it. Then you may cum.”

His words sunk in and she read the paper. She was a stripper, she loved showing off her body, she had just arrived from out of state, she didn’t have any friends. She loved sex, any kind of sex, oral, anal, vaginal, as long as there was a cock in her she was happy. She wasn’t very smart though, she’d dropped out of high school, she was never very good at it. Most people called her an air head, a bimbo and they were right, she was an air head and a bimbo.

By the third time through she’d gotten it all straight in her head and she came, her hands steading her on the hood.

Candi blinked a couple of times and looked up to see a man she didn’t recognize standing beside her rental car.

“Are you ok Miss?”

“Oh yes, I’m fine, but that was nice of you to ask. I’m Candi!”

“Hello Candi, my pleasure.”

“*giggle* Well, I’m just new in town and don’t have any friends yet so it’s nice when a big strong man helps little old me out. I’ve got an idea, maybe I can show you how much I appreciate it!”

Candi pulled her top open the rest of the way and shuffled over to Mark, she crouched down and unzipped his pants, taking his dick in her mouth.

A wave of pleasure passed through her as she did, ‘God I love having a cock in me, it’s the best feeling in the world!’, she thought as she wondered if there would be enough time for him to fuck her over the hood of the car before she had to get in to the club for her shift tonight.