Lisa had activated the nanosuit just a few minutes ago but she felt like something was wrong. She grabbed her head as she felt like the suit was compressing her skull.

She fell back on to the bed as the feeling of compression spread out over her entire body. She gasped for air and she felt her lungs compress and squirmed on the bed to try and relieve the feeling but nothing worked.

She didn’t understand what was happeing, she’d wanted to be a bit taller, at 5’4” she felt intimidated by the taller women and men at work and wanted to add six inches to her height. With her normal heels on she’d be easily over 6’ tall and that would let her fit right in.

The stupid control unit had been in metric though and she’d had to convert and mistyped the number in. Instead of entering 177cm, she’d put in 117cm, duplicating the wrong digit!

As she continued to shrink, the control unit flashed a warning on screen, “Warning, requested height reduction requires reduced cranial capacity which may lean to an altered state of mind. This is a warning only.”

As the nanosuit completed it’s task, Lisa rolled over and fell off th bed. She managed to stand upright and her now tiny 3’10” frame left her only only chest high to the tall bed she had always hated.

She cocked her head to one side and tried to figure out what had happened, as she did so her boyfriend walked in.

“Honey, what happened? Is that a nanosuit?”

“Uhmm… I don’t really know… it’s kind of hard to think. I think it’s a nanosuit… yes.. yes it’s a nanosuit, I was trying to do something…”

“Were you worried about our height again? I told you it doesn’t matter how tall you are at work, you have great ideas!”

“Yea… but… I…”

He grabbed the control and read the warning message. A smirk crossed his face.

“Well babe, before we undo your ‘tiny’ mistake, maybe we should have some fun with it, what do you think?”

“Fun? Uh… I don’t know…”

“Come on, I’m going to go through all the trouble to help you, the least you could do is have some fun with it.”

“Well… I guess… ok.”

“Great, here, I’ve made a few changes for the nanosuit to make, just tape the ‘Activate’ button to accept them.”

She reached out and pressed the flashing button on the control and it accepted the users changes and started to work once more. This time the sensation was pure pleasure as her breasts expanded, her lips plumped and she felt her hair growing inside the suit.

Her whole body felt like it had come to life, every square inch of it alive with pleasure as the suit finished its work. She felt hands take hold of her and place her on the bed, unzipping the suit and she tumbled out. Her long blond hair was everywhere, all over her huge breasts and brushing against her rock hard niples. She once again felt strong hand take hold of her, with the suit on the feeling was mind blowing and she let out a moan as Eric set her down on her feet.

She tried to get her bearings but before she could Eric had placed his thumb on her lower lip and the intense pleasure had elicited and automatic reaction as she took it in her mouth and started to suck.

“See babe, sucking isn’t so bad now is it?” She didn’t hear him, the pleasure was singing to her loader than anyone could speak. She didn’t hear him unzip and remove his pants either. When he moved his hand towards his harding dick, she simply followed it. When he slide in hand beside his shaft and the tip of his dick touched her lips, she quickly transfered to the larger, more pleasurable object.

Soon enough he was rock hard and he grabbed her under the arms and pulled her off his member, she tired with all her might to stay attached but he was too strong. Instead he lifted her up and plunged her down on to him. Her pussy had been wet for what seemed like forever and as he pushed her down her small pussy stretched to fit him inside of it.

Her orgasm started as the tip pushed past her pussy lip and didn’t stop as she bounced up and down trying to get it in deeper each time. When he finally came, her orgasm ended as well but she kept him inside her as she collapsed on to his chest. Her small head coming well below his chin, her mind swimming in ecstasy and her only though was of how long it would take Eric to get hard again.