The dollification process had been invented several years earlier but only recently had it become reliable enough to bring to the market.

However reliable did not mean perfect and once in a while something would go wrong. The doll above had processed the physical changes perfectly, her new shape matching the client requirements exactly.

The primary programming had also taken well, emotionless, obedient and programmed to play the part the owner had requested. In some cases though, like this one, unintended consequences could crop up. Here the new doll programming had completely erased the doll’s ability to walk.

Fortunately, while this does cause a slight delay to delivery, it also provides an opportunity to ingrain a completely different cadence, gate and walk on the doll without having to have the doll overlay enforce it as it becomes the new natural mode of walking for the doll.

Here one of our trainers is giving this doll it’s final evaluation before it is sent to it’s new owner. It looks like it is going to pass with flying colours too!