At first Lana had been resistant, the subliminals on the mp3 files had softened her up but they hadn’t been totally effective.

Sure she had started to smile more when I was around and even bought some new clothes that showed off her figure more, but they were supposed to make her my mine and she still refused to even go on a date with me.

That’s when I stepped it up and gave her the sunglasses, the one two punch of the audio and visual subliminals finally broke through her resistance. She had called me just a little while ago and when I arrived at her house the door was unlocked.

I walked in to the bedroom and found her sitting on the edge of the bed, her top down, wearing the glasses and her phone in one hand. The other hand was buried in her pussy.

When she heard me enter the room she turned her head and parted her lips, letting out a slight gasp.


“What do you need Lana?”

“I…need you…to…”

“To what?”

“…to…fu…fuck me.” As soon as she said it her whole body shook from the orgasm.

I walked over to the bed, pushed her down on to it and obliged since she’d asked so nicely.